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The Most Famous Ocean Liners in the World Présente CARLA SARKOTT MATCH MATCH ΜΙΜΑΙ COPENHAGUE URGENCE POUR LA PLANETE ... Paris Match - BP 50002 - 59718 Lille Cedex 9 BELGIQUE FRANCE et DOM - TOM : 6 mois ( 26 nm ) : 52 € - 1 an ( 52 n ...



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Paris-Match (1951a), 'Chez elle, la Grande-Bretagne recevra le monde', 3 March: 14. Paris-Match (1951b), [Jean-Paul Penez and Maurice Jarnoux], 'Ils ont résolu à leur façon le plus grave problème de l'Europe', 20 June: 27.

Author: Tom Allbeson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000181791

Category: Photography

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Examining imagery of urban space in Britain, France and West Germany up to the early 1960s, this book reveals how photography shaped individual architectural projects and national rebuilding efforts alike. Exploring the impact of urban photography at a pivotal moment in contemporary European architecture and culture, this book addresses case studies spanning the destruction of the war to the modernizing reconfiguration of city spaces, including ruin photobooks about bombed cities, architectural photography of housing projects and imagery of urban life from popular photomagazines, as well as internationally renowned projects like UNESCO’s Paris Headquarters, Coventry Cathedral and Berlin’s Gedächtniskirche. This book reveals that the ways of seeing shaped in the postwar years by urban photography were a vital aspect of not only discourses on the postwar city but also debates central to popular culture, from commemoration and modernization to democratization and Europeanization. This book will be a fascinating read for researchers in the fields of photography and visual studies, architectural and urban history, and cultural memory and contemporary European history.
2020-11-17 By Tom Allbeson

In 1976 Filipacchi bought the struggling Paris Match from Prouvost and began to turn it around. He reinstalled his friend Roger Thérond as editor of the title. Thérond had left the magazine eight years earlier to work for the rival ...

Author: Mark Tungate

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749445959

Category: Business & Economics

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In an increasingly cluttered media landscape, an elite group of brands stands out: newspapers, magazines and broadcasters with longevity, power, and instant brand recognition. Over decades - and often centuries - they have consolidated their positions against fierce competition, the rise and fall of the global economy and the emergence of the Internet. How have they succeeded? What marketing strategies have enabled them to thrive and survive in such a spectacular fashion? Can they maintain their seemingly impregnable status in the new century? Journalist and author Mark Tungate takes us behind the scenes, revealing what it takes to be a great media brand. For the first time, we are given a rare insight into this fascinating world, and its key movers and shakers.
2005-06-03 By Mark Tungate

13 See “Pas de répit à Alep,” Paris Match, February 14, 2014, En-images/Pas-de-repit-a-Alep-548523. 14 In early November 2014, reality star Nabilla Benattia stabbed her boyfriend Thomas ...

Author: Lauren Walsh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000211658

Category: Photography

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In today’s image-saturated culture, the visual documentation of suffering around the world is more prevalent than ever. Yet instead of always deepening the knowledge or compassion of viewers, conflict photography can result in fatigue or even inspire apathy. Given this tension between the genre’s ostensible goals and its effects, what is the purpose behind taking and showing images of war and crisis? Conversations on Conflict Photography invites readers to think through these issues via conversations with award-winning photographers, as well as leading photo editors and key representatives of the major human rights and humanitarian organizations. Framed by critical-historical essays, these dialogues explore the complexities and ethical dilemmas of this line of work. The practitioners relate the struggles of their craft, from brushes with death on the frontlines to the battles for space, resources, and attention in our media-driven culture. Despite these obstacles, they remain true to a purpose, one that is palpable as they celebrate remarkable success stories: from changing the life of a single individual to raising broad awareness about human rights issues. Opening with an insightful foreword by the renowned Sebastian Junger and richly illustrated with challenging, painful, and sometimes beautiful images, Conversations offers a uniquely rounded examination of the value of conflict photography in today’s world.
2020-09-09 By Lauren Walsh

Central to Barthes's investigation of myth in society was his sustained engagement with the mass circulation print media in post-war France and, in particular, the phenomenally successful, photography-based weekly magazine Paris Match.

Author: Melissa Miles

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000211672

Category: Art

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Photography is a ubiquitous part of the public sphere. Yet we rarely stop to think about the important role that photography plays in helping to define what and who constitute the public. Photography and Its Publics brings together leading experts and emerging thinkers to consider the special role of photography in shaping how the public is addressed, seen and represented.This book responds to a growing body of recent scholarship and flourishing interest in photography's connections to the law, society, culture, politics, social change, the media and visual ethics.Photography and Its Publics presents the public sphere as a vibrant setting where these realms are produced, contested and entwined. Public spheres involve yet exceed the limits of families, interest groups, identities and communities. They are dynamic realms of visibility, discussion, reflection and possible conflict among strangers of different race, age, gender, social and economic status. Through studies of photography in South America, North America, Europe and Australasia, the contributors consider how photography has changed the way we understand and locate the public sphere. As they address key themes including the referential and imaginative qualities of photography, the transnational circulation of photographs, online publics, social change, violence, conflict and the ethics of spectatorship, the authors provide new insight into photography's vital role in defining public life.
2020-08-05 By Melissa Miles

103 See Clément Chéroux , “ La Reconfiguration du monde , ” in Henri Cartier - Bresson ( Paris : Centre Pompidou , 2013 ) , 218-35 . 104 See John G. Morris , Get the picture , 202 . 105 " Le Peuple russe , ” in Paris Match , no .

Author: Thierry Gervais

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000211559

Category: Photography

Page: 248

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The Making of Visual News sets out to show how photography has changed the way we read, report and sell the news. It investigates how photographs first became news images at the end of the nineteenth century and how magazines in the USA, the UK, France and Germany have put them to use ever since. Drawing on a wide selection of images, author Thierry Gervais (in collaboration with Gaëlle Morel) analyses news photographs in the context of their original presentation in print. Highly illustrated, the book contains 85 full colour magazine layouts and spreads, offering the reader a view of how photographs were and are used in print publications, including Life, Picture Post, the Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung and VU. It examines how photographs were employed to attract new readers throughout the twentieth century, arguing that photography was the main tool by which news editors sought to communicate the news and attract a broader readership. Looking beyond the roles of photographer and journalist, this study also highlights the contributions of picture editors and artistic directors; by commissioning photographs and incorporating images into magazine layouts, these figures played critical but often overlooked roles in the construction of visual news, even as they crafted unique styles for their publications. Charting changes in technology and reportage, as well as broader social and political histories, The Making of Visual News offers new insight into the history of photojournalism, making this an essential resource for students and scholars of photojournalism and the history of photography, media and culture
2020-09-23 By Thierry Gervais

The role and function of western magazines in shaping the image of the 1956 Revolution The black and white picture series on the revolution, published by Paris-Match on 10 November 1956, and the colourful photographs of western ...

Author: Terry Cox

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317995944

Category: Political Science

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Marking the 50th anniversary of events in 1956, that were a major turning point in the history of communist-ruled Eastern Europe, this book contains a selection of some of the most recent research on those momentous events and their memory and legacy. The book contains edited contributions from historians and social scientists from Hungary, Poland the UK and the USA. Their contributions are the fruit of research which has only been possible since 1989. In the years since the fall of the communist regimes the state archives have been opened to researchers and it has been possible to collect the testimony of eye-witnesses without fear of repression and censorship. The outcome of 1956 led to Poland embarking on its own distinctive version of communist rule. Meanwhile 1956 in Hungary saw the first society-wide attempt to overthrow a ruling communist regime – only to be put down by Soviet military intervention. In both countries the events of 1956 had lasting repercussions for society and its relationship with the communist regime. In retrospect they can be seen as paving the way for the eventual fall of the communist regimes in East Central Europe in 1989.
2013-09-13 By Terry Cox

... 2.4–20 Gallimard CHAPTER THREE Texts 3.1 Elle 3.2 Paris Match 3.3 Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie 3.4 Gallimard 3.5 Paris Match 3.6 Cahiers du cinéma 3.7 Elle 3.8 Paris Match 3.9 Elle 3.10 Elle Plates Paris Match (pp.

Author: Claire Laubier

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134970032

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

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Claire Laubier brings together documentary and statistical material; extracts from newspapers and journals, literary texts, advertisements, manifestos, and personal testimonies. Each extract relates to the different experiences of women in France at work, in politics, at home and in the family. Together they offer a direct and thought-provoking chronological and thematic account of women's lives in post-war France.
2003-09-02 By Claire Laubier

THE BIG MATCH AND THE PARIS MATCH FRANK THUIJSMAN Maastricht University Maastricht , The Netherlands 1. Introduction In this paper we discuss the most typical and illustrative examples in stochastic game theory : the Big Match and a non ...

Author: Abraham Neyman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402014937

Category: Business & Economics

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Stony Brook, New York, U.S.A., from 7 to 17 July 1999
2003-10-31 By Abraham Neyman

station.72 In the following weeks, similar pictures appeared on the covers of a succession of major international pictorial magazines, including Paris Match, the Italian magazine Epoca (twice), and Stern in Germany (Figure 4.4).73 ...

Author: Lasse Heerten

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781107111806

Category: History

Page: 395

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A global history of 'Biafra', providing a new explanation for the ascendance of humanitarianism in a postcolonial world.
2017-09-28 By Lasse Heerten