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From the arrival of Italian ice-cream vendors and German pork butchers, to the rise of Indian curry as the national dish, Spicing Up Britain uncovers the fascinating history of British food over the last 150 years.

Author: Panikos Panayi

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781861896223

Category: Cooking

Page: 288

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From the arrival of Italian ice-cream vendors and German pork butchers, to the rise of Indian curry as the national dish, Spicing Up Britain uncovers the fascinating history of British food over the last 150 years. Panikos Panayi shows how a combination of immigration, increased wealth, and globalization have transformed the eating habits of the English from a culture of stereotypically bland food to a flavorful, international cuisine. Along the way, Panayi challenges preconceptions about British identity, and raises questions about multiculturalism and the extent to which other cultures have entered British society through the portal of food. He argues that Britain has become a country of vast ethnic diversity, in which people of different backgrounds—but still British—are united by their readiness to sample a wide variety of foods produced by other ethnic groups. Taking in changes to home cooking, restaurants, grocery shops, delis, and cookbooks, Panayi’s flavorful account will appeal to a wide range of readers interested in ethnic cooking, food history, and the social history of Britain. “Wearing his twin hats of foodie and social historian, Panikos Paniyi can appall as well as engender salivation on his tour d’horizon of the multicultural history of British food. His book demonstrates convincingly that whether drawing on its former colonial and imperial possessions . . . or on its European neighbors, the openness of British society has truly enriched its diet and produced its present-day variegated cuisine.”—Washington Times
2008-04-15 By Panikos Panayi

In this innovative book, Panikos Panayi unwraps the history of Britain’s most popular takeout, relating a story that brings up complicated issues of class, identity, and development.

Author: Panikos Panayi

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781780233932

Category: Cooking

Page: 176

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Double-decker buses, bowler hats, and cricket may be synonymous with British culture, but when it comes to their cuisine, nothing comes to mind faster than fish and chips. Sprinkled with salt and vinegar and often accompanied by mushy peas, fish and chips were the original British fast food. In this innovative book, Panikos Panayi unwraps the history of Britain’s most popular takeout, relating a story that brings up complicated issues of class, identity, and development. Investigating the origins of eating fish and potatoes in Britain, Panayi describes the birth of the meal itself, telling how fried fish was first introduced and sold by immigrant Jews before it spread to the British working classes in the early nineteenth century. He then moves on to the technological and economic advances that led to its mass consumption and explores the height of fish and chips’ popularity in the first half of the twentieth century and how it has remained a favorite today, despite the arrival of new contenders for the title of Britain’s national dish. Revealing its wider ethnic affiliations within the country, he examines how migrant communities such as Italians came to dominate the fish and chip trade in the twentieth century. Brimming with facts, anecdotes, and images of historical and modern examples of this batter-dipped meal, Fish and Chips will appeal to all foodies who love this quintessentially British dish.
2014-09-15 By Panikos Panayi

Providing an important historical context to contemporary debates, and taking into account the complexity and variety of individual experiences over time, this book demonstrates that no simple approach or theory can summarise the migrant ...

Author: Panikos Panayi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317864233

Category: History

Page: 408

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Immigration, ethnicity, multiculturalism and racism have become part of daily discourse in Britain in recent decades – yet, far from being new, these phenomena have characterised British life since the 19th century. While the numbers of immigrants increased after the Second World War, groups such as the Irish, Germans and East European Jews have been arriving, settling and impacting on British society from the Victorian period onwards. In this comprehensive and fascinating account, Panikos Panayi examines immigration as an ongoing process in which ethnic communities evolve as individuals choose whether to retain their ethnic identities and customs or to integrate and assimilate into wider British norms. Consequently, he tackles the contradictions in the history of immigration over the past two centuries: migration versus government control; migrant poverty versus social mobility; ethnic identity versus increasing Anglicisation; and, above all, racism versus multiculturalism. Providing an important historical context to contemporary debates, and taking into account the complexity and variety of individual experiences over time, this book demonstrates that no simple approach or theory can summarise the migrant experience in Britain.
2014-09-11 By Panikos Panayi

—Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875–1956), British poet, on the British architect Christopher Wren (1632–1723), who designed St Paul's Cathedral in London, Britain Sir Humphrey Davy Abominated gravy. He lived in the odium Of having ...


Publisher: Zorba Books

ISBN: 9789390011445

Category: Humor

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A book of quotes but with a difference. This book of quotes was written with an aim to help people spice up their speeches, interactions and writing. Also as a bedside reading. It is not a simple book of quotes but the author has value-added with additional information on quotes, author or situation when the quote was written. It is a book that can be savoured and read over time and re-re-visited and enjoyed every time. An evergreen book.

Geoffrey Alderman, Modern British Jewry (Oxford: Oxford University Press 1992), 118; H. L. Trachtenberg, 'Estimate of ... 56, 2013, 681–706; Panikos Panayi, Spicing Up Britain: The Multicultural History of British Food (London: Reaktion ...

Author: Jennifer Craig-Norton

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351661072

Category: History

Page: 324

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Britain has largely been in denial of its migrant past - it is often suggested that the arrivals after 1945 represent a new phenomenon and not the continuation of a much longer and deeper trend. There is also an assumption that Britain is a tolerant country towards minorities that distinguishes itself from the rest of Europe and beyond. The historian who was the first and most important to challenge this dominant view is Colin Holmes, who, from the early 1970s onwards, provided a framework for a different interpretation based on extensive research. This challenge came not only through his own work but also that of a 'new school' of students who studied under him and the creation of the journal Immigrants and Minorities in 1982. This volume not only celebrates this remarkable achievement, but also explores the state of migrant historiography (including responses to migrants) in the twenty-first century.
2018-08-23 By Jennifer Craig-Norton

But there was a dark heart to the spice trade. ... However, control over the pepper trade. for instance, Was one of the factors that led to the British Raj, ... Tony and I share a simple message: let's spice up Britain again!

Author: Cyrus Todiwala

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448141760

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

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Acclaimed chefs Tony Singh and Cyrus Todiwala are on a mission to wake Britain up to the versatility of spices. For too long, our spices have sat unused and dusty in cupboard shelves, when just a mere sprinking of cumin, a dash of turmeric or a handful of star anise has the power to turn our everyday food into an explosion of tastes and smells. Tony and Cyrus have taken to the road, exploring the British Isles and adding their own spicy twist to our most classic and best-loved dishes. Try jazzing up a Sunday roast chicken with a honey and ginger, adding a cumin and coriander kick to a shepherd's pie or lacing a Victoria sponge with aromatic fennel seeds and cardamom. With delicious, everyday recipes accompanied by Cyrus and Tony's top tips and favourite spices, The Incredible Spice Men will demystify the contents of your spice rack, and open your everyday cooking up to a world of exciting new flavours.
2013-08-16 By Cyrus Todiwala

35 Panikos Panayi, Spicing Up Britain: The Multicultural History of British Food (London: Reaktion, 2008). 36 Zentrum für Türkeistudien, Die ökonomische Dimension der türkischen Selbststänigen in Deutschland und der Europäischen Union ...

Author: Gerald MacLean

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781443825924

Category: Art

Page: 320

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Based on papers presented at an international three-day conference, sponsored by the British Academy and held at the Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter in April 2009, this collection of essays provides a comprehensive and accessible synthesis of the most advanced specialist and scholarly knowledge to date concerning historical perspectives on relations between Britain and the Muslim World. Ranging from the early-modern period to the present day, the essays collected here represent work by leading writers and scholars from relevant fields—history, international relations, economics, religion, law, art history and design, film studies, and sociology, as well as literary and cultural studies. These essays explore the historical impacts of cross-cultural encounters between Islam and Britain by variously addressing the question of how relations between Britain and the Muslim world in the past have brought us to our current situation and, in some cases, by proposing directions for necessary further consideration and research.
2010-10-12 By Gerald MacLean

Panayi, P. (2008) Spicing Up Britain: The Multicultural History of British Food, London: Reaktion Books. Parekh, B. (2000) The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain. The Parekh Report, London: Profile Books. Park, R. and Burgess, ...

Author: Sean McLoughlin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317679660

Category: Political Science

Page: 246

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In 1962, the Commonwealth Immigrants Act hastened the process of South Asian migration to postcolonial Britain. Half a decade later, now is an opportune moment to revisit the accumulated writing about the diasporas formed through subsequent settlement, and to probe the ways in which the South Asian diaspora can be re-conceptualised. Writing the City in British Asian Diasporas takes a fresh look at such matters and will have multi-disciplinary resonance worldwide. The meaning and importance of local, multi-local and trans-local dynamics is explored through a devolved and regionally-accented comparison of five British Asian cities: Bradford, the East End of London, Manchester, Leicester and Birmingham. Analysing the ‘writing’ of these differently configured cities since the 1960s, its main focus is the significant discrepancies in representation between differently-positioned texts reflecting both dominant institutional discourses and everyday lived experiences of a locality. Part I offers a comprehensive, yet still highly contested, reading of each city’s archives. Part II examines how the arts and humanities fields of History, Religion, Gender and Literary/Cultural Studies have all written British Asian diasporas, and how their perspectives might complement the better-established agendas of the social sciences. Providing an innovative analysis of South Asian communities and their multi-local identities in Britain today, this interdisciplinary book will be of interest to scholars of South Asian Studies, Migration, Ethnic and Diaspora Studies, as well as Sociology, Anthropology, and Geography.
2014-07-11 By Sean McLoughlin

53 Robin Oakley, 'Cypriot Migration to Britain Prior to World War II', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 15 (1989): 509–25 (515–16); Panikos Panayi, Spicing Up Britain: The Multicultural History of British Food (London: Reaktion ...

Author: Marie Ruiz


ISBN: 9781785275180

Category: History

Page: 250

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This memorial book honours the legacy of Eric Richards's work in an interplay of academic essays and personal accounts of Eric Richards. Following the Eric Richards methodology, it combines micro- and macro-perspectives of British migration history and covers topics such as Scottish and Irish diasporas, religious, labour and wartime migrations. Eric Richards was an international leading historian of British migration history and a pioneer at exploring small- and large-scale migrations. Starting with a foreword from David Fitzpatrick and Ngaire Naffine's eulogy, the book includes Richards' last public intervention, given in Amiens, France, in September 2018. This volume brings together renowned scholars of British and migration history who pay tribute to Eric Richards - a remarkable historian, but also a gentleman who is remembered for his kindness and humbleness. He stood as a role model for early career researchers. The book combines local and global migrations as well as economic and social aspects of nineteenth and twentieth century British migration history.
2020-09-28 By Marie Ruiz

89 Hasia R. Diner, Hungering for America: Italian, Irish, and Jewish Foodways in the Age of Migration (Cambridge, 2001), 97, 112, 145; Panikos Panayi, Spicing up Britain: The Multicultural History of British Food (London, 2008), 43.

Author: John M. MacKenzie

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192513533

Category: History

Page: 344

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The extraordinary influence of Scots in the British Empire has long been recognized. As administrators, settlers, temporary residents, professionals, plantation owners, and as military personnel, they were strikingly prominent in North America, the Caribbean, Australasia, South Africa, India, and colonies in South-East Asia and Africa. Throughout these regions they brought to bear distinctive Scottish experience as well as particular educational, economic, cultural, and religious influences. Moreover, the relationship between Scots and the British Empire had a profound effect upon many aspects of Scottish society. This volume of essays, written by notable scholars in the field, examines the key roles of Scots in central aspects of the Atlantic and imperial economies from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries, in East India Company rule in India, migration and the preservation of ethnic identities, the environment, the army, missionary and other religious activities, the dispersal of intellectual endeavours, and in the production of a distinctive literature rooted in colonial experience. Making use of recent, innovative research, the chapters demonstrate that an understanding of the profoundly interactive relationship between Scotland and the British Empire is vital both for the understanding of the histories of that country and of many territories of the British Empire. All scholars and general readers interested in the dispersal of intellectual ideas, key professions, Protestantism, environmental practices, and colonial literature, as well as more traditional approaches to politics, economics, and military recruitment, will find it an essential addition to the historical literature.
2017-02-24 By John M. MacKenzie