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Lacy Finn Borgo draws on her experience of practicing spiritual direction with children as she introduces key skills for engaging kids in spiritual conversations, offering sample dialogues, prayers to use together, and ideas for play, art, ...

Author: Lacy Finn Borgo

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830848331

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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When children have a listening companion who hears, acknowledges, and encourages their early experiences with God, it creates a spiritual footprint that shapes their lives. Lacy Finn Borgo draws on her experience of practicing spiritual direction with children as she introduces key skills for engaging kids in spiritual conversations, offering sample dialogues, prayers to use together, and ideas for play, art, and movement.
2020-03-10 By Lacy Finn Borgo

Our three children are the most precious things in our lives. Please make her
better I am begging you. Facilitating spiritual conversations Rebecca Nye, a
leading expert on child spirituality, has helped us at BCH to develop the skill of
having ...

Author: Sally Nash

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781784500634

Category: Medical

Page: 208

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Exploring both principles and best practice of the spiritual care of sick children and young people, this remarkable and inspiring book equips the reader to think critically and creatively about how to provide care in hospitals, hospices and other care contexts for ill and disabled children. Written for staff from any allied health discipline, the authors explore the potential spiritual needs and issues faced by sick children and young people. They provide evidence-based practice principles, and a range of activity-based interactions that empower the child or young person and expand discussion of meaning and identity. The book includes stories and multidisciplinary practice examples, as well as many ideas; practical activities; discussion of work with families, and also of the various tensions and issues that can emerge. Based on evidence-based practice and research carried out by the Chaplaincy Team at Birmingham Children's Hospital, the book will be helpful and inspiring reading for chaplains, nurses, play and youth workers, therapists and anyone else involved in the care of sick children and young people.
2015-08-21 By Sally Nash

Having a facilitator who accepts whatever they say is also likely to encourage
children to feel safe to say more, and to risk ... I wonder what you like most about
spiritual conversations with children (in your experience or in the examples given

Author: Rebecca Nye

Publisher: Canterbury Press

ISBN: 9780715144121

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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An introduction to the increasingly popular topic of children's spirituality, showing how choices made in churches and homes can stimulate or stifle a child's spiritual development. Suitable for anyone who works with children.
2014-08-04 By Rebecca Nye

Now, as the children have transformed into young adults, we are able to have
meaningful spiritual conversations with them—to seek to understand their culture
and religious perspectives, to ask questions about their beliefs, to answer their ...

Author: Mary Schaller

Publisher: NavPress

ISBN: 9781496412362

Category: Religion

Page: 288

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Love God, love people. Could evangelism really be that simple? Often, it doesn’t seem so. It can feel scary, awkward, and uncomfortable as we try to navigate loaded questions and different perspectives. Even the most faithful of believers sometimes get stumped. But can you imagine if we, as Christians, simply spent time with people who are far from God and provided a safe place to talk about spiritual matters? If we listened to them and discovered what was really important to them? After all . . . it’s what Jesus did. And it’s what you can do too. Drawing straight from the life and ministry of Jesus, The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations offers simple practices to help you build relationships with people who believe differently. Anyone who has read and appreciated Becoming a Contagious Christian or Just Walk across the Room won’t want to miss this book on creating a safe space to have natural, loving, and spiritual conversations with others.
2016-05-01 By Mary Schaller

If you want to pass on a dynamic spiritual heritage so that your kids own their faith
and don't try to ride into heaven on your spiritual coattails, let them give their faith
away! Share Christ as a family. Don't just talk about faith. Don't just leave them ...

Author: Cheri Fuller

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 9780310877660

Category: Religion

Page: 236

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The greatest gift you can give your son or daughter is a deep, authentic relationship with God. God created your child to be naturally curious about spiritual matters. Twelve spiritual windows open at different times and in different ways. Each is a vital part of your child’s spiritual journey through four important areas of growth: enjoying God, loving God, following God, and serving God. You can strengthen these areas in your child by learning how to respond to the: Enjoying God Window Wonder Window Worship Window Loving God Window Bible Window Prayer Window Ownership Window Obedience Window Church Window Joy of Helping Window Spiritual Gifts Window Heritage Window Worship Window
2010-08-03 By Cheri Fuller

This book will also assist parents, should they decide to use the other tools being created by our School with maximum effectiveness.

Author: Neale Donald Walsch

Publisher: Rainbow Ridge

ISBN: 1937907368

Category: Religion

Page: 384

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Soon after the first Conversations with God book was published in May 1995, demand began for tools that would assist parents in teaching the marvelous concepts of this extraordinary dialogue to children. Readers wanted to share with their offspring what CwG had shared with them. "If only I have been introduced to these ways of seeing God and myself when I was 8 or 9, my whole life would have been different" were the words Neale Donald Walsch heard in letter after letter and conversation after conversation. This book is an outgrowth of the School of New Spirituality program. In it, Walsch has joined with Laurie Lankins Farley and Emily A. FIlmore, the directors of the school, to put into one place all the spiritual concepts of a home schooling curriculum. This book makes available for parents not only the tools for teaching CwG'sconcepts, but a narrative summary of the concepts themselves, to help aid in their home schooling efforts, and help them to use the other tools created by the school with maximum effectiveness. Each chapter is presented in two parts: (1) A narrataive for parents that includes background information and interpretative commentary on the spiritual concepts being explored; and (2)Tools with which parents may effectively share these concepts with their children. Together they form a powerful guide for the spiritual teachers of the 21st century,
2015-10-05 By Neale Donald Walsch

Among others who have attempted to provide insight into the spiritual lives of
children is American child psychiatrist Robert Coles. In his large-scale study,
Coles (1990) engaged in numerous conversations with children between the
ages of 6 ...

Author: Brendan Hyde

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 1846427541

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

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Brendan Hyde identifies four characteristics of children's spirituality: the felt sense, integrating awareness, weaving the threads of meaning, and spiritual questing. These characteristics can be observed in children if those who work with them know what to look for and are alert to the time, place and space in which children find themselves. This book provides ways in which schoolteachers and parents can nurture and foster these particular characteristics of children's spirituality. It also considers two factors, material pursuit and trivialising, which may inhibit children's expression of their spirituality. Children and Spirituality will be of great interest to educators, policy makers, parents, and others who work with and seek to nurture the spirituality of children.
2008-01-15 By Brendan Hyde

Yes ; the works of God are more spiritual than brick houses . MR . Alcott . Do the
works of God ever make you want to pray ? ANDREW . Sometimes ; for there is
life in all the works of Nature . Mr. Alcott . And the morning seems an Form of ...

Author: Amos Bronson Alcott


ISBN: HARVARD:32044054764725

Category: Bible


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define spirituality through their writing, artwork, and conversations. We explore
children at-risk, confront child pornography, champion social justice for children,
engage intercultural contexts and discuss abstinence education in Section Four.

Author: La Verne Tolbert

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781630871758

Category: Religion

Page: 364

View: 360

Exploring and Engaging Spirituality for Today's Children: A Holistic Approach answers questions about the most effective ways to help children, pre-teens, and teens develop spiritually. This collection of research gleaned from presentations during the Fourth Triennial Children's Spirituality Conference at Concordia University in 2012 is divided into four major sections: (1) theological and historical foundations, (2) engaging parents and congregations, (3) engaging methodologies, and (4) exploring children at risk, child pornography, social justice, intercultural diversity, and abstinence education. Researchers acknowledge that the home is the foundation for Christian nurture. In Exploring and Engaging Spirituality for Today's Children, both scholars and ministry leaders come together with parents to promote a holistic environment where children are encouraged to love, respect, and obey God. From birth to high school, children's voices resonate throughout these studies as they are invited to share their reflections and experiences. Exploring and Engaging Spirituality for Today's Children is a lively, easy-to-read collection that reflects a broad range of faith traditions and is ideal for all those who are committed to the spiritual development of children.
2014-05-19 By La Verne Tolbert

and spiritual formation author John Piper said of the early church's trajectory after
the coming of the Holy Spirit, “So you can see ... Conversation Starters Often
parents want spiritual conversations with their children, but they don't know how ...

Author: Michelle Anthony

Publisher: David C Cook

ISBN: 9781434705365

Category: Religion

Page: 224

View: 991

Filled with stories from one ministry professional to another, Dreaming of More for the Next Generation includes practical ways to equip parents to partner with the church in faith formation, inspiration and ideas for incorporating remembrance and celebration, creative ways to motivate children and teenagers to step out of their comfort zones and rely on the Holy Spirit, and insight into how God uses each person’s life as part of a unique story that is told throughout the generations.
2012-06-01 By Michelle Anthony

Taken as a whole, these efforts allowed us to explore spiritual development from
a number of different angles using a ... Perhaps most striking about these
conversations with young people was how excited and engaged they became (
after ...

Author: Kevin E. Lawson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621893684

Category: Religion

Page: 454

View: 663

How important is childhood in the spiritual formation of a person? How do children experience God in the context of their lives as they grow? What does God do in the lives of children to draw them to himself and help them grow into a vital relationship with him? How can adults who care about children better support their spiritual growth and direct it toward relationship with God through Jesus Christ? These are critical questions that church leaders face as they consider how best to nurture the faith of the children God brings into our lives. In this book, over two dozen Christian scholars and ministry leaders explore important issues about the spiritual life of children and ways parents, church leaders, and others who care about children can promote their spiritual formation.
2012-03-22 By Kevin E. Lawson

Spiritual. Needs. of. Children. and. Families. We are made by relationships with
other people. CARLO CARRETTO ... I think that if you view nursing as a vocation,
you're able to have more open conversations with the family; about what all this ...

Author: Mary O'Brien

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763796501

Category: Medical

Page: 432

View: 510

A new and updated version of this best-selling resource! Jones and Bartlett Publisher's 2011 Nurse's Drug Handbook is the most up-to-date, practical, and easy-to-use nursing drug reference! It provides: Accurate, timely facts on hundreds of drugs from abacavir sulfate to Zyvox; Concise, consistently formatted drug entries organized alphabetically; No-nonsense writing style that speaks your language in terms you use everyday; Index of all generic, trade, and alternate drug names for quick reference. It has all the vital information you need at your fingertips: Chemical and therapeutic classes, FDA pregnancy risk category and controlled substance schedule; Indications and dosages, as well as route, onset, peak, and duration information; Incompatibilities, contraindications; interactions with drugs, food, and activities, and adverse reactions; Nursing considerations, including key patient-teaching points; Vital features include mechanism-of-action illustrations showing how drugs at the cellular, tissue, or organ levels and dosage adjustments help individualize care for elderly patients, patients with renal impairment, and others with special needs; Warnings and precautions that keep you informed and alert.
2010-10-25 By Mary O'Brien

With some relatives, conversations stick to the safe issues of children, work, how
the trip down went, and then back to children— it is so much easier now that I
actually have a child myself and have contributed to the common discourse.

Author: David Boersema

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789042020610

Category: Philosophy

Page: 266

View: 531

This book is a collection of philosophical papers that explores theoretical and practical aspects and implications of nonviolence as a means of establishing peace. The papers range from spiritual and political dimensions of nonviolence to issues of justice and values and proposals for action and change.
2006-01 By David Boersema

Loraine talked about children's worship at the church they had attended
previously. There the children were welcomed into a special place to “be with
God, to talk to God, to listen to God, and to hear the stories of God.” In that calm
and quiet ...

Author: Catherine Stonehouse

Publisher: Baker Academic

ISBN: 9780801032363

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 970

Two children's spirituality experts draw on over a decade of field research to show how adults can effectively work with children to nurture their faith.
2010-06-01 By Catherine Stonehouse

The. Less. Familiar. Route. (Abiding. in. Christ. with. Your. Kids). Honk honk. “
Watch where you're going, idiot!” ... So I often unpack spiritual conversations
strategically while walking or driving with the kids. All this is good. Ephesians 6:4
says ...

Author: Tez Brooks

Publisher: Kregel Publications

ISBN: 9780825443602

Category: Religion

Page: 192

View: 454

Conventional wisdom holds that fathers have few parenting skills and that mothers always know best. The single father is often considered a mythical creature, found only in sitcoms as an object of humor or pity. Where does that leave real single dads? Too often, it makes them susceptible to overcompensation or apathy. Tez Brooks knows those feelings all too well. He’s traveled that road with his own children after an unexpected divorce. The Single Dad Detour is the result of his journey and the lessons he’s learned along the way. It’s a guidebook for the rocky road of single fatherhood, extending encouragement, confidence, and challenges, using specific examples from dads who’ve survived parenting and have hope to offer. There are no unreachable requirements for perfect fatherhood here and no twisty theological mysteries—just authentic, downto- earth wisdom from one dad to another.
2015 By Tez Brooks

Introduction KIRSI TIRRI Spirituality and holistic education have been very
popular themes in the current education ... Robert Coles ( 1990 ) has had
numerous conversations with children from different countries and KIRSI TIRRI

Author: Kirsi Tirri

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3039109553

Category: Education

Page: 234

View: 332

Selected papers presented at the 8th Nordic Conference on Religious Education in Helsinki, Finland in June 2005.
2006 By Kirsi Tirri

Most of the children of God are swallowed up either with prosperity , or with
worldly care , or with carnal prospects , and the love of ease ; and to attempt a
spiritual conversation with them , is like ploughing upon a rock — if they speak
anything ...

Author: Andrew Joseph Baxter


ISBN: OXFORD:555007559



View: 999


Spiritual. Dimensions. Dexter Lanctot, M.Div., B.A.Ph., Wynne Morrison, M.D.,
M.B.E., Kendra D. Koch, and Chris Feudtner, ... Our suggestions and the
suggestions of the experts we cite regarding these conversations are not the only
possible ...

Author: Brian S. Carter

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9781421402130

Category: Medical

Page: 560

View: 971

With contributions from an international group of expert educators, clinicians, and parents, this book takes a truly interdisciplinary approach to pediatric palliative care, presenting best practices, clear instruction, and the latest information and research for anyone involved in pediatric palliative and end-of-life care.
2013-10-23 By Brian S. Carter

... be silent” can be followed; we can acknowledge the difficulty in
conceptualizing and talking about spirituality. REFERENCES Alcott, A. B. (1836–
1837). Conversations with children on the gospels; conducted and edited by A.
Bronson Alcott.

Author: John P. Miller

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781483363882

Category: Education

Page: 184

View: 538

Essential principles of timeless learning include attention, contemplation, connection, participation, and responsibility; helping students achieve a sense of purpose; and improving alertness and mental health.
2005-07-20 By John P. Miller

On my Canadian landscape of school classrooms, student services offices, and
teacher preparation discussion tables, I have never knowingly encountered HIV/
AIDS directly. I have been involved in conversations on school policy that have ...

Author: Joyce E. Bellous

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317988687

Category: Education

Page: 102

View: 837

The book demonstrates the hopeful stance the young take in response to ordinary suffering and significant trauma when adults talk with them about their losses. Its underlying themes convey the truth that loss and recovery are normal in the process of growing to maturity. It examines the strength of the child’s capacity for resilience through partnerships with adults who allow children to focus on the loss and tell the story of its meaning to someone who really hears it. The authors agree that adults need to perceive their own losses so that their attentiveness to the young is informed by wisdom that comes through self-understanding, but also agree that many adults do not offer that help to children because they believe it will make matters worse. The book reveals this fear as a false notion by dealing with childhood traumas such as acquired disability, warfare, HIV/AIDS, death of one’s parents and cultural dislocation. The authors are experienced practitioners who provide practical and theoretical insight into the dynamics of loss and recovery. The book offers hope for those who live and work with children and youth through its studied approach to addressing loss by describing young people’s potential to work towards wholeness even in the face of fundamental losses to their security. This book was published as a special issue of the International Journal of Children's Spirituality.
2013-09-13 By Joyce E. Bellous

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