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They can at least accept part of his assumptions , methods and conclusions . ... Summary This article argues that Berg's study The Development of Exegesis in Early Islam : The Authenticity of Muslim Literature from the Formative Period ...

Author: Herbert Berg

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004126023

Category: Social Science

Page: 401

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This collection of articles examines the various and often mutually exclusive methodological approaches and theoretical assumptions used by scholars of Islamic origins.
2003-01-01 By Herbert Berg

That is to say that early Islamic history cannot be reconstructed on the basis of such sources.98 Since our sources for the first Islamic century or the origins of Islam are the ... Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins, x.

Author: Mun'im Sirry

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527571341

Category: Religion

Page: 344

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What evidence do we have to reconstruct the origins of Islam? On the basis of what sources can the first century of Islam be accessed? Why do historians of early Islam consider the literary sources of Islamic origins to be so problematic? How is the problem of early Islamic history framed? This book addresses these critical questions by discussing various approaches to the problem of reconstructing Islamic origins. In a spirit of welcoming diverse perspectives and encouraging healthy scholarly debate, it explores different, even conflicting modern theories about the emergence of Islam through various case studies, including recent debates on the Qur’an, the biography of the Prophet, and early conquest narratives. A broad spectrum of both traditionalist and revisionist scholarship is critically examined with the purpose of illuminating not only how modern scholars differ, but also what they have in common.
2021-06-21 By Mun'im Sirry

69–103; J. Koren and Y. D. Nevo, 'Methodological Approaches to Islamic Studies,' Der Islam 68 (1991), pp. ... of Muslim Traditions Reconsidered: A Review Article,' in Berg, ed., Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins, pp.

Author: Jack Tannous

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691203157

Category: History

Page: 664

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A bold new religious history of the late antique and medieval Middle East that places ordinary Christians at the center of the story In the second half of the first millennium CE, the Christian Middle East fractured irreparably into competing churches and Arabs conquered the region, setting in motion a process that would lead to its eventual conversion to Islam. Jack Tannous argues that key to understanding these dramatic religious transformations are ordinary religious believers, often called “the simple” in late antique and medieval sources. Largely agrarian and illiterate, these Christians outnumbered Muslims well into the era of the Crusades, and yet they have typically been invisible in our understanding of the Middle East’s history. What did it mean for Christian communities to break apart over theological disagreements that most people could not understand? How does our view of the rise of Islam change if we take seriously the fact that Muslims remained a demographic minority for much of the Middle Ages? In addressing these and other questions, Tannous provides a sweeping reinterpretation of the religious history of the medieval Middle East. This provocative book draws on a wealth of Greek, Syriac, and Arabic sources to recast these conquered lands as largely Christian ones whose growing Muslim populations are properly understood as converting away from and in competition with the non-Muslim communities around them.
2020-03-31 By Jack Tannous

It takes its cue from my colleague Herb Berg, who claimed several years ago that “to discuss Islamic origins, and as a result early Islamic history and civilization, is to discuss theory and method.” 1 Theory and method, as I understand ...

Author: Mette Bjerregaard Mortensen

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110675566

Category: Religion

Page: 382

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The study of Islam’s origins from a rigorous historical and social science perspective is still wanting. At the same time, a renewed attention is being paid to the very plausible pre-canonical redactional and editorial stages of the Qur'an, a book whose core many contemporary scholars agree to be formed by various independent writings in which encrypted passages from the OT Pseudepigrapha, the NT Apocrypha, and other ancient writings of Jewish, Christian, and Manichaean provenance may be found. Likewise, the earliest Islamic community is presently regarded by many scholars as a somewhat undetermined monotheistic group that evolved from an original Jewish-Christian milieu into a distinct Muslim group perhaps much later than commonly assumed and in a rather unclear way. The following volume gathers select studies that were originally shared at the Early Islamic Studies Seminar. These studies aim at exploring afresh the dawn and early history of Islam with the tools of biblical criticism as well as the approaches set forth in the study of Second Temple Judaism, Christian, and Rabbinic origins, thereby contributing to the renewed, interdisciplinary study of formative Islam as part and parcel of the complex processes of religious identity formation during Late Antiquity.

Paris: Maisonneuve, 1984. al-Ash'arl, Abu al-Husayn 'All. Kitab maqalat al-islamlyin wa-ikhtilaf al-musallin. ... Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Science: Texts and Studies 37. ... Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins.

Author: Joseph Edmund Lowry

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004163607

Category: Religion

Page: 443

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This book offers a comprehensive reinterpretation of Sh?fi 's "Ris?la" and shows how Sh?fi sought to formulate an all-embracing hermeneutic that portrays the law as a tightly interlocking structure organized around defined interactions of the Qur n and the Sunna.

Muslim Studies, edited by S.M. Stern, translated by C.R. Barber and S.M. Stern. 2 vols. London: George Allen and Unwin. ... A Study in Methodology.” In Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins, edited by Herbert Berg, 179–208.

Author: Daniel W. Brown

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118638484

Category: Religion

Page: 440

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The most comprehensive and up-to-date English-language guide on hadith scholarship The source of much of our knowledge of the first two centuries of Islamic history, the hadith literature is made up of thousands of traditions collected during the formative years of Islam. Alongside the Qur'an, the hadith forms a second major body of Islamic scripture, and much of Islamic belief and practice rests on the hadith including Islamic law, Islamic theology, Qur'anic interpretation, political thought, and personal behavior. Yet despite its importance to Muslims worldwide and its indispensable role as a source for early Islamic history, the hadith remains unexplored territory for many non-specialist readers. The Wiley Blackwell Companion to the Hadith is a concise yet comprehensive overview of both Islamic and Western traditions of hadith study, offering up-to-date scholarship and providing readers with an essential guide to this distinctive aspect of Islam. Written by a multidisciplinary team of distinguished scholars, the Companion discusses questions of authenticity, epistemology and authority in the hadith and explores the relationship of the hadith literature to other ways of transmitting knowledge and establishing authority. Covers the origins of hadith, the application of hadith within the Islamic intellectual tradition, and contemporary revaluations of hadith literature Addresses developments in modern scholarship about the origins of Islam and Islamic law which are rooted in a revaluation of hadith Presents new and groundbreaking research from international scholars from divergent perspectives to present an accurate and lively overview of the field Explores the emergence of skepticism about hadith among western scholars Surveys the evolution of a wide range of approaches to hadith among modern Muslims Filling a significant gap in current literature in the field, The Wiley Blackwell Companion to the Hadith is a valuable resource for students, scholars, and researchers in Islamic studies, Islamic law, history, and theology.
2020-01-14 By Daniel W. Brown

Arabs and Others in Early Islam. Princeton, 1997. Berg, Herbert. “Competing Paradigms in the Study of Islamic Origins: Qur'ān 15:89–91 and the Value of Isnāds.” In Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins, ed.

Author: Tayeb El-Hibri

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231150828

Category: Social Science

Page: 471

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Tayeb El-Hibri draws on medieval Islamic chronicles to remap the origins of Islamic political and religious orthodoxy, offering an insightful critique of both early and contemporary Islam and the concerns of legitimacy shadowing various rulers. He also highlights the Islamic reinterpretation of biblical traditions.
2010 By Tayeb El-Hibri

Eschatology, history, and the common link: a study in methodology, in H. Berg (ed.): Method and theory in the study of Islamic origins, Leiden-Boston 2003, 179—208. Görke, A. and G. Schoeler: Die áltesten Berichte über das Leben ...

Author: Andrew Rippin

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004283756

Category: History

Page: 424

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An international group of twenty-one friends and colleagues join together to explore authors, genres and traditions of the Muslim world reflecting and honouring the contribution of Claude Gilliot to Islamic studies.
2014-12-08 By Andrew Rippin

Cf. Andreas Görke, “Eschatology, History, and the Common Link: A Study in Methodology,” in Herbert Berg, ed., Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins (Leiden, 2003), 179–208; and Harald Motzki, “Dating Muslim Traditions: A ...

Author: Leor Halevi

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231511933

Category: Religion

Page: 416

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In his probing study of the role of death rites in the making of Islamic society, Leor Halevi imaginatively plays prescriptive texts against material culture and advances new ways of interpreting highly contested sources. His original research reveals that religious scholars of the early Islamic period produced codes of funerary law not only to define the handling of a Muslim corpse but also to transform everyday urban practices. Relying on oral traditions, these scholars established new social patterns in the cities of Arabia, Mesopotamia, and the eastern Mediterranean. They distinguished Islamic rites from Christian, Jewish, and Zoroastrian rites and changed the way men and women interacted publicly and privately. In each chapter Halevi explores a different layer of human interaction, following the movement of the corpse from the deathbed to the grave. In the process he analyzes the real and imaginary relationships between husbands and wives, prayer leaders and mourners, and even dreamers and the dead. He describes how Muslims wailed for the deceased, prepared corpses for burial, marched in funerary processions, and prayed for the dead, highlighting the specific economic and political factors involved in these rituals as well as key religious and sexual divisions. Offering a unique perspective on the making of Islamic social and religious ideals during this early period, Halevi forges a fascinating link between the development of funerary rites and the efforts of an emerging religion to carve out its own, distinct identity. Muhammad's Grave is a groundbreaking history of the rise of Islam and the roots of contemporary Muslim attitudes toward the body and society.
2011-07-05 By Leor Halevi

Berg, Herbert, The Development of Exegesis in Early Islam. The Authenticity of Muslim Literature from the Formative Period, Richmond, Surrey 2000. —— (ed.), Method and Theory in the Study of Islamic Origins, Leiden 2003.

Author: Nicolet Boekhoff- van der Voort

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789004180499

Category: Religion

Page: 502

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Since its inception, the study of ad th conducted by scholars trained in the Western academic tradition has been marked by sharp methodological debates. A focal issue is the origin and development of traditions on the advent of Islam. Scholars' verdicts on these traditions have ranged from late fabrications without any historical value for the time concerning which the narrations purport to give information to early, accurately transmitted texts that allow one to reconstruct Islamic origins . Starting from previous contributions to the debate, the studies collected in this volume show that, by careful analysis of their texts and chains of transmission, the history of Muslim traditions can be reconstructed with a high degree of probability and their historicity assessed afresh.