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Write and illustrate a children's book that covers some or all of the aspects of Mary Slessor's life . 2. Make a model of the mission house and medical dispensary at Ekenge built by Charles Ovens . 3. Before she left for Calabar , Mary ...

Author: Janet Benge

Publisher: YWAM Publishing

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Curriculum guide for use with the author's Mary Slessor, forward into Calabar.
2002 By Janet Benge

Livingstone, Mary Slessor, 8. 16. Ibid., 7. 17. The Monthly Visitor was published as an evangelistic tool by the YMCA. By the time Mary Slessor left for Calabar, it had a circulation of more than a quarter million with some 500 ...

Author: Jeanette Hardage

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621890027

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How did a petite redhead from the slums of Dundee become a role model for a hundred years? How did she come to wield influence in the land known to her compatriots as "the white man's grave"? Why are there statues of her holding twins in Nigeria? How did she develop her missionary fervor combined with down-to-earth common sense? How did she overcome difficult situations throughout her life in ways that set her apart from many Victorians? Her "eccentricities" are often cited: She climbed trees, marched barefoot and bareheaded through the forest, declined to filter her water, and shed her Victorian petticoats. On the other hand, because of her understanding of and rapport with the Africans among whom she lived, the British government appointed her their first woman magistrate anywhere in the world and later awarded her the highest honor then bestowed on a woman commoner. Mary Slessor--Everybody's Mother examines the era and influence of this extraordinary woman, who spent thirty-eight years serving as a Presbyterian missionary in Calabar. The work answers questions about the public Mary Slessor. It also looks at her private life. The author makes use of materials not found elsewhere, including Slessor's own writings and those of others of her era, reminiscences of her adopted Nigerian son, and assessments from contemporary sources. Slessor's audacity in remote areas of Nigeria contrasted with her timidity in public meetings in Scotland. She shunned the limelight and wondered why anyone would want to know about her. Her fame continues, especially in Nigeria and Scotland. She was certain God called her to serve in Calabar, the home she claimed as her own, where she became eka kpukpru owo--everybody's mother.
2008-09-05 By Jeanette Hardage

Those were times of tragedy, when even Mary's pittance added to Mrs. Slessor's wage was not sufficient to support the family. With tears of gladness in her eyes, Mary gave her first earnings to her mother, whose eyes also brimmed at the ...

Author: Ambassador

Publisher: Ambassador International

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Perhaps the greatest thing that can be said of Mary Slessor is that she was a born missionary. From her earliest days, her dream was to be a missionary and Calabar (Nigeria) was her mission field. The death of David Livingstone was the catalyst for her missionary call, and in 1876, she went to the African mission field. "Anywhere, provided it be forward," was one of her most famous sayings and summed up her life. She toiled for forty years in the heart of Nigeria, constantly seeking new tribes and new people to reach with the gospel of Christ. She rescued hundreds of orphans from certain death, prevented wars between tribes, helped to heal the sick, and spoke ceaselessly of the great love of God in sending Jesus Christ.
2017-08-17 By Ambassador

This particular market is held every ninth day , and on the succeeding market - day , some women from the village by the side of Miss Slessor's house happened to pass along the path and heard the child feebly crying : they came into ...

Author: William Pringle Livingstone


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Mary Mitchell Slessor (December 2, 1848 – January 13, 1915) born in Scotland, was a United Presbyterian Church missionary to Nigeria. Once in Nigeria, Slessor began teaching and learned Efik, the local language. Because of her understanding of the native language and her bold personality Slessor gained the trust and acceptance of the locals and was able to spread Christianity while promoting women's rights and protecting native children. She is most famous for having stopped the common practice of infanticide of twins among the Ibibio people, an ethnic group in southeastern Nigeria.

All the family were delicate, and it was not long before Mary was left with only two sisters and a brother--Susan, John, and Janie. Mrs. Slessor's fragility prevented her battling successfully with trial and misfortune, but no children ...

Author: W. P. Livingstone


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James Luke. Pioneering in Mary Slessor's Country Pioneering in Mary Slessor's Country By JAMES LUKE LONDON :

Author: James Luke


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1929 By James Luke

CHAPTER SIX " The Mother of all the Peoples ' : geographical knowledge and the empowering of Mary Slessor Cheryl McEwan Introduction Many British women found it easier to enter the public sphere and exercise direct influence within the ...

Author: Morag Bell

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719039347

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An examination of how European imperialism was facilitated and challenged from 1820 to 1920. With reference to geographical science, the authors add to multi-disciplinary debates on the complex cultural, ideological and intellectual bases of European imper
1995 By Morag Bell

W. P. Livingstone, Mary Slessor of Calabar: Pioneer Missionary (1916), p. 323. 2. Livingstone, Mary Slessor, p. 344. 3. J. Buchan, The Expendable Mary Slessor (Edinburgh, 1980), p. xi. 4. See J. Haggis, 'White women and colonisation: ...

Author: William Knox

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 9780748626557

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This book tells the remarkable stories of ten women whose inspirational lives and struggles exemplify the concerns and problems that other women have faced throughout the last two centuries. Each is the subject of a chapter devoted to her particular story and the times in which she lived. The nineteenth and twentieth centuries witnessed great changes in women's position in Scotland, and yet little is known about the achievements of the Scottish women who were the main agents of these changes. In presenting the life stories of ten women, William Knox provides evidence of the huge contribution made by women to the shaping of modern Scotland. At the same time he shows how the life histories of individuals can reveal previously dark corners of historical understanding and allow a more nuanced picture of Scottish society as a whole. Subjects include Jane Welsh Carlyle, brilliantly gifted, but married to the wayward and demanding Thomas, Sophia Jex-Blake, Scotland's first female doctor, and Mary Slessor,
2006-03-06 By William Knox

Mary's First Day Mary's mum had found work as a weaver and Mr Slessor had too . Mary smiled sometimes , feeling that somehow life was going to get better . However , the poverty meant that education was out of the question .

Author: Catherine MacKenzie

Publisher: Christian Focus

ISBN: 1857923480

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Mary Slesor had a shocking temper and fiery red hair. Brought up in a Dundee slum, her father was an alcoholic and her life was one of hardship and poverty. However, God had a plan to reach the head-hunting tribes of Calabar, superstitious in the extreme. Living in squalor and violence. So without her knowing it, Mary Slessor had spent a large part of her life in a training ground for mission. Mary's training ground was a life in the slums of Dundee in the 1800's. Many missionaries went to Calabar and ran back home---never to be seen again. Mary Slessor, however, blazed a trail to the very tribes to which every other missionary had feared to go. Courageous, plucky, impulsive, Mary Slessor's temper was still notorious. It was said that even chiefs trembled when her eyes flashed. If you've ever wondered `What's the point? What can I do?' read this book and realise it's not about what you can do, it's about what God can do with you... and he can do anything.
2010-04 By Catherine MacKenzie

Mary Sless 3 0000 065 177 077 reason - except one - to be afraid . ... Surrounded by warring tribes that were governed by witchcraft and barbaric rites , Mary Slessor nonetheless went where few dared to bring hope and light to the once ...

Author: Sam Wellman

Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated

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In this Heroes of the Faith volume, the reader is introduced to Mary Slessor who, armed with a relentless Christian faith, helped open up West Africa to healthy trade and to the Christian message while vehemently opposing human slavery.
1998 By Sam Wellman