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Ian Simpson, “West Virginia Official Who Called Michelle Obama 'Ape in Heels' Fired,” Reuters, Dec. 27, 2016. 15. Peter Slevin, “How Michelle Obama Became a Singular American Voice,” Washington Post, Dec, 12, 2016. 16. Ibid. 17.

Author: Elizabeth Lightfoot

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781493041336

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 264

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There is no one quite like her. Michelle Obama. This is the first book to tell the astonishing story of a woman whose intellect, verbal flair, and poise are certain to make her one of the most influential First Ladies in history. A woman whose remark, “For the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country,” did her husband's campaign no good. A woman whose impassioned speech to the Democratic National Convention may have helped win him the Oval Office. A woman touted as a future presidential candidate herself. Readers are given a revealing and intimate look at Michelle Obama's remarkable life—from her Chicago childhood to her education at Princeton and Harvard, from how she first met Barack Obama at the prestigious law firm where they were the only African-Americans, to her role as his closest adviser, and to her own political beliefs. For Michelle, family comes first, and—like so many women who struggle between family and career—she seriously weighed her husband's presidential ambitions before giving her stamp of approval. Apparently she struck a hard bargain: he had to give up smoking.
2018-11-01 By Elizabeth Lightfoot

As a girl, Michelle saw how hard her father worked and how he struggled to live a happy and full life with a debilitating ... Michelle was clever.. .and Michelle WHEN SHE WAS LITTLE... her brother, Craig, gave her the 20 • MICHELLEOBAMA.

Author: Sarah Parvis

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780740798412

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In the incredibly giftable little book Michelle Obama, readers get an inside look at the remarkable First Lady of the United States. Michelle Obama is a strong role model for women everywhere. She grew up on the South Side of Chicago, and graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. She would later meet her future husband (and our future president), Barack Obama, at the Sidley Austin law firm. This is her story and this is history in the making. Amazing candid photos and insights make this Little Book a big must-have for any American.
2013-02-05 By Sarah Parvis

Michelle Obama: First Lady and Role Model. Edina, Minnesota. ABDO, 2010. Brill, Marlene Targ. Michelle Obama: From Chicago's South Side to the White House. Minneapolis: Lerner Publishing, 2009. Brophy, David Bergen. Michelle Obama: Meet ...

Author: Joanne Mattern

Publisher: Mitchell Lane

ISBN: 9781545750377

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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In this colorful biography, find out how Michelle Robinson's family always encouraged her to reach for the stars. From her early days as a schoolgirl to her college years in Chicago and later at Princeton University, Michelle was always determined to do her best. After meeting and marrying Barack Obama, Michelle became part of a powerful team that changed history when Barack was elected the nation's first African-American president. Despite her fame, Michelle has always placed her family first. She has also become a role model for helping others and building a strong community.
2020-02-10 By Joanne Mattern

Books David Bergen Brophy, Michelle Obama: Meet the First Lady. New York: Collins, 2009. This book is a juvenile nonfiction biography of Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama: In Her Own Words. New York: PublicAffairs, 2009.

Author: Michael V. Uschan

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781420502091

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 112

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Michelle Robinson Obama was born on Chicago's South Side, one of two children of Fraser and Marian Robinson. From Chicago public schools she went on to Princeton, eventually earning a law degree from Harvard. After a stint at the law firm where she met Barack Obama, Michelle's interests turned toward community service. Already juggling marriage, children, and career, she was drawn onto the national stage by Barack's political career. This profile offers insights into the life of Michelle Obama and her role as America's First Lady.
2009-12-30 By Michael V. Uschan

“Fear the war, fear”: Guy Clifton, “Michelle Obama Illuminate's Husband's Vision,” Reno GazetteJournal, August 10,2007. “There'sonlyone person”:Joe Astrouki, “Michelle Obama Backs Husband's Nomination,” The Equinox, December 13, 2007.

Author: Liza Mundy

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781471104534

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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It will be a deeply reported book tracing Michelle's life from her beginnings to now. She was every parent's dream, skipping second grade because of her smarts, going on to Princeton and then Harvard Law School. The book will describe the South side of Chicago where the Robinson family grew up, Michelle's parents (her father had MS and worked for the city of Chicago, her mother stayed home), the hard-working culture of the Robinson family, Michelle's experience on the racially-tense campus of Princeton in the early 80s, her success at Harvard, how she experienced the death of her father and best friend, how she met Obama, the kind of partnership they have created, the kind of career as a lawyer and health care executive she pursued in Chicago, her views about political life and her aptitude for it, and her profile as a mother. The book will be based on the public record, on interviews she has given in the past, and on fresh interviews with her and members of her circle.
2012-12-25 By Liza Mundy

“Lovely”: Obama, Audacity of Hope, 316. “I thought, 'Now how would that look?'”: Mendell, Obama, 94. “I'm not worrying about dating”: West, “Her Plan Went Awry, but Michelle Obama Doesn't Mind.” “She had all these little facts about ...

Author: David Colbert

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 9780547349930

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

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This YA biography of the former First Lady considers her journey from Chicago to the White House in the larger context of African American history. Michelle Obama grew up on Chicago's South Side, and while the world outside her door was chaotic and ever-changing, her family provided a stable environment in which she could grow and flourish. This biography of the former First Lady shows how a girl from a working class background could rise to become one of the most influential women of her day. More than a chronology of life events, this book looks at Michelle Obama's story within the larger context of African American history: slavery, freedom, the Reconstruction era, the Civil Rights movement, and finally, her own era. History both shaped and challenged Michelle. And ultimately, she not only overcame the obstacles put before her, she went on to carve out her own place in history.
2009-01-20 By David Colbert

finds evidence in five speeches and several websites that Michelle Obama employs a polyphonic persona to persuade. In conducting a persona analysis based on the concept of mother, Simon moves away from the symbolic meaning of the ...

Author: Elizabeth J. Natalle

Publisher: Lexington Books

ISBN: 9781498512220

Category: Social Science

Page: 180

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Michelle Obama: First Lady, American Rhetor is an edited anthology that explores the persona and speech-making of the country’s first African American first lady. The result of these thought-provoking essays is an interdisciplinary text that explores the First Lady from a rhetorical and cultural point of view. Authors analyze her Democratic National Convention speeches, her brand as First Lady, her communication from her latest trip to Africa, her agenda rhetoric in Let’s Move! and Reach Higher, and her coming out as a Black feminist intellectual when she spoke at Maya Angelou’s memorial service. Readers will recognize Michelle Obama as a rhetor of our times—a woman who influences America at the intersections of gender, race, and class and who is representative of what women are today.
2015-08-27 By Elizabeth J. Natalle

Michelle Obama: 44th First Lady and Health and Education Advocate. Leading Women. New York: Cavendish Square, 2014. Machajewski, Sarah. Michelle Obama. Superwomen Role Models. New York: PowerKids Press, 2016.

Author: Tim Cooke

Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP

ISBN: 9781538252482

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

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Michelle Robinson was a young, ambitious lawyer from Chicago when she met her husband-to-be Barack Obama. Michelle juggled her career and two daughters while supporting her husband's political career, which led him to the White House as the first black president. After Barack left office, Michelle continued to be a global figurehead for advancing women's rights. This accessible biography, which features interesting fact boxes, vivid photographs, and fun cartoon Michelles, has all the information readers want to know about this dynamic woman.
2019-12-15 By Tim Cooke

Michelle Obama has Beyoncé and Mariah Carey on her iPod, but Stevie Wonder is her favorite musician of all time. For their first dance, Beyoncé Knowles sang the classic song “At Last.” The party was the first of 10 that the Obamas ...

Author: Amanda Hudson


ISBN: 9781459621923

Category: Large print books

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Although her husband is president of the United States, Michelle Obama is more than just the wife of a powerful man. She is a success in her own right. An accomplished lawyer and public servant, she is a highly educated, independent woman. Now, as first lady, Obama is using her experience and skills in one of the most important roles in the country.
2011 By Amanda Hudson

( Check out more about Michelle's Let's Move! initiative on the White House website. Michelle Obama on Instagram ( Follow the former First Lady as she ...

Author: Kristen Rajczak Nelson

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 9781534567764

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 104

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In 2011, Michelle Obama said, "There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made." Since leaving the White House, she has continued to live by those words. Readers explore the most current examples of her activism, but they also take a look into her past to see how her impressive educational and professional background made her a unique and historic First Lady. Detailed sidebars, vibrant photographs, and annotated quotes allow readers to trace her journey from her childhood in Chicago to her time in the White House and the release of her highly-anticipated memoir.
2019-07-15 By Kristen Rajczak Nelson