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NAVAJO POTTERY AND ETHNOHISTORY The study of Navajo pottery in
archaeology must be based upon surface collections and upon excavations
reported in such general terms that the precise associations of types to structures
often can ...

Author: David M. Brugge


ISBN: UCSD:31822012994075

Category: Indian pottery

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1963 By David M. Brugge

The Navajo are relatively recent arrivals to the Southwest . They probably
migrated from the north in the 16th Century thereby becoming a part of the
Pueblo IV period . The Navajo have made pottery since their arrival ; possibly
they brought ...

Author: John Willard Barry


ISBN: STANFORD:36105000309026

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 214

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Illustrates, describes, and lists current prices for Indian pottery and gives advice on collecting, identifying, and caring for it

Bottom : Acoma pottery . Plate 5. Top & bottom border : Pueblo Laguna pottery . Plate 16. Left : Walpi dance ornament . pottery . Center : Navajo sand ...

Author: Marty Noble

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486427056

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 48

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Here are 95 versatile patterns based on authentic Southwest Indian designs. Included are details from a Navajo blanket and sand painting, Pueblo, Maricopa, and Zuñi pottery, a Hopi wedding shawl, Apache baskets, and other artifacts. Easily adaptable for use in embroidery, appliqué work, fabric painting, and other crafts.
2003-01-24 By Marty Noble

Magazine after magazine pictured sophisticated homes with ®oors covered by Navajo rugs and shelves decorated with Indian pottery.

Author: Thomas J. Blumer

Publisher: University of Alabama Press

ISBN: 9780817350611

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 223

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A comprehensive study that traces the craft of pottery making among the Catawba Indians of North Carolina from the late 18th century to the present.

NAVAJO POTTERY NAVAJO NATION FAIR ( Navajo Nation Fair at Window Rock ) This is not the polished black pottery , exquisite in its simplicity , of San ...

Author: Kris Hotvedt

Publisher: Sunstone Press

ISBN: 0865342040

Category: Social Science

Page: 64

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This collection represents a segment of the lives of the Navajo and Pueblo people of the American Southwest-two diverse groups who are an important part of American culture today. Each year thousands of visitors from all over the world attend their various ceremonial dances and events and many arrive with a knowledge and understanding of these happenings. For others, these are totally new experiences and a door is opened to unfamiliar ways of life, customs, traditions, and beliefs that have existed for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years, long before this country was called America. The "American-Indian Quarterly" said that "this text promotes the same kind of browsing magazines invite. Come to these gatherings and stroll, it seems to imply on page after page; at your leisure learn to appreciate how feasting and singing merge with dancing and storytelling." * * * * Kris Hotvedt studied at the Layton School of Art in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, received a BFA degree from San Francisco Art Institute, and her MFA from the Instituto Allende in Mexico. An artist of strong professional commitment and identification with Native American and Hispanic culture, Hotvedt exhibited widely throughout the United States in both group and solo shows. Her work is represented in public and private collations. The woodblock print was her principal medium, a medium that seems to best capture her unique interpretation of the American Southwest scene.
1993 By Kris Hotvedt

... Rickie Navajo Sculpture Eldorado , Tables 401 - 453 401 Fortunate Eagle ,
Adam Chippewa Pipes 402 Betoney , Billy Navajo Jewelry 402 Betoney , Betty J .
Navajo Jewelry 403 Chitto , Randall Choctaw Pottery 404 Lopez , Evelyn Navajo



ISBN: UTEXAS:059173023527659

Category: Folk art


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1989 By

The Navajo were not traditionally artistic potters , although Navajo women ... The style of early Navajo pottery is in contrast to most pots made in other ...

Author: Susan R. Ressler

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 078641054X

Category: Art

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Profiles more than 150 women artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries from the American West, offers fifteen interpretive essays, and includes nearly three hundred reproductions of their works.

Navajos created pottery mainly for household and ceremonial use until the advent of the railroads. Navajos' traditional arts have emphasized silverwork, ...

Author: Bruce E. Johansen

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9781440828744

Category: Social Science

Page: 770

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This invaluable resource provides a comprehensive historical and demographic overview of American Indians along with more than 100 cross-referenced entries on American Indian culture, exploring everything from arts, literature, music, and dance to food, family, housing, and spirituality. American Indian Culture: From Counting Coup to Wampum is organized by cultural form (Arts; Family, Education, and Community; Food; Language and Literature; Media and Popular Culture; Music and Dance; Spirituality; and Transportation and Housing). Examples of topics covered include icons of Native culture, such as pow wows, Indian dancing, and tipi dwellings; Native art forms such as pottery, rock art, sandpainting, silverwork, tattooing, and totem poles; foods such as corn, frybread, and wild rice; and Native Americans in popular culture. The extensive introductory section, breadth of topics, accessibly written text, and range of perspectives from the many contributors make this work a must-have resource for high school and undergraduate audiences. • Serves to document how many attributes of Native cultures derive from a rich tapestry of American Indian cultural forms, such as very well-known foods like corn, potatoes, turkey, peanuts, and chocolate • Includes numerous spotlights that highlight interesting topics such as the Indigenous Language Institute, the kiva, counting coup, buffalo hunt customs and protocols, and Dakota language in rap music • Offers further readings and additional sources with the entries to guide students or interested readers in their research
2015-09-22 By Bruce E. Johansen

their Pueblo neighbors , were indifferent pottery makers . Their work was , on the
whole , crude , the decoration inartistic , and the forms limited . The technique is ...

Author: Willard Williams Hill


ISBN: UVA:X001870629

Category: Indian pottery

Page: 23

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They are also the first bits of Indian pottery made under the auspices of the United States government , for though Miss Foard built the kiln at her own ...

Author: Dwight P. Lanmon

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 0826343074

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 246

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In 1899 at the age of fifty-six, Josephine Jefferson Foard moved from the East Coast to Laguna Pueblo in New Mexico, where she built her own house and a kiln for firing pottery. Her intent was to show Pueblo potters how to strengthen their pottery by using better firing methods and by glazing it on the interior to make it waterproof. She also aimed to assist potters by marketing their products in the East, not just as decorative items but as functional additions to Anglo households. Through collecting and studying historic pueblo pottery and with access to Foard's correspondence with family and the Commissioners of Indian Affairs, the authors of this book provide a rare glimpse into the life of a remarkable woman who ventured to the Southwest as an artist, potter, and entrepreneur. Foard's letters, included in the appendices, describe at length her experience at Laguna Pueblo and offer insights into her life and work and also the lives of people of Laguna Pueblo and others in New Mexico.

2 , Peck Red bowl , Ramanote Red - onbrown bowls , Tanque Verde Red - on -
brown bowl . Brugge , David 1963 Navajo Pottery and Ethnology . Navajo
Publications , Series 2 , Navajo Tribal Museum , Window Rock , Arizona
Descriptions of ...

Author: Norman T. Oppelt


ISBN: STANFORD:36105005392498

Category: Indian pottery

Page: 358

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Navajo children ( May Subd Geog ) UF Children , Navajo Navajo Indians ... Navajo painting - Philosophy USE Navajo philosophy - -Pottery USE Navajo pottery ...

Author: Library of Congress


ISBN: MINN:30000009886304

Category: Subject headings, Library of Congress


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Author: David M. Brugge


ISBN: LCCN:85135108

Category: Indian pottery

Page: 26

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1981 By David M. Brugge

Navajo language ( May Subd Geog ) [ PM2006 - PM2009 UF Dine language Navaho ... heading ] BT Navajo literature Navajo pottery ( May Subd Geog ) UF Navajo ...

Author: Library of Congress. Cataloging Policy and Support Office


ISBN: UOM:39015079817063

Category: Subject headings, Library of Congress


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BASKET MAKING AND POTTERY SANDPAINTING. The Navajo also use the Wedding Basket in an important ritual called Night Chant . In this ceremony , the basket is ...

Author: Esther Grisham

Publisher: Good Year Books

ISBN: 0673363147

Category: Indian craft

Page: 32

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Educational resource for teachers, parents and kids!
1996-05 By Esther Grisham

Navajo pottery was a crude cooking ware . Following 1680 when they took in the Pueblo refugees , the Navajos made a painted pottery but these decorated pots ...

Author: Raymond Friday Locke

Publisher: Holloway House Publishing

ISBN: 0876875002

Category: Social Science

Page: 496

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Brugge , David M. 1963 Navajo pottery and ethnohistory . Navajoland Publication Series 2 . Window Rock : Navajo Tribal Museum . 1972 Tucson : Navajo and ...

Author: Christine A. Rudecoff


ISBN: WISC:89058393208

Category: Apache County (Ariz.)

Page: 206

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Among the Navajos, pottery making most frequently is passed down from mother to ... Since the early nineteenth century, most Navajo potteryhasconsisted of ...

Author: Gerard C. Wertkin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135956141

Category: Reference

Page: 704

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For a full list of entries, contributors, and more, visit the Encyclopedia of American Folk Art web site. This is the first comprehensive, scholarly study of a most fascinating aspect of American history and culture. Generously illustrated with both black and white and full-color photos, this A-Z encyclopedia covers every aspect of American folk art, encompassing not only painting, but also sculpture, basketry, ceramics, quilts, furniture, toys, beadwork, and more, including both famous and lesser-known genres. Containing more than 600 articles, this unique reference considers individual artists, schools, artistic, ethnic, and religious traditions, and heroes who have inspired folk art. An incomparable resource for general readers, students, and specialists, it will become essential for anyone researching American art, culture, and social history.
2004-08-02 By Gerard C. Wertkin

Author: Willard Williams Hill


ISBN: UOM:39015031700951

Category: Indian pottery

Page: 23

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Most recently there has been a resurgence of undecorated Navajo pottery . As with the other major art forms , prices depend upon quality .

Author: L. K. Singh

Publisher: Gyan Publishing House

ISBN: 8182054753

Category: Cultural property

Page: 272

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It is book on cultural heritage from the perspective of tourism. With its exploration of the building of the multi-coloured cultural heritage of India, the land of diversity, from the Indus Valley Civilization to the early modern period, problems and prospects of Indian cultural heritage tourism in the global context.
2008-02 By L. K. Singh

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