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The other treatment , more drastic but equally effective , is the introduction per os of three to six CC pills and a dirty look . You pays your money and you takes your choice - or cherce - depend- - ing on your early proximity to ...

Author: Harold Brainerd Hersey


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More G.I. Laughs: Real Army Humor. New York: Sheridan House, 1944. Mauldin, William H. Bill Mauldin's Army. Novato, California: Presidio, 1983. Murdoch, Brian. Fighting Songs and Warring Words: Popular Lyrics of Two World Wars.

Author: Peter Schrijvers

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781349145225

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This book offers a compelling account of how America's combat soldiers experienced Europe during World War II. It paints a vivid picture of the GIs' struggles with its natural surroundings, their confrontations with its soldiers, their encounters with its civilians, and their reactions to uncovering the holocaust. The book shows how these harrowing experiences convinced the American soldiers that Europe's collapse was not just the result of the war, but also of the Old World's deep-seated political cynicism, economic stagnation, and cultural decadence.
1997-11-10 By Peter Schrijvers

2.75 . when he could ill afford it - Napoleon could have fooled AmerTo one who has been fed a diet of station and unit news- ica along for a few more years until it was too late to effect papers for the past three years , G.I. Laughs is ...



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... with himself as the tri ster-hero.28 We can find more rebellious laughter of the rule-breaking underdog in real ... most honourably, was presented with great gi s, dined in a joyful atmosphere, or approa ed another person and ...

Author: Joy Wiltenburg

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000593617

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Laughing Histories breaks new ground by exploring moments of laughter in early modern Europe, showing how laughter was inflected by gender and social power. "I dearly love a laugh," declared Jane Austen's heroine Elizabeth Bennet, and her wit won the heart of the aristocratic Mr. Darcy. Yet the widely read Earl of Chesterfield asserted that only "the mob" would laugh out loud; the gentleman should merely smile. This literary contrast raises important historical questions: how did social rules constrain laughter? Did the highest elites really laugh less than others? How did laughter play out in relations between the sexes? Through fascinating case studies of individuals such as the Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini, the French aristocrat Madame de Sévigné, and the rising civil servant and diarist Samuel Pepys, Laughing Histories reveals the multiple meanings of laughter, from the court to the tavern and street, in a complex history that paved the way for modern laughter. ​ With its study of laughter in relation to power, aggression, gender, sex, class, and social bonding, Laughing Histories is perfect for readers interested in the history of emotions, cultural history, gender history, and literature.
2022-06-06 By Joy Wiltenburg

in relieving the arthritis pain without severe gastrointestinal (GI) side effects. Further testing also confirmed aspirin's superior attributes. However, Dreser, as well as the head of the company, Carl Duisberg, were both more enamored ...

Author: Jie Jack Li

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195300994

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This is a book on the history of drug discovery that highlights the intellectual splendor of discoverers as well as the human frailty associated with them.
2006-09-07 By Jie Jack Li

G.I. Laughs . 1.00 . Harding . Lost Waltz . 1.25 . Hunt . This Is My Life . 1.00 . Jameson , Journal Mary H. Russell . 1.00 . Kaufmann . Letters of Alex . Woollcott . 1.25 . McCormick . Little Coquette . 1.00 . Millar .



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The funnyman and G.I. Joe . Is he teaching you how to be a hero ... Bannon laughed again and then leered through the window making his eyebrows move up and down . ... for you G.I. Joe . I know about you wanting to be more important .

Author: Martyn Burke

Publisher: Martyn Burke

ISBN: 0385133324

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1980 By Martyn Burke

GI LAUGHS Africa and on to England , and of its training and first flights over enemy - held Europe . ... Richard Shafter has caught the spirit of our destroyers and , along with a thousand and more interesting facts , has woven it The ...



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He who laughs last, laughs loudest. ... The context is this: It is customary for people who cannot afford a meal to pay a visit to someone who is more fortunate in order ... He/she acted in such a manner as to "gi' laugh fe peas-soup.

Author: G. Llewellyn Watson

Publisher: Tallahassee : Florida A & M University Press ; Gainsville, Fla. : University Presses of Florida

ISBN: 0813010535

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“A rich and compelling collection that will make a significant contribution to the study of Jamaican/West Indian/black folklore and culture” –Daryl Cumber Dance, Virginia Commonwealth University “A fantastic collection from the rich storehouse of Jamaican traditional oral literature” –Rex Nettleford, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica “A Wealth of Information…. The author carries the presentation of the proverbs/sayings to the level of socio-anthropological significance” –E. Valerie Smith, Florida A&M University In 1992, Jamaicans throughout the world celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Jamaica’s formal independence from Britain this collection of Creole sayings contributes to the lively interest in cultural preservation which exists this year in anticipation of the event. The sayings, an archive of the wit and wisdom of many generations, aim to trigger reflection and thought. They are never fully explained, and, says the author, “in the most extreme situation one might well need an entire week to ponder and think seriously” about their meaning. They exert pressure to conform to community standards, and they influence conduct in much the same way as religion does. Strong in imagery and often poetic, the maxims draw upon a variety of well-known flora, fauna, and real or imaginary creatures the anansi, for example, famous for “playin’ de fool fe ketch wise” (playing foolish in order to catch the wise), is regarded as a favorite hero in folklore. Creole, initially constructed as a coded language, employs a number of West African linguistic traditions. These Creole sayings, a valuable addition to the literature and ethnography of the Caribbean region, link Jamaican culture to its African past. They offer delightful reading to Latin American scholars, to students of comparative sociology and anthropology, and to the general public. G. Llewellyn Watson is professor of sociology at the University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetowwn, Canada.

She “does pre y mu the same thing [as she did in Kinflicks] over again, except that she does more of it and be er. ... at Lisa Alther understands this, and fuses the two, is one of her great gi s as a writer.

Author: Barbara Levy

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134385935

Category: Performing Arts

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This engaging and accessible book examines the world of seven contemporary, popular American women writers and their individual use of wit as a subtle and effective strategy to engage, or "control", the reader. A chapter is devoted to each of the seven writers - Lisa Alther, Rita Mae Brown, Nora Ephron, Shirley Jackson, Alison Lurier, Grace Paley, and Anne Tyler - and discusses their writings and their use of wit in the context of their lives. An opening chapter frames wit and control in psychological realities, and a concluding chapter summarizes the power of wit. A bibliography of the writers' works is also included, making this an ideal introduction and companion to these writers and their works.
2013-09-13 By Barbara Levy