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Author: Curdella Forbes


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2010 By Curdella Forbes

16: 64 Flight of the Swan (review) see Ferre\ Rosario For Nothing At All (review)
see Ellis, Garfield Forbes, Curdella Songs of Silence, review by Patricia Harkins-
Pierre, vol. 18: 313-317 Foreign Shores (review) see Laforest, Marie Helene ...



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2006 By

María Soledad Rodríguez San Juan , Puerto Rico Silence and Sunshine
Curdella Forbes , Songs of Silence . Oxford , England : Heinemann ( Caribbean
Writers Series ) . 2002 . 154 pages . p . b . Paulette Ramsay , Aunt Jen . Oxford ,
England ...

Author: Marvin E. Williams


ISBN: 0962860689

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All work reflects a Caribbean heritage, experience or perspective.
2004-07 By Marvin E. Williams

MARGARET BISHOP Curdella Forbes , Songs of Silence , ( Heinemann
Caribbean Writers , 2002 ) Songs of Silence is an outstanding ... and change ;
who argue , work , love , rear children , grieve , gossip , fight , and show
compassion .



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2006 By

Voice and Cultural Identity in the Anglophone Caribbean Barbara Lalla, Jean D'
Costa, Velma Pollard ... 8) and in Daryl Cumber Dance, Fifty Caribbean Writers (
Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1986). ... Life in Jamaica (Cambridge: harvard
University Press, 1978); as well as barbara lalla and Jean songs in the silence /

Author: Barbara Lalla

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 9780817318079

Category: Literary Criticism

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Caribbean Literary Discourseis a study of the multicultural, multilingual, and Creolized languages that characterize Caribbean discourse, especially as reflected in the language choices that preoccupy creative writers. Caribbean Literary Discourse opens the challenging world of language choices and literary experiments characteristic of the multicultural and multilingual Caribbean. In these societies, the language of the master— English in Jamaica and Barbados—overlies the Creole languages of the majority. As literary critics and as creative writers, Barbara Lalla, Jean D’Costa, and Velma Pollard engage historical, linguistic, and literary perspectives to investigate the literature bred by this complex history. They trace the rise of local languages and literatures within the English speaking Caribbean, especially as reflected in the language choices of creative writers. The study engages two problems: first, the historical reality that standard metropolitan English established by British colonialists dominates official economic, cultural, and political affairs in these former colonies, contesting the development of vernacular, Creole, and pidgin dialects even among the region’s indigenous population; and second, the fact that literary discourse developed under such conditions has received scant attention. Caribbean Literary Discourse explores the language choices that preoccupy creative writers in whose work vernacular discourse displays its multiplicity of origins, its elusive boundaries, and its most vexing issues. The authors address the degree to which language choice highlights political loyalties and tensions; the politics of identity, self-representation, and nationalism; the implications of code-switching—the ability to alternate deliberately between different languages, accents, or dialects—for identity in postcolonial society; the rich rhetorical and literary effects enabled by code-switching and the difficulties of acknowledging or teaching those ranges in traditional education systems; the longstanding interplay between oral and scribal culture; and the predominance of intertextuality in postcolonial and diasporic literature.
2014-02-15 By Barbara Lalla

FORAGE PLANTS . See PASTURES . Forbes , Curdella . Songs of silence /
Curdella Forbes . Oxford : Portsmouth , NH : Heinemann Educational , 2002. 154
p . ; 20 cm . ( Caribbean writers series ) CONTENTS : Eflita -- A story with no
name ...

Author: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture


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silence: and the land, 125; in Raise the Lanterns High, 50–51 A Silent Life, 39, 41
Singh, Rajkumari: and the Messenger ... 243; in Indo–Caribbean women's writing
, 5; influence on poetry, 157; in Le 'Kooli' de morne Cabri, 36; matikor songs, 8, ...

Author: Joy Mahabir

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136233500

Category: Literary Criticism

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This book is the first collection on Indo-Caribbean women's writing and the first work to offer a sustained analysis of the literature from a range of theoretical and critical perspectives, such as ecocriticism, feminist, queer, post-colonial and Caribbean cultural theories. The essays not only lay the framework of an emerging and growing field, but also critically situate internationally acclaimed writers such as Shani Mootoo, Lakshmi Persaud and Ramabai Espinet within this emerging tradition. Indo-Caribbean women writers provide a fresh new perspective in Caribbean literature, be it in their unique representations of plantation history, anti-colonial movements, diasporic identities, feminisms, ethnicity and race, or contemporary Caribbean societies and culture. The book offers a theoretical reading of the poetics, politics and cultural traditions that inform Indo-Caribbean women's writing, arguing that while women writers work with and through postcolonial and Caribbean cultural theories, they also respond to a distinctive set of influences and realities specific to their positioning within the Indo-Caribbean community and the wider national, regional and global imaginary. Contributors visit the overlap between national and transnational engagements in Indo-Caribbean women's literature, considering the writers' response to local or nationally specific contexts, and the writers' response to the diasporic and transnational modalities of Caribbean and Indo-Caribbean communities.
2012-10-12 By Joy Mahabir

... not explore convincingly the deeper significances of a delightful bit of
serendipity: the poet, listening to classical music, finds himself in ... dimensions of
his island landscape, landscapes abroad, noteworthy architecture, a statue, a
season, a foreign circumstance, or an incident. ... to share that represents itself
less successfully elsewhere (in poems like "You Cannot Hear Silence" and "
Birthday Poem").

Author: Daryl Cumber Dance

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313239398

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"Caribbean literature, though distinguished, is only now being discovered, and this handy reference will assist readers in its discovery. . . . Both academic and public libraries will want to accept this invitation to another world." Library Journal

... a bit daunting — so much hard work , and so much fun — writing , dancing ,
shopping , and working with people from all over the world . ... Most of Vanessa '
s research was on Hispanophone culture , particularly music , film , literature ,
and popular culture , with particular ... Australia , the Caribbean , and across
Europe , from people telling us how much fun they ' d had meeting her at one
conference or ...

Author: Paul Gregory Attinello

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 0754660419

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The intense and continuing popularity of the long-running television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) has long been matched by the range and depth of the academic critical response. This volume, the first devoted to the show's imaginative and widely varied use of music, sound and silence, helps to develop an increasingly important and inadequately covered area of research - the many roles of music in contemporary television. Chapters focus on scoring and source music, the title theme, the music production process, the critically acclaimed musical episode (voted number 13 in Channel Four's One Hundred Greatest Musicals), the symbolic and dramatic use of silence, and the popular reception of the show by its international fan base. In keeping with contemporary trends in the study of popular musics, a variety of critical approaches are taken from musicology, cultural studies, and media and communication studies, specifically employing critique, musical analysis, industry studies and hermeneutics.

Book review Glen Baker Songs of Silence . rural Jamaica . ... As the story closes
the child Caribbean Writers ' English when the adult re- A Jamaican - inflected
poetic narrator blesses the fact ... Growing to adulthood when men tramped the
island sings in the fields at work and their African Writers series , the child will , as
did ...



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2003 By

I feel closer to writers of the anglophone or hispanophone , or of course
creolophone , Caribbean than to most French writers . ... Clocks / Sound w / their
Silence their Quiet / ( Barabajan 114 ) A local place , it is so as part of an
archipelagic whole : Lamming ' s ... orientated dramas of ( Trevor ] Rhone ,
reflects the centrality of music as a series of interconnected languages within
Caribbean culture ” ( 250 ) .

Author: Timothy J. Reiss

Publisher: Africa World Press

ISBN: PSU:000054263055

Category: Social Science

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This collection of essays brings together performers, writers, critics and musicologists from the Dutch-, English-, French- and Spanish-speaking Caribbean, as well as Britain and the US. It explores the history of music and writing from trans-Atlantic, intra-Caribbean and global perspectives. The contributors discuss exchanges between Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and native America, the places of music and dance in Caribbean culture in general, in the establishment of a literary aesthetic, in idividual authors and in specific island cultures.

... and Mexico Malena Kuss. THOMAS TURINO is the author of two books ,
Moving Away from Silence : Music of the Peruvian Altiplano and the experience
of urban migration and Nationalists , Cosmopolitans , and Popular Music in
Zimbabwe .

Author: Malena Kuss

Publisher: Joe R. and Teresa Lozana Long

ISBN: UOM:39015057472915

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The music of the peoples of South and Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean has never received a comprehensive treatment in English until this multi-volume work. Taking a sociocultural and human-centered approach, Music in Latin America and the Caribbean gathers the best scholarship from writers all over the world to cover in depth the musical legacies of indigenous peoples, creoles, African descendants, Iberian colonizers, and other immigrant groups that met and mixed in the New World. Within a history marked by cultural encounters and dislocations, music emerges as the powerful tool that negotiates identities, enacts resistance, performs belief, and challenges received aesthetics. This work, more than two decades in the making, was conceived as part of "The Universe of Music: A History" project, initiated by and developed in cooperation with the International Music Council, with the goals of empowering Latin Americans and Caribbeans to shape their own musical history and emphasizing the role that music plays in human life. The four volumes that constitute this work are structured as parts of a single conception and gather 150 contributions by more than 100 distinguished scholars representing 36 countries. Volume 1, Performing Beliefs: Indigenous Peoples of South America, Central America, and Mexico, focuses on the inextricable relationships between worldviews and musical experience in the current practices of indigenous groups. Worldviews are built into, among other things, how music is organized and performed, how musical instruments are constructed and when they are played, choreographic formations, the structure of songs, the assignment of gender to instruments, and ritual patterns. Two CDs with 44 recorded examples illustrate the contributions to this rich volume.
2004-12 By Malena Kuss

Third series Anonimo, Clark Layman Bruccoli, Gale Cengage Bernth Lindfors,
Reinhard Sander ... The Floods ( Nairobi : East African Publishing House , 1980 )
; Music Without Tears ( Nairobi : Bookwise , 1982 ) ; Echoes of Silence ( Nairobi ...

Author: Anonimo

Publisher: Detroit : Gale Research

ISBN: UOM:49015003018802

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Essays on the post-colonial Anglophone writers from Africa and the Caribbean and their works.
1996 By Anonimo

Author: Marilyn P. Whitmore


ISBN: IND:30000107618450

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Active learning benefits everyone in all levels and types of libraries. Students, the general public, interns, and new reference staff need to find information and conduct research. One way to help them understand research strategies is to provide a structured opportunity to 'experience' information seeking. Llibrarians want learners to retain and apply what is taught. Finding material and writing research papers is a way of life in the schools, colleges and universities which most students attend. Students will continue to use the skills and techniques learned from library instruction throughout their lifetimes. This book includes seven lesson plans covering various topics in "The Arts," seven lesson plans in literature and communications, and six lesson plans in music. Each of the contributing authors is a specialist in his area of expertise and is sharing that knowledge with colleagues. It is an excellent resource for librarians planning sessions to undergraduate students in those disciplines. The format used is one in which each chapter is a lesson plan that includes active learning exercises. Library instruction librarians are able to save a great deal of time with the design of this unique book because the exercises can be easily customized to fit the needs of individual libraries.

Field slaves were therefore forced to further their own erasure by their
participation in work songs which served to drown out the affect latent in their
silence . Frederick Douglass observes in his second narrative that , Slaves are
generally ...

Author: Dawn Bentley

Publisher: Africa Research and Publications

ISBN: UOM:39015056304101

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 348

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2003 By Dawn Bentley

His style , his tone , is usually that of understatement of suavity- " the wellsprings
of silence are inviolably still " —but there is more ... As he puts it in his poem “ For
A Young Writer ” : Writings : Novel : A Man Come Home , London , Longman
Caribbean , 1974 , Short ... Make a little music in the warm , still air , strum six
wires of words , pluck cittern notes for a newheard phrase and let these taut notes
ring .

Author: Donald E. Herdeck

Publisher: Washington, D.C. : Three continents Press

ISBN: UOM:39015001574667

Category: Caribbean literature

Page: 943

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Every 3rd issue is a quarterly cumulation.
2006 By

in the spaces between the words of his letter , as his periods of silence and
speaking presence punctuated the life of San Francisco ... over the course of a
decade with a group of American radicals associated with the Caribbean writer
and political philosopher C . L . R . James . ... In works such as The Black
Jacobins , which was published in a French edition in the 1950s , James held
that the experience ...

Author: Aldon Lynn Nielsen

Publisher: Modern & Contemporary Poetics

ISBN: UOM:39015059563224

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 218

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An important study of African American contributions to contemporary American poetry. Aldon Nielsen's book Black Chant: Languages of African American Postmodernism (Cambridge University Press, 1997) was a ground-breaking work of scholarship that examined modern and postmodern developments in the work of African American poets since the Second World War and their contributions to both African American culture and American modernism. Integral Music extends the terms of the studies begun in Black Chant through a more in-depth look at the work of key writers and poets in the decades following the Second World War. While Nielsen examines anew such key figures as Amiri Baraka, he also provides the first extended studies of significant but often overlooked figures in African American poetry, such as Russell Atkins and Stephen Jonas. His essay on Bob Kaufman points toward the critical intersection of poetry and jazz in African American letters, as does his essay on performance poet Jayne Cortez. Nielsen's studies in this volume affirm the importance and centrality of African American poets to American intellectual life and international, modernist, and postmodernist poetry today.

The writer ' s tensions echo those of the audience , which in this instance
includes any Caribbean child who goes to ... in the period of silence the Creole
Janes and Charleses absorbed the tales told around them , the graphic , vulgar
songs ...

Author: International Conference on the Women Writers of the English-Speaking

Publisher: Calaloux Publications

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173009882640

Category: Literary Criticism

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In 1831, three years before England abolished slavery in the British Caribbean, the narrative of Mary Prince was published in London. It was the first account written by a Caribbean slave to be published. Although narratives and stories of Caribbean women have appeared sporadically in subsequent years, it is only since 1970 that a wave of women's writing has innudated the field, thereby changing the horizons of Caribbean literature.

Gender and Genre in Caribbean Women's Writing Joan Anim-Addo. - body as
silence - in - words ' is highlighted through a reading of ' Looking For Livingstone '
. ... Morgan Dalphinis ' ' Caribbean Traditional songs : Saint Lucian Lawòz and
Lamagwit Songs within the Caribbean and African Tradition ' is , in contrast ...

Author: Joan Anim-Addo

Publisher: Whiting & Birch Limited

ISBN: UTEXAS:059173001805215

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 260

View: 552

Caribbean women's writing has emerged in the field of new literature in the final three decades of the twentieth century. The debate around this writing intensifies giving rise to a great many questions: Who are Caribbean women writers? Out of what kind of tradition are they writing? What are the dynamics of the literature? These are just a few of the issues addressed in Framing the Word. Shifting the focus from poetry to the novel; from Afro-Cuban writing to the representation of Asian-Caribbean women; from the oral tradition to the scribal, this critical anthology develops the debate concerning ways of reading Caribbean women's literature. Framing the Word offers challenging perspectives from writers and critics alike working and/or teaching mainly in the Caribbean, the UK and the USA.
1996 By Joan Anim-Addo

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