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Join Illumination's Minions and Gru in this special padded collection of six hilarious and despicable read-aloud stories from the Minions franchise! Revisit your favorite characters from Despicable Me and Minions with this fun- and banana-filled treasury. With six silly stories that can each be read aloud in just five minutes, this collection is perfect for bedtime, story time, and any time in between. This collection includes: Despicable Me: World's Greatest Villain Despicable Me 2: Undercover Super Spies Despicable Me 2: Attack of the Evil Minions Minions: Dracula's Birthday Minions Paradise: Phil Saves the Day Minion Made: Mower Minions Minions Franchise © Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved.

J Revisit your favorite characters from Despicable Me This collection includes:Despicable Me: World's Greatest VillainMinions Franchise © Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved.



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J Revisit your favorite characters from Despicable Me This collection includes:Despicable Me: World's Greatest VillainMinions Franchise © Universal City Studios LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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She usedan oldfashioned landline and that made her feel a tiny bit better. ... She really should've ditched the call, but no doubt he had caller ID and several minions who could find out in a minute who'd hung up on him. “Hi, Tripp.

Author: Lisa Scott

Publisher: Lisa Scott


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Where do you find secret crushes, old flames, and regret galore? At any class reunion, of course. Reunion Flirts! features five sweet, funny, romantic short stories, set at a ten-year high school reunion. Each tale is 9,000-12,000 words in length. These stories stand alone, but when read as a collection, they link together. The stories include: "Second Chance" (11,000 words) Chelsea Hallman’s ex-boyfriend, Tripp McCall, is now a rich business tycoon, and she wants him back. Not for his money, but for his humor, his kindness, and his mesmerizing gray eyes. But when he offers to help organize their ten-year class reunion, Chelsea suspects he’s just trying to show her what she lost. Could he ever give her a second chance? "Class Flirt" (10,000 words) Martina Klein has worked hard to put the title of Class Flirt behind her, and she’s determined to show her classmates they were wrong about her. She brings her conservative co-worker Jackson along as the perfect date. When she arrives, old rumors start flying, and soon she only cares about one person’s opinion—Jackson’s. Could he ever be with her now that he knows the truth about her past? "Crush" (12,000 words) Cathy Blake has lusted over Peter Schmidt since freshman year, and she’s finally going to tell him how she feels at their ten-year high school reunion. But Cathy doesn’t know someone’s had a crush on her for years. And when Danny Patel shows up to confess his feelings to her, Cathy has to question what she really wants. "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" (9,000 words) Tate has secretly loved his best friend’s girlfriend, Alyssa, even before the two of them started dating. Now that they’re divorced, Tate’s wondering if it’s finally his chance to tell Alyssa the truth. Can Alyssa ever see him as more than a friend? "Homecoming Queen" (12,000 words) Country music star Lucy Jordan has no desire to come back to her ten-year high school reunion. The jerks in her class voted her Homecoming Queen as a joke. Plus, Lucy’s life is more screwed up than a sad country song. But she sneaks into the reunion to honor the memory of her late friend. And what she learns changes everything about her past and the possibilities for the future. You might enjoy Lisa's other Flirts! collections: Flirts!, Beach Flirts!, Holiday Flirts!, Fairy Tale Flirts!, Wedding Flirts!, More Flirts!, Fairy Tale Flirts 2!, Office Flirts!, and Magic Flirts! Look for Twin Flirts! in early 2015. Also, check out Lisa's Willowdale Romance novel series.
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Edith, and Agnes (and ever-so-anxious minions), Gru reviews everyone to make sure they'rereadyto become minions. Sporting your “minion goggles,” youare ... Production Central | | Duration: 5 mins. Crowds: Heavy.

Author: Fodor's Travel Guides

Publisher: Fodor's Travel

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Written by locals, Fodor's travel guides have been offering expert advice for all tastes and budgets for 80 years. For generations, Americans have come to play and dream in Orlando. Whether visitors want to wander the halls of Hogwarts or dine with Cinderella, Fodor's Walt Disney World 2015 provides everything they need to know. Color photos and features highlight the best of the theme parks, area hotels and restaurants, golf courses and spas, and Tampa/St. Pete. This travel guide includes: · Dozens of full-color maps · Hundreds of hotel and restaurant recommendations, with Fodor's Choice designating our top picks · Multiple itineraries to explore the top attractions and what’s off the beaten path · Major sights such as Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, Busch Gardens Tampa, Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld and Discovery Center, and I-Drive · Coverage of Walt Disney World; Universal Orlando; Wet 'N Wild; Seaworld, Discovery Cove, and Aquatica Planning to visit more of Florida? Check out Fodor's state-wide travel guide to Florida.
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... hour and fifteen minute class, I was impressed. He stood up behind the podium and again made one cursory glance at the upper rows of the small auditorium before lowering his eyes and smiling at his minions in the first three rows.

Author: J. L. Larson

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781475977769

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Minnesota is known for frigid weather, thousands of lakes, and Scandinavian humor. But in this anthology of ten short stories, J. L. Larson shows a different side of the state via unique tales of conflict, adventure, and intrigue that often transport characters outside it borders. In July of 1970, at a benign looking intersection in the middle of Minnesota farmland, a fateful mishap occurs yet again! What is it about this seemingly nondescript junction that makes it such a repetitive and bloody deathtrap? Is it the terrain, the weather, the drivers—or a combination of these and maybe a few other factors? In another story, a paper company executive and his wife must cope with an empty nest and the loss of his job. He’s doing fine ... until he receives a strange, late-night call about his self-centered, malicious nemesis from the old job. In tale after tale, Larson showcases eclectic characters who embark on adventures that include a disaster on a popular lake, an emotional confrontation in a university classroom, the mysterious travel exploits experienced by a young man with his uncle, and the recurring, dramatic impact on a young teen as his life moves forward following a seemingly insignificant encounter. The Accident at Sanborn Corners and Other Minnesota Short Stories is an entertaining compilation of situations and themes that illustrate how various characters cope with the unexpected in life.
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5. Now in all this matter, I ask you, Sir, who ran the greatest risk? Why, I – Hector Ratichon, of course – Hector Ratichon, ... and he in his turn had put the minions of the law in full possession of all the facts; and since M. le Comte.

Author: Emma Orczy

Publisher: e-artnow

ISBN: 9788026888444

Category: Fiction

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This meticulously edited collection contains 31 novels and over 100 short stories of Emma Orczy, including the complete Scarlet Pimpernel series and other historical novels, adventure and romance classics. Contents: The Scarlet Pimpernel Series: The Laughing Cavalier The First Sir Percy The Scarlet Pimpernel Sir Percy Leads the Band The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel I Will Repay The Elusive Pimpernel Lord Tony's Wife The Way of the Scarlet Pimpernel Eldorado Mam'zelle Guillotine Sir Percy Hits Back Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel A Child of the Revolution In the Rue Monge Pimpernel and Rosemary The Scarlet Pimpernel Looks at the World Other Novels: The Emperor's Candlesticks The Tangled Skein (In Mary's Reign) Beau Brocade The Nest of the Sparrowhawk Petticoat Rule (Petticoat Government) The Heart of a Woman (A True Woman) Unto Caesar A Bride of the Plains The Bronze Eagle Leatherface His Majesty's Well-Beloved The Honourable Jim The Celestial City Marivosa A Joyous Adventure The Uncrowned King Short Stories: The Old Man in the Corner Unravelled Knots The Khaki Tunic The Ingres Masterpiece The Pearl Necklace The Russian Prince The Mysterious Tragedy in Bishop'S Road The Dog'S Tooth Cliff The Tytherton Case The Brudenell Court The White Carnation The Montmartre Hat The Miser of Maida Vale The Fulton Gardens Mystery A Moorland Tragedy Lady Molly of Scotland Yard The Ninescore Mystery The Frewin Miniatures The Irish-Tweed Coat The Fordwych Castle Mystery A Day's Folly A Castle in Brittany A Christmas Tragedy The Bag of Sand The Man in the Inverness Cape The Woman in the Big Hat Sir Jeremiah's Will The End The Man in Grey Silver-leg The Spaniard The Mystery of Marie Vaillant The Emeralds of Mademoiselle Philipa The Bourbon Prince The Mystery of a Woman's Heart The League of Knaves The Arrow Poison The Last Adventure Castles in the Air A Roland For His Oliver A Fool's Paradise On The Brink Carissimo The Toys Honour Among –– An Over-Sensitive Heart Skin o' My Tooth
2018-04-11 By Emma Orczy

telling amusing stories of them playing as children, doubledating as teenagers, and how they grew apart as adults only to come together again through the love ... her minions took pictures of the crowd and license plate numbers on cars.

Author: Abigail Keam

Publisher: Worker Bee Press


Category: Fiction

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Death By Deceit Josiah Reynolds and her girlfriend had just seen a movie and were going home when they discover a dead body. Why does this always happen to Josiah? She learns the dead man was a reporter and a stranger to the Bluegrass. The police believe his death is due to a botched robbery, but Josiah thinks otherwise and begins snooping around. When Detective Drake tells Josiah to back off, Josiah’s forensic psychiatrist boyfriend, Hunter, comes to the rescue and hires her to help investigate the case. Now Josiah has carte blanche to all the reports concerning the case, and they bear out her theory of what really happened to the dead reporter, but no one will listen. Josiah makes it her mission to unearth evidence that will prove her theory. She begins the dangerous game of finding out the truth in a world that hides its secrets among antebellum mansions, oak-cured bourbon, and million dollar horses grazing in emerald pastures. This is the world of the Bluegrass—a world of wealth, privilege, and now murder! Death By Magic Josiah goes to a fundraiser for abandoned Thoroughbred horses and meets Rudy Lee; whereupon, he tells her a fortune teller at the event prophesied he will be murdered. But while Josiah tells Rudy the fortune is utter nonsense, she can’t help shake the notion the fortune teller might be right. Join Josiah in her search for the truth in the “dark and bloody” ground of "Caintuck" where secrets are held tight to one’s heart and deep within the dark, loamy soil of its ancient hunting grounds. Death By Shock Josiah is joined by Shaneika, and her sweet, innocent cousin, Heather, on an archaeological dig at Fort Boonesborough where Daniel Boone led pioneers to the wild frontier of “Caintuck.” At Boonesborough Josiah and Shaneika meet the Dane twins, rich society women, who just rub them the wrong way. However, Heather is entranced by the sisters, having read about them in the society columns and financial pages. That is until Heather catches one of them plotting to murder her identical twin. But which twin is planning to murder the other? Heather can’t tell them apart. She tells Josiah what she witnessed, hoping our intrepid sleuth will intervene. Josiah is unable to prevent the murder, but soon discovers Heather is neither sweet nor innocent and might have a motive for lying about the Dane sisters. As Josiah does some digging of her own, it turns out other participants on the excavation also have motives for murder. Josiah searches for truth in a land that hides its secrets well in soil soaked with the blood of innocents and scoundrels alike. Kentucky is not called the “dark and bloody ground” for nothing.
2022-02-09 By Abigail Keam

Like the sooty minions of Hell , they cannot be rehabilitated . ... These stories were offered as casual entertainments , never intended to carry the weight of consistency . ... Come join Grace in the final minutes of any case .

Author: Robert Sampson

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 0879724501

Category: Fiction

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History of the American pulp magazine. Includes such titles as The Shadow, Black Mask, Weird Tales, Scientic Detective Monthly and Scarlet Adventuress as well as characters like Doc Savage, Captain Future, The Spider, Phantom Detective, The Whisperer and Senorita Scorpion, quick-trigger blonde from Old Texas.
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Also featured on the platter is a 47- minute still-photo montage, reconstructing an intriguing 1927 vampire ... a 6-minute featurette on the first platter that focuses Ace of Hearts and a 5-minute piece looking at Laugh, Clown, Laugh.

Author: Douglas Pratt

Publisher: UNET 2 Corporation

ISBN: 9781932916010

Category: Performing Arts


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Doug Pratt is the leading reviewer of DVDs, a contributor to Rolling Stone, and editor and publisher of The DVD-Laserdisc Newsletter. Choice says, "Pratt's writing is amusing, comprehensive and informative." Rolling Stone calls this two-volume set, "the gold standard on all things DVD." The set is unique in giving space to non-feature-film DVDs, the fastest growing area of the market. Not just a reference book, it's also good reading.
2005-01-01 By Douglas Pratt

... is the Menasha Skulnik , veteran comic latest brain wave in WNEW's of the Yiddish stage , has blossomed planned ... interesting and price list B - 5 GLOSSY PROFESSIONAL Reviewed Wednesday , 2-4 p.m. stories and personalities .



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