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S.A. He stated that the most notorious of these writings was Konrad Bercovici's The Story of the Gypsies (1928)" was imaginary data about Gypsies, not an effort to tell the story of who they were. What he failed to mention is that ...

Author: Steve Piskor


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The book is a documented history of Hungarian-Slovak Gypsies that came to America over 120 years ago, they brought to America the traditional Hungarian Gypsy music they and their ancestors played in Europe for hundreds of years. They are directly linked to Europe's finest Gypsy musicians. From the villages of Hungary, this music was brought to America to make our hearts sing. It is part of world roots music. Piskor tells us, using words and striking photographs, the inside story about his Gypsy family and friends, and warns us of cultural treasures we may be losing. --Professor Steve Balkin, Roosevelt University I encourage you to acquire a book long overdue when concerning American-Hungarian music. Gypsy Violins is a significant historical document for anyone who has danced or listened to a cs rd s or any other Magyar folk music. --Tibor Check Jr. William Penn Life Magazine Congratulations on your new book! Incredibly valuable. --Professor Ian Hancock Ph.D.
2012-08-01 By Steve Piskor

Gypsies, the Most Feared and Fabled People on Earth Are Riding The Last Caravan.” Homemaker's Summer 1998: 62–77. Bercovici, Konrad. The Story of the Gypsies. London: 1928. Borrow, George. The Zincali: An Account of the Gypsies of ...

Author: V. Glajar

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This book traces representations of "Gypsies" that have become prevalent in the European imagination and culture and influenced the perceptions of Roma in Eastern and Western European societies.
2008-04-28 By V. Glajar

5); Story of the Gypsies (1928); and The Incredible Balkans (1932). It's the Gypsy in Me (1941) is his autobiography. Berenice, tale by Poe,§ published in the Southern Literary Messenger (183 5) and reprinted in Tales qf the Grotesque ...

Author: James D. Hart

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Covers the movements, authors, genres, critics, awards, and many other aspects of American literature
1995-10-12 By James D. Hart

Alte lucrări: drama Costa's Daughter (1925), Alexander (1928), On New Shores (1925), Story of the Gypsies (1928), The Incredible Balkans (1930), It's the Gypsy in Me (1941), autobiografic. În presa timpului sau semnalat concesiile ...

Author: Kurt W Treptow

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One of the most dramatic periods in modern history, the World War I era also marked a turning point in Romanian history. This volume is a collection of studies presented by Romanian, American, and British scholars at the Fourth International Conference of the Center for Romanian Studies held in Iasi and Focsani, Romania, from 22-27 June 1998, on the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of the end of the great world conflict.Articles included: Mark Axworthy, Through British Eyes: Romanian Military Performance in World War I; Catalin Turliuc, Major Factors which Determined the Conduct of the “Great War”; Valeriu Florin Dobrinescu, Ion I.C. Bratianu: The Genius of Greater Romania; Diana Fotescu, Regina Maria si razboiul de intregire nationala; Constantin Hlihor, Romania within the Geopolitics of the Great Powers of Europe between 1918-1919; Nicholas M. Nagy-Talavera, Iorga’s Role during the Great War (1914-1918); Demetrius Dvoichenko de Markov, The Anti-Communist White Guards and Romania, 1918; Ernest H. Latham, Jr., We Will Do Business: Romania and the Baldwin Locomotive Works; Kurt W. Treptow, John Reed and Romania in 1915; Costica Prodan, Unele consideratii privind participarea Romaniei la primul razboi mondial (1916-1918); and many others.
2022-09-01 By Kurt W Treptow

Brokovici [ Bercovici ] : Roumanian - American writer Konrad Bercovici , best known for his books Story of the Gypsies ( 1928 ) , about the life of Balkan gypsies , Dust of New York ( 1919 ) , and Crimes of Charity ( 1917 ) . mille ...

Author: Ford Madox Ford

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Ford Madox Ford - novelist, poet, critic, champion of young authors, travel writer, chronicler of his own times - was a man "mad about writing." As Ezra Pound observed, Ford "actually lived the heroic artistic life that Yeats talked about." An incorrigible bohemian who passed as "a nice old gentleman at a tea party," Ford devoted himself to literature and the arts, founding two important literary magazines, The English Review and the transatlantic review, and writing over eighty books, including The Good Soldier and Parade's End. In 1917, when he was serving in the British army, Ford met the Australian painter Stella Bowen, then studying with Walter Sickert at the Westminster School of Art. They lived together from 1919 to 1928, at first in an old laborer's cottage in Sussex, where they rebuilt their lives in the aftermath of the Great War. For Stella, orphaned at an early age, their home together was "a place in the sun and against the rain too." For Ford, who at first felt that he could no longer write, this was the beginning of a new life, one in which the strength and sanity of his companion did much to encourage the completion of one of the most important novels of the twentieth century. In fact, much of the raw material for Parade's End is found in these letters. We see the honesty, stoicism, and sanity of Stella Bowen in Ford's heroine Valentine Wannop. Stella's own story is of particular interest to readers today. After their break-up, she was a single parent, struggling to support herself and her daughter Julie by painting portraits in England and by acting as Ford's literary agent in London. Ford's poverty during the thirties, in spite of his continuous production of books and articles, made him and Bowen equals in the struggle for survival. The letters provide a portrait of Ford not found in his memoirs and biographies: "I write to you as I never took the trouble to write to any other soul," he tells Stella, "how I really feel under a placid exterior." His attitudes toward religion, education, morality, marriage, and art - the true subjects of his fiction - are here expressed clearly and unequivocally.
1993 By Ford Madox Ford

REFERENCES. Anonymous 1950 "Caravans of Mystery." Coronet, August, pp. 17-24. Anthony, Piers 1988 Being a Green Mother. New York: Del Rey Books. Bercovici, Konrad 1928 The Story of the Gypsies. London: Cape. 1983 Gypsies: Their Life, ...

Author: Diane Tong

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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
2015-01-28 By Diane Tong

In 1928 , Konrad Bercovici , ( 1928 ) probably also using Colocci but not acknowledging any source , repeated this notion on the first page ( and again on the third page ) of his book The Story of the Gypsies and also interpreted the ...

Author: Thomas Alan Acton

Publisher: Univ of Hertfordshire Press

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Romany culture is perhaps the most Indo-European of all. The ancestors of the Gypsies left India around 1000 years ago and mixed with every culture on the way to produce a variety of Romany dialects and well-known cultural achievements from Hungarian Gypsy music to the English Gypsy caravan. Such images somehow co-exist, however, with continuous persecution.

... Rumanian - born writer Konrad Bercovici ( 1882-1961 ) , author of The Story of the Gypsies ( 1928 ) , Around the World in New York ( 1938 ) , It's the Gypsy in Me ( 1941 ) , and other works of biogra- phy , travel , and fiction .

Author: Paul Avrich

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In Anarchist Voices, Avrich lets anarchists speak for themselves.
2005 By Paul Avrich

... prolific contributor (stories, articles) to the NEW YORK TIMES, the NATION, OPINION, SATURDAYREVIEW OF LITERATURE, ... AND OTHER ROMANCES OF GYPSY BLOOD (1919), DUST OF NEW YORK (1919), ON NEW SHORES (1925), STORY OF GYPSIES (1928), ...

Author: Vladimir F. Wertsman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

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TRANSLATION FROM ROMANIAN INTO ENGLISH NEW YORK MAGAZINE No. 706, Wednesday, February 2, 2011, Cultural Page 16 University Professor and Doctor Aurel Sasu, HOMAGE TO THE JEWS FROM THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA, Commentary regarding the volume SALUTE TO THE ROMANIAN JEWS IN AMERICA AND CANADA, 1850-2010: HISTORY, ACHIEVEMENTS, AND BIOGRAPHIES by Vladimir F. Wertsman The publication of SALUTE TO THE ROMANIAN JEWS IN AMERICA AND CANADA,1850-2010: HISTORY, ACHIEVEMENTS, AND BIOGRAPHIES, XLibris , Bloomington, IN, 2010, 287 pp. by Vladimir F. Wertsman, one of the most valued, respected and dedicated researchers on multiculturalism over the Ocean, was no surprise to anybody in light of the authors previous triptych: THE ROMANIANS IN AMERICA, 1748-1974: A CHNRONOLOGY AND FACT BOOK(1975), THE ROMANIANS IN AMERICA AND CANADA: A GUIDE TO INFORMTION SOURCES, (1980), and THE ROMANIANS IN THE UNITED STATES ANADA CANADA: A GUIDE TO ANCESTRY AND HERITAGE RESEARCH (2003). All of these titles reflect the authors older concerns regarding immigration, integration, and identity preserved via the values of organic tradition. Those who know this passionate book lover (he served many years as senior librarian at the New York Public Library) also know how much he is proud of his Romanian education (he is a graduate of the University "A.I. Cuza" Law School, 1953) and the prestige of Romanian people of culture abroad in whose spirit he was formed. Established in the USA in 1967, the future author did not forget the depth of his primary sources and his Romanian heritage. Regardless how often he appears in the Romanian community, he is admired for his work, advice, and wisdom. His main message is friendship, mutual understanding and respect. The above mentioned volume on Romanian Jews in America and Canada starts with a "microchronology" of Romanias two millennia Jewish community going back to the year 70 AD, when some Jews found asylum in Dacia after the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple. Under King Decebal, Jews are permitted to reside without any restriction. They were merchants, translators, and purveyors, Matei Basarab offers asylum to Hungarian Jews who refused to convert to Catholicism, under Alexander the Good and Stephen the Great, the Jews are free to live in any part of Moldavia. Also, Stephen the Great and his son Bogdan Voda kept Isaac Benjamin Shor as their logofat (chancellor). In the 16th century, first Sephardic communities are mentioned in Bucharest and Craiova, also Jewish stable communities are mentioned in Iasi (with a synagogue and cemetery), Suceava, Botosani, Sibiu, Cluj. Vasile Lupu (17th century) accepts several Jewish doctors and pharmacists at his court, Constantin Brancoveanu will do the same one century later. In 1665, a document mentions that along with Valachians and Serbs there were Jews in Michael the Braves Army. Constantin Mavrocordat accords fiscal immunity to Jews settled in Herta, Balti, Orhei, Ocna, and Harlau. From DESCRIPTIO MOLDAVIAE (1717) by Dimitrie Cantemir, we find that Jews could build wooden synagogues without any restrictions. Starting with the 18th century, mixed musical bands (lautari) are formed; they consisted of Romanians, Jews, and Gypsies. After the hardships endured by Jews during the Russian-Turkish War (1769-1774), Alexandru Mavrocordat and Nicolae Mavrogheni accord special protection to the Jewish population. In 1803, there were about 3,000 Jewish families in Moldova, fifty years later, the Jewish population increased to more than 130,000. In the Proclamation of Islaz (1848), the rights of the Jewish community are explicitly mentioned: "the emancipation of the Israelites and political rights for all compatriots of other creeds". In 1852, the first Jewish school is opened in Bucharest, and in 1847 appears ISRAELITUL ROMAN, the first newspaper of the Jewish communities from Moldavia and Walachia
2010-07-22 By Vladimir F. Wertsman

Pitpass , 9 June Balogh , S. ( 1993 ) , ' Following in the footsteps of the Ku Klux Klan : Anti - Gypsy organization in ... 3 Bercovici , K. , ( 1928 ) The story of the Gypsies ( London ) Bercovici , K. ( 1983 ) , Gypsies : their life ...

Author: Ian Hancock

Publisher: Univ of Hertfordshire Press

ISBN: 1902806999

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This is a timely collection of Ian Hancock's selected writings. His impact upon Romani Studies has been truly remarkable, both in terms of his contributions to linguistics and Gypsy historiography and in his re-assessment of Romani identity within the Western cultural fabric
2010 By Ian Hancock