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They needed something to believe in. In this more secular age, you might get a similar uplift from seeing The Boss play. He didn't have quite such a big crowd in Brisbane but he still worked the sold-out arena like a revivalist and I ...

Author: Andrew Stafford

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 9780702263668

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 264

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Set to the soundtrack of music that has shaped a generation, Something To Believe In will resonate with anyone whose life has been saved by rock 'n' roll. Born in Melbourne's outer suburbs in the 1970s, Andrew Stafford grew up in a time when music was a way out and a way up. His passion for rock 'n' roll led him to a career as a journalist and music critic, but along the way his battles with family illness, mental health and destructive relationships threatened to take him down. Andrew Stafford delves bravely and deeply into a life that has been shaped and saved by music's beat. From the author of the cult classic Pig City comes a memoir of music, madness, and love.
2019-07-02 By Andrew Stafford

( sic ) ; 9Nov70 ; EP279273 . man , SOMETHING THERE ; w Elaine Simone ( Elaine Simone Weisburd ) , m Joe Castro ( Joseph Castro ) 2 p . ... Edward H. Berg ; 28Sep70 ; EU208893 . lp SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN ; W & m John Friga . 3 p .

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119497605

Category: Copyright


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And this 15-year-old nonreligious white girl from Washington said, “Religion gives people something to believe in, something to hold on to. Not everybody needs it, but for people who do, it gives them something to believe in.

Author: Christian Smith Dr William R Kenan Jr Professor of Sociology University of Notre Dame

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780198039976

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 368

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In innumerable discussions and activities dedicated to better understanding and helping teenagers, one aspect of teenage life is curiously overlooked. Very few such efforts pay serious attention to the role of religion and spirituality in the lives of American adolescents. But many teenagers are very involved in religion. Surveys reveal that 35% attend religious services weekly and another 15% attend at least monthly. 60% say that religious faith is important in their lives. 40% report that they pray daily. 25% say that they have been "born again." Teenagers feel good about the congregations they belong to. Some say that faith provides them with guidance and resources for knowing how to live well. What is going on in the religious and spiritual lives of American teenagers? What do they actually believe? What religious practices do they engage in? Do they expect to remain loyal to the faith of their parents? Or are they abandoning traditional religious institutions in search of a new, more authentic "spirituality"? This book attempts to answer these and related questions as definitively as possible. It reports the findings of The National Study of Youth and Religion, the largest and most detailed such study ever undertaken. The NYSR conducted a nationwide telephone survey of teens and significant caregivers, as well as nearly 300 in-depth face-to-face interviews with a sample of the population that was surveyed. The results show that religion and spirituality are indeed very significant in the lives of many American teenagers. Among many other discoveries, they find that teenagers are far more influenced by the religious beliefs and practices of their parents and caregivers than commonly thought. They refute the conventional wisdom that teens are "spiritual but not religious." And they confirm that greater religiosity is significantly associated with more positive adolescent life outcomes. This eagerly-awaited volume not only provides an unprecedented understanding of adolescent religion and spirituality but, because teenagers serve as bellwethers for possible future trends, it affords an important and distinctive window through which to observe and assess the current state and future direction of American religion as a whole.

... “Directive,” and in that poem, Frost speaks of “the chil- dren's house of make-believe,” and Diana says that her trouble is that she can't find anything to believe in, and she would like very much to find something to believe in.

Author: Donald Harington

Publisher: University of Arkansas Press

ISBN: 9781610756600

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 305

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Donald Harington, best known for his fifteen novels, was also a prolific writer of essays, articles, and book reviews. The Guestroom Novelist: A Donald Harington Miscellany gathers a career-spanning and eclectic selection of nonfiction by the Arkansawyer novelist Donald Harington that reveals how a life of devastating losses and disappointments inspired what the Boston Globe called the “quirkiest, most original body of work in contemporary US letters.” This extensive collection of interviews and other works of prose—many of which are previously unpublished—offers glimpses into Harington’s life, loves, and favorite obsessions, replays his minor (and not so minor) dramas with literary critics, and reveals the complicated and sometimes contentious relationship between his work of the writers he most admired. The Guestroom Novelist, which takes its title from an essay that serves as a love letter to his fellow underappreciated writers, paints a rich portrait of the artist as a young, middle-aged, and fiercely funny old man, as well as comic, sentimentalist, philosopher, and critic, paying testimony to the writer’s magnificent ability to transform the seemingly crude stuff of our material existence into enduring art.
2019-03-29 By Donald Harington

As Amy put it: “I think it's impossible not to believe there is something else out there, like a higher being, because there are just too many things that happen that are unexplainable.” Rosa added: I feel like without God, ...

Author: J. E. Sumerau

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781498563000

Category: Social Science

Page: 128

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This book explores the limits of Christian acceptance for minority rights campaigns by highlighting the ways Christian people may adopt tolerance for some groups while maintaining marginalization of others.
2018-07-27 By J. E. Sumerau

On top of a beautiful car it says: “Something to believe in.” Man has never fallen so low. Something to believe in! You believe in a car? Yes, people believe – people believe in their houses, people believe in their cars, people believe ...

Author: Osho

Publisher: Osho Media International

ISBN: 9780880509947

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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A comprehensive and in-depth discussion of the human energy centers known as chakras. The book offers a unique understanding of how these centers, also referred to as “subtle bodies” can be identified and experienced, along with how they are related to personal transformation and health. In this volume, Osho gives an overview of the Eastern science of the subtle energy centers in the human body that are sometimes known as “chakras.” It is a science that underlies traditional Chinese medicine, Indian Ayurveda, and the practice of kundalini yoga, among other disciplines that recognize the deep connection between mind and body. Osho also shows how these same principles apply to human psychological growth and maturation, and the evolution of consciousness. Self-help, Spirituality, Psychology, Meditation, Esoteric, New Age, Health, Yoga. The title will especially of interest to the large group of people involved with Yoga, as the book describes in simple terms, using everyday experiences as examples, what underlies the Kundalini Yoga approach to the human energy system. The Chakra Book delivers the ‘esoteric science’ and understanding in the context of personal growth and transformation.
2015-06-09 By Osho

Author: Robert L. Short


ISBN: OCLC:641711850



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1978 By Robert L. Short

I am Doisoievsky [sic] people, only they have something to live for, a faith . . . they believe in something. They sweat and stink and live low in mud and water, but they believe in something. That's what we don't have, something to ...

Author: Margaret Brenman-Gibson

Publisher: New York : Atheneum

ISBN: UOM:39015005088920

Category: Dramatists, American

Page: 748

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Presents the life of American playwright, Clifford Odets, focusing on his childhood, family, acting career, and the writing of his well-known dramas.

Something to Believe In Hopefully you have something that gets you through every day and especially through the rough times. For some, it is their religion; others are very spiritual but uninterested in organized religion.

Author: Tanna Marshall

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440138690

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 172

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Tanna Marshall's book is the must-have survival guide for all big city dwellers and beyond. I love this book and feel certain it will help millions of readers across the country. No Buts about It! Eddie Conner, Author Kicking the Big BUT Syndrome, Radio Host Living Peacefully in a Big City is long overdue. It helps you make sense out of a chaotic world, no matter where you live! Victor Benoun, Author of The Lemonade Stand On The Corner, How To Start A Successful Business After 50 Tanna Marshall has created a practical, informative and entertaining guide that will not only allow you to experience a greater sense of peace, it will change the way you move through the world and the quality of your life! Erika Morrell, Soul Mate MediumTM Author of Love is Spooky, Radio Host and Columnist Living Peacefully is a personal journey that takes the reader step-by-step on the road to inner peace. John Livesay, author of The 7 Most Powerful Selling Secrets "Tanna Marshall has written an easily accessible, amazingly helpful and simple to apply tool kit of ideas to help us free the mind, heal the soul and open ourselves to a life of peace and power." - Mary Manin Morrissey - Author of Building Your Field of Dreams, Living Peacefully in a Big City: A Guide to Maintaining Your Sanity, Health, and Happiness by Tanna Marshall examines a wide range of environmental, physical, spiritual, and emotional concerns we all face living in an urban environment. It offers hands-on, holistic, and natural healing solutions to waylay those concerns and promote a healthy, happy life. Author Marshall, with eighteen years experience researching healing modalities and health, has written a book that is impeccably researched and intuitively laid out so that readers can find the information they need quickly and effectively. This practical and handy guide is filled with healing regimens, along with the wisdom of the ages. If you live in a big city, or an urban environment, and face the typical, day-to-day stressors of city life, then this is a book that will calm your nerves, relieve your anxieties, and heal your soul, and you won't even have to buy a plane ticket to Hawaii, you can just stay right at home. This work is sure to be a valued addition to any personal how-to library.
2009-06 By Tanna Marshall

And I want to believe in something. I need something to believe in, you know? Something, someone to believe in. I need to believe in some new Christ, even if I know he doesn't exist, even if I know he'll never descend to earth, ...

Author: Christos Ikonomou

Publisher: Archipelago

ISBN: 9781939810229

Category: Fiction

Page: 250

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A collection of blistering, darkly humorous stories that upend the idyllic image of the Greek holiday island. Seeking to escape the paralyzing effects of the Greek economic crisis, a group of Athenian friends move to an Aegean island in the hopes of starting over. Viewed with suspicion and disdain by the locals, they soon find themselves enmeshed in the same vicious cycle of money, power, and violence they thought they had left behind.
2019-02-26 By Christos Ikonomou

And I'm not going to waste my time looking for something to believe in either. A frown starts to pull at my lips. Jacob likes to say I'm a pessimist but I prefer realist. I think what you see is what you get and this is the lot we're ...

Author: C. B. Stone

Publisher: InkedPlot Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 830

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Devastation. Destruction. Evil. Darkness has a name, and its name is Rehabilitation. She wasn't around to witness it, but she's heard the stories, and seen the aftermath. The Old World was demolished. And from its ashes, the Elite rose up as the ruling power of the New World, enforcing new laws. Laws that are now broken at great peril... When Sinna witnesses her best friend kidnapped, her heart sinks. She knows he is destined for a fate worse than death. She'd have to be deaf not to hear the rumors, the whispers of what happens at Rehabilitation. And she’s seen the vacant looks in the eyes of those who return. If they return. But she can't just let her friend be kidnapped and murdered, or worse. She must try to save him. No matter the danger. No matter the cost. This is a dystopian post-apocalyptic box set loaded with adventure.
2017-11-21 By C. B. Stone

In short,I'm really going to knuckle down properly.I've become a different person, and it's a very good feeling. One needs something to believe in,something for which one can have whole-hearted enthusiasm.


Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 9781580233422

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 325

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Hannah Senesh : Her Life and Diary.
2007 By

Faith , before it gives us hope , is a formless faith , vague , chaotic , potential , no more than the possibility of believing , a longing to believe . But we must believe in something , and we believe in what we hope , we believe in ...

Author: Miguel de Unamuno

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691018201

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 528

View: 772

The acknowledged masterpiece of Unamuno expresses the anguish of modern man as he is caught up in the struggle between the dictates of reason and the demands of his own heart.

You are searching for something,” The Inquisitor may have been telling the truth. “What I am seeking then Confucius?” “You are seeking something to believe in. We all need something to believe in. You once believed in the Magi Order ...

Author: Connor Whiteley

Publisher: CDG Publishing


Category: Fiction


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BOOK CONTAINS LINK TO FREE BOOK. Explore Garro's next adventure from the heresy on Mortem 1 to the shocking battle that changes the Galaxy forever in the Infernus System If you like science fiction fantasy, a fantasy adventure series, science fiction dystopian or sci-fi fantasy books then this is the book for you. Garro: Heresy After 40 years of peace, the Republic has never been stronger or more prosperous. But now the Galaxy is burning. Riots, slaughters, and assassinations are spreading like a plague throughout the Republic and nobody knows who or what is behind these attacks, but as these threats grow in intensity and as multiple high-profile figures are assassinated. Garro is dispatched to investigate. However, as he explores this conspiracy more and more Garro discovers that nothing is as it seems and everything he has believed in has been a lie! As dead people return, friends become enemies and the match is lit that will set the Galaxy aflame but can Garro stop the conspiracy before its true aim is fulfilled. BUY TODAY TO READ THIS THRILLING AND TWIST TURNING SCI-FI FANTASY BOOK! Garro: Faithless With the Galaxy burning bright and all major systems besieged by the heretics, Supreme Grand Master Jeremy has his sight set on the Forgeworlds as without these critical worlds then the Republic is crippled. However, there is hope- The God Magi has been revealed to the Galaxy but as the heretics, Undead and traitors within the Republic focusing on the Forgeworlds, she must use all of her holy gifts. Yet enemies are everywhere… Meanwhile, with Garro being deemed a heretic by his own Order and the Republic, he is alone. He is Faithless. He is nothing. However, with Kortana hunting a weapon to end the galaxy, Garro must push on but when his hunt leads him into the hands of the God Magi’s magic hating Inquisition. Garro must quickly figure out a way to survive and prove that he is not a heretic. Before Kortana finds her prize and ends the Galaxy. BUY NOW TO READ THIS INTERESTING SCI-FI FANTASY BOOK! Garro: Destroyer of Worlds The God Magi’s forces may be pushed back but they are not defeated so they prepare themselves for a final stand, but when the God Magi learns the location of the Supreme Grand Master, she is determined to end him. Yet does Jeremy know of this and if so what waits for the God Magi at this mysterious location? Meanwhile, with Kortana and Garro knowing the location of the Virus of A Thousand Nights, it’s a race against time before Kortana finds and uses the Virus to end all life. But does she have another plan for the Virus? Whatever happens, Garro and his allies must quickly learn the truth about what’s actually going on in the universe before the unthinkable happens and the Galaxy is changed forever! BUY NOW TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS TRULY ENGAGING BOOK.
2020-05-29 By Connor Whiteley

Hope is something to believe in. I met a real man today, a pure man that believed he had a purpose. He knew who he was and thats who he wanted to be, his faith protecting him as insurance. His bible metaphorically guarded his heart.

Author: Alexandria Martinez


ISBN: 9780615146379

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

View: 487

A Twisted Love Story. San Francisco, 1987-1989. In a reality where there are numerous planes of existence, powerful Gods, prophecies bestowed, and wars never truly ending. Here on Gaia, the third realm, a love story emerges, with out the romance. Gabriel Gavin Kingsley a modern day Lord, and his temptest Bricanya Orndind-Zephyllwen, entrap, obsess, and twist within each other lives. A fallen legend brought back to life, Bricanya becomes Gabriel's Wretched Piece of Flesh. The first book in a sub-series of four; this world waiting to be opened has been compared to a tantilizing concoction when Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles meets Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. But, that's just the tip of the ice-burg.
2007-07-01 By Alexandria Martinez

I believe that the social movements , their leaders , and their militants must discover the guiding threads that can pull people together . Furthermore , the possibility must exist for people to believe in something .

Author: Oscar Olivera

Publisher: South End Press

ISBN: 0896087026

Category: History

Page: 208

View: 275

Historically a common trust, water is now bought and sold as a private commodity. With billions at the mercy of an unrestrained marketplace, it is easy to understand why this precious resource is at the center of the international movement working to turn back the rising tide of corporate globalization. The triumphant struggle of grassroots activists in Cochabamba, Bolivia, sounded a significant opening salvo in the water wars. In 2001, water warriors there regained control of their water supply and defied all odds by driving out the transnational corporation that had stolen their water in the first place. ¡Cochabamba! is the story of the first great victory against corporate globalization in Latin America. Oscar Olivera, a 45-year-old machinist who helped shape and lead a movement that brought thousands of ordinary people to the streets, powerfully conveys the perspective of a committed participant in a victorious and inspirational rebellion. The beloved and highly respected Olivera relates the selling of the city's water supply to Aguas del Tunari--a subsidiary of US-based Bechtel--the subsequent astronomical rise in water prices, and the refusal of poverty-strapped Bolivians to pay them. Olivera brings us to the front lines of a movement, chronicling how the people organized an opposition and the dramatic struggles that eventually defeated the privatizers. With hard-won political savvy, Olivera reflects on major themes that emerged from the war over water: the fear and isolation that Cochabambinos faced with a spirit of solidarity and mutual aid; the challenges of democratically administering the city's water supply; and the impact of the water wars on subsequent resistance. Oscar Olivera is president of the Cochabamba Federation of Factory Workers and 2001 winner of the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize. Tom Lewis is Latin America editor for the International Socialist Review and professor of Spanish at the University of Iowa.
2004 By Oscar Olivera

Something. to. Believe. In”. While Gowron, sensing a threat to the political status quo, demands that Kahless be exposed, and Koroth wishes to allow the vast majority of Klingons to blindly believe in the second-coming of Kahless, ...

Author: Jason T. Eberl

Publisher: Open Court Publishing

ISBN: 9780812696493

Category: Philosophy

Page: 287

View: 957

"Essays address philosophical aspects of the five television series and ten feature films that make up the Star Trek fictional universe"--Provided by publisher.
2008 By Jason T. Eberl

Culture to him was something like religion. You had to have something to believe in. With this, he switched his mind to another subject: religion. That was something else he had noticed shortly after his arrival.

Author: Dieter Klett

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781479712182

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 278

View: 328

This is a story of a person arriving in this country in this country and in this city where he eventually ended up in the middle of the night, not knowing a soul in Canada and having just about $10.- in his pocket. Using my imagination I let this imaginary person - Peter- show the reader the adventures and misadventures he and eventually his family experienced in this for him so strange and at the same time exciting new place. I decided to cover a period of roughly the first 25 years Peter spent in his new chosed homeland. I could have continued showing the development of his and his family's life after the 25 year period, but I decided against that. I wanted this story to have closure. Another possible book would show the reader how Peter's life continued after 25 years and would show us how he and his loved ones continued with their lives with its ups and downs. The gist of the events occured from the mid 1950's until the early 1980's. I actually completed this book in 1982. It was lying in my filing cabinet for 30 years, because I never had either the time or inclination to publish in writing. The title of this publication: "Destiny has no Favorites" is correct. Destiny, or fate, has no favorites and we all are at the mercy of this destiny destined for us by that higher power we may call God, Nature, the Absolute Being, the Creator, Providence, the Omnipotent, Being the Supreme Soul or whatever mage us feel better to accept the unacceptable.
2012-10 By Dieter Klett

I believe that.” “I wish I did. Right now I wish I just had one thing I could believe in.” Peter tucked her head against his shoulder. “You do have something to believe in, Nina. You can believe that the sheriff is doing all he can.

Author: Fleeta Cunningham

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 9781612172323

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

View: 802

An hour after her wedding, Nina's new husband and his '55 Thunderbird disappear, and the search for him is inconclusive, leaving her married but alone with no answers as to what happened. Waiting for word from him, wondering where he is, she has no real future until she spies his car in a parking lot and starts asking questions. When Professor Peter Shayne uncovers a driver's license concealed in the trunk of the T-Bird he's just purchased, he tracks down Nina for more information. As they follow clues together, Peter finds himself attracted to this woman, but what if they locate her husband? How can he declare his love for her if she's still married? Torn and confused by the unfolding secrets of the boy she loved and married, Nina doubts she can trust her growing feelings for Peter. She must discover her husband's whereabouts, even if the truth hurts.
2012-02-03 By Fleeta Cunningham

Something to believe in doesn't exist on the outside, and that includes heaven. As I see it in hindsight, my aim in this book has been to point you in an uncompromising direction—inward. But like my dad and many of the individuals I've ...

Author: Garret Kramer

Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group

ISBN: 9781626341180

Category: Self-Help

Page: 272

View: 502

A FRESH TAKE ON THE INBORN CHARACTERISTIC OF RESILIENCE Most people are convinced that the key to rising above a perceived problem is to think about it, analyze all angles, and try hard to solve it. But the fact is: Problems in the world are mounting. War, famine, and strife exist at alarming rates. Not to mention that the level of respect within our families and communities seems to be fraying. Simply put, our behavior is not up to par these days; it is spiraling downward. Why? We’re not connecting the dots. In the arenas of psychology, teaching, coaching, and parenting, we’re using behavioral strategies to boost inner levels of clarity and consciousness—to no avail. So, if focusing on behavior isn’t working, what will? The Path of No Resistance provides a brand-new look at how human beings really overcome adversity. Along the way, Garret Kramer reveals the astonishing truth about what creates our troubles in the first place. And what we already know, deep down, that allows us to prosper in spite of any circumstance or situation. Offering an array of examples, Kramer demonstrates that resilience and contentment are—in principle—innate to everyone. He insists that calculated self-help methods are not the answer, and explains why insight, not intellect, is what fuels our ability to excel and give back to others.
2015-07-07 By Garret Kramer

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