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However, forests have been affected by human activity from the early beginning of human settlement. In fact, the availability of forests and their products has been an essential precondition for the development of human culture and ...

Author: Eva Ritter

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789400711501

Category: Science

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The aim of this book is to elucidate the role of forests as part of a landscape in the life of people. Most landscapes today are cultural landscapes that are influenced by human activity and that in turn have a profound effect on our understanding of and identification with a place. The book proposes that a better understanding of the bond between people and forests as integrated part of a landscape may be helpful in landscape planning, and may contribute to the discussion of changes in forest cover which has been motivated by land use changes, rural development and the global climate debate. To this end, people’s perception of forest landscapes, the reasons for different perceptions, and future perspectives are discussed. Given the wide range of forest landscapes, and cultural perspectives which exist across the world, the book focuses on Europe as a test case to explore the various relationships between society, culture, forests and landscapes. It looks at historical evidence of the impacts of people on forests and vice versa, explores the current factors affecting people’s physical and emotional comfort in forest landscapes, and looks ahead to how changes in forest cover may alter the present relationships of people to forests. Drawing together a diverse literature and combining the expertise of natural and social scientists, this book will form a valuable reference for students and researchers working in the fields of landscape ecology and landscape architecture, geography, social science, environmental psychology or environmental history. It will also be of interest to researchers, government agencies and practitioners with an interest in issues such as sustainable forest management, sustainable tourism, reserve management, urban planning and environmental interpretation.
2011-04-29 By Eva Ritter

People still must define the conditions , values , and uses to be sustained in particular ... New Perspectives for Managing the National Forest System The national forests and national grasslands are one of the places where this new ...

Author: H. Gyde Lund


ISBN: MINN:31951D01214964H

Category: Forest management

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1991 By H. Gyde Lund

The search for a definition of New Perspectives included bringing together a group of approximately fifty - five people in Philadelphia . Less than one - third were Forest Service . With facilitation from the Pinchot Institute for ...

Author: E. T. Bartlett


ISBN: MINN:31951D02977863N

Category: Natural resources

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1992 By E. T. Bartlett

Through questionnaire survey conducted among residents living in the surrounding area of the forests, the author found that size and the degree of naturalness of a forest does have influence on the way human interact with the nature.

Author: Helder Viana

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9781789230369

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Forest management should allow the sustainable use of forests. This is only possible through solid knowledge in the disciplines that forest science encompasses. The readers of New Perspectives in Forest Science have an excellent source of information on actual trends of forest research and knowledge about the use of forest and landscape. This book has been written by specialists focusing on the following aspects of forest science: C cycle, biomass, forest restoration, forest resources and biodiversity. The authors of this book are of different nationalities and specialties, thus providing diverse perspectives on the subject of forestry. We hope that the chapters of this book can serve both students and researchers, as excellent guides to improve their knowledge on forest science.
2018-04-26 By Helder Viana

Forest landscape restoration brings people together to identify and put in place a mix of land use practices that will help restore the functions of forests across the whole landscape. The aim is to deliver the forest goods and services ...


Publisher: World Agroforestry Centre

ISBN: 9789290592211

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New ALLIANCES If New Perspectives was only pure technology and abstract theory , it would never work in the national forests of the 1990s . New Perspectives is successful because it's a social method of meeting people's needs .



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Category: Biotic communities

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Two factors dominate the social changes giving rise to new perspectives . ... though , the list of commodities and services people want or expect from natural systems , perhaps especially from forests , gets longer .

Author: David J. Brooks


ISBN: MINN:31951D029959946

Category: Forest landscape management

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1992 By David J. Brooks

The Challenge of New Perspectives Hal Salwasser An Ecological Perspective of New Perspectives R. G. Woodmansee Land ... for New Perspectives involved letting the people with new ideas play a role in shaping Forest Service policy .



ISBN: UOM:39015025084081

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NEW ALLIANCES If New Perspectives was only pure technology and abstract theory , it would never work in the national forests of the 1990s . New Perspectives is successful because it's a social method of meeting people's needs .



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A new approach , called " New Perspectives , " is changing the way the Forest Service carries on the business of planning , research , and involving people in the management of the National Forest System .



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