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Arguably, one of the most lasting and influential documents of this period is the Nicene Creed, which came out of the church council held in Nicaea in AD 381. In this affirmation of what was viewed as absolutely essential to the ...

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Veteran missional church planters present a much needed how-to resource for churches desiring to sponsor the planting of other new churches locally and globally.
2008 By Rodney Harrison

9 To some extent the discussion of dual use is very closely related to the discussion of spin - off that follows . A spin - off product - a civilian - oriented product based on existing military technology - leads to this particular ...

Author: Jakob Lorentzi

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Explores the meaning & significance of the concepts of spin-off, dual-use & conversion. A case study at Ericsson Radar Electronics also illustrates the problems & opportunities of diversification.
1994-06 By Jakob Lorentzi

Table 2.1: Definitions of academic spin-off companies (continued) Authors Year Definition Klofsten and 2000 "... formation of new firm or organisation to exploit the results of Jones-Evans the university research" (p. 300).

Author: Rigo Tietz

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​Research-based spin-off companies are a special subgroup of new technology-based ventures and play an important role for innovation and economic development. Executive teams of academic spin-offs face several challenges in building up sustainable and profitable ventures, because they often lack managerial and entrepreneurial skills. Based on a quantitative analysis of 193 German spin-offs RigoTietz examines the relationships between executive team characteristics, strategic decision making, and firm performance. The study contributes to the entrepreneurship and strategic management literature and has practical implications for entrepreneurs and managers, policymakers and practitioners of start-up initiatives and technology transfer organisations.
2013-04-10 By Rigo Tietz

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2020 By Maria Muti

Does the Subsidiary Have to Register the Spin-Off Under the Securities Act? A. The Subsidiary Does Not Have to Register the Spin-Off if Five Conditions are Met. It is the Division's view that the subsidiary does not have to register a ...



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We will respond when a company asks for our views on novel or unusual issues in a proposed spin - off . 3. What Are the Basic Concerns About Spin - Offs ? A subsidiary must register a spin - off of shares under the Securities Act if the ...



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eating that curry . spin off spins , spinning , spun spice up spices , spicing , spiced spin off sth or spin sth off 1 to produce a useful but unexpected result spice up sth or spice sth up from an activity or piece of work in addto ...


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If you own shares in a big company and you are getting some small distribution of shares in a spin-off, it's easier for you just to sell the shares rather than dedicate any resources to try to figure it out. Again, the spin-off is too ...

Author: Christopher W. Mayer

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Invest Like a Dealmaker outlines an approach to investing that is far removed from what most investors have been conditioned to believe, but which has produced consistent profits for its practitioners decade after decade. While the concepts covered are not well known by the average investor, they are well appreciated by Wall Street insiders and dealmakers—particularly those who think about stocks as whole companies, as things with real assets, and cash flows that exist in the real world.
2008-01-07 By Christopher W. Mayer

Leaders firms not only played an important role in building a critical mass of specialized workers, tacit knowledge, and research infrastructure in the region, but they also facilitated spin-off formation to create a network of ...

Author: Willem van Winden

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Why are some regions and cities so good at attracting talented people, creating high-level knowledge, and producing exciting new ideas and innovations? What are the ingredients of success? Can innovative cities be created and stimulated, or do they just flourish by mere chance? This book analyses the development and management of innovation systems in cities, in order to provide a better understanding of what makes such systems perform. The book opens by developing a conceptual model that combines insights from urban economics with economic geography, urban governance and place marketing. This highlights the relevance of path dependence, different types of proximity (and the role of clusters, networks and platforms), institutional conditions, place attractiveness and place identity in the evolution of local innovation systems. The authors then draw on this conceptual framework to structure empirical case studies in three cities with a relatively high innovation performance: Eindhoven (the Netherlands), Stockholm (Sweden) and Suzhou (China). Through these case studies they provide a detailed analysis of how successful innovation systems evolve and what makes them tick. Unique to this book is the linking of analysis to concrete policy and management responses. The book ends with a discussion on six themes in the development of successful urban innovation systems: firm-capabilities and leader firms, higher education and research, attractive environment, place branding, institutional environment and entrepreneurship. Each theme is examined fully, drawing lessons from the case studies, and from recent insights and other cases discussed in the literature. This title will be of interest to students, researchers and policymakers involved in regional innovation systems, knowledge locations and cluster development.
2014-04-11 By Willem van Winden

( Secs . 112 ( b ) , 112 ( g ) , '39 Code ; Secs . 355 , 368 , '86 Code . ) Rev. Rul . 270 , 1953-2 C.B. 35 . 50.251 Reorganization ; spin - off ; realty . A bank's exchange of its realty business , including its bank building , for all ...



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