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usive relationship - including post traumatic stress disorder.

Author: Hilary Abrahams

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781843104315

Category: Social Science

Page: 156

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usive relationship - including post traumatic stress disorder.
2007 By Hilary Abrahams

For women who are experiencing, or have experienced, domestic violence,3 it offers a way of making sense of events and feelings that can seem bewildering and chaotic, enabling them to locate themselves in a process with an ending and to ...

Author: Hilary Abrahams

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1846426154

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

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'This is really interesting and compelling book. Abrahams' writing style is readable and engaging and is interspersed with reference to research and powerfully, the words of women who have experienced domestic violence. Right from the beginning of this book, there are passages that challenge stereotypes and tackle stereotypical thinking regarding women who experience domestic violence... Very engaging, Really useful. Powerful and authoritative, I'd recommend this book to anyone working with women, whether in the community or the workplace. I have worked with a variety of groups (children, families, people with mental health problems, older people) and domestic violence has been a factor in working in all these areas of work. This text will certainly be useful to me and no doubt to many others addressing issues of domestic violence.' - Well-Being 'Abrahams gives us a sense of how lives are shattered and rebuilt in this compelling book that is the culmination of a research project exploring the experiences of women and children in three refuges in the UK... It is a key resource for those working within women's refuges, as well as for professionals whose work brings them into contact with victims of domestic violence. Those tasked with developing and implementing public policy would also find it enlightening.' - Therapy Today 'Compelling reading for anyone working with women and children living with and leaving domestic violence.' - From the Foreword by Cathy Humphreys Women who leave an abusive relationship often experience feelings of fear, bewilderment, anger and confusion. The trauma caused by domestic violence leaves a legacy that stays with the survivor, and it is not uncommon for women to experience feelings of loss and grief similar to those following bereavement, but made more complex by the effect that abuse has had on their emotional health and well-being. Supporting Women after Domestic Violence offers accessible advice on how to enable women who have experienced domestic violence to embark on a journey of recovery. The book draws on theory, original research and the personal experiences of women who have encountered domestic violence to explore the complex practical and emotional support they need when engaging in the process of recovery. It highlights the difficulties a victim of domestic violence may encounter following an abusive relationship, offers action points to improve service provision, and covers important issues in recovery, such as the value of mutual support and how women can regain a sense of normality and self-esteem. This book will be a key resource for those working within women's refuges, as well as social workers, counsellors, mental health professionals and many others whose work may bring them into situations where domestic violence is an issue.
2007-03-27 By Hilary Abrahams

"This book gives women the opportunity to explain why they were powerless to leave; to describe how having no money, nowhere to go and no confidence in your ability to stand on your own feet and protect yourself and your children makes the ...

Author: Hilary Abrahams

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781843109617

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

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"This book gives women the opportunity to explain why they were powerless to leave; to describe how having no money, nowhere to go and no confidence in your ability to stand on your own feet and protect yourself and your children makes the mere prospect of leaving seem impossible Most importantly, we hear from women who have found the courage to walk away and find a new life where violence and dominance play no part. It is a testament to the bravery and resourcefulness of women who have suffered unimaginable humiliation and cruelty at the hands of a man they thought would love them. It is full of hope.`---from the foreword by Jenni Murray Rebuilding Lives after Domestic Violence examines in depth the long-term outcomes for women who have suffered domestic violence and abuse, based on interviews conducted over seven years. Through these interviews the author reveals the factors that help or hinder a successful transition from abusive relationship to independent living. The women interviewed provide an insight into the lengthy and difficult process of rebuilding their lives, and offer messages and advice to those working with women who have endured similar experiences. The author examines issues the women commonly face, such as finding safe and independent accommodation, building practical and emotional support systems and relationships, and issues surrounding their children. She also discusses service provision and draws together the facotrs that contribute to a successful and independent life. This unique book is essential reading for all those involved in working with women who have experienced domestic violence and abuse as well as those responsible for service provision and policy development.
2010 By Hilary Abrahams

This practical guide provides techniques and exercises to help practitioners work in a structured and focused way with parents after domestic violence has occurred.

Author: Kate Iwi

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 0857005332

Category: Social Science

Page: 144

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Domestic violence has a serious impact on children and families but some of the harm can be minimised by providing parents with effective guidance on developing safe, protective and positive ways of caring for their children in the aftermath of a violent relationship. This practical guide provides techniques and exercises to help practitioners work in a structured and focused way with parents after domestic violence has occurred. It sets out a framework for assessing risks and needs, and covers how to build strengths, set goals, and plan an intervention pathway. Advice, exercises and handouts that are easily photocopied will help parents understand the impact of domestic violence and develop their relationship with their child. The resource also covers how to use discipline, talking to children, understanding child development, and how to build resilience and empathy. Guidance on working with both the perpetrator and the victim of domestic violence is included. This invaluable resource will benefit child and family social workers, children's centre workers, therapists, counsellors and anyone supporting a family recovering from the trauma of domestic violence.
2011-08-15 By Kate Iwi

of related interest Rebuilding Lives after Domestic Violence Understanding Long-Term Outcomes Hilary Abrahams ISBN 978 1 84310 961 7 Supporting Women after Domestic Violence Loss, Trauma and Recovery Hilary Abrahams Foreword by Cathy ...

Author: Mary Allen

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781849051903

Category: Social Science

Page: 144

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This book examines how women experiencing domestic violence employ strategies of resistance and survival, and how narrative therapy helps them define their identities and resist abuse. It demonstrates how an understanding of this resistance can help practitioners effectively intervene and support these women in transitions from abuse to safety.
2011 By Mary Allen

hy the same authors Violence Against Women in South Asian Communities Issues for Policy and Practice Edited by Ravi K Thiara and ... Long-Term Outcomes Hilary Ahraharns ISBN 978184310 9617 Supporting Women after Domestic Violence Loss, ...

Author: Ravi K. Thiara

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781849050081

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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This book uncovers the experiences of disabled women who have suffered domestic violence, drawing on the first UK national study conducted in this area. It discusses the nature of violence perpetrated against disabled women and the range of its impacts, and outlines how services can be developed and improved, pointing to examples of good practice.
2012 By Ravi K. Thiara

The joy and relief experienced by women who have taken back control over their lives in this way are best ... H. Abrahams, Supporting Women after Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery (London: Jessica Kingsley, Publishers, 2007).

Author: Eve S. Buzawa

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780275998479

Category: Social Science

Page: 888

View: 658

This comprehensive overview of domestic violence against women and children in America covers the services meant to combat it, the legal approaches to prosecuting it, the public's attitudes toward it, and the successes and failures of systems meant to address it.
2009-06-08 By Eve S. Buzawa

Abrahams, H. (2004) 'A Long, Hard Road to Go By: A Study of the Support Work Carried Out in Women's Aid Refuges', unpublished PhD ... Shortly to be published asSupporting Women after Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery (2007).

Author: Marianne Hester

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781843101574

Category: Psychology

Page: 287

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Previously published under the author, Marianne Hester.
2007 By Marianne Hester

Hilary Abrahams, Supporting Women After Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2007), 20–1. Allan Wade, “Small Acts of Living: Everyday Resistance to Violence and Other Forms of Oppression,” ...

Author: Rachel Starr

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317068556

Category: Religion

Page: 260

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Domestic violence is a significant threat to women’s survival. But Christian understandings of marriage often prevent women from resisting abusive relationships. Can the Church’s teaching on marriage be reshaped so that it helps women to survive, rather than encourage them to submit to their husband, bear their cross, or sacrifice themselves for the sake of their marriage? Focusing on everyday practices of marriage in two very different contexts: Argentina and England, Reimagining Theologies of Marriage in Contexts of Domestic Violence considers how Christian understandings of marriage as a covenant or sacrament relate to the lived experience of marriage. Drawing on Augustine’s notion of the goods of marriage, and on belief in the saving power of marriage, this book suggests that only when the wellbeing of bodies is central to a marriage can it have the power to save.
2018-04-15 By Rachel Starr

The importance of practitioners engaging in the support and supervision process has been highlighted. ... FURTHER READING Abrahams, H. (2007) Supporting Women after Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery. London: Jessica Kingsley.

Author: Gill Watson

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446297407

Category: Medical

Page: 216

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Safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children is a statutory duty for all nurses and midwives. This book helps equip student nurses and midwives with the confidence, knowledge and skills needed for working with families to support and protect children. It covers the full spectrum of safeguarding work, from professional issues such as boundaries and confidentiality through to attachment and communication. Key features: -A clear explanation of the policy and key theories informing safeguarding work. -Consideration of the common challenges you are likely to face, such as vulnerability in pregnancy, domestic violence and parenting capacity. -Reflective activities and case histories which help you to develop and enhance your own practice. The book also considers multi-agency working and includes important coverage on professional issues like boundaries, confidentiality, referral and accountability. Written with clarity and accuracy, the authors have produced an important resource suitable for any nurse or midwife preparing to work with children and families.
2014-03-14 By Gill Watson

Supporting Women after Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery. London: Kingsley, 2007. Dean, Ginger. "Financial Abuse: 6 Signs and What You Can Do About it." The Huffington Post., 28 July 2014.

Author: Dr. Ajda BAŞTAN

Publisher: Astana Yayınları

ISBN: 9786055010850

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 131

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This book is composed of my selected and published academic articles up to now. My main research areas are women characters and violence in the British literature. And in this work you can meet several women characters from the British literature who have inspired a great number of readers. Besides, Nobel Prize awarded women writers from all over the world are also mentioned here. Furthermore, some philosophical theories and mental diseases are discussed in brief. I hope you will enjoy while reading this book.
2020-09-04 By Dr. Ajda BAŞTAN

Supporting Women after Domestic Violence: Loss, Trauma and Recovery. Kingsley, Philadelphia, London. 2007. Advocates for Human rights. “Prevalence of Domestic Violence.” Stop Violence against Women. A Project oftheAdvocates for ...

Author: Sasha Samy

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 9781770673854



View: 279

Conscious Choices, Conscious Life! Transcending Abuse & Betrayal is an inspirational book that celebrates the triumph of dignity, courage and self-empowerment over the brutality and denigration of abuse and betrayal. The book depicts the life experiences of four women, Stacy, Miriam, Tessa and Jasareen with much of the focus on Stacy's personal journey to healing and selfhood. By sharing the stories of healing and the transformational power of conscious choices and forgiveness, Sasha Samy hopes that others may garner the courage to confront and transcend their experiences. With poignant personal anecdotes, penetrating insights, psychological research and spiritual teachings, Samy integrates a practical and holistic approach to healing and transformation in her book. The book, which is divided into three parts, also discusses: What constitutes abuse and its effects Why the targeted do not leave their abusive partners What is lacking in dysfunctional relationships How our erroneous thoughts, attitudes and belief systems create self-sabotaging and self-destructive behavioral patterns Why shadow and inner works are essential to understanding the self Techniques and tools to embrace the healing process
2012-10 By Sasha Samy

Author: Manchester Metropolitan University. Women's Studies Research Centre


ISBN: 0954155017

Category: Human services

Page: 234

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Jalna Hanmer is Professor of Women's Studies at the University of Sunderland and Associate Director of the International ... She has researched and published on domestic violence since the early 1980s and is currently a partner in the ...

Author: Tina Skinner

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134022472


Page: 256

View: 258

This text focuses on research methodology and approaches in the complex and sensitive area of violence against women, and provides important insights into, and critical approaches to, the evidence base for policy and practice.
2013-01-11 By Tina Skinner

The Convention gives ample space to the prevention of violence against women and domestic abuse. ... It sets out general obligations as well as specific obligations concerning information, general support services, assistance in ...

Author: Vitulia Ivone

Publisher: CEDAM

ISBN: 9788813374488

Category: Law

Page: 192

View: 972

Violence against women is one of the most widespread, pervasive and serious violations of human rights affecting every country or area of the globe. Domestic violence against women and girls – commonly known as intimate partner violence or family violence – concerns any form of physical, psychological, sexual, or economic abuse perpetrated by partners and relatives. It encompasses multiple and varied acts and behaviors – ranging from emotional and verbal abuse to femicide – aiming at affirming power and control over women and their lives. Although combating this form of violence is especially challenging in the context of private settings, domestic violence is no longer treated as a “private matter”. Decades of mobilization and sensitization of societies and institutions, strongly supported by the restless action of women’s movements, have contributed to making violence against women a priority on the national and international agendas. Indeed, the road to the adoption of international binding instruments and national legislation on domestic violence has been long and twisted. Nonetheless, today women are protected against violence by some landmark legal instruments adopted at the global, regional and national levels. This book aims to offer a systematic overview of the legal protection afforded to women and girls against domestic violence and other relevant forms of violence and discrimination, while also critically assessing the state of the law at international, regional and domestic levels. Special focus is placed on the European and Italian legal frameworkS.
2019-12-05 By Vitulia Ivone

Author: Colette Morgan


ISBN: OCLC:895906793


Page: 130

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2000 By Colette Morgan

These included targeting 70% of poor women for support " to reduce poverty and eliminate hunger," and "supporting more ... "The Peace House has supported women and children who suffered from domestic violence from all over the country.

Author: Duncan McFarland, et. al.


ISBN: 9781304204578

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 98

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A collection of eight essays with abundant photos, drawn from the experiences of U.S. activists recently visiting Vietnam. In addition to stories of life in Vietnam today, it also includes a brief history of Vietnam, and account to the 'Doi Moi' economic renewal reforms, and the ongoing tragedies of the survivors of 'Agent Orange' poisoning.

Said one woman after being assisted by FCLP staff to receive an order of protection , custody and support : " Everyone was very helpful when I felt desolate and alone . The process helps the abuser to respect the victim .

Author: Albert R. Roberts

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019803458X

Category: Psychology

Page: 560

View: 946

Public awareness regarding the life-threatening nature and intense traumatic impact of domestic violence has substantially increased in the past decade. At the same time, dramatic changes have taken place regarding criminal justice and social work policies and practices applied to domestic violence intervention. And while the prevalence of domestic violence has declined slightly, national estimates still indicate that every year, approximately eight million women are abused, battered, stalked, or killed by their husbands, boyfriends, and other intimate partners. Featuring cutting-edge research and expert intervention strategies, the Handbook of Domestic Violence Intervention Strategies: Policies, Programs, and Legal Remedies is designed to prepare professionals to swiftly and compassionately meet the multiple needs of women and children who have suffered from domestic violence. This original and indispensable volume focuses on the numerous advances in legal remedies, program developments, treatment protocols, and multidisciplinary perspectives. It is a comprehensive guide to the latest research, public policies, and legal and criminal justice responses, covering federal and state legislation as well as trends in police and court responses to domestic violence. This is the first book to include court-based technology developments and new research related to the duration and intensity of woman battering. Highlighting actual cases and promising programs, the handbook also addresses important social work issues, including risk assessment protocols, a new five level continuum of woman battering, intervention methods, and treatment models. The book also examines the myriad legal issues and health problems facing the most neglected and vulnerable battered women. Written by expert practitioners and leading scholars in the field, the book's 23 chapters provide rich insights into the complexities and challenges of addressing domestic violence. This timely and definitive handbook is recommended for students, clinicians, policy makers, and researchers in the fields of social work, victim services, criminal justice, hospital administration, mental health counseling, public health, pastoral counseling, law enforcement. In fact, this volume is a critical resource for all helping professionals who are assisting abused women in escaping and remaining free from violent relationships.
2002-03-28 By Albert R. Roberts

Women might find it difficult to get help from some councillors. ... that this appeared never to have been raised, given that the authority had a domestic violence policy and homeless women were being nominated to associations.

Author: Cathy Davis

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 9781861344892

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

View: 644

This study critically examines the role of housing associations in responding to the needs of women who have become homeless due to domestic violence.
2003-07-02 By Cathy Davis

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