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Originally published in 1997. This book provides people moving into management roles in Further Education with an understanding of management theory applied specifically to Further Education colleges.

Author: Harriet Harper

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351041003

Category: Education

Page: 104

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Originally published in 1997. This book provides people moving into management roles in Further Education with an understanding of management theory applied specifically to Further Education colleges. Good management skills have been identified by the inspectorate as crucial to the future of this sector and this text tackles the unique problems of management in FE colleges. The author discusses the interrelated topics of People, Operations, Resources and Information, using examples and case studies from colleges to demonstrate the implications of putting theories into practice.
2018-05-11 By Harriet Harper

Author: Colin Morgan


ISBN: 0335066100

Category: Continuing education

Page: 64

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1977 By Colin Morgan

Colleges with significant proportions of higher education will already have a clear strategy for work at these levels. New qualifications, subjects and modes can be added that complement those in further education and which provide a ...

Author: Gareth Parry

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826488466

Category: Education

Page: 166

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Further education colleges have been asked to play an important role as providers of higher education programmes. This book addresses issues of organisation, planning and funding as well as staffing, teaching and quality assurance. It is a guide to institutional strategy and good practice in the provision of higher education in further education.
2006 By Gareth Parry

Pedagogy, management and parental discourses of control in the corporatised further education college', journal Qf Further and Higher Education, 24 (2), pp. 163—82. Lifelong Learning UK (2005) National Occupational Standards fiir ...

Author: Ann Briggs

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826487308

Category: Education

Page: 150

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A guide for middle managers in FE. It provides readers with workable strategies for dealing with the key issues associated with this role, such as managing people, liaising with other staff and being an effective leader. It is suitable for all middle managers in FE.
2006-12-15 By Ann Briggs

The ways in which the management and organisation of HE in FE is implemented variesacross the FE sector. In larger colleges with substantial HE provision, dedicated HE facilities might be found alongside a specific HE management team ...

Author: Jonathan Tummons

Publisher: Learning Matters

ISBN: 9781446296011

Category: Education

Page: 128

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As the number of higher education (HE) courses offered in further education (FE) settings increases, so does the need for teachers and trainee teachers to develop their teaching skills. This text is written for all teachers and trainee teachers in FE. It considers what it means to teach HE in FE and how an HE environment can be created in an FE setting. The text covers day-to-day aspects of teaching including planning and assessment, giving guidance on the unique needs of HE students. Chapters on research and quality assurance support the reader in developing some advanced teaching skills. This is a practical guide for FE teachers and trainee teachers as the sector adapts to the needs of education today.
2013-09-18 By Jonathan Tummons

The incorporation of the further education sector in 1993 was followed by a period of extreme turbulence.

Author: Jacky Lumby

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761965599

Category: Education

Page: 183

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The incorporation of the further education sector in 1993 was followed by a period of extreme turbulence. Colleges plunged into the complex task of managing huge organizations while under pressure from cuts in funding and a steady expansion in the number and range of students. While financial scandals may have attracted attention, the success of the further education sector in continuing to provide a vital educational service for millions of people has been less recognized. Despite the significant contribution of the sector to education and training, practitioners struggle to find adequate research evidence on which to base reflection and practice. They need material relevant to the specific situation of managers working w
2001-07-23 By Jacky Lumby

Frampton, D. (1995) Towards a Nation of Shopkeepers: The Devocationalisation of the FE Curriculum, Lewisham College Praxis Papers, 2, December, Lewisham: Management Monographs. Fryer, R. H. [1997) Learning for the Twenty-First Century, ...

Author: Jacky Lumby

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781446265208

Category: Education

Page: 248

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`I was pleased to find that the work lived up to its title and covered both schools and college issues with equal thoroughness. This is a very readable, stimulating and valuable publication' - Mentoring & Tutoring This book explores all the major aspects of managing external relations in schools of all phases, as well as in colleges. The authors use empirical research evidence to analyze how schools and colleges can manage external relations to achieve productive and supportive relationships with their communities. They explore how a responsive philosophy and appropriate marketing can be adopted in order to ensure continuous development.
1999-05-26 By Jacky Lumby

formulas , 55-6 Foucauldian analysis , of higher education , 21-3 Foucault , M. , 22 , 37 , 82 , 86 , 206 , 210 Frain , J. , 8 fratriarchy , 173 , 174 , 184 freedom academic , 79 , 133 individual , 48 front - runners and wo - managers ...

Author: Craig Prichard

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education (UK)

ISBN: 9780335232581

Category: Education

Page: 258

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This book provides an alternative means of discussing the development and significance of managers and management in universities and colleges. It is particularly concerned with the way 'managing' involves the development of different ways of talking, acting and relating to people at work. Yet this is often difficult, and variably successful, as it confronts often strong professional and occupational work identities and cultures. The book provides a detailed look at the 'manager' in contemporary further and higher education in Britain as post-compulsory education has been required to operate on a more commercial basis, and universities and colleges are increasingly regarded as small to medium sized enterprises. It draws upon interviews with more than 70 senior post-holders. It explores, for example, the work of the traditional university vice-chancellor who came to see himself as the new chief executive, schooled himself in the works of international management gurus Henry Mintzberg and Tom Peters, and engaged his 3000 staff in the virtues of 'thriving on chaos'. The result, as one seasoned higher education observer has noted, was '18 months of misery' for university personnel. It tells the story of the professor of material science who came to see himself as small businessman responsible for maintaining a #2 million a year departmental turnover. But at the same time he considered this new identity to be constantly hamstrung by the bureaucratic centralism of his university. It tells the stories of senior women administrators who, empowered by their appointment as managers, challenged the deeply embedded paternalism of their senior academic colleagues. And it tells the stories of numerous heads of department and sections repositioned as managers in the 'new marketized further education' who have struggled to re-imagine students as funding units, and colleagues as 'their staff'. Craig Prichard provides a highly nuanced, theoretically sophisticated, and critically informed account of the repositioning of senior university and college academics as managers. This is important reading for those interested in post-compulsory education, public sector management, and the sociology of work and education; and, of course, for university and college managers themselves.
2000-06-16 By Craig Prichard

Levačić , R. ( 1995 ) Local Management of Schools : Analysis and Practice , Buckingham : Open University Press . ... Lumby , J. ( 2001 ) Managing Further Education Colleges : Learning Enterprise , London : Paul Chapman Publishing .

Author: Nicholas Foskett

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 076197203X

Category: Education

Page: 224

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Provides a range of perspectives on key themes, drawing on contrasting examples of practice from different national and cultural settings, mapping the international landscape of leadership and management in education.
2003-04-14 By Nicholas Foskett

Author: David Malcolm Craig


ISBN: OCLC:25167138


Page: 198

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