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The MIST COVE has been measured under the new international system , and did not employ the old tonnage reduction techniques to lower the tonnage of the vessel . Because the Coast Guard has not implemented their authority to establish ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure


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For an autumn morning, only a light mist hovers over the lawn and the flat, rocky terrain leading to the cove. Already the mist ascends, leaving droplets on the blades of the small yard of grass. Birds from the mountain forest herald ...

Author: Honor Tracy

Publisher: FriesenPress

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1961 By Honor Tracy

From a career so busy she misses out on heating up things in the bedroom and where she spends most of her time in a TV-set kitchen, she ends up cooking in a ship's galley and enjoys a journey into sensuality no decadent, triple-chocolate ...

Author: Alexa Dare

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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Reality cooking show host, Megan Forrester, braces for a film crew interruption of her long-awaited lighthouse tour vacation. While Megan cooks in a fake kitchen on a filming set, she misses out on heating up things in a real bedroom. As if onlys pile up like a stack of failed gluten-free recipes, she looks forward to a fun escape and getaway with her best friends from childhood and is no way prepared when fate intrudes. When she steps into an unnatural fog in the present, she stumbles into the arms of a sexy pirate turned supply runner Everett Quinn in 1892. Everett sets out to waylay a man that threatens Everett's livelihood. While Harbor's Keep founder, Captain Zachariah Donovan, controls most of the town, he has no say against Everett and his former pirate mates. Destiny, on the other hand, holds sway. Fortune-uncertain and askew-dares to confront Megan and Everett's burgeoning desire. A steamy time travel romance in which true love tests the boundaries of time and fate. From the Mist, Book 1 of the Hidden Cove Time Travel Trilogy, from the time travel historical romance Harbor's Keep series, features pirates, paranormal elements, sizzling romance, and sensual high seas romantic adventure. Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and lots of sensual high seas adventure. Intended for mature audiences.
2016-12-16 By Alexa Dare

Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association has active fisheries development projects Deer Lake and Mist Cove . A National Marine Fisheries Service hatchery and permanent housing are located at Little Port Walter .



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... Island Mishap Creek Misheguk Mountain Mishevik Slough Mishuk Creek Missak Bay Mission Cove Mission Creek Mission ... Range Missoula Creek Missouri Creek Missouri Creek Missouri Creek Mist Cove Mist Creek Mist Harbor Mist Island ...

Author: Geological Survey (U.S.). Branch of Geographic Names


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A wave - cut terrace or bench is everywhere present along the coastline in Mist Cove . This former higher shoreline is approximately 10 feet above the present high - water line and indicates a former lower land surface or a higher sea ...



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1949 By

In the distance, mist began to slowly roll out her blanket and cover the valley. There are those who find this mist a cover of comfort, while others look at it as a restrictive hindrance to movement. As the mist turned to fog and was ...

Author: Timothy Jay

Publisher: Redemption Press

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Fans of Stranger Things and The Wonder Years will feel at home in this coming-of-age tale set in the 1970s and ’80s. Chock full of mystery, suspense, and nostalgia-inducing teen angst, rebellion, and romance, Alliance Lake ~ Be Still tracks a group of teens before—and after—the tragedy that shapes their futures and connects them ever after.
2018-03-08 By Timothy Jay

As the confinement takes its toll on their nerves, a religious zealot, Mrs. Carmody, begins to play on their fears to convince them that this is God’s vengeance for their sins.

Author: Stephen King

Publisher: Scribner

ISBN: 1982103523

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Stephen King’s terrifying novella about a town engulfed in a dense, mysterious mist as humanity makes its last stand against unholy destruction—originally published in the acclaimed short story collection Skeleton Crew and made into a TV series, as well as a feature film starring Thomas Jane and Marcia Gay Harden. In the wake of a summer storm, terror descends...David Drayton, his son Billy, and their neighbor Brent Norton join dozens of others and head to the local grocery store to replenish supplies following a freak storm. Once there, they become trapped by a strange mist that has enveloped the town. As the confinement takes its toll on their nerves, a religious zealot, Mrs. Carmody, begins to play on their fears to convince them that this is God’s vengeance for their sins. She insists a sacrifice must be made and two groups—those for and those against—are aligned. Clearly, staying in the store may prove fatal, and the Draytons, along with store employee Ollie Weeks, Amanda Dumfries, Irene Reppler, and Dan Miller, attempt to make their escape. But what’s out there may be worse than what they left behind. This exhilarating novella explores the horror in both the enemy you know—and the one you can only imagine.
2018-06-05 By Stephen King

... mending a fishing net; behind her, one can see a nice rocky hill encircling a Santa Monica cove. ... at the end of the film) for atmospheric phenomena: This picture's first scene comes forth out of the mist near a little cove.

Author: Paolo Cherchi Usai

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781839020131

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1912 is the first 'golden year' in the career of D.W. Griffith. There is still a wealth of treasures waiting to be uncovered in this year. Their reappraisal is one of the aims of this sixth installment in the multi-year research project commissioned by the Pordenone Silent Film Festival in Sacile.
2019-07-25 By Paolo Cherchi Usai

The Last Cove Diary Book Ever - (Honest!) Andrew Carne. Fortunately, we have a first aid kit and ... I did not even realise that the mist had rolled in, sometime late in the afternoon. Apparently we had it good, as it was as thick as a ...

Author: Andrew Carne

Publisher: ShieldCrest

ISBN: 9781910176702

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"Another book! He hasn't been as tenacious as this since we kicked him out of house at sixteen and he spent an hour trying to get back in." - his mother. "He reckons he's been writing this junk for five years. Anyone with a single grain of propriety would have stopped after the first one - or even before." - Graham Windlass, Nottingham. "We've been waiting for this. I had the last one sent through the post because someone, probably him, said it would be worth a read. I knew I wasn't wasting my time nailing shut our letterbox." - Name supplied, Swindon. "If Edward Snowden had found this stuff in the darkened recesses of some government top secret files he would have left it there." - R. Griffiths, Northants.
2015-07-20 By Andrew Carne