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The book is intended as a detailed introduction to restoration stone carving, and is aimed at those who are learning to carve stone or have an interest in pursuing a career in the conservation of stone sculpture and ancient monuments.

Author: Alan Micklethwaite

Publisher: Robert Hale

ISBN: 0709090234

Category: Architecture

Page: 212

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2014-02-01 By Alan Micklethwaite



ISBN: OCLC:57522796

Category: Art restorers

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1960 By

It is not just an imitation of antiquity or a restoration of an antiquity, but rather a
new creation. The problem with this sculpture is what to call it. It is clearly not a
restoration in any contemporary sense of the term. Yet it is not exactly a Baroque

Author: Janet Burnett Grossman

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 9780892367238

Category: Art

Page: 286

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The nineteen papers in this volume stem from a symposium that brought together academics, archaeologists, museum curators, conservators, and a practicing marble sculptor to discuss varying approaches to restoration of ancient stone sculpture. Contributors and their subjects include Marion True and Jerry Podany on changing approaches to conservation; Seymour Howard on restoration and the antique model; Nancy H. Ramage’s case study on the relationship between a restorer, Vincenzo Pacetti, and his patron, Luciano Bonaparte; Mette Moltesen on de-restoring and re-restoring in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek; Miranda Marvin on the Ludovisi collection; and Andreas Scholl on the history of restoration of ancient sculptures in the Altes Museum in Berlin. The book also features contributions by Elizabeth Bartman, Brigitte Bourgeois, Jane Fejfer, Angela Gallottini, Sascha Kansteiner, Giovanna Martellotti, Orietta Rossi Pinelli, Peter Rockwell, Edmund Southworth, Samantha Sportun, and Markus Trunk. Charles Rhyne summarizes the themes, approaches, issues, and questions raised by the symposium.
2003-12-25 By Janet Burnett Grossman

29 While most of the restoration involved repairs due to poor original stones or
environmental damage , some of the work was to correct damage from previous
alterations . This restoration stone cutter is seen fitting in a new piece of stone to ...

Author: Henry I Shaw

Publisher: U.S. Government Printing Office

ISBN: UCR:31210024862342

Category: Architecture

Page: 32

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1992 By Henry I Shaw

White House Stone Carving HUDDERS AND RESTORE fee Meie FORT
Boutbouse Roof The Morse -. Maymont Park - The Italian Garden Major Strides
Made ...



ISBN: MINN:30000004361196

Category: Government publications


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1995 By

4.2.3 Characteristics of Stone Work Found at the Northern Library We find
wonderful stonework at Bayon , from its four ... The stones demonstrate those
who carved at regular intervals , those who carved the exact precision of the
straight lines ...



ISBN: UOM:39015052190348

Category: Buddhist temples

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2000 By

The work presents 230 stone carvings of the Hospitaller period in Rhodes (1309-1522), which for various reasons are no longer in their original setting.

Author: Anna-Maria Kasdagli

Publisher: Archaeopress Archaeology

ISBN: 1784914789


Page: 216

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The work presents 230 stone carvings of the Hospitaller period in Rhodes (1309-1522), which for various reasons are no longer in their original setting. Most of them are cut in local stone or reused antique marble and belong to three broad groups: decorative architectural elements, funerary slabs and markers, and heraldry from secular and religious buildings and fortifications. Their architectural, artistic, inscriptional and social significance are discussed, providing insights into the way cultural influences from different parts of Western Europe were introduced, maintained and adapted in an Eastern Mediterranean context by the Knights of Saint John, other Westerners the presence of the Order encouraged to travel to Rhodes and even live there and, occasionally, by wealthy Greeks. The study includes a full catalogue and touches upon recent archaeological activity in the historic centre of the town of Rhodes.
2016-01-26 By Anna-Maria Kasdagli

The process makes a stone carving an ever-changing object and thus
complicates the mediation between a stone carving and its rubbing. A
complicated case is found in the cliff inscription, the Great Tang Restoration
Encomium (Da Tang ...

Author: Yunchiahn C. Sena

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295744582

Category: Art

Page: 240

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Despite China’s long tradition of venerating the past as the ultimate source of cultural authority, the discourse of antiquity prior to the Song period (960–1279) demonstrated little concern for ancient objects. With a focus on physical artifacts of the past, Song intellectuals began a new discipline, “the study of bronze and stone” (jinshixue), that generated collections of items such as bronze vessels and bells, stone steles, and ink rubbings of inscriptions carved or cast on objects. This first comprehensive study in English of the Song antiquarian movement and how it refashioned the distant past uses textual and material evidence to examine this development, which has had long-lasting influence on Chinese intellectual history and on the preservation of material objects. In addition to collecting and comparing artifacts, Song antiquaries compiled extensive catalogs that included drawings, measurements, and meticulous descriptions. Their studies have contributed to the way history has been documented since the eleventh century and serve as a basis for archaeology of the modern period. Bronze and Stone contextualizes the Song antiquarian movement among previous Chinese engagements with antiquity, subsequent popular interest in ancient objects, and world antiquarianism.
2019-03-06 By Yunchiahn C. Sena

( Right ) Dick Reid , in his workshop , carves a limestone base for an alcove in St
Andrew's Church , Bishopthorpe TONEMASONRY , sculpture , carving , lettering ,
stone repair and cleaning , restoration , reinstatement and consultancy : a ...



ISBN: UVA:X006127284

Category: Country life


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2002 By

Casting bronze , stainless steel , aluminum , silver and pewter • Enlarging , mold
making , polishing , patinating • Wax and molding compounds • Repairs and
restoration STONE SCULPTURE City SUPPLY 1 . 805 . 648 . 1690 Specializing
in ...



ISBN: UOM:39015048298387

Category: Installations (Art)


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2001 By

It is probable that a knowledge of this style will be principally required of the
student in the work of restoration , and it ... or mason to be able to repair carefully
and properly an ancient fabric as ' to design or build GOTHIC STONE - CARVING

Author: Gothic stone carving


ISBN: OXFORD:555001659



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Subject Title : Preliminary Comments on the plan of Restoring the Newly
Discovered Stone Carvings on the Walls and Railings of the Ta - Shih - Chiao (
TTT TB or Great Stone Bridge Found in the District of chảo Chou ( EBY . ) Chao -
Chou Ta ...



ISBN: UCAL:B3348069

Category: Archaeology


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1968 By

The most significant early mediaeval ivory carvings were reliefs for book covers
and ceremonial church furnishings . With the appearance of monumental stone
sculpture and large wooden sculpture in the 12th century , the ivory relief carving

Author: Dr. Hermann Kühn

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

ISBN: UOM:39015015267548

Category: Art

Page: 262

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Leroy Williamson men and their suspended working platforms were blown five or
six feet away from the stone surface and then slammed back ... Light restoration
was also made to the stone - carved , 15 - foot mural portraying the history ...



ISBN: WISC:89034660217

Category: Outdoor recreation


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1975 By

... the work of restoration , and it should therefore in no wise be neglected , for it is
as important for an architect or mason to be able to repair carefully and properly
an ancient fabric as to design or build a new one . GOTHIC STONE - CARVING .



ISBN: BL:A0023341974


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1855 By

Its combination of elegant proportions and high - quality stone carving makes it
unique . But pollution is attacking its stones and it needs urgent attention if future
generations are to enjoy the view that inspired the building ' s one - time owner .

Author: Philip Wilkinson


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119410806

Category: History

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The book of the second BBC tv series, all-in-colour. 21 houses are considered.

The mausoleum , covered by a dome made of stone , is situated in the northern
corner of the building ( fig . 8 ) . The ablution ... The high quality of craftsmanship
shown here is matched by three carved and painted wooden ceilings . 24 The ...

Author: Jere L. Bacharach

Publisher: Amer Univ in Cairo Press

ISBN: UOM:39015034429897

Category: Architecture

Page: 194

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The Cairo earthquake of October 1992 was the immediate background to an international conference of art historians, engineers, and architects, held in Cairo in June 1993 to discuss general and specific problems related to the preservation and conservation of Islamic monuments in Egypt, with particular focus on Cairo. More than half the participants were Egyptian, while others came from the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, and Turkey. The papers presented in this volume record the views and experiences of this diverse group of specialists. In the first section of the book, the opening essay raises critical theoretical issues on the nature of restoration and how decisions to repair, replace, or remove particular elements in a building reflect the values of a particular time and group of individuals. A second essay addresses the question of approaching restoration in terms of an historic zone rather than particular buildings, and others demonstrate the breadth of overseas involvement in the restoration of Cairo's Islamic monuments, with specific examples of work undertaken by Germans, Italians, and Poles. The technical problems facing any restoration or conservation project in Egypt are the focus of the second part of the book: topics range from the problems of retrofitting monuments to prevent further damage from earthquakes to concerns with the ground water and pollutants. The book reveals how much has been achieved since the last such conference over a decade ago, in particular the growing participation of Egyptians in the conservation and preservation of their heritage.

... a higher level of skills are required for restoration work than for new building ,
due to the greater autonomy of workers on ... plan reading , shoring and load
transfer ; - stonemasons : knowledge of old materials , stone carving - 11 -

Author: European Centre for the Promotion of Training in the Building Trades


ISBN: UOM:39015029239301

Category: Building

Page: 43

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... Sculpture - New Zealand Sculpture - Oceania Sculptors Sculpture —
Appreciation Sculpture Technique Modeling Plaster casts Sculpture -
Conservation and restoration Stone carving Concrete sculpture Marble sculpture
Metal sculpture Iron ...

Author: Mona L. Scott

Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated

ISBN: 1591583152

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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The latest edition of a cataloging classic, Conversion Tables, 3rd edition includes the 22nd edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification, as well as almost one thousand additional sets of class numbers and corresponding Library of Congress subject headings. Whether used to fill in missing classification numbers or reclassify an entire collection from one class schedule to another, this three volume work offers an affordable and highly effective guide to conversion. This classic cataloging tool has been updated to include the 22nd edition of the Dewey Decimal Classification, as well as almost one thousand additional sets of class numbers and corresponding Library of Congress subject headings. As with the previous edition, it is arranged in three sections: LC to Dewey, Dewey to LC, and LC subject headings to both. Thus, each volume contains the same list of classifications in the two systems and their corresponding subject headings, but are simply arranged differently. Whether used to fill in missing classification numbers or reclassify an entire collection from one class schedule to another, Scott's Conversion Tables work offers an affordable and highly effective guide to conversion, and will save copy catalogers everywhere countless hours of searching to boot!
2006 By Mona L. Scott

In some cases , carved pieces are missing and in others , weathering has caused
surface disfigurement of the carved stone panels . The carving of these
components should be started during the early stages of restoration as stone
carving is ...

Author: K. T. Ravindran


ISBN: UOM:39015032554837

Category: Architecture, Hindu

Page: 166

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1990 By K. T. Ravindran

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