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Bibliographical Note This Dover edition , first published in 2003 , includes unabridged texts of Une saison en enfer ( first published in 1873 ) , Illuminations ( first published in 1886 ) , and a selection of verse poems ( see ...

Author: Arthur Rimbaud

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486430871

Category: Poetry

Page: 258

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This excellently translated collection of witty, sarcastic, and expressive works includes the complete version of Rimbaud's autobiographical A Season in Hell, his entire Illuminations, a large selection of early verse poems, and "The Drunken Boat," considered by many to be his masterpiece.
2003-01-01 By Arthur Rimbaud

Aden , " he wrote to his mother and sister in France , is " the most boring place in the world , after , however , the one where ... when Verlaine wrote the introduction for Vanier ( Poèmes , Les Illuminations , Une Saison en enfer .

Author: Arthur Rimbaud

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195017609

Category: Drama

Page: 196

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Although he abandoned poetry before he was twenty-one years old, and wrote for only five or six years in all, Arthur Rimbaud has had an extraordinary influence on modern poetry. His work helped inspire poetic Symbolism, Dadaism, and Surrealism. Rimbaud dreamed of re-creating life through his words. Not content merely to describe the world, he longed to reorder it through his revolutionary poetry. He rebelled against all forms of hypocrisy, as well as against conventional concepts of love, morality, religion, and art. He even dreamed of liberating women from "endless servitude." Written a century ago, A Season in Hell and The Illuminations read like the works of an avant-garde poet of today. In her Introduction dealing with Rimbaud's life and work, Enid Rhodes Peschel discusses his concept of the voyant, the poet-visionary he dreamed of becoming through a "reasoned deranging of all his senses." A Season in Hell, which combines autobiography with self-appraisal, vision and hallucination, reflects Rimbaud's tortures in trying to be a voyant. The forty-two poems of The Illuminations, kaleidoscopic evocations of a universe in continual evolution, are further evidence of his attempts to reach this transcendent state. Enid Rhodes Peschel has succeeded in not only translating these works but in recreating them. Eye, ear, mind, and heart have all been engaged in her effort to capture the tone and rhythm of Rimbaud's language as well as the quality of his thought. Book jacket.
1974 By Arthur Rimbaud

See also Louis Forestier's informative edition of the poetry: Poésies; Une Saison en enfer; Illuminations, 2d ed. rev. (Paris: Gallimard, 1984); hereafter cited as Forestier. 2. For a sharply contrasting reading of Rimbaud as a ...

Author: Laurence Porter

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9781501746178

Category: History

Page: 288

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Challenging traditional histories of the nineteenth-century French lyric, Laurence Porter maintains that from 1851 to 1875 Symbolism constituted neither a movement nor a system, but rather represented a crisis of confidence in the powers of poetry as a communicative act. The Crisis of French Symbolism offers a provocative reinterpretation of the four acknowledged masters of Symbolist poetry: Baudelaire, Verlaine, Rimbaud, and Mallarmé.
2019-05-15 By Laurence Porter

5 ; ' Mauvais Sang ' , Une saison en enfer , in Oeuvres , ed . Suzanne Bernard ( Paris : Editions Garnier , 1960 ) , pp . 213–19 . 41 ' Blackout in the auditorium . The play would begin.'Duras , Les Yeux bleus cheveux noirs , p . 21 .

Author: Timothy Mathews

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521023769

Category: Art

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Mathews examines work by writers and painters working in France in the twentieth century.
2006-01-19 By Timothy Mathews

L10476 . Little , Roger : " Euvres poétiques : Poésies , Vers nouveaux , Une Saison en enfer , Illuminations . Textes présentés et commentés par Cecil Arthur Hackett , " French Studies , XLII , no . 2 ( April 1988 ) , 221-222 .

Author: Peter C. Hoy

Publisher: Susquehanna University Press

ISBN: 0945636121

Category: French literature

Page: 608

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This series of bibliographical references is one of the most important tools for research in modern and contemporary French literature. No other bibliography represents the scholarly activities and publications of these fields as completely.
1991-03 By Peter C. Hoy

SHORT BIBLIOGRAPHY An almost exhaustive list of the editions of Rimbaud's works , and of books and articles on him ... Poésies , Les Illuminations , Autres Illuminations , Une Saison en Enfer , Mercure de France , Paris , 1898 .

Author: Cecil Arthur Hackett


ISBN: UVA:X030553445


Page: 109

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1946 ) ; a critical edition of the Les Illuminations ... a critical edition of Une saison en enfer ( A Season in Hell ] ( Paris : Mercure de France , 1941 ) ; a new edition of Arthur Rimbaud's Oeuvres ( Works ] ( Paris : Hazan , 21 .

Author: Andrä Breton

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803212410

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 291

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Free Rein is a gathering of seminal essays by Andri Breton, the foremost figure among the French surrealists. Written between 1936 and 1952, they include addresses, manifestoes, prefaces, exhibition pamphlets, and theoretical, polemical, and lyrical essays. Together they display the full span of Breton's preoccupations, his abiding faith in the early principles of surrealism, and the changing orientations, in light of crucial events of those years, of the surrealist movement within which he remained the leading force. Having broken decisively with Marxism in the mid-1930s, Breton repeatedly addresses the horrors of the Stalinist regime (which denounced him during the Moscow trials of 1936). He argues for the autonomy of art and poetry and condemns the subservience to "revolutionary" aims exemplified by socialist realism. Other articles reflect on aesthetic issues, cinema, music, and education and provide detailed meditations on the literary, artistic, and philosophical topics for which he is best known. Free Rein will prove indispensable for students of Breton, surrealism, and modern French and European culture. Michel Parmentier is a professor of French at Bishop's University, Quibec. He is the author of Mise au point and Regards contemporains: Textes d'actualiti quibicoise. He is coauthor with Jacqueline d'Amboise of Second Regards, Ricits ricents, and Nouvelles nouvelles: Fictions du Quibec contemporain. Jacqueline d'Amboise is an independent poet and translator. She is the author of Mother Myths, a book of poems.
1995-01-01 By Andrä Breton

1 These were the dates given by Verlaine in his preface to the first (1886) edition of Les Illuminations, but no one had ... His contention would mean that Rimbaud went back on the decision so firmly stated in Une Saison en enfer, ...

Author: Geoffrey Brereton

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000588422

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 334

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The French poetry of some five centuries is here surveyed in a series of studies of the work and personality of individual poets from Villon to the present day. Each chapter is primarily concerned with establishing the ‘literary identity’ of the poet or poets with whom it deals: the work of each is outlined and related to the historical and biographical circumstances in which it was written; and its characteristics are then examined critically in terms relevant to the modern reader. Comparisons are made between different poets, and more general topics – such as the concepts of ‘classic’ and ‘baroque’ – are discussed. This book, first published in 1956, had become a standard introductory work for students of French poetry and general readers alike. For this revised edition, originally published in 1973, new chapters have been added on ‘irregular’ seventeenth-century poets and on various modern poets whose work now enables the Surrealist movement to be seen in clearer perspective. The bibliography has been revised extensively.
2022-07-10 By Geoffrey Brereton

Mercure de France , 1941. 131 p . ... 10073 A trans . of the verse poems , excluding R.'s contributions to the Album zutique , and of Une saison en enfer and the Illuminations . No French . Often includes several trans . of each text .

Author: David Baguley

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 0815625669

Category: Reference

Page: 1546

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1994-02-01 By David Baguley

Une saison en enfer [Poetry. A Season in Hell]. Illuminations, printed at the author's cost, Bruxelles, Printer Jacques Poot. [Edition used here is the one interpreted by Léo Ferré, Ferré, Rimbaud. Une saison en enfer, texte intégral ...

Author: Jean Nicolas De Surmont

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 9783838210728

Category: Music

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Although the song is often the subject of monographs, one of its forms remains insufficiently researched: the vocalised song, communicated to the spectator through performance. The study of the song takes one back to the study of vocal practices, from aesthetic objects to forms and to plural styles. To conceive a song means approaching it in its different instances of creation as well as its linguistic diversity. Jean Nicolas De Surmont proposes ways of research and analysis useful to musicians, musicologists, and literary critics alike. In his book he takes up the issue of vocal poetry in addition to examining the theoretic aspects of song objects. Rather than offering an autonomous model of analysis, De Surmont extends the research fields and suggests responses to debates that have involved everyone interested in vocal poetic forms.
2017-11-23 By Jean Nicolas De Surmont