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But when his end was imminent, he could not bear to let go. And when it was over, he was defiant, fragile — and, yes — vengeful. This is the inside story of what happened — and what happened next.

Author: Niki Savva

Publisher: Scribe Publications

ISBN: 9781925693836

Category: Political Science

Page: 408

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In an enthralling sequel to her bestselling The Road to Ruin, Niki Savva reveals the inside story of a bungled coup that overthrew the Liberal prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and installed a surprise successor, Scott Morrison, who went on to take the party to a miraculous electoral victory. On 21 August 2018, 35 Liberal MPs cast their vote against Malcolm Turnbull, effectively signalling the end of his leadership. Three days later, the deed was done, and Scott Morrison was anointed prime minister. Tony Abbott’s relentless campaign of destabilisation, helped along by his acolytes in the parliament and by his powerful media mates, the betrayals of colleagues, and the rise of the religious right — climaxing in Peter Dutton's challenge — all played a part in Turnbull’s downfall. But so did Turnbull’s own poor political judgement. He was a good prime minister and a terrible politician. The good bits of Malcolm were not enough to make up for the bad Malcolm. Nevertheless, the sheer brutality of his removal left many Liberals aghast. MPs were traumatised or humiliated by eight days of madness. Men and women cried from sheer anguish. They went through hell, and feared when it was over that they would not make it back — and nor would the Liberal Party. As it turned out, redemption came with Morrison’s unexpected single-handed 2019 election victory. Turnbull’s road ended in ruins, as it was always bound to and as he always knew it would, as he predicted to Niki Savva less than three years before it happened. But when his end was imminent, he could not bear to let go. And when it was over, he was defiant, fragile — and, yes — vengeful. This is the inside story of what happened — and what happened next.
2019-07-01 By Niki Savva

PRAISE FOR NIKI SAVVA ‘This is what you have to remember about Savva’s controversial book, The Road to Ruin: she was onto this story early and she ran with it in her weekly column … her account of the coup is both suspenseful and full ...

Author: Niki Savva

Publisher: Scribe Publications

ISBN: 9781925307542

Category: Political Science

Page: 384

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WINNER OF THE 2017 AUSTRALIAN BOOK INDUSTRY AWARDS, GENERAL NON-FICTION BOOK OF THE YEAR WINNER OF THE 2016 MELBOURNE PRESS CLUB LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD ‘There will be no wrecking, no undermining, and no sniping.’ –Tony Abbott, 15 September 2015 Abbott’s performances in the party-room debates on education and climate change had ranged between woeful and pathetic. He sounded desperate, he was inconsistent, and — his colleagues thought — slightly ridiculous. They knew he would never stop going after cheap headlines during soft interviews where he sucked up the oxygen, with revision and division as his calling cards. All they could hope was that people would soon grow tired of listening to him. Normal people might have, but the media grew more and more hysterical, as if a challenge were imminent. In the original edition of The Road to Ruin, prominent political commentator, author, and columnist for The Australian Niki Savva revealed the ruinous behaviour of former prime minister Tony Abbott and his chief of staff, Peta Credlin. Based on her unrivalled access to their colleagues, and devastating first-person accounts of what went on behind the scenes, Savva painted an unforgettable picture of a unique duo who wielded power ruthlessly but not well. That edition became a major bestseller, and went on to win an Australian book industry award for the best general non-fiction book of the year. Now Savva continues where she left off. This updated edition contains a new, 13,500-word final chapter, in which Savva reveals the inner state of the Turnbull government — and the behind-the-scenes jockeying of friends and foes alike. From Christopher Pyne’s career-stalling own goal, to Peter Dutton’s post-Turnbull leadership ambitions, to Tony Abbott’s ramped-up destabilisation campaign, it is, as usual, an unputdownable and impeccably sourced account. PRAISE FOR NIKI SAVVA ‘This is what you have to remember about Savva’s controversial book, The Road to Ruin: she was onto this story early and she ran with it in her weekly column … her account of the coup is both suspenseful and full of fascinating, granular detail.’ The Sydney Morning Herald ‘[W]ell researched and well written, with a sharp eye — albeit with an occasional, serrated edge. Savva has written a book in which it is easy to be immersed. The narrative unfolds in a convincing flow, sourced directly from the words of many of the players: the bruised and battered; the disillusioned and disaffected; and ultimately in the triumphant voices of the Coalition plotters … [A] compelling book that has established an indelible and influential benchmark for explaining the turbulent rise and tumultuous fall of the Abbott government.’ The Weekend Australian
2016-03-07 By Niki Savva

The Book of Common Prayer and the Elizabethan Age Daniel Swift. is broken. This has felt problematic, to some, as if these were flaws or accidents within the structure of the play. “One standing issue about the rhythm of Othello's plot ...

Author: Daniel Swift

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199976935

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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Societies and entire nations draw their identities from certain founding documents, whether charters, declarations, or manifestos. The Book of Common Prayer figures as one of the most crucial in the history of the English-speaking peoples. First published in 1549 to make accessible the devotional language of the late Henry the VIII's new church, the prayer book was a work of monumental religious, political, and cultural importance. Within its rituals, prescriptions, proscriptions, and expressions were fought the religious wars of the age of Shakespeare. This diminutive book--continuously reformed and revised--was how that age defined itself. In Shakespeare's Common Prayers, Daniel Swift makes dazzling and original use of this foundational text, employing it as an entry-point into the works of England's most celebrated writer. Though commonly neglected as a source for Shakespeare's work, Swift persuasively and conclusively argues that the Book of Common Prayer was absolutely essential to the playwright. It was in the Book's ambiguities and its fierce contestations that Shakespeare found the ready elements of drama: dispute over words and their practical consequences, hope for sanctification tempered by fear of simple meaninglessness, and the demand for improvised performance as compensation for the failure of language to fulfill its promises. What emerges is nothing less than a portrait of Shakespeare at work: absorbing, manipulating, reforming, and struggling with the explosive chemistry of word and action that comprised early modern liturgy. Swift argues that the Book of Common Prayer mediates between the secular and the devotional, producing a tension that makes Shakespeare's plays so powerful and exceptional. Tracing the prayer book's lines and motions through As You Like It, Hamlet, Twelfth Night, Measure for Measure, Othello, and particularly Macbeth, Swift reveals how the greatest writer of the age--of perhaps any age--was influenced and guided by its most important book.
2012-10-05 By Daniel Swift

In short a thorough Revision of the Prayer Book is contemplated , and has been insisted on publicly , and advocated in the Newspapers of the Metropolis , as a desirable object , one necessary for the peace of the Church , to allay the ...

Author: Charles GUTCH


ISBN: BL:A0019123459



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1851 By Charles GUTCH

The stories about women's bravery as a group ( 881-15 ) take three basic narrative patterns : ( 1 ) Women take action collectively to ensure victory and / or peace , especially in the absence of men ( S81 , 4 , 6 ) ; ( 2 ) women plot to ...

Author: Jill E. Marshall

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 3161555031

Category: Religion

Page: 268

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In First Corinthians, Paul makes two conflicting statements about women's speech: He crafts a difficult argument about whether men and women should cover their heads while praying or prophesying (11:2-16) and instructs women to be silent in the assembly (14:34-35). These two statements bracket an extended discussion about inspired modes of speech - prophecy and prayer in tongues. From these exegetical observations, Jill E. Marshall argues that gender is a central issue throughout 1 Corinthians 11-14 and the religious speaking practices that prompted Paul's response. She situates Paul's arguments about prayer and prophecy within their ancient Mediterranean cultural context, using literary and archaeological evidence, and examines the differences in how ancient writers described prophetic speech when voiced by a man or a woman.
2017-09-15 By Jill E. Marshall

“ Thou wast not present vith Joseph's brethren wlien they concerted their design and laid heir plot . ” This verse hinted at the fact that just as the brethren of Joseph had concerted their designs and laid their plots against Joseph ...

Author: Hamid Snow


ISBN: WISC:89005849161

Category: Islam

Page: 32

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1893 By Hamid Snow

There is nothing that renders plots fruitless like prayer ; therefore saith Christ , Watch and pray that ye enter not into temptation , ' Mat . xxvi . 41. You must watch and pray , and pray and watch , if you would not enter into ...

Author: Thomas Brooks


ISBN: UOM:39015026096670

Category: Puritans


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1866 By Thomas Brooks

5 NOVEMBER ; GUNPOWDER PLOT . Prayers and Thankesgiuing to be vsed by all the Kings Maiesties louing Subiects , for the happy deliverance of his ... A Form of Prayer with Fasting , to be us'd yearly upon the 30th of January , etc.

Author: British Museum. Department of Printed Books


ISBN: UCAL:C2643746

Category: English literature


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Although God's goodness persists, this hubristic antagonist plots destruction, catastrophe and disaster, speaks deceitfully and pursues the ways of evil, regardless of the harm caused. There is a particular focus on the use of malicious ...

Author: Stephen Cherry

Publisher: Canterbury Press

ISBN: 9781786222374

Category: Religion

Page: 128

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Psalm Prayers is a devotional companion to the Psalms and a practical resource for creating prayers for public worship. It is particularly helpful for those who lead services of Evensong from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, where the reading of the psalms and extemporary prayer are integral parts of the service. Stephen Cherry introduces each of the 150 Psalms and lays out its central theme before offering a prayer in response. Crafted with care in a traditional style that complements the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, these prayers are nevertheless fresh and immediate, vividly reflecting the concerns and pressures of today’s world. These prayers have been developed and used over many years’ experience in parish and cathedral ministry, and latterly in King’s College, Cambridge, and are suitable for both choral evensong in cathedrals and college chapels or simple, spoken services in local churches.
2020-04-30 By Stephen Cherry

Scriptural Prayers for Your Daily Breakthrough Germaine Copeland ... I pray that You will strengthen ... Hide me in the secret place of Your presence, safe from the plots and schemes of those who conspire against me. Shelter me.

Author: Germaine Copeland

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9781680314205

Category: Religion

Page: 460

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Do you long to pray powerful prayers that impact Heaven and shake earth? Do you want to partner with God to deliver victory in challenging circumstances? Do you want to see God move powerfully in the lives of your loved ones? For more than 40 years, Germaine Copeland, author of the Prayers That Avail Much Series, has been helping millions of people prayand get results! This revised and updated edition is an all-in-one collection of Germaine Copelands three bestselling works. This book will enhance your ability to pray by placing dozens of specific, powerful prayers and scriptures at your fingertips. Whether you are a seasoned prayer warrior or a novice, this foundational work will empower you to pray with confidence, and witness the amazing effects.
2019-12-17 By Germaine Copeland