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Such loss of control, she maintains, leads directly to delinquency, according to her pure control model. She rejects the role of cultural transmission, interlocking peer groups, and the learning of delinquent techniques and attitudes, ...

Author: Erich Goode

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804758192

Category: Social Science

Page: 270

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A supplemental textbook that examines the self-control theory of crime from a range of perspectives, both supportive and critical.
2008 By Erich Goode

When he simply got more and more violent and out of control, I couldn't hidemy secretany longer. The ad pledges, “If your child is experiencing behavioral, emotional, alcohol or drug-related problems, you can be assured of help.

Author: Jaber F. Gubrium

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 9781452246093

Category: Psychology

Page: 257

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Counselling techniques that can help families regain control and causes of families breaking up are among the topics explored in this ethnographic account of therapeutic sessions. Two very different views of what a family is and how it becomes `out of control' emerge, resulting in vastly different therapeutic approaches. Gubrium compares two family counselling facilities - a community outpatient centre and a private family-focused psychiatric hospital - which have radically different concepts of the family. One setting examines a family's system including hidden structures, power relations, language and interaction as clues to the family's dysfunction. The other is concerned with affective relationships and deep emotions, h
1992-03-30 By Jaber F. Gubrium

You feel like you're out of control, but you need to—” “Are you kidding me? I need that wall more than ever.” I pushed his hand off of my stomach and replaced it with my own. “I feel out of control, because I am, and you put me here, ...

Author: Dalyne Micerry


ISBN: 9780992089849



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Costs spiraled out of control . Management's unwillingness to provide Congress with accurate data seriously undermined the credibility of the Department and its contractors . BASIS FOR SUBCOMMITTEE'S CONCERNS The problems that developed ...



ISBN: UCR:31210013511058

Category: Government publications

Page: 248

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1995 By

“Let me out.” “No!” He gripped her shoulders. “You say my name or we're not going. You need to calm down. We're going to be fine, but not if you shake so hard you fall off this ladder.” “Ladder.” “I'm Rafe.” He shook her hard. “Say it.

Author: Mary Connealy

Publisher: Bethany House

ISBN: 9780764209116

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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In a humorous historical romance, cowboy Rafe Kincaid must choose between family bonds that could restore his trust or a love--in the form of Julia Gilliland--that could heal his heart. Original.
2011-08-01 By Mary Connealy

“I mean, if we fall out of love, we won't fall out of friendship, right? You'll always be there for me, right?” Daniel is off balance, guilt feeding insecurity. “I hope this is not a prelude to falling out of marriage. what's the matter ...

Author: Alejandro Rivas-Micoud

Publisher: Blue Comet Productions SL

ISBN: 9781439205617

Category: Fiction

Page: 470

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Blending science fiction with literary thriller, a writer wrestles with the destiny of those he loves when he discovers a mythical device that controls the quantum fabric of chance and fate.
2008-12-01 By Alejandro Rivas-Micoud

It turns out not to be a rumor. Nobody is allowed near the Snow ... One by one the bodies are carried outside to the makeshift medical tent and laid out under tarps in the shade. One of the toxicologists ... They want to 219 OUT OF CONTROL.

Author: Frank Geiger

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1462830862

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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OUT OF CONTROL is a devastating ridicule of all that is false, phony, primitive, vicious, and corrupt in current American life - the abuses of power, hero worship, aimless violence, materialistic obsession, intolerance, and every form of hypocrisy.
2003-10-17 By Frank Geiger

But she scooted away from his helpful grasp to check out his trailer. “No. ... Hank couldn't control his hands, so I helped him. ... She may be showing signs of wear on the outside, but she's in primo Out of Control 84.

Author: Julie Miller

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781426831041

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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Legendary detective Black Jack Riley likes fast cars and faster women. But he's a man on a mission: going undercover at the Dahlia Speedway to avenge a friend. Enter sexy, unpredictable young mechanic Alexandra Morgan. She's delicious trouble, with a capital T! She's also key to his success… …if Jack can keep her from blowing his cover. Their thrilling rides between the sheets are a sweet bonus. Yet no matter how hard and hot Alex revs his motor, vengeance drives Jack. If he loses control, he loses the case. And even the raciest sex of his life isn't worth that….
2009-04-01 By Julie Miller

She's Out of Control is smart and witty and downright funny. Her characters are realistic without taking themselves too seriously. A delicious read for bed, bath, or beach. Can't wait for the next one!” —MELODY CARLSON, award winning ...

Author: Kristin Billerbeck

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781418537401

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Ever been on the verge of buying your own engagement ring? Ashley Stockingdale, the charming but always-in-over-her-head patent attorney from What a Girl Wants, has finally found the man she wants to marry. But after nine months of dating, it seems her commitment-phobe boyfriend will never use the "M" word. And just when she thinks she's got it all together, Ashley is having trouble knowing where to put it. A massive remodeling project, a hyperactive puppy, and an ex-boyfriend who wants to be part of her life again all keep Ashley's world spinning. As the mayhem escalates, Ashley's life quickly goes from What a Girl Wants to out of control.
2007-11-11 By Kristin Billerbeck

This is what transpires in Spinoza, where will is made conformable to reason, and any residue is dismissed. So where in truth intellect is simply conforming to itself, the claim is that it reflects 94 Out of Control.

Author: Richard A. Cohen

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438461090

Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

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Explores the fundamental confrontations between Spinoza and Levinas in ethics, politics, science, and religion.

After the end of superstitious religion, what is the meaning of the world? Baruch Spinoza’s answer is truth, Emmanuel Levinas’s is goodness: science versus ethics. In Out of Control, Richard A. Cohen brings this debate to life, providing a nuanced exposition of Spinoza and Levinas and the confrontations between them in ethics, politics, science, and religion.

Spinoza is the control, the inexorable defensive logic of administrative rationality, where freedom is equated to necessity—a seventeenth-century glimpse of Orwellian doublespeak and Big Brother. Levinas is the way out: transcendence not of God, being, and logic but of the other person experienced as moral obligation. To alleviate the suffering of others—nothing is more important! Spinoza wagers everything on mathematical truth, discarding the rest as ignorance and illusion; for Levinas, nothing surpasses the priorities of morality and justice, to create a world in which humans can be human and not numbers or consumers, drudges or robots.

Situating these two thinkers in today’s context, Out of Control responds to the fear of dehumanization in a world flattened by the alliance of positivism and plutocracy. It offers a nonideological ethical alternative, a way out and up, in the nobility of one human being helping another, and the solidarity that moves from morality to justice.

“Cohen’s work here is nothing short of spectacular. His analysis of the mathematical and scientific foundations of Spinoza’s philosophy is exemplary. Lucidly, meticulously, and with very disciplined analysis he conveys the force, power, and influence of Spinoza’s philosophy on contemporary religious thought.” — Richard I. Sugarman, University of Vermont

“Richard Cohen has managed to not merely bring these two notoriously difficult philosophers into conversation with each other, but to do so in an extremely readable way. Indeed, he is able to explain extremely difficult philosophical disputes with clarity and to convey a palpable sense of excitement.” — Robert Erlewine, author of Monotheism and Tolerance: Recovering a Religion of Reason
2016-05-09 By Richard A. Cohen