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This is a substantial collection of some ninety poems from the early sixties to the present day.

Author: Romanus N. Egudu

Publisher: Fourth Dimension Publishing Company

ISBN: STANFORD:36105112825851

Category: Nigeria

Page: 120

View: 788

This is a substantial collection of some ninety poems from the early sixties to the present day. Versions of many of them have previously appeared in anthologies and journals such as Okike: an African Journal of New Writing, FESTAC, and Black Orpheus. Eguda speaks about and on behalf of the dispossessed, and embraces themes such as silence and silent protest in politics, the lost art of traditional living, unfair social advanatage and the rule of power against justice and human rights. The title poem is a plea to the god of (good) governance for the disarmament of corruption - those who 'crucify services on civil crosses' - and for the empowerment of those who protest.

This is a substantial collection of some ninety poems from the early sixties to the present day.

Author: Romanus N. Egudu


ISBN: 1904855016

Category: Nigeria

Page: 128

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This is a substantial collection of some ninety poems from the early sixties to the present day. Versions of many of them have previously appeared in anthologies and journals such as Okike: an African Journal of New Writing, FESTAC, and Black Orpheus. Eguda speaks about and on behalf of the dispossessed, and embraces themes such as silence and silent protest in politics, the lost art of traditional living, unfair social advanatage and the rule of power against justice and human rights. The title poem is a plea to the god of (good) governance for the disarmament of corruption - those who 'crucify services on civil crosses' - and for the empowerment of those who protest.
2002-01 By Romanus N. Egudu

Responsive Prayers for Each Sunday of the Year David Sparks ... All: We respond to God as we identify the powerless and stand beside them. Opening Prayer ...

Author: David Sparks

Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781770642935

Category: Religion

Page: 220

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This book is the second in the popular series from David Sparks. Based on the scripture readings from the Revised Common Lectionary, Prayers To Share offers church leaders an entire year's worth of responsive prayers for use in worship, and other church group settings. This second volume is for year C. Includes Call to Worship, Opening Prayer, Prayer of Confession, Words of Assurance, Offertory Prayer and Commissioning Prayer for each Sunday of the church year, including all the propers. A thematic index allows leaders to pick prayers by subject, for use in a variety church settings.

When was the last time we heard a pastor offer prayer for members to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, let alone to receive the ...

Author: Kathe S. Rumsey

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 9781973695813

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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As our nation crumbles under our feet, church services promoting society's wisdom do nothing more than appease our soulish nature. The hour is late; we no longer have the luxury of time to waste on fruitless pursuits. Blaming our government and politicians for America's demise is easy. However, contrary to popular opinion, politics is not the force for change Americans need. Revival within the heart of every believer is the answer. The plank in our eye causes us to falsely judge everything around us. If we want God to restore America to her former glory, Christians must repent and pray. We must examine ourselves honestly in spirit, mind and body (Titus 2:11–15; 3:1–11; Jude vs. 3-5, 11–13). Are we light and salt? Has our salt lost its flavor? Our nation's restoration solely depends upon believers responding faithfully to the Word of God. Change begins within the heart of each member of the body of Christ.
2020-07-07 By Kathe S. Rumsey

A collection of essays, mystical poems and devotional prayers that form a picture of a living tradition. It features writings from Reshad Feild and other traditional sources.

Author: Reshad Feild

Publisher: Chalice Guild Incorporated, U.S.

ISBN: 0962541206

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 88

View: 109

A collection of thought-provoking essays, mystical poems and devotional prayers that form a picture of a living tradition. This tradition is expressed as a fusion of passion and knowledge, love and sacrifice, mysticism and common sense from. Writings are from Reshad Feild and other traditional sources. Chapters include: Reason is Powerless, Path of Affirmation, The Walls that Divide Us, Cleanliness, Breath - the Secret of Life, Time and Perseverance, The Way to Pray, Contemplation on the Lord's Prayer, On Prayer Advice to My Sons, Prayer of an Anonymous Samurai, Prayer of Abandonment and more.
1990-10-01 By Reshad Feild

Confronting the Powerless Gospel With God's Word Troy J. Edwards. I believe that cessationist teaching on prayer, the kind that denies the miraculous for ...

Author: Troy J. Edwards

Publisher: Troy Edwards

ISBN: 9781456330255

Category: Religion

Page: 266

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For centuries the place of miracles in the church has been debated. This controversy remains in our day. Numerous views and theological positions are advocated in defense or rejection of miracles for today. There are some who believe they are for today, some who outright deny their validity for today, and some who remain unsure. Even among those who believe that God has never ceased working miracles there are a number of perspectives ranging from the idea that they are rare, that they are spontaneous and happen only at God's sovereign whim, and then there are those who believe that a faith-filled group of Christians who believe God's promises can experience them frequently. In his book, Miracles Are For Today, Pastor Troy J. Edwards refutes the idea that God's miracles are only for a past generation and explains from Scripture how God's people can experience frequent miracles in their corporate worship as well as within their personal lives. Get ready to believe God for a miracle today.
2010-11 By Troy J. Edwards

"Gentlemen, this is a football." Leaders begin with the fundamentals. The text says that Asa commanded that the people follow God's commandments and that they enter into a covenant with the Lord.

Author: W. Neil Gallagher

Publisher: Bookbaby

ISBN: 1483563847


Page: 252

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Asa: The Message "Follow me!" roared Asa, repeating his historic prayer. LORD, there is no one like You to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us, LORD our God, for we rely on You, and in Your Name we have come against this vast army. LORD, You are our God; do not let mere mortals prevail against You. -2 Chronicles 14:11 TNIV And his men did follow. Why? Why would they do that? Five-hundred-eighty thousand in the army of Judah facing an army of 1,000,000 Cushites. For every one of me, there are two of them. I'm in the ring, and I see in the opposing corner TWO mad, muscular, and frothing hulks. I say, "Time out, ref. this is not fair. I'll come back tomorrow when it's fair. First thing, they're a lot bigger than me. Secondly, there's two of them." Not Asa, not his men. they didn't say that. They marched forward. "And the army of Judah triumphed as the Cushites fled." How did they do that? That's the message of the prayer of Asa: GOD LOVES TO DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, FOR MEN AND WOMEN WHO MAKE THEMSELVES AVAILABLE. And act on faith. These are people we call tough. Courageous. Conquerors. That's you and that's me when we claim God's power to do the impossible through us. Conquerors act in spite of fear or feelings. It's clear that Asa did not "feel" courageous when he appealed to God. The Hollywood depiction of courage is wrong: the Rambo-type who smashes any danger without fear or hesitation. Wrong. Courage is acting in spite of fear. That's you, claiming the power and repeating the Prayer of Asa. Leaders look to God rather than to circumstances. That's the whole point of the Asa prayer. Charles Stanley loves to tell his story as a young pastor coached by an 80-year old matron of his church. She guided him into her parlor to show him that classic painting of Daniel patting the head of the now-docile lions. "Notice, Brother Stanley, the reason Daniel patting the head of the now-docile lions. "Notice, Brother Stanley, the reason Daniel was delivered was because he looked up at God, not down at the lions." Leaders repeat the fundamentals. when Vince Lombardi took over the fledgling Green Bay Packers decades ago, he gathered them into the locker room and held up the object of their attention. "Gentlemen, this is a football." Leaders begin with the fundamentals. The text says that Asa commanded that the people follow God's commandments and that they enter into a covenant with the Lord. It's fundamental: People want rules-People need rules-that are TUF:
2016-06-02 By W. Neil Gallagher

Prayers others may be added Turning to God as we pray for the fullness of ... pray: ◇ For the grace to welcome the stranger and defend the powerless, ...



ISBN: 9781616712068



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... impatient, powerless, and have only a short lifetime.”5 Prayer helps us accept such weaknesses in faith and offers a way to peace of mind, ...

Author: Timothy Wright

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814638477

Category: Religion

Page: 352

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Abbot Timothy Wright proposes sowing a small seed from which might grow a greater respect between the world's two largest religions, Christianity and Islam. Indeed, he believes that the seed has already been planted. Christians give unique value to their revealed Scriptures as the "Word of God." Muslims speak of the Qur'an as God speaking to them. In No Peace without Prayer, Wright presents the case for developing this faith in the Word of God to establish groups of Christians and Muslims dedicated to sharing their respective "Divine Word" in ways that enhance the "other." This is not a tussle for converts but a way into greater mutual understanding-under the eye of the God who communicates this Word-to create a new shared memory. Such is a work of prayer, a prayer that could lead to greater peace. The key word, says Wright, is partnership, arising from their shared belief in the One God, creator of the universe, communicating with the human world and merciful to the repentant.
2013-11-07 By Timothy Wright

A Prayer of the Cross Jesus on the cross, utterly powerless, reminds us of our own situations of powerlessness, and of the powerless ones who we can help.

Author: David Sparks

Publisher: Wood Lake Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9781773431413

Category: Religion


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2018-05-30 By David Sparks

ne of the greatest keys to bringing God's will to the earth is prayer. Billy Graham once said there are three keys to his crusades: Prayer. Prayer.

Author: Che` Ahn

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9780768496383

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 172

View: 960

This book tells the story of a good man, a spiritual man, a cautious man, an obedient and faithful pastor. Then the bottom fell out. His marriage hit the rocks; his vision for the nations was quenched; he found himself as an itinerate minister struggling to pay the bills. Then God performed a miracle, and He restored all and more. Che now oversees 5,000 churches in 35 nations, is healed of life s wounds, enjoys a fulfilling mutually purposed marriage, and walks in apostolic power of signs, wonders, and miracles. He has gone from a good vision to a great destiny, which includes transforming cities and nations and bringing lasting reformation. More than his own story, Che Ahn sounds a call and share practical insight to activate every believer to reach their destinies and influence society. This book is packed with incredible testimonies of miracles, divine appointments, healings, and change. When you let go of your plans and surrender your control, you too can walk in a new way. You can Say Good-bye to Powerless Christianity and hello to an amazing life!
2009-08-28 By Che` Ahn

Al-Mihrab is a recess in a mosque indicating the direction of prayer, i.e., prayer niche. The Shi'aa bloc are claiming that the administrative authorities ...

Author: Frederick Aprim

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781664157941

Category: History

Page: 496

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The indigenous Assyrians, Yezidis and the other smaller groups in Iraq were jubilant listening to U.S. President Bush explain the objectives behind the 2003 war on Iraq, promising to end the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein and securing freedom for all Iraqi people, regardless of their ethnicity or religious belief. It did not take long before the Assyrians began witnessing a genocide and yet another betrayal (the first was that promise made by of the British post World War I) when the U.S. deserted the indigenous Assyrians and Yezidis and surrendered to the demands of the Shi'a Arabs and the Kurds. The continuous attacks on the Christians in Iraq and bombing of churches started in 2004 and intensified through 2011. In 2014, ISIS invaded the Assyrian and Yezidi towns in northern Iraq and caused a new tragedy and genocide while the Kurds and Shi’a strengthened their positions in the new Iraq.
2021-02-24 By Frederick Aprim

... a prayer that they remain faithful to their own God and their mission to be the visible prefiguration of the history of Redemption, serves to illustrate ...

Author: Vaclav Havel

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781315487359

Category: Political Science

Page: 228

View: 178

Designed as an introduction to emergency management, this book includes pieces on: social, political, and fiscal aspects of risk management; land-use planning and building code enforcement regulations; insurance issues; emergency management systems; and managing natural and manmade disasters.
2016-09-16 By Vaclav Havel

These prayers often make some difference but seldom provide enough power to ... of pairing traditional counseling with prayer came to my attention while ...

Author: Charles Kraft

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781585584857

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 167

"The only kind of Christianity in the New Testament is Christianity with power." If you are skeptical about--yet intrigued by--the issue of spiritual power for today, Charles Kraft provides a biblical, reasonable apologetic for a realm too often overlooked. He describes his own paradigm shift concerning the power of Jesus to heal and free others, and explains persuasively why every Christian should be confronted with this "missing dimension." Confronting Powerless Christianity will inspire a more robust faith that is powerful enough to heal, to free people from emotional wounds and to bring about real life change.
2002-10-01 By Charles Kraft

The prayer of a wicked person is powerless; it cannot pass through the ... There is a satanic barrier in the air, which stops all the powerless prayers.

Author: Ev. Paul Mukendi

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

ISBN: 9781543740943

Category: Religion

Page: 264

View: 689

No book has ever attempted to deal with the subject of divinity in its entirety. Here at long last is a comprehensive book dealing with divine beings in its complexity. It provides the reader with accurate and insightful knowledge concerning the concept of divinity. The author gives a clear explanation of the Triune nature of God. God is one being, manifest and existing in three distinct identities or persons, which is further discussed as being comparable with the makeup of a human being. God shares his divine nature with spiritual beings in the heavens with angels and on earth with humankind. The divine nature of God resides in all spirits. Therefore, men have God’s nature in their spirits; they can communicate with and receive the things of the spiritual realm. Through sin, humanity has lost the nature of God; for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The purpose of the Bible is to spiritualize humankind, because we have fallen short of the glory of God. The broad focus of this book is to bring as many believers to a stage of maturity in the knowledge of Christ.
2017-05-31 By Ev. Paul Mukendi

He prayed one of the most effective prayers recorded in the Bible. ... “Lord, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the mighty.

Author: Dave Earley

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

ISBN: 9781607420071

Category: Religion

Page: 176

View: 953

The 21 Most Effective Prayers of the Bible speaks to believers of all ages, backgrounds, and maturity levels with an uplifting message: that the prayers of the Bible are prayers for us today. Not an exhaustive, scholarly study, this very readable volume investigates twenty-one heartfelt prayers that produced results. Author Dave Earley shares personal examples from years of ministry that illustrate how these deepest petitions worked not only for Biblical heroes, but for Christians of today. Hope and encouragement are the hallmarks of this collection, encouraging the reader to greater faith in the power of effective prayer.
2009-08-01 By Dave Earley

turn your ear to me and hear my prayer. —Psalm 17:6 Elijah was the ... 14:23) Are you tired of the powerless prayers that you hear coming from your lips?

Author: Yonggi Cho

Publisher: BroadStreet Publishing Group LLC

ISBN: 9781424558636

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 467

Revival comes from prayer. Today’s church needs an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Early church leaders like Luther, Wesley, Finney and Moody were filled and refilled with the Holy Spirit. Prayer like theirs was the powerful key to every revival throughout Christian history. Whether you’re an ordained minister, a stay-at-home mom, or a new Christian, God can work through you. Join Yonggi Cho and Wayde Goodall in Prayer, the story of Pastor Cho’s personal life and successful ministry. Readers will: - understand the different types of prayer, - value the importance of prayer, - learn why, how, and when to pray, - cultivate a lifestyle of prayer, and - receive new revelations of how to listen to the Holy Spirit. Hear the secrets God desires to share with you and be immersed in His profound love.
2019-07-02 By Yonggi Cho

Politics for the Powerless : Conversion and Politics in St . Vincent CHARLES
GULLICK Introduction In recent overview of my researches in Central America ,
the Caribbean , Europe and the Mediterranean ( Gullick 1990 ) , it was concluded
that ...

Author: Mart Bax

Publisher: Vu University Press Amsterdam

ISBN: UVA:X002474051

Category: Religion

Page: 308

View: 401

1993 By Mart Bax

The stingy man is the powerless man of prayer. One of the most wonderful statements about prevailing prayer (already referred to) 1 John 3:22, ...

Author: Ruben Torrey

Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN: 9781602069961

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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The question of what prayer is and how exactly one goes about praying has been vexing Christians for centuries. For this reason, R.A. Torrey's How to Pray is as relevant now as it was when first published in 1900. This slim volume, filled with analogies, parables, and relevant Biblical passages, contains step-by-step guidelines for anyone looking to develop a closer relationship with God. Learn the ten reasons why prayer is important, the three secrets of effective praying, the seven hindrances to prayer, the seven ways to determine when to pray, and more. Clear, succinct, and written with the lay reader in mind, How to Pray is a book the devout Christian can turn to again and again. American pastor and writer REUBEN ARCHER TORREY (1856-1928) traveled worldwide, evangelizing and winning converts to Christianity. A prolific writer, his works include Baptism with the Holy Spirit (1895), What the Bible Teaches (1898), and How to Bring Them to Christ (1893).
2007-12-01 By Ruben Torrey

She wrote a beautiful prayer called “The Prayer of the Empty Water Jar,” in which she describes our giving up and having God remove those things that keep ...

Author: Jody Yarde

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781469167831

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 60

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Powerless No More is a story of hope for anyone dealing with a history of broken relationships, destructive addictions, or families who have almost given up on the addict in their lives. This memoir details the painful work the author needed to do in order to become happy, joyous, and free. Part of growing up in an alcoholic home meant moving a lot because landlords would not renew leases. Because of the police in the driveway every weekend and the damage done on drunken rampages, the alcoholics in the family always hoped a new location (the geographic cure) would help them turn over a new leaf. The author, until her junior year in high school, attended a new school every year. In addition to the violence in her home, the constant moves made it difficult to make friends or to even know how. She and her sister, years later, recalled a drunken scene in front of a friend, which taught them never to invite anyone in the home again. While these moves gave her lots of experience in being in new situations, it only added to her insecurity and always feeling like she never quite belonged anywhere, including in her own family. She grew up being told she was the cause of her mothers death; it took years later, looking at it from an adult perspective, to forgive herself. In addition to guilt from her mothers death, she spent years wondering what might have happened if she had been the one to call for help sooner when her first stepmother died. By the time she reached her twenties, she discovered the release she could get from all these feelings of guilt, grief, and insecurity: alcohol, and lots of it. Of course, she was going to drink differently from her parents! She was not going to get drunk, make a fool of herself, and have people call the police on her. She was going to drink like a lady and be as sophisticated as the glamorous stars on the big screen in the 50s and 60s. At the time of President Kennedys assassination, the author was just getting ready to celebrate graduating from business school and turning twenty-one. The birthday party was cancelled, along with everything else that weekend. But her drinking career had started three years before, so it wasnt such a big deal to be turning twenty-one! In the next twelve years, she married, had two beautiful boys, and moved nine times. But a childhood of abuse and alcoholism, and the loss of the two most important women in her life, had already set the stage for core issues of abandonment, insecurity, and rejection. With insightful references from spiritual authors Jody admires, she tells how she reached her dark night of the soul and how she managed to come out of all the chaos feeling grateful. One of her most poignant memories is of a reunion with her siblings after a fifty-two-year separation. Over a period of a week together, the three sisters and brother finally talked about the elephant in the room and found healing. Women she finally came to trust and love later made up for a mother who died much too young, a stepmother who died when Jody was only sixteen, and another stepmother she loved who left because of the battering. Her growth in recovery and her spiritual life are supported by some of these same women. She credits her wonderfully supportive husband whom she says believed in me long before I believed in myself, with the joy she has in her life today. Though she tells of feeling like she had no power as a child to change anything, as an adult she consistently gave up her power to those around her and to her addiction. Today she not only feels powerful but has changed in ways she would never have thought possible. Paying it forward is what it is all about now, says the author. While the past twenty-eight years have certainly not been without challenges, losses, and health issues, they have been easier because of learning to ask for help. Life is no longer meant to be struggled through alone. With the God of my understanding, my husband, and m
2012-02-27 By Jody Yarde

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