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London and Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publishing. Venne, Sharon Helen, Our Elders Understand Our Rights: Evolving International Law Regarding Indigenous Peoples (1998). Penticton, Canada: Theytus Books ...

Author: Kathleen Birrell

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317644811

Category: Law

Page: 268

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Examining contested notions of indigeneity, and the positioning of the Indigenous subject before and beyond the law, this book focuses upon the animation of indigeneities within textual imaginaries, both literary and juridical. Engaging the philosophy of Jacques Derrida and Walter Benjamin, as well as other continental philosophy and critical legal theory, the book uniquely addresses the troubled juxtaposition of law and justice in the context of Indigenous legal claims and literary expressions, discourses of rights and recognition, postcolonialism and resistance in settler nation states, and the mutually constitutive relation between law and literature. Ultimately, the book suggests no less than a literary revolution, and the reassertion of Indigenous Law. To date, the oppressive specificity with which Indigenous peoples have been defined in international and domestic law has not been subject to the scrutiny undertaken in this book. As an interdisciplinary engagement with a variety of scholarly approaches, this book will appeal to a broad variety of legal and humanist scholars concerned with the intersections between Indigenous peoples and law, including those engaged in critical legal studies and legal philosophy, sociolegal studies, human rights and native title law.
2016-07-01 By Kathleen Birrell

Monographs in the series will provide foundational materials - theoretical, methodological, critical, practical - to advance study of important topics in the field.

Author: Janet Giltrow

Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton

ISBN: 150151766X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 200

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The book applies pragmatic analysis to Supreme Court of Canada decisions on indigenous rights, and to historical record of interactions around first legal contact between European and indigenous peoples. Recognising challenges to study of topics in indigeneity, it takes pragmatic methods to discussion of research ethics. Levinson's concept of genre is re-activated and adds the social-action version of genre found in new-rhetorical genre theory.
2021-06-15 By Janet Giltrow

Beyond Legal Pluralism: Towards a New Approach To Law in the Informal Sector. ... Language: Of Anthropologists and Interpreters. ... “Subjects of Empire: Indigenous People and the Politics of Recognition in Canada.

Author: Pooja Parmar

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781316407325

Category: Law


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As calls for reparations to indigenous peoples grow on every continent, issues around resource extraction and dispossession raise complex legal questions. What do these disputes mean to those affected? How do the narratives of indigenous people, legal professionals, and the media intersect? In this richly layered and nuanced account, Pooja Parmar focuses on indigeneity in the widely publicized controversy over a Coca-Cola bottling facility in Kerala, India. Juxtaposing popular, legal, and Adivasi narratives, Parmar examines how meanings are gained and lost through translation of complex claims into the languages of social movements and formal legal systems. Included are perspectives of the diverse range of actors involved, based on interviews with members of Adivasi communities, social activists, bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers, and judges. Presented in clear, accessible prose, Parmar's account of translation enriches debates in the fields of legal pluralism, indigeneity, and development.
2015-07-20 By Pooja Parmar

The controversy surrounding constitutional patriation in Canada and the affirmation of treaty rights in Section 35(1) ... These legal frameworks therefore present a powerful attempt to codify the very meaning of Indigeneity in terms of ...

Author: G. N. Devy

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000192131

Category: Social Science

Page: 164

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Part of the series Key Concepts in Indigenous Studies, this book focuses on the concepts that recur in any discussion of nature, culture and society among the indigenous. The book, the third in a five-volume series, deals with the two key concepts of indigeneity and nation of indigenous people from all the continents of the world. With contributions from renowned scholars, activists and experts across the globe, it looks at issues and ideas of indigeneity, nationhood, nationality, State, identity, selfhood, constitutionalism, and citizenship in Africa, North America, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Oceania, India, and Southeast Asia from philosophical, cultural, historical and literary points of view. Bringing together academic insights and experiences from the ground, this unique book with its wide coverage will serve as a comprehensive guide for students, teachers and scholars of indigenous studies. It will be essential reading for those in social and cultural anthropology, tribal studies, sociology and social exclusion studies, politics, religion and theology, cultural studies, literary and postcolonial studies, Third World and Global South studies, as well as activists working with indigenous communities.
2020-10-07 By G. N. Devy

The Literatures of Canada and Quebec / Les littératures au Canada et au Québec Ursula Mathis-Moser, Marie Carrière ... the Indigenous people that it takes into account is in effect framed in terms recognizable to the Canadian legal and ...

Author: Ursula Mathis-Moser

Publisher: University of Alberta

ISBN: 9781772124880

Category: Art

Page: 280

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This collection of essays examines how the sense of crisis that occasionally seems to overwhelm us directs and transforms Canadian and Quebec writings in English and French, and conversely, how literature and criticism set out to counterbalance the social, economic, and ideological insecurities we live in. Ce recueil de textes étudie les manières dont le sentiment de crise qui peut parfois sembler nous submerger, oriente et transforme les écrits canadiens et québécois d’expressions anglaise et française, et inversement, comment la littérature et la critique s’efforcent de contrebalancer les insécurités sociales, économiques et idéologiques dans lesquelles nous vivons. Contributors: David Boucher, Marie Carrière, Nicole Côté, Piet Defraeye, Nicoletta Dolce, Danielle Dumontet, Ana María Fraile-Marcos, Marion Kühn, Hans-Jürgen Lüsebrink, Carmen Mata Barreiro, Ursula Mathis-Moser, Dunja M. Mohr, Émilie Notard, Daniel Poitras, Véronique Porra, Srilata Ravi, Marion Christina Rohrleitner
2019-09-10 By Ursula Mathis-Moser

The current scholarship on indigeneity and diaspora in Canada asks us to think about the kind of work discourses of the ... distinction between those citizens protected by law and those subject to a dramatic curtailing of their rights.

Author: Christine Kim

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554584178

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 284

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Cultural Grammars of Nation, Diaspora, and Indigeneity in Canada considers how the terms of critical debate in literary and cultural studies in Canada have shifted with respect to race, nation, and difference. In asking how Indigenous and diasporic interventions have remapped these debates, the contributors argue that a new “cultural grammar” is at work and attempt to sketch out some of the ways it operates. The essays reference pivotal moments in Canadian literary and cultural history and speak to ongoing debates about Canadian nationalism, postcolonalism, migrancy, and transnationalism. Topics covered include the Asian race riots in Vancouver in 1907, the cultural memory of internment and dispersal of Japanese Canadians in the 1940s, the politics of migrant labour and the “domestic labour scheme” in the 1960s, and the trial of Robert Pickton in Vancouver in 2007. The contributors are particularly interested in how diaspora and indigeneity continue to contribute to this critical reconfiguration and in how conversations about diaspora and indigeneity in the Canadian context have themselves been transformed. Cultural Grammars is an attempt to address both the interconnections and the schisms between these multiply fractured critical terms as well as the larger conceptual shifts that have occurred in response to national and postnational arguments.
2012-05-09 By Christine Kim

Canada at the Supreme Court of Canada was a widely anticipated decision, not least by lawyers, policy actors, and jurisprudential scholars. In this volume's jurisprudential chapters, legal scholars position themselves in various ways ...

Author: Nathalie Kermoal

Publisher: Univ. of Manitoba Press

ISBN: 9780887559297

Category: Law

Page: 336

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In Daniels v. Canada the Supreme Court determined that Métis and non-status Indians were “Indians” under section 91(24) of the Constitution Act, 1867, one of a number of court victories that has powerfully shaped Métis relationships with the federal government. However, the decision (and the case) continues to reverberate far beyond its immediate policy implications. Bringing together scholars and practitioners from a wide array of professional contexts, this volume demonstrates the power of Supreme Court of Canada cases to directly and indirectly shape our conversations about and conceptions of what Indigeneity is, what its boundaries are, and what Canadians believe Indigenous peoples are “owed.” Attention to Daniels v. Canada’s variegated impacts also demonstrates the extent to which the power of the courts extend and refract far deeper and into a much wider array of social arenas than we often give them credit for. This volume demonstrates the importance of understanding “law” beyond its jurisprudential manifestations, but it also points to the central importance of respecting the power of court cases in how law is carried out in a liberal nation-state such as Canada.
2021-04-23 By Nathalie Kermoal

(1997) Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada: Essays on Law, Equality, and Respect for Difference. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press. Ashley, Richard K. and R.B.J. Walker (1990a) “Speaking the Language of Exile: Dissident ...

Author: Karena Shaw

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135970369

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

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Indigeneity and Political Theory engages some of the profound challenges to traditions of modern political theory that have been posed over the past two decades. Karena Shaw is especially concerned with practices of sovereignty as they are embedded in and shape Indigenous politics, and responses to Indigenous politics. Drawing on theories of post-coloniality, feminism, globalization, and international politics, and using examples of contemporary political practice including court cases and specific controversies, Shaw seeks to illustrate and argue for a way of doing political theory that is more responsive to the challenges posed by a range of contemporary issues. An engaging and highly original analysis of Indigenenity and sovereignty, this book enables the reader to develop a more robust consideration of relationships between theory and practice, and thus the politics of theorizing.
2008-09-12 By Karena Shaw

Together, these essays reveal how the critical methodologies brought to bear on literary studies can both challenge and exceed disciplinary structures, presenting new forms of strategic transdisciplinarity that expand the possibilities of ...

Author: Smaro Kamboureli

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 9781554589135

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 296

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Critical Collaborations: Indigeneity, Diaspora, and Ecology in Canadian Literary Studies is the third volume of essays produced as part of the TransCanada conferences project. The essays gathered in Critical Collaborations constitute a call for collaboration and kinship across disciplinary, political, institutional, and community borders. They are tied together through a simultaneous call for resistance—to Eurocentrism, corporatization, rationalism, and the fantasy of total systems of knowledge—and a call for critical collaborations. These collaborations seek to forge connections without perceived identity—linking concepts and communities without violating the differences that constitute them, seeking epistemic kinships while maintaining a willingness to not-know. In this way, they form a critical conversation between seemingly distinct areas and demonstrate fundamental allegiances between diasporic and indigenous scholarship, transnational and local knowledges, legal and eco-critical methodologies. Links are forged between Indigenous knowledge and ecological and social justice, creative critical reading, and ambidextrous epistemologies, unmaking the nation through translocalism and unsettling histories of colonial complicity through a poetics of relation. Together, these essays reveal how the critical methodologies brought to bear on literary studies can both challenge and exceed disciplinary structures, presenting new forms of strategic transdisciplinarity that expand the possibilities of Canadian literary studies while also emphasizing humility, complicity, and the limits of knowledge.
2014-05-28 By Smaro Kamboureli

Beyond Text in Legal Education Zenon Bankowski, Maksymilian Del Mar ... professionalism is the release of the 'Final Report' authored by the Canadian Federation of Law Societies Task Force on the Canadian Common Law Degree (hereinafter ...

Author: Zenon Bankowski

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317023760

Category: Law

Page: 288

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What role can resources that go beyond text play in the development of moral education in law schools and law firms? How can these resources - especially those from the visual and performing arts - nourish the imagination needed to confront the ethical complexities of particular situations? This book asks and answers these questions, thereby introducing radically new resources for law schools and law firms committed to fighting against the moral complacency that can all too often creep into the life of the law. The chapters in this volume build on the companion volume, The Arts and the Legal Academy, also published by Ashgate, which focuses on the role of non-textual resources in legal education generally. Concentrating in particular on the moral dimension of legal education, the contributors to this volume include a wide range of theorists and leading legal educators from the UK and the US.
2016-03-03 By Zenon Bankowski