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In Love is the Resistance, Ashley identifies the reasons we fight and offers practical help to resolve our disagreements while celebrating our differences. You will be blessed by this book!"--Daniel Hill, author White Awake, White Lies

Author: Ashley Abercrombie

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 9781493430222

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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When it comes to disagreement, we are in perpetual fight-or-flight mode. Rather than respond with a posture of compassion and connection, we are encouraged to "resist" others personally and politically. Either we engage in fruitless arguments with people who refuse to see things our way or we retreat to our echo chambers where everyone agrees with us. But the real resistance, the kind that helps us grow, is learning to love others--especially those who disagree with us. If you're tired of seeing your real-life and online communities in turmoil and you long to be an agent of peace, understanding, and reconciliation, it's time to join a new kind of resistance movement--one that pushes us toward personal transformation. Grounded in Scripture and illustrated with compelling true stories, this new book from Ashley Abercrombie will help you gain the confidence to communicate and connect with others, stop avoiding necessary tension, and resolve your internal and external conflicts. When we make love our habitual reaction to the conflicts and divisions in our lives, we'll find that we can stay true to our convictions without sacrificing our relationships.
2021-08-31 By Ashley Abercrombie

A ragtag group of women protesting behind a police line in the rain. A face in a crowd holding a sign that says, “Hi Mom, Guess What!” at a gay rights rally. Two lovers kissing under a tree.

Author: Jason Baumann

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 9781324002079

Category: History

Page: 224

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More than one hundred vivid photographs of the LGBTQ revolution—and its public and intimate moments in the 1960s and 70s—that lit a fire still burning today. A ragtag group of women protesting behind a police line in the rain. A face in a crowd holding a sign that says, “Hi Mom, Guess What!” at a gay rights rally. Two lovers kissing under a tree. These indelible images are among the thousands housed in the New York Public Library’s archive of photographs of 1960s and ’70s LGBTQ history from photojournalists Kay Tobin Lahusen and Diana Davies. Lahusen is a pioneering photojournalist who captured pivotal moments in the LGBTQ civil rights movement. Davies, in turn, is one of the most important photojournalists who documented gay, lesbian, and trans liberation, as well as civil rights, feminist, and antiwar movements. This powerful collection—which captures the energy, humor, and humanity of the groundbreaking protests that surrounded the Stonewall Riots—celebrates the diversity of this rights movement, both in the subjects of the photos and by presenting Lahusen and Davies’ distinctive work and perspectives in conversation with each other. A preface, captions, and part introductions from curator Jason Baumann provide illuminating historical context. And an introduction from Roxane Gay, best-selling author of Hunger, speaks to the continued importance of these iconic photos of resistance.
2019-03-05 By Jason Baumann

From inspiration to heartache, hope is fleeting asfreedom becomes a distant memory.

Author: Marion Kummerow


ISBN: 1544886152


Page: 316

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From inspiration to heartache, hope is fleeting asfreedom becomes a distant memory...Wilhelm Quedlin's plan to change the tide of the war is thwarted when he is arrested. And, making matters worse, with the arrest of his wife, Hilde, the fate of their children is thrown into chaos. The situation is desperate and the circumstances become even more dire when Q finds out who was behind his capture and imprisonment.Yet hope remains...In the midst of their situation, Q and Hilde are encouraged when they meet like-minded political prisoners in the penitentiary and rumors of reprieval make the rounds.Despite darkness and despair looming in the distance, their hope never fades.Will they evade the inevitable and come out unscathed by the claws of the Gestapo?
2017-03-25 By Marion Kummerow

The French gay poet Rimbaud wrote , “ Love has to be reinvented . ” 52 If homophobia sometimes inflicts on gay people a shutting down of loving voice , that voice's emergence in relationship , based on resistance , is not so much ...

Author: David A. J. Richards


ISBN: UOM:39015061434588

Category: Law

Page: 247

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Provides detailed observations and reflections on the constitutional and democratic principles that underpin the debates over traditional values, defense of marriage, and gay rights in this distillation of the author's thirty-year advocacy for the rights of gays and lesbians.

The museum was no more than two rooms on the ground floor of a once-smart town house, a labour of love commemorating the Résistance heroes of the area. 'Welcome,' said the curator, the halfmoon glasses resting on her bosom bouncing on ...

Author: Sarah Steele

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472270115

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The war taught her to fight. The children taught her to hope... *The Lost Song of Paris, the new novel from Sarah Steele, is available to pre-order now!* Inspired by real acts of bravery and resistance, The Schoolteacher of Saint Michel is a heartrending and deeply moving story of one woman's courage and sacrifice during World War II, from the USA Today bestselling author of The Missing Piece of Nancy Moon. This exquisitely beautiful novel is perfect for readers of The Rose Code by Kate Quinn, The Postmistress, Lilac Girls and The Girl from Vichy. 'A beautifully worked tale of bravery, woven into the reality of a time we can't forget' Mandy Robotham, author of The Berlin Girl 'An emotional, beautifully constructed read. I loved the way the clues from the past and present slowly knitted together, answering the questions that had been missing their answers for so long' Sunday Times bestselling author Jill Mansell 'Gripping, at times heartbreaking, but ultimately uplifting, I found this beautifully written novel impossible to put down' Sunday Times bestselling author Katie Fforde ______ 'My darling girl, I need you to find someone for me . . .' France, 1942. At the end of the day, the schoolteacher releases her pupils. She checks they have their identity passes, and warns them not to stop until the German guards have let them through the barrier that separates occupied France from Free France. As the little ones fly across the border and into their mothers' arms, she breathes a sigh of relief. No one is safe now. Not even the children. Berkshire, present day. A letter left to her by her beloved late grandmother Gigi takes Hannah Stone on a journey deep into the heart of the Dordogne landscape. As she begins to unravel a forgotten history of wartime bravery and sacrifice, she discovers the heartrending secret that binds her grandmother to a village schoolteacher, the remarkable Lucie Laval . . . ______ 'An engaging tale of courage and friendship. A triumph!' Gill Paul 'Evocative writing and the storytelling is masterful. It really draws the reader in' Felicity Hayes-McCoy 'A gripping journey about the quiet triumphs and breathtaking courage of so many women in wartime' Jane Bailey Readers ADORE The Schoolteacher of Saint Michel: 'I loved this book, I finished reading it on VE Day. It is certainly a fitting tribute to the everyday people in France who resisted the German occupation in WW2. 5 stars' 'Absolutely fabulous. Highly recommend this. I've read The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon - this is even better' 'Such a poignant story and beautiful characters. I can highly recommend this book' 'A lovely book, by turns emotional, exciting and heart-rending. The story is beautifully told. A book that will stay with me. Definitely recommended, particularly to anyone with an interest in World War II historical novels' 'A lovely story of courage and hope at a time of extreme adversity. Wonderfully written, descriptive and poignant. This one is special' 'Sheer escapism, beautifully written. I highly recommend it'
2021-06-24 By Sarah Steele

I make two suggestions: (1) love is an adequate and sufficient prescriptive basis for a moral response to the fact of oppression that intersectionality names; (2) love, as a moral response, moves beyond resistance toward transformed ...

Author: Danielle Poe

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9789401200356

Category: Philosophy

Page: 103

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This volume examines the many ways in which violence, domination, and oppression manifest themselves. This examination opens the way to creative suggestions for overcoming injustice. The authors in this volume also describe the features of a just community and inspire readers to implement peaceful transformation.
2011-04 By Danielle Poe

Personalandfeminist zinesreflected a dominant theme of resistance against genderand sexual oppression. One of the ways zinesters took up resistance wasby identifying specific strategies forresistance. Love was a commonstrategy ...

Author: Barbara J. Guzzetti

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136199189

Category: Education

Page: 176

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Today’s youth live in the interface of the local and the global. Research is documenting how a world youth culture is developing, how global migration is impacting youth, how global capitalism is changing their economic and vocational futures, and how computer-mediated communication with the world is changing the literacy needs and identities of students. This book explores the dynamic range of literacy practices that are reconstructing gender identities in both empowering and disempowering ways and the implications for local literacy classrooms. As gendered identities become less essentialist, are more often created in virtual settings, and are increasingly globalized, literacy educators need to understand these changes in order to effectively educate their students. The volume is organized around three themes: gender influences and identities in literacy and literature; gender influences and identities in new literacies practices; and gender and literacy issues and policies. The contributing authors, from North America, Europe, and Australia offer an international perspective on literacy issues and practices. This volume is an important contribution to understanding the impact of the local and the global on how today’s youth are represented and positioned in literacy practices and polices within the context of 21st century global/cosmopolitan life.
2012-11-12 By Barbara J. Guzzetti

This is the true law of least resistance it is love : everything must be where it is most needed . The law of most need is the law of the universe : this makes the mechanical laws , which we think have a passive necessity in them .

Author: James Hinton


ISBN: UCAL:$B498538

Category: Aesthetics


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1874 By James Hinton

When this takes place , the analyst can become the basis of a new falling in love and a bridge to a new object ... When such falling in love takes place while the analysis is still in progress , the role of resistance is greater .

Author: Ross, P.

Publisher: Jason Aronson

ISBN: UCAL:B4323947

Category: Psychoanalysis

Page: 460

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1977-07-07 By Ross, P.

Indians should be grateful for September 11, 1906, the day that marked the start of Gandhi's resistance campaign, which ultimately became the satyagraha movement. The magnetism of Gandhi's language of love and resistance, the charisma ...

Author: Sathianathan Clarke

Publisher: Fortress Press

ISBN: 9781506469997

Category: Religion

Page: 264

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The twenty-first century has seen violence thunder back onto the stage of history. Religious, political, social, cultural, and economic constituents and interests thus contribute to the local and global manifestations of violence in our interconnected and contracting global world. Firmly embedded within the field of religion, the authors of this volume concede that religious motifs and impulses are alive and well in this unfolding of bloodshed. It is no wonder then that in our volatile historical age, religious fundamentalism and illiberal nationalism have emerged as dominant contemporary movements. Against this backdrop, the contributors to this edited book look back in order to move forward by reflecting upon the truth-force (Satyagraha) that grounded and guided Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (1869-1948). On the heels of several commemorations in 2019 of the 150th anniversary of Gandhi's birth, we reexamine the truths of his philosophy and nonviolent strategy to resist religious and political fundamentalisms. Embracing truth was, for Gandhi, the only way to achieve complete freedom (poorna Swaraj). The goal of freedom, which Gandhi conceptualized as profoundly personal, expansively communitarian, and organically ecological, emanates from a firm grasp of truth.
2022-03-08 By Sathianathan Clarke