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One that is guaranteed to make her bosses crawl on their knees to satisfy her naked ambition! Part one of the Deep Desire Series.

Author: Emma Allan

Publisher: Piatkus

ISBN: 9781405527026

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

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Dumpy Melanie might be TV's most talented backroom worker but her dedication is not recognised by the powers that be. All around her, gorgeous young girls are using their bodies and not their brains to get ahead. Now it seems that there's only one way to fight back . . . Blowing all her savings on a radical makeover, a slimmed down, restyled and lusciously repackaged Melanie implements a new plan of action. One that is guaranteed to make her bosses crawl on their knees to satisfy her naked ambition! Part one of the Deep Desire Series.
2013-02-28 By Emma Allan

COH1 ISBN-I3: 978-1-4566-1 730-] No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical ... For additional information about the Nick Blick mystery series go to: wwwnickblickcom CONTENTS DEDICATION AND ...

Author: Dan Roberts


ISBN: 9781456617301

Category: Fiction

Page: 232

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It is a murder/mystery novel. Nicholas Blick, a highly skilled twenty-year-old volleyball player, was "just snooping around" when he came across the corpse of a person who had been brutally murdered. The police have arrested another young volleyball player but Nick, thinking the wrong person has been locked up, begins his own investigation into the matter. In working on the case, the young athlete meets FBI Special Agent Tom Davis and eventually joins with the agent in not only investigating the murder but also in trying to find the person attempting to steal plans for the U.S. Navy's new missile guidance system, one called ArrowStar. At the center of the espionage plot is globe-hopping Chen Xong Wu, a man of tremendous wealth, who is working behind the scenes to help bring about a shift in the power structure of the Chinese Communist party and, in doing so, attain for himself more influence as well as more wealth. As the story unfolds, it is Nick who, unwittingly, becomes the key person in bringing both of these cases a a together. Eventually, young Blick and Special Agent Davis find themselves working together in a race against the clock. Their goal: to find the murderer as well as uncover the identity of the espionage agent's "mole" before the Navy's plans end up in the wrong hands.
2013-06-18 By Dan Roberts

It needed a sharp eye, but when he paid attention, Conor could detect the shrewd glances and flashes of naked ambition. Instead of looking annoyed, Costino laughed. “I love listening to you guys, especially in that patois you sometimes ...

Author: Kathryn Guare

Publisher: Kiltumper Close Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 900

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Conor McBride. A man with skills he never wanted to learn...which doesn't mean he won't use them. Conor McBride is a man who’s lost everything, betrayed by the person he trusted most. Now he’s got a job he never asked for, deadly skills he never wanted to learn, and a past he wants to escape. But no matter how far he runs, trouble has a way of finding him, and from one adventure to the next, he often finds he’s not the only one keeping secrets. The Conor McBride Series: Books 1-3 includes the first three stories in the series. Find out why readers are calling these captivating thrillers with adrenaline-pumping" plots one of the best series they've ever read.
2020-01-25 By Kathryn Guare

And that kind of naked ambition doesn't sit well with everyone. Me included, to be honest. If you ask me, a church has no business buying a private island.” “So bad publicity for Golden Shores—say the kind that comes with a flurry of ...

Author: Melissa F. Miller

Publisher: Brown Street Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 575

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Buckle up for a double dose of mystery and suspense in this two-book forensic thriller set from USA Today bestselling author Melissa F. Miller! Dark Path (Book 1) Healthy residents of a posh assisted living facility are dying in the middle of the night ... expressions of pure terror etched on their faces. After solving a series of unexplained deaths several years ago, forensic pathologist Dr. Bodhi King retreated from the limelight. Now, he's called out of early retirement to help investigate a death cluster on a private island in the Florida Keys, where he lands in the middle of a simmering conflict. Members of the Golden Island Church have a furtive agenda to protect. The dying Cuban-Americans have long-held secrets of their own. And everyone seems to have a reason to stop Bodhi from bringing the truth to light. Lonely Path (Book 2) An overdose epidemic, a girl who’s supposed to be dead, and a chance encounter with an old flame land Bodhi in the middle of a high-stakes crime ring. Bodhi’s honored when he’s invited to present a paper at an international forensic pathology conference. And he’s stunned when he learns his former girlfriend is a fellow panelist. It’s been more than a decade since Bodhi broke Eliza’s heart, and his behavior weighs on him. He convinces her to join him for dinner in the Quebec countryside so he can make amends. Returning to the hotel after their meal, they see a dazed young woman, barefoot and mute, standing by the roadside. She has no memory of who she is or what's happened to her. Bodhi and Eliza put aside their past to help the shattered woman reclaim her life. In the process, they discover the horrifying truth about an overdose epidemic plaguing the region. The knowledge paints a target on their backs. As a Buddhist, Bodhi follows a path of nonviolence, but his faith will be tested when Eliza’s life is on the line.
2021-05-11 By Melissa F. Miller

13 ('naked ambition'), and 38.54. 1 ('virulence of his attacks on Africanus'). That is misleading; these passages are not direct criticisms, but deliberate understatements. At 34. 15.9 Cato was certainly not one to play down his own ...

Author: John Briscoe

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780199290512

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 614

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Books 38-40 of Livy's History of Rome cover the years 189-179 BC. They contain two famous and much-discussed episodes: the trials of the Scipios, and the so-called Bacchanalian conspiracy. Other notable matters described are the end of the war with the Aetolian League and Manlius Vulso's campaign in Asia Minor, the censorship of the elder Cato, and the fatal quarrel in the Macedonian royal house. This commentary, conceived on the same scale as Briscoe's earlier commentaries on Books31-33 and 34-37, aims to elucidate historical, literary, textual, and linguistic aspects of Livy's narrative. When Polybius, Livy's main source for events in the Hellenistic world, full references to the relevant passages of the former are given, with citation of the opening and closing words. Asubstantial Introduction discusses sources and methods of composition, language and style, the manuscripts, the calendar and chronology, Roman policy in northern Italy, and the Roman legions of the period.
2008 By John Briscoe

I was inspired to write this inspirational story, because I see a lot of women, men, and children that are afraid.

Author: Sheldon Filger


ISBN: 1425967590

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 212

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I was inspired to write this inspirational story, because I see a lot of women, men, and children that are afraid. I seen myself in them, and I know what they are going through not knowing what to do. I have been through a lot of damaging situations in a lifetime. Until I got enough courage to seek help for myself, I was just like everyone else lost in the house. Some people get help others don''t know how, and this is where I come in to help them. Just letting people know what I have been through, and how God delivered me. I know this will help a lot of woman in their time of needing someone to be there for them. It''s not easy to admit that you need help, but once you do, everything begins to go in the right direction for you. I know some situation need more care than others do. Philippians 4:13 states; I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me. God gave me the strength to overcome my pass, and he can help you overcome yours also. I know what I can do with Gods help, and I know he will lead me to help others. I don''t mind telling my testimony to whoever wants to listen. Anything I can do to help someone handle their unforgiving situation I will do it for their sake. We are not in this world alone we still have people that care. Being able to be someone''s friend in the time of trouble is a great thing. Especially if you been through a similar situation, and you have been delivered yourself. I''m writing to let Gods people to let them know that there is still hope, and there is a bright light at the end of all tunnels. I don''t want to continue to see people walking around with their head always hanging down. I''m here to let you know God will make away no matter how hard it seems. I also have a favorite scripture, Psalm 34:1-4 11 will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall be continually in my mouth. 2 My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. 3 O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together. 4 I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears. God can deliver you, and it''s not impossible all you have to do is try him. Psalm 34:8 states, O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man trusteth in him. I will always try and find away to help those that have given up on life. Luke 13:10-13 talks about how Jesus healed a woman with an eight-teen year infirmity and we he did she glorified him. If I had to preach that right now I would say a brand new life.
2006 By Sheldon Filger

49 pushed that manager out: Author's interview with Arthur Laurents, October 2008; Gypsy Rose Lee: Naked Ambition. ... 50 Jayhawk Theatre: Gypsy Rose Lee scrapbooks, 1928, Reel 1, Gypsy Rose Lee Papers, BRTD. “June eloped” is scrawled ...

Author: Karen Abbott

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780679604563

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 448

View: 325

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER America was flying high in the Roaring Twenties. Then, almost overnight, the Great Depression brought it crashing down. When the dust settled, people were primed for a star who could distract them from reality. Enter Gypsy Rose Lee, a strutting, bawdy, erudite stripper who possessed a gift for delivering exactly what America needed. With her superb narrative skills and eye for detail, Karen Abbott brings to life an era of ambition, glamour, struggle, and survival. Using exclusive interviews and never-before-published material, she vividly delves into Gypsy’s world, including her intense triangle relationship with her sister, actress June Havoc, and their formidable mother, Rose, a petite but ferocious woman who literally killed to get her daughters on the stage. Weaving in the compelling saga of the Minskys—four scrappy brothers from New York City who would pave the way for Gypsy Rose Lee’s brand of burlesque and transform the entertainment landscape—Karen Abbott creates a rich account of a legend whose sensational tale of tragedy and triumph embodies the American Dream.
2010-12-28 By Karen Abbott

1 Feb. 2015 Austerlitz, Saul. Money for Nothing: A History of the Music Video from the Beatles to the ... Montreal: Caboose Books, 2009. ... “Naked Ambition: Why Doesn't Spencer Tunick Get Any Respect?

Author: Steven Shaviro

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813579542

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 140

View: 987

Music videos today sample and rework a century’s worth of movies and other pop culture artifacts to offer a plethora of visions and sounds that we have never encountered before. As these videos have proliferated online, they have become more widely accessible than ever before. In Digital Music Videos, Steven Shaviro examines the ways that music videos interact with and change older media like movies and gallery art; the use of technologies like compositing, motion control, morphing software, and other digital special effects in order to create a new organization of time and space; how artists use music videos to project their personas; and how less well known musicians use music videos to extend their range and attract attention. Surveying a wide range of music videos, Shaviro highlights some of their most striking innovations while illustrating how these videos are creating a whole new digital world for the music industry.
2017-04-15 By Steven Shaviro

The Conor McBride Series - Book 1 Kathryn Guare ... It needed a sharp eye, but when he paid attention, Conor could detect the shrewd glances and flashes of naked ambition. Instead of looking annoyed, Costino laughed.

Author: Kathryn Guare

Publisher: Kiltumper Close Press


Category: Fiction


View: 987

Conor McBride. A man with deadly skills he never wanted to learn. That doesn't mean he won't use them. For the Irish, family is everything. Their loyalty to each other is unbreakable, but Conor McBride thought his had reached its limit. He’d spent years trying to undo the damage of a betrayal that humiliated him, ended his career, and nearly landed him in prison for a crime he never committed. The man responsible for it all disappeared long ago. Conor never thought of searching for him, but now a secretive stranger from London has traveled to his farm in the west of Ireland asking him to do exactly that. Wanting to refuse but knowing he can’t, Conor accepts a job he doesn’t want, acquiring deadly skills he never wanted to learn. He’s an ordinary man, but before long he will hardly recognize himself. He will disappear into a ruthless new identity on the tumultuous streets of India, joining allies he doesn’t trust in a dangerous game without rules. He will learn to shoot, lie, steal and smother his humanity under layers of tradecraft, all in service to the one goal of finding the man who took everything from him – his brother, Thomas McBride. Thomas has one last chance for redemption, and Conor will do whatever it takes to find him before it’s too late. Because the bond between brothers goes on forever, even after betrayal. Family is everything.
2020-01-20 By Kathryn Guare

2: This is the Command button on your keyboard 1: This is the white chalk in the blackboard eraser 3 and 4 enter and ... 1: This is a minor inconvenience 2: This is a derailed train 3: This is a landfill 4: This is naked ambition 1: ...

Author: Jordan Tannahill

Publisher: Coach House Books

ISBN: 9781770565449

Category: Drama

Page: 91

View: 377

This is a pressed bruise. This is Greta Garbo's smile. This is the smell of Windex. Declarations is an imperfect chronicle of a life lived; a body pulled through time, encountering meteorological phenomenon, mythology, political calamity, pop culture, and everyday happenstance along the way. Written in the wake of his mother's terminal cancer diagnosis, Tannahill's Declarations is a staggering archive of sensations, memories, and voices asserting that here lived, for a time, a woman. Jordan Tannahill is an Ottawa-born, London UK–based playwright and filmmaker. His work has been presented at major theaters and festivals across Canada and internationally.
2018-02-23 By Jordan Tannahill