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Author: Wallace Crawford


ISBN: 0709109709


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Inspector Montalbano enjoys simple pleasures: delicious food, walks along the water, the occasional smoke—yet these are just the backdrop to his duties as a detective. His latest case is the killing of the wealthy Cosimo Barletta.

Author: Andrea Camilleri

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698169715

Category: Fiction

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“The novels of Andrea Camilleri breathe out the sense of place, the sense of humor, and the sense of despair that fills the air of Sicily.” —Donna Leon Montalbano investigates the death of wealthy accountant Barletta in a case involving a string of mistresses and family secrets. Inspector Montalbano enjoys simple pleasures: delicious food, walks along the water, the occasional smoke—yet these are just the backdrop to his duties as a detective. His latest case is the killing of the wealthy Cosimo Barletta. Thought to be a widower living out a quiet life by the sea, Cosimo’s sudden death, by gunshot to the neck, opens up his past to scrutiny. What Montalbano uncovers is Cosimo’s trove of salacious photographs, used to extort young women, and a history full of greed and corruption. Montalbano, though resolved to find the killer, muses on where justice lies—in his pursuit of a suspect or with one of Cosimo’s innumerable victims getting the revenge they deserved?
2017-08-01 By Andrea Camilleri

Author: Tod Claymore


ISBN: OCLC:439595340


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1948 By Tod Claymore

Mappa " belongs as " a nest of vipers , " without excepting him or any other individual ? Where , sir , is your consistency , your honesty , your christianity , in pretending such friendship , such high respect , and heartfelt esteem ...

Author: James D. Bratt

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 0813536936

Category: History

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One of the most enduring images from the early years of American history is that of a preacher on horseback, slogging through mud and rain to bring folks in the backwoods the message of God and glory. Such religious revivals not only became the defining mark of American religion but also played a central role in the nation's developing identity, independence, and democratic principles. But revivalism has always generated opposition, too, even in its century of glory. In Anti-Revivalism in Antebellum America, James D. Bratt offers extensive introductions to primary anti-revivalist documents. These works range from the Philadelphia Methodist John F. Watson's protests against camp meetings in 1819, to Elizabeth Cady Stanton's "Eighty Years and More," written in 1898, in which she recalls her youthful encounter with revival preaching and her rebound into political activism and religious agnosticism. Through the recovered voices of antebellum religious critics, Bratt shows how American culture was already being reshaped a generation before the Civil War and how evangelical religion stood at the center of a "culture war." If revivals typified the era when Americans launched and defined their new nation, then objections to these revivals embodied the growing discontent at what the nation had become. An important and long overdue collection, this book urges an understanding of anti-revival literature both in the context of the era when it emerged as well as in terms of the broader dynamic of American life. Includes selections from Orestes Brownson, Horace Bushnell, Calvin Colton, Orville Dewey, Albert Baldwin Dod, George Elley, Charles G. Finney, John Williamson Nevin, Stephen Olin, Phoebe Palmer, Daniel Alexander Payne, Ephraim Perkins, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Joseph Smith, Harriet Beecher Stowe, La Roy Sunderland, John Fanning Watson, Ellen G. White, and Friedrich C. D. Wyneken.
2005 By James D. Bratt

NEST. OF. VIPERS. [MATTHEW 3:7 ] A group of traitors or evil people The use of snakes as a metaphor for evildoers comes up repeatedly in the Gospels. The unfortunate reptiles did, after all, have some severe image problems after the ...

Author: Ferdie Addis

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books

ISBN: 9781843177845

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Ever claimed that there is 'no rest for the wicked', judged something as 'sour grapes', or rallied friends by shouting 'eat, drink and be merry'? Knowingly or not, you have been quoting from the Bible. The English language features countless biblically-derived phrases that are used by people on a day-to-day basis, yet the user often does not know the origin or meaning behind them. However, there is a wealth of fascinating stories and history to be learned. The Good Samaritan Bites the Dust offers a light-hearted and fascinating look at the stories behind the expressions - explaining where in the Bible these familiar phrases appear and describing the colourful biblical backdrop to their origination, from epic battles to acts of betrayal, miracles and beyond. For those familiar, and not so familiar with the Bible, this is a wonderful look at the gripping storytelling and cultural wealth to be found in the world's bestselling book, as well as an intriguing insight into our language.
2011-09-30 By Ferdie Addis

Author: Linda Davies


ISBN: 0989330052



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2013-12-10 By Linda Davies

Nest of Vipers Joshua Ben Joseph tore straight past the stone cottage and continued on the narrow gravel path toward a rocky hillside dotted with shrubs and olive trees . It was dawn , and he had walked throughout much of the night ...

Author: Johannes Selhofer

Publisher: Johannes C Selhofer

ISBN: 1847484417


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... implebit ruinas: conquassabit capita in terra multorum. When General Georgi Zhukov enters the ruined Reichs Chancellery in Berlin and discovers a curious lance in a felt-lined box, he realizes he's unearthed a symbol, an instrument of incredible power, a totem of total domination... Tracing the Lance of Phineas from the dawn of history, through Tiberius Caesar and Cheruski warriors to a Syrian soldier called Gaius Longinus, and then to a scene of world-shattering import on Golgotha, the author blends mysticism with historical fact to keep the past vividly alive. Charlemagne, Parsifal, Napoleon, Emperor Franz Josef of Austria... and a young watercolor artist from Linz - all are fascinated by the sacred lance and the prospect of world domination that it brings. But it also carries the seeds of its owner's destruction, and none knows this better than the doomed Reichs Chancellor, Adolf Hitler...
2009-08 By Johannes Selhofer

What do you recall of Nest of Vipers? That film is a bit of a disappointment for me. First of all it interrupted the flow of hits. All three of my Westerns had done extremely well. Not that Nest of Vipers was a flop but nothing compared ...

Author: Eugenio Ercolani

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9781476635385

Category: Performing Arts

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 The birth and rise of popular Italian cinema since the early 1950s can be attributed purely to necessity. The vast number of genres, sub-genres, currents and crossovers and the way they have overlapped, died out or replaced each other has been an attempt, in postwar years, to contain the invasion of U.S. product while satisfying the demands the American industry had created in Italy. The author explores one of the most multi-faceted and contradictory industries cinema has ever known through the careers of those most closely associated with it. His recorded interviews were conducted with directors and actors both well-known and upcoming.
2019-08-16 By Eugenio Ercolani

If such be the case, then the Church today is, to a large extent, controlled by a nest of vipers. The evidence is daily accumulating that an evil spirit has invaded the Church. Malachi Martin's I/Vindswept House paints a picture of the ...

Author: Andrew J. Mccauley

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450253154

Category: Religion

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Despite all the hoopla about Pope John Paul II, some believe he has been an unparalleled disaster in the history of the papacy and of the Church. In Crossing the Threshold of Confusion, author Andrew J. McCauley examines the record of this pope and discusses the harm he has done or has allowed to have happened not only to the Church but to Western civilization. McCauley uncovers countless faults many Catholic leaders have overlooked, including: Pope John Paul II's failure to enforce discipline in the Church, especially against widespread sexual abuse by priests; his statements alleging and implying universal salvation; the destabilization of marriage caused by his theology of the body ; the conflicting messages that confuse the Church's position on capital punishment; his stance on the nature of the Church as a result of Vatican II. This exploration of recent Catholic history studies the ideas, writings, and policies of Pope John Paul II, from his life a young priest to his final days as pope, and examines their compatibility with traditional Catholic doctrine and practice. Crossing the Threshold of Confusion presents a case against the canonization of Pope John Paul II and demonstrates how his record warrants condemnation.
2010-08 By Andrew J. Mccauley

Nest. of. Vipers". AT THE TIME appointed, leading a second horse, I went to the junction of the city road with the road running to the ford, and after an hour's wait John Spare appeared with the men who had effected his delivery from ...

Author: Isaac Rusling Pennypacker

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493033140

Category: History

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The sea chest with four hundred pounds sterling cleverly hidden in a secret compartment rested abandoned on the quay as the square-rigger put out from England in a freshening breeze. Young Richard Holt, the now penniless owner of the chest, was headed for Philadelphia in the tumultuous year of 1774, and this is the story of how he “redeemed” himself. A lively tale of what life was like in the years just before and during the Revolution, the metamorphosis of a young English lab into a loyal American, wild and dangerous adventures with thieves and foot-pads, a warming love story, all this and much more you will find in The Redemptioner. Life was rugged, full of danger, and uncertain at best in these years in the Pennsylvania Dutch country. The author, the late Isaac Rusling Pennypacker, was a diligent researcher in addition to being a most creative writer. In The Redemptioner he has combined these talents to tell an absorbing story and to give the reader an effective feeling of life at the birth of these United States.