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The reason it would be a sacrifice on my part to save the lives of ten women I do not know while letting my own wife die is that it would involve preferring a lesser value to a greater one . In that case , the reason a particular act is ...

Author: Ellen Frankel Paul

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521644712

Category: Philosophy

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Studies human flourishing, its place in moral theory, and the influence of ancient theorists on contemporary philosophers.
1999-01-28 By Ellen Frankel Paul

Inf . 1 Sam . 15 : 15. Piail . 2 Chron . 33 ; 22. F. Ps . 19 : 14 . R. 797 . Hab . 1 : 16. Part . 1 K. 3 : 3. As a n . m . s . har A sacrifice , offering , a feast , banquet , victim ; fig . 7777 za - dah .

Author: William L. ROY (Professor of Oriental Languages.)


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Inf . 1 Sam . 15 : 15. Piail . 2 Chron , 33 ; 22. F. Ps . 19 : 14. R. 795 . Hab . 1 : 16. Part . 1 K. 3 : 3. As a n . m . 8. har A sacrifice , offering , a feast , banquet , victim ; fig . 1777 za - dah .

Author: William L. Roy


ISBN: HARVARD:32044052931672

Category: Aramaic language

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1846 By William L. Roy

82 This copy is held at the Folger Shakespeare Library ; see L. Stage , Part I : 1660-1700 , plate between pp . 64 and 65. The LS cast lists are noticed by Sutfin , 16 , and reproduced in Telford Moore , 181 . 83 Howe , 1 .

Author: John Ford

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 071901557X

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In keeping with the rest of the series, this rendition of Ford's Love's Sacrifice is edited afresh from the original, with modernized spelling and punctuation and with thorough annotations. The introduction assesses the authority of the text, discusses editorial methods used, and evaluates other aspects of the play, as well as providing a summary of the play. Distributed by Palgrave. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR.
2002 By John Ford

INTRODUCTION Mishnah - tractate Zebahim deals with the sacrifice of animals and birds in the cult . ... animal - sacrifices is supplied by Maimonides ( Laws Concerning the Manner of Offering Sacrifices 1 : 1-6 , 16-18 , Lewittes , pp .

Author: Jacob Neusner

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781725219199

Category: Religion

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2007-04-01 By Jacob Neusner

1 , 2 , 4 ( part ) , 86,9 ( part ) , 10,15 ( part ) , 28 ( P ) ; 16. 1-3 , 9-13a , 166-18a , 22-26 , 31-34 , 350 ; 17. 1 ( part ) ; 19. 1 , 2a ; 24. 150-180 ; 25. 1– 31. 17 , 18 ( doubtful ) ; 34. 29-32 , 33–35 ( ? ) ; 35–40 .

Author: William Lang Baxter


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Note that the 8th and 16th Virginia Cavalry regiments were also in the area at the time Company G skirmished with Lt. Keaton's guerillas on February 5. Some writers have speculated Keaton was part of one of those units, ...

Author: Philip Hatfield, Ph.D.

Publisher: 35th Star Publishing

ISBN: 9781735073910

Category: History

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The Civil War Experiences of Captain John Valley Young and his Family Company G, 13th and 11th Regiments West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865 The story of Captain John Valley Young personifies the body of rugged Union Army volunteers from West Virginia during the Civil War: highly resilient, stubbornly independent, and fiercely patriotic. Using Captain Young’s wartime letters to his wife, Paulina Franklin Young, and his daughters, Sarah and Emily Young, along with his diary and numerous other original soldier accounts, this book reveals the experiences of a Union soldier and his family who were truly willing to “Sacrifice All for the Union.” Young, a farmer and Methodist-Episcopalian minister prior to the Civil War, during April 1861 raised a company of Union volunteers at the strongly pro-Southern village of Coalsmouth, Virginia, (modern St. Albans, West Virginia). He was adamantly opposed to slavery, yet often expressed a bitter ire at having to fight a violent civil war because his beloved nation had thus far failed to eradicate the awful practice. While he displayed an unshakeable desire to preserve the Union, Young’s convictions were severely tested as he and his family faced constant dangers from guerillas and Confederate raids in the Kanawha Valley. Captain Young also participated in more than one hundred skirmishes and eleven major engagements in the bloody Shenandoah Valley, and at Petersburg, and Appomattox; more than any other Union officer from West Virginia. He died from tuberculosis in 1867, a sad irony after surviving some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. “…Stand firm to the good old Cause. I have just come from Charleston, and found while there that there will be a change of Commanders in the Department of [West] Virginia. The authorities feel determined that we shall have protection. But if we cannot have better protection than we have had, the country is ruined. But I assure you there will be a change for the better. I don’t know how you will get up to see me now. Well, we must bear it the best we can. Sacrifice All for the Union.” - Captain John Valley Young, Letter to his wife, February 3, 1862

The New Covenant & New Testament, The Book of Psalms & The Book of Daniel - Volume II, Part 1 Johannes Biermanski ... 2Corinthians 2:11-12,14 + 3:16; 1John 4:1-3 A = Wrong teachment of sacrifice (missal sacrifice): Doctrine of ...

Author: Johannes Biermanski

Publisher: Ebozon Verlag

ISBN: 9783959633390

Category: Religion

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The objective of “The Sacred Scriptures” by John Biermanski is to revoke all falsifications in today's Bibles known so far (in the Old and New Testament), and to restore the original state of the verses as far as possible. In the present work, you will find “The Acts of the Apostles” to “The Letter of Paul the Apostle to Philemon”, in which the verses are written in German and English, as well as an appendix with various elaborations and statements, etc. (see the table of contents). There is both a German and an English edition in which the attachments are available in the respective selected language. This is an English edition. The author was born in 1963 in North Rhine-Westphalia and completed a traineeship for wholesale and foreign trade in a pharmaceutical wholesale company. In the course of his professional development, he used to be a freelancer but was also officially employed; he has experienced a lot rises and falls throughout his life. While studying the Scriptures, he was led by the Spirit of the only God, the Almighty and the only Holy Father in heaven, whereas, by grace, he could recognize many things that are now presented as heresies to the world. In recent years he has been active in the proclamation of the Word of YAHWEH Elohim (G-d) in Europe, Canada, particularly in Brazil (South America), and has enlightened many people by his message, so that they get to know the true God, His holy name and His will and only obey Him (Exodus 20:2-11; Leviticus chapter 19 and 23 etc.) – and start to think about all this, i. e. “so that they finally decide themselves in favour of the living Elohim (G-d): YAHWEH, instead of against Him, and their names are not erased from the divine 'Book of Life' forever.”
2016-12-16 By Johannes Biermanski

Rc8 15 Kb1b5! is also possible) 15 Nxf6+ (9) The incautious 15 Bxb5? Bxd5 16 Bc4 runs into a spectacular queen sacrifice16...Be4! 17 Rxd8 Rfxd8 with a decisive attack: 18 Qe2 Nd3+ 19 Bxd3 Bxd3 and ... Rac8+.

Author: Garry Kasparov

Publisher: Everyman Chess

ISBN: 9781857448641

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Garry Kasparov on Garry Kasparov, part 1 is the first book in a major new three-volume series. This series will be unique by the fact that it will record the greatest chess battles played by the greatest chessplayer of all-time. The series in itself is a continuation of Kasparov's mammoth history of chess, comprising My Great Predecessors and Modern Chess. Kasparov's historical volumes have received great critical and public acclaim for their rigorous analysis and comprehensive detail regarding the developments in chess that occurred both on and off the board.. This new volume and series continues in this vein with Kasparov scrutinising his most fascinating encounters from the period 1973-1985 whilst also charting his development away from the board. This period opens with the emergence of a major new chess star from Baku and ends with Kasparov's first clash with reigning world champion Anatoly Karpov - a mammoth encounter that stretched out over six months. It had been known in Russia for some time that Kasparov had an extraordinary talent but the first time that this talent was unleashed on the western world was in 1979. The Russian Chess Federation had received an invitation for a player to participate in a tournament at Banja Luka and, under the impression that this was a junior event, sent along the fifteen year old Kasparov (as yet without even an international rating!). Far from being a junior tournament, Banja Luka was actually a major international event featuring numerous world class grandmasters. Undeterred Kasparov stormed to first place, scoring 11½/15 and finishing two points clear of the field. Over the next decade this 'broad daylight' between Kasparov and the rest of the field was to become a familiar sight in the world's leading tournaments.
2011-10-01 By Garry Kasparov

The Lord's Supper is a commemorative representation of a propitiatory sacrifice ; and who but the guilty stand in need of expiation and ... proclaims the necessity and efficacy of the Redeemer's sacrifice , —that 16 [ PART 1 .

Author: John BROWN (D.D., of Edinburgh.)


ISBN: BL:A0020067740


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