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They are extremely hard to kill as they are immune to most weapons, apparently have no vital organs, and their 'bodies' can even divide and act independently for short periods of time and over short distances before reforming.

Author: Joseph A. McCullough

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472824035

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 96

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Part magical university, part museum, part tourist attraction, the great Collegium of Artistry had flourished in Felstad's final days. Under the leadership of the seemingly immortal Malcor the Mad, the vast complex expanded, with new wings being built wherever they would fit, including up and down the rock face, and even buried within the mountain itself. Visitors called it one of the architectural wonders of the world; the students, who often got lost in its endless tunnels, simply called it 'The Maze'. With a titanic crash, an immense ice shelf tears free from the mountains that that loom above Frostgrave, revealing the lost Collegium, and the race for its secrets begins. The Maze is known to have contained many rare and unique treasures, and who knows what may have survived... This new, expanded supplement for Frostgrave contains a host of new adventures, treasures, and creatures to challenge players. It also includes its own, unique campaign and experience system, as well as information about several of the mythical lost schools of magic.
2018-06-28 By Joseph A. McCullough

The hair was the hardest thing to get, but I finally found one on her desk at school. The beetles were hard to catch and even harder to kill, and the only blood I could find was from a dead bird. As I didn't want to use blood, ...

Author: Grace Lee


ISBN: 9780244722777

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 102

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The original stories were published on the ABC open website site with photos. However, the site changed the way writers told stories so I decided to make a book of my words. All the stories are mine and talk about events that happened throughout my life.
2018-11-27 By Grace Lee

Which means they are going to try very hard to kill you. Spirits can only affect the mortal world by using a mortal host or through the intervention of sorcery. Here, we have no such limitations. They will seek you, and if they find you ...

Author: Jonathan Moeller

Publisher: Azure Flame Media, LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: 330

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Caina Amalas is a Ghost circlemaster, leader of the Emperor's spies in Istarinmul. Yet the people of Istarinmul know her as the Balarigar, the daring master thief who challenged the corrupt lords and cruel princes of the city. And now Grand Master Callatas, the most powerful sorcerer of Istarinmul, wants her dead, and without allies Caina will not survive. So when a legendary thief offers Caina a chance to rob Callatas himself, she has no choice but to join the venture. But no one has ever escaped the dark perils of Callatas's Maze...
2014-05-27 By Jonathan Moeller

gave Theseus a ball of thread to trace his way out of the labyrinth and a dagger with which to kill the Minotaur. ... And they were always hidden in impossible mazes and you were never given morethana thread,more than a dagger to find ...

Author: Darryl Wimberley

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 9781466836877

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Barrett Raines is a black detective on an isolated police force in Deacon Beach, a sweltering enclave on the Gulf Coast of northwestern Florida. Barrett's worked all his career to live up to the faith Romana Walker, Deacon Beach's eternal Homecoming Queen, showed in him when she pushed Barrett onto the all-white force in the face of local and bigoted opposition. Seven years later, Raines has made a place for himself and his schoolteacher wife in the hard-bitten community--to all appearances they are accepted. But affections can be fickle, as Barrett discovers when his despised elder brother, Delton Raines, becomes the chief suspect in the investigation of the brutal rape and murder of Ramona Walker. It's a no-win for Barrett. If he cannot find the much-loved Ramona's killer, locals will say he's shielding his brother. But if Barrett nails Delton for the crime, the detective's neighbors will say that he has used his badge to hang a brother he hates. There's a lynch mob brewing on The Beach, and the only way to calm the ugly waters is for Barrett to bring Ramona's killer to justice. There are a lot of things Barrett hates about this case. But what he hates most is that the only lead he has in the investigation comes form a prevaricating, hell-raising brother whom he has to trust.
1999-07-02 By Darryl Wimberley

Guess I felt sorry for myself for getting divorced a second time, and drinking made me forget about it. Then I crashed my car into a tree one night—hit it pretty hard, totaled it. I'm lucky I didn't kill myself or anybody else.

Author: Judith Gonda

Publisher: Beyond the Page

ISBN: 9781950461370

Category: Fiction

Page: 274

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First in a new series featuring California landscape architect Tory Benning! Landscape architect Tory Benning knows the lay of the land, but she’ll have to dig through the clues to unearth a killer . . . After a whirlwind romance and a glorious wedding at the luxurious Hotel Santa Sofia, Tory Benning is ready to let down her hair, slip into her dancing shoes, and celebrate—until she discovers that her newly minted husband has vanished. The police suspect cold feet and second thoughts are behind Milo’s disappearance, but Tory’s certain he’s met with foul play. And since she designed the plush resort, she knows every nook and cranny of the grounds and adjoining secret maze, and wastes no time delving into her search. As clues begin to emerge that Milo may have taken his last breath in the maze, Tory steps up her sleuthing, even as she learns she’s the prime suspect of a cop with a chip on his shoulder and is squarely in the sights of a menacing stalker. And when a second body is found on the grounds, Tory fears she’s up against a killer determined to silence any and all who get in the way. Not to be deterred, Tory forges ahead, navigating a case with more twists and turns than the maze itself, until the labyrinth of clues leads her to shocking revelations about her husband, her family, and the identity of a killer who’s dead set on making her the next victim . . .
2020-02-26 By Judith Gonda

I shoved my hands hard against Jackfort's chest. It was enough to get me almost loose for a second, but he was too strong. He grabbed me again, tighter, turning me so my back was pressed against him. With one arm pinned across my chest, ...

Author: Kate Krake

Publisher: Krakenfire Media


Category: Fiction

Page: 198

View: 591

If you like fast-paced, twisty mysteries featuring sassy witches, small town whimsy, an enchanting ensemble of supernatural friends, a blossoming romance, and a talking cat who refuses to speak, then this is the book for you…. Belinda Drake is a witch with a passion for puzzles, an addiction to chocolate, and a penchant for keeping to herself. In her new life running a bookstore in the small mountain village of Blackthorn Springs, she’s got everything she needs, even if she is the world’s most incompetent witch. When her neighbor turns up dead, Belinda recognizes the Mortis Curse, one of the most evil spells known to witchkind. The life she thought she’d left behind starts knocking at her door. Now she must find the killer before her new found quiet existence descends into darkness. A Maze of Murder is the first novel in the intriguing Witch Against Wicked series. Get your copy today and delve into an enchanting world of magic and mystery. The Complete Witch Against Wicked Series: 1. A Maze of Murder 2. A Mask of Chaos 3. A Trial of Ghosts 4. A Wreath of Ruin (Christmas Novella) 5. A Hex of Wolves 6. A Trick of Terror (Halloween Novella) 7. A Coven of Demons Each book has its own main story alongside a plot arc that continues across all books. For maximum reading pleasure, the author recommends reading the books in order.
2019-03-15 By Kate Krake

“Then Finley didn't kill my mother.” “He didn't, darlin', and that means he didn't kill the other two either. The police never released ... She began to sob so hard that it was difficult for her to breathe. Once again, Manny was there ...

Author: G. A. McKevett

Publisher: Kensington Cozies

ISBN: 9781496716316

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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The roots of the Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency reach back to the 1980s in the little town of McGill, Georgia—where Stella Reid and her seven grandkids enjoy some spooky Halloween fun and stumble into murder . . . Even if she has to stick to a budget, Stella Reid always makes holidays like Halloween memorable for twelve-year-old Savannah and the rest of her grandchildren. After joining trick-or-treating and the annual parade down Main Street, Granny Reid and the kids head to Judge Patterson’s antebellum mansion, where a corn maze awaits. Most of the youngsters are too terrified to make it all the way to the middle. It’s lucky for them, because when Savannah and Granny get there, it proves to be even scarier than they expected—half buried in the mud at the center of the maze lies a human skull. The grisly discovery uncovers a mystery that stretches back decades—and seems to be related to the long-unsolved murder of Granny Reid’s own part-Cherokee mother. After all this time, the culprit may be long gone . . . or still hiding among them. It’ll be up to Granny to dig into this Southern town’s history and a mess of old family secrets . . .
2019-09-24 By G. A. McKevett

Simple-shaped designs and numeric puzzle names decrease the number of distractions you encounter as you work towards your goal - Answer key at the back of the book Perfect for anyone who likes maze puzzles Recommended for ages 12 and up ...

Author: Cucu Suru


ISBN: 8239776442

Category: Games & Activities

Page: 66

View: 793

Center yourself as you contemplatively make your way through these peaceful, pleasurable mazes! - Mindful Mazes is packed full of a variety of mazes that vary in difficulty and setting - Remain present in the now and centered as you find your way through these meandering and elaborate mazes. Simple-shaped designs and numeric puzzle names decrease the number of distractions you encounter as you work towards your goal - Answer key at the back of the book Perfect for anyone who likes maze puzzles Recommended for ages 12 and up Welcome to the Big Book of Mazes for Adults
2021-04-26 By Cucu Suru

They also say he was killed instantly, and they think it happened right there by that post. Then the person who did it smeared ... All except Willie, of course—it's hard to say what he knows. Temple feels certain that the professor ...

Author: Lloyd Biggle Jr.

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 9781479441303

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

View: 915

In the first place, Grandfather Rastin never should have bought that house in Wiston. It happened several years ago, when he was only about seventy-eight, but even so he was old enough to know better. He admits that himself. In the second place, he should have asked his tenants for references. He did buy the house, and he didn't ask for references, and that's where the trouble started... Lloyd Biggle, Jr. (1923-2002) is most famous as a science-fiction writer who used genuine science while emphasizing human and cultural elements, especially art and music (he held a Ph.D. in Musicology.) His detective stories about Grandfather Bill Rastin in the fictitious Borg County, Michigan show this emphasis on the human element in a nostalgic, Norman Rockwell-esque world.
2019-01-13 By Lloyd Biggle Jr.

Those slightly frightened eyes went hard and she spat, “You killed him. I keep hearing how that bitch, Irene Aparicio, killed him but it was you. Wasn't it?” “I imagine that's true,” I said. “He was betraying his people, my people and ...

Author: James A. Rozhon

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595458073

Category: Fiction

Page: 396

View: 213

Set in the aftermath of Bordering On Hatred, John Overland has been hired by the Tohono O'odham Reservation outside of Tucson, Arizona, for one reason: find the person that tried to smuggle a bomb across its borders. It doesn't matter that he knows he will be fired as soon as he has that answer. John isn't Native American and that alone is enough for the tribe to fire him once he does what they ask of him. It starts innocently enough with a dead duck jammed into the window of John's pickup one morning in October. That leads him to a man who lives in Tucson, a man who is pimping his wife's niece. Going to talk to the man, John discovers him dead. That death will lead him to answers about himself, his country and the reservation he has sworn to protect. They are all here: John, Kathy-his pregnant wife, Speaker and Dorinda-his daughters, plus his son, Josh and his wife, Simone. They are his reason for doing this. In the end, he will find there are other reasons for loyalty. Those reasons will propel him to find the answers for the O'odham and for himself.
2007-07 By James A. Rozhon