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Featuring Detectives Costa and Rossi.

Author: David Hewson


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Featuring Detectives Costa and Rossi.
2003-01 By David Hewson

"It is said that unto everything there is a season...these are the stories of a group of survivors during the season of the dead.

Author: Lucia Adams


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"It is said that unto everything there is a season...these are the stories of a group of survivors during the season of the dead." Four individuals fight to survive as the zombie apocalypse crashes over the world in a wave of terror and destruction. Color, creed, and social standing mean nothing as the virus infects millions across the planet. Sharon: a zoologist from Nebraska, USA, has worked with the virus, and has seen the effects on the human mind. She knows more about the virus than nearly anybody alive, and far more than she wants to. Gerry: from Ontario, Canada, he gets his first taste of the virus from inside a prison cell. Locked up after an anti-government riot, his prison guard transforms before his eyes into a flesh craving zombie. Lucia: a chemist from Pittsburgh, USA, flees from a furry convention dressed as a giant squirrel, and escapes from the city in a Fed-Ex van. She's a girl who knows when to run and when to fight. Paul: thinks he can sit out the apocalypse in his apartment block in Dublin, Ireland, until the virus comes to visit, bursting his bubble and leaving him with no choice but to face reality or perish. All four begin perilous journeys in mind and body as they face daily trials to survive: Four stories, four different parts of the world, one apocalypse!
2013-07-01 By Lucia Adams


Author: Paul R. Seibert

Publisher: 1st Book Library

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2003-07-03 By Paul R. Seibert

Cut off dead canes of raspberries (and similar berry plants), at soil level, along with any weak canes. Tie up new canes (the fruit producers for next season) to trellis or supporting wire. Wear gloves! • If you grow autumn-fruiting ...

Author: Mary Horsfall


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Gardens for All Seasons is a gardening lifestyle book by bestselling author Mary Horsfall, celebrating the role of gardens in our lives and advising on the timing of jobs in the gardening year throughout Australia. Monthly chapters include topics such as planning, bushfire preparation, watering, pot plant care, mulching, weeding, fertilising, pruning, propagating, pest control, what to plant for different climate zones and what garden venues and events to visit. Mary details her own gardening year, including jobs done, fruits and vegetables harvested, food cooked based on the harvest, what was in flower and wildlife observations – all on a month by month basis. Each chapter includes a special topic of the month, such as fun for kids in the garden, biodiversity, manipulating microclimate, and fragrance and first aid. Covering both edible and decorative gardens, and including colour photographs as well as some of Mary’s own recipes, Gardens for All Seasons is sure to please all types of gardeners.
2012-10-01 By Mary Horsfall

5.6 STANDING DEAD AND LITTER Wetland plants lose biomass via shedding of dead leaves during the growing season, and by the end-of-season death of living erect shoots. The first process creates fragments, termed litter, throughout the ...

Author: Robert H. Kadlec

Publisher: CRC Press

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Treatment Marshes for Runoff and Polishing represents the most comprehensive and up-date-date resource for the design, construction, and operation of marsh treatment systems. This new edition represents a complete rewrite of the surface flow sections of previous editions of Treatment Wetlands. It is based on the performance hundreds of treatment marshes over the past 40 years. Treatment Marshes focuses on urban and agricultural runoff, river and lake water improvement, and highly treated municipal effluents. New information from the past dozen years is used to improve data interpretation and design concepts. Topics included in this book are Diversity of marsh vegetation Analyses of the human use of treatment marshes New concepts of underground processes and functions Spectrum of marsh values spanning mitigation, restoration, enhancement, and water quality improvement Improved methods for calculation of evapotranspiration and wetland water temperatures Hydraulics of surface and subsurface flows in marshes Analysis of long track records for deterministic and probabilistic behavior Consideration of integrated microbial and vegetative contaminant removals via mass balances Uptake and emission of gases Performance of urban and agricultural wetlands Design procedures for urban and agricultural wetlands Reduction of trace metals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors, and trace organics Updated capital and O&M economics, and valuation of ancillary benefits An updated list of over 1900 references
2019-07-09 By Robert H. Kadlec

Light your pumpkin, lock your door, and listen to leaves scurry...the dry, rustling feet of the dead. Open this book, and try not to think about who, or what, might be peering in your window to set by the fire.

Author: Bram Stoker

Publisher: Independently Published

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TWENTY TERRIFYING TALES FOR HALLOWEEN, THE MOST FRIGHTENING NIGHT OF THE YEAR! "The Dead walk beside us in October...and this Halloween, they have a story to tell..." SEASON OF THE DEAD: SUPERNATURAL HORROR FOR HALLOWEEN opens the veil between the living and the dead with 20 classic and rare supernatural stories set on or around All Hallows Eve. Macabre masters and unjustly forgotten authors revisit centuries of Halloween legends and folklore with stories of witches and demons, faeries and specters. These deliciously dark narratives from 19th & 20th centuries visit a time when the tricks were deadly, the treats horrifying, and people feared the dead. Halloween-Samhain-Nut Crack night-Dia de los Muertos...on this night, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls cross into our realm, the familiar turns strange, and our most intimate fears are unmasked. A night of dark wonder and magic, mystery and the macabre. A Season of the Dead.... Experience Halloween like never before! Light your pumpkin, lock your door, and listen to leaves scurry...the dry, rustling feet of the dead. Open this book, and try not to think about who, or what, might be peering in your window to set by the fire. From landmark supernatural fiction by Edgar Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne and H.P. Lovecraft to literary nightmares by William Huntley, H.B. Marriott-Watson, Douglas Hyde, and Fritz-James O'Brien, there is a dark treat for every taste...along with some frightful tricks! Forgotten female authors appear in funerary finery, including E. Nesbit, Edith Wharton, Mrs. Henry Wood, and Mrs. J.H. Riddell. Horror favorites M.R. James, W.W. Jacobs, Bram Stoker, J.S. Le Fanu, and Robert W. Chambers stand alongside Nobel prize winning author Anatole France. Feel October's mingling of dread, lounging, and excitement. A celebration of olde halloween, when the monsters were real, the dead returned, and demons stalked every road. Editor WILLIAM P. SIMMONS ushers readers through the Undiscovered Country of All Hallows with "Stories the Dead Know", a thorough Introduction examining the holiday's history, lore, and literature. Notes and Annotations create an eerie and informative context for readers. TABLE OF CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION: STORIES THE DEAD KNOW, by William P. Simmons ULALUME: A BALLAD (1847) by Edgar Allan Poe MAN-SIZE IN MARBLE (1887) by E. Nesbit THE LOST ROOM (1858) by Fitz-James O'Brian KEN'S MYSTERY (1883) by Julian Hawthorne THE LAST OF SQUIRE ENNISMORE (1888) by Mrs. J.H. Riddell THE THREE SISTERS (1914) by W.W. Jacobs THE SPECTRE BRIDEGROOM (1865) by William Hunt COUNT MAGNUS (1904) by M.R. James TEIG O' KANE AND THE CORPSE (1888) by Dr. Douglas Hyde DRACULA'S GUEST (1914) by Bram Stoker THE CHILD THAT WENT WITH THE FAERIES (1870) by J.S. Le Fanu THE SCARECROW (1918) by G. Ranger Wormser MASS OF SHADOWS (1927) by Anatole France YOUNG GOODMAN BROWN (1855) by Nathaniel Hawthorne REALITY, OR DELUSION? (1868) by Mrs. Henry Wood THE DEVIL OF THE MARSH (1893) by H.B. Marriott-Watson THE MESSENGER (1897) by Robert W. Chambers THE VOW ON HALLOWEEN (1924) by Lyllian Huntley Harris THE DUNWICH HORROR (1928) by H.P. Lovecraft ALL SOULS (1909) by Edith Wharton __________ Editor William P. Simmons is a supernatural fiction author, critic, & journalist. Seven of his stories earned Honorable Mentions in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror. By Reason of Darkness was praised by Publisher's Weekly, All Hallows & Cemetery Dance. Graham Masterton, Hugh B. Cave & T.M. Wright endorsed his fiction. He has interviewed such authors as Richard Matheson, F. Paul Wilson & Caitlin Kiernan. SHADOW HOUSE PUBLISHING Preserves our Horror Heritage with special editions of supernatural
2020-09-18 By Bram Stoker

“You're dead,” I whispered before I could stop the words. “I'm sorry, I didn't...I'm usually better at this.” The little girl shrugged in her little fauxfur coat,all those dark ringlets gathered aroundher shoulders like so many puffsof ...

Author: Red Tash

Publisher: Flying Birdbath Books


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With a range of holiday tales tying into a variety of imaginative fictional worlds, you'll rediscover favorite characters, and meet a host of new ones in this fantastic holiday mix. It's snow trouble, just skate away into stories born of: Troll Or Derby by Red Tash, I Zombie I by Jack Wallen, Rabbits in the Garden by Jessica McHugh, Hot Sinatra by Axel Howerton, Tales of Haydon by Tim Tash, Parallel by Claudia Lefeve, Force of Habit by Marian Allen, and many more!
2013-03-12 By Red Tash

Albright, W. F. 1924 The Archaeological Results of an Expedition to Moab and the Dead Sea. Bulletin of the American Schools of ... Pp. 155–64 in The Southeastern Dead Sea Plain Expedition: An Interim Report of the 1977 Season, ed.

Author: Suzanne Richard

Publisher: Eisenbrauns

ISBN: 9781575060835

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Annotation Filling a gap in classroom texts, more than 60 essays by major scholars in the field have been gathered to create the most up-to-date and complete book available on Levantine and Near Eastern archaeology. The book is divided into two sections: "Theory, Method, and Context," and "Cultural Phases and Topics," which together provide both methodological and areal coverage of the subject. The text is complemented by many line drawings and photographs. Includes a foreword by W.G. Dever.
2003 By Suzanne Richard

... Lord laid in the grave ; and on the morning of the fifteenth day of the month , according to the original mode of reckoning , before the Exodus , did our Lord rise from the dead . Thus were the times and seasons , and all apparent ...

Author: John Hooper


ISBN: OXFORD:590501365

Category: Sermons, English

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1844 By John Hooper