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PRODUCT INNOVATION MANAGEMENT Aims and Scope The Journal of Product Innovation Management is dedicated to the advancement of management practice in all of the functions involved in the total process of product innovation.



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Why learning is central to sustained innovation. MIT Sloan Management Review, 57(3), 63–71. Biazzo, S. (2009). Flexibility, structuration, and simultaneity in new product development. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 26(3), ...

Author: Stefano Biazzo

Publisher: Springer Nature

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This book offers new insights into the complex set of activities and decisions of product innovation management. It provides concepts, methods, and tools that can help accelerate the introduction of successful products to the market in an increasingly competitive and changing business landscape. It also offers examples and case studies, and it is the result of more than 20 years of study, research, and consulting carried out by the two authors in the field of innovation management. The book discusses the demanding challenges of product innovation and offers practitioners guidance on how to respond to these challenges. It presents a three-level framework (the “innovation pyramid”), which reflects the core components of a firm’s innovation capability: first, intelligence - absorbing information and knowledge from the outside world by looking beyond the familiar territories of the current market, technology, and customers; second, discovery - exploring opportunities for innovation through creative ideation and technology experimentation; and third, development - transforming opportunities into profitable new products and services.
2021-07-02 By Stefano Biazzo

But those firms that have successfully implemented StageGate and portfolio management methods for product innovation are reaping the benefits (Griffin, 1997; Menke, 1997). References Albright, R. E. (2001).

Author: Larisa V. Shavinina

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"Most comprehensive and authoritative account available of what innovation is, how it is measured, how it is developed, how it is managed, and how it affects individuals, corporations, societies and the world as a whole." - cover.

The approach to product innovations should not only be efficient but also effective to ensure future market shares. The “right” product ideas must be generated systematically and transformed to a successful product.

Author: Walter Eversheim

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

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New ideas for new products are not enough for creating successful markets: Product Innovation means to manage the whole chain from invention to new and best selling products in market. This innovation roadmap has to be carefully and systematically planned and procured. There are a lot of methods for creativity, market analysis, evaluation, technology forecast, and decision gates available within this book. These methods and tools are brought together and their scopes of application as well as their limitations are shown. The whole tool kit of methods and decision models like market studies, value engineering, TRIZ or portfolio analysis and others are linked together to the overall Aachen Innovation Model (AIM). This handbook is to be used as an innovation management guide as well as an information source for nearly all methods and tools in the field of innovation for technical products. The complete Innovation Road Map is supported by an interactive, multiple user software tool "EDEN" on an ontology basis. Thus the user has not only access to the collected know how of the past, but can also contribute to growth of expertise within his or her enterprise.
2008-09-11 By Walter Eversheim



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Author: Trott

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By learning from these countries' experience, managers may develop an effective innovation strategy and successfully compete in the global market. Product Innovation Management Extant literature indicates that product innovation is the ...

Author: Vida Škudienė

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

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Offering a conceptual framework that integrates strategy, product, process and human resource research, this timely book interrogates these four critical and interrelated areas of innovation management. Chapters examine new insights into the latest trends in the field, providing a holistic view into key management strategies that benefit both up-and-coming and established businesses.
2020-02-28 By Vida Škudienė

Author: Product Development & Management Association (United States)


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Journal of Product Innovation Management 30(S1):126-141. Sanders, N.R., (2014). Big data driven supply chain management: Aframework for implementing analytics and turning information into intelligence. Pearson Education, New Jersey.

Author: Marcus Tynnhammar

Publisher: Vernon Press

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Launched in 2011 to recognize the prolific contribution that PhD dissertations make to the field of Innovation Management, the ISPIM Dissertation Award selects three winners from the possible 100+ entries every year. Aided in the selection process by the generous support of Innovation Leaders, the ISPIM presents the awards at their annual Innovation Conference. With only three finalists being selected each year, many excellent submissions do not receive the recognition they deserve. To rectify this, the 2018 ISPIM Dissertation Award cast its spotlight beyond the top three dissertations and onto a much greater number of entries. Compiling the top 28 submissions received this year, 'New Waves in Innovation Management Research' is organized into six thematic sections that cover areas such as investments, collaboration, and creativity. Presenting a broad range of case studies and data from across global, this edited volume illustrates the breadth of research potential in the coming wave of innovation management. This book will be of interest to students, researchers and professional managers, alike, who are interested in or actively involved in the latest research on innovation management.

Toward an innovative capability audit framework. In Burgelman, Robert A. and Maidique, Modesto A. (Eds.), Strategic management of technology and innovation. Homewood, IL: Irwin, pp. 31–44. ... Journal of Product Innovation Management ...

Author: Jin Chen

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351997072

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Innovation contributes to corporate competitiveness, economic performance and environmental sustainability. In the Internet era, innovation intelligence is transferred across borders and languages at an unprecedented rate, yet the ability to benefit from it seems to become more divergent among different corporations and countries. How much an organization can benefit from innovation largely depends on how well innovation is managed in it. Thus, there is a discernible increase in interest in the study of innovation management. This handbook provides a comprehensive guide to this subject. The handbook introduces the basic framework of innovation and innovation management. It also presents innovation management from the perspectives of strategy, organization and resource, as well as institution and culture. The book’s comprehensive coverage on all areas of innovation management makes this a very useful reference for anyone interested in the subject.
2019-02-14 By Jin Chen