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into her car, before the three men go to scatter Sam's ashes and Foggy takes a tumble down a hill to end on a big laugh. ... and pointed the way not just for future featurelength instalments of Summer Wine, but for extended episodes of ...

Author: Andrew Vine

Publisher: Aurum

ISBN: 9781845136536

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Quite simply, Last of the Summer Wine is the longest-running comedy programme in the world. It premiered 37 years ago, in 1973, and, after 31 series it finally came to an end last year – even though all its original protagonists – Compo, Foggy, even Nora Batty – are now dead. Remarkably, for a series of such longevity and international appeal, it is all about elderly people, has little action or plot, and is set and filmed in and around the small Yorkshire town of Holmfirth. Now, Andrew Vine, the deputy editor of Yorkshire’s daily newspaper, has written the definitive history of this television phenomenon. It covers the show’s inauspicious beginnings, with low ratings, its endless reinvention as participants like Bill Owen, Michael Bates, Brian Wilde and Kathy Staff retired or died, the appearance of a string of guest stars from John Cleese and Norman Wisdom to Thora Hird and Russ Abbott (both of whom soon found themselves fixtures in the cast), and the ingenious plot contrivances as the protagonists became too old and frail to attempt any of the slapstick stunts with runaway prams – indeed any outdoor action. Holmfirth is now a year-round tourist attraction, and endless repeats and new DVD box sets will ensure a readership for this book for years to come.
2010-09-25 By Andrew Vine

The best jokes, gags and scenes from a true British comedy classic. ‘Do you reckon I’m in love with Mrs. Batty, or is it just sex?’ Compo

Author: Richard Webber

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 9780007237302

Category: Performing Arts

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The best jokes, gags and scenes from a true British comedy classic. ‘Do you reckon I’m in love with Mrs. Batty, or is it just sex?’ Compo
2009-11-12 By Richard Webber

Author: Roy Clarke


ISBN: 0850791367

Category: English wit and humor, Pictorial

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1983 By Roy Clarke

Author: R. CLARKE


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2000 By R. CLARKE

More recent texts include Phoenix Nights , Last of the Summer Wine and US sitcom Becker . How many more examples can you think of ? It could be said that in the past comedy was a way for women and children to deal with the authoritarian ...

Author: Mandy Esseen

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 0435109693

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'This is excellent, jam-packed with very good activities that students really enjoy.' - Gill Clayton in NATE Classroom, Spring 2007. If you are looking for a full colour students resource which provides thorough coverage of the AQA specification, look no further than GCSE Media Studies for AQA. Specifically written to prepare students for the AQA controlled test and coursework folder, it will provide students with a unique understanding of and engagement with GCSE Media Studies. The introduction outlines the contents of the AQA specification in student friendly language. Gives students a thorough understanding of the key concepts. Provides detailed guidance on pre-production, practical production and the supporting account for their coursework folder. Integrated with MediaStage, allowing students to learn about, and practise, essential media skills and techniques.
2004 By Mandy Esseen

In the 1970s and 1980s , comedies such as ' Allo , “ Allo , Hi de Hi and Last of the Summer Wine showed a nostalgia for a kind of British society which had passed into folk memory . The households portrayed may not have been typical or ...

Author: Joe Nicholas

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 0174900473

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This single text will give AS and A Level Media students all they need for exam success. It fully supports the AS and A Level syllabuses and covers the theoretical and practical aspects of all forms of media. Advanced Studies in Media delivers a challenging, integrated approach to the subject, to help skill development and reinforce understanding of themes. Clear learning objectives, case studies, assignments and a variety of activities support student learning and put knowledge into a practical context.
1998 By Joe Nicholas

2 There are obvious exceptions in both directions ( excessive enclosure or freedom of movement ) : for example , Are You Being Served ? almost never ventures outside the studio , while most of the action in Last of the Summer Wine takes ...

Author: Jonathan Bignell

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 0719069335

Category: Performing Arts

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This collection of essays examines landmark British television programs of the last forty years, from Doctor Who to The Office, and from The Demon Headmaster to Queer As Folk. Contributions from prominent academics focus on the full range of popular genres, from sitcoms to science fiction, gothic horror and children's drama, and reconsider how British television drama can be analyzed. This book will be of interest to students and researchers in many academic disciplines that study television drama.
2005-10-21 By Jonathan Bignell

... Andy Griffith Show , though it was not filmed there ) , and Dyersville ( Field of Dreams ) in the USA , and Holmfirth ( Last of the Summer Wine ) , Luss ( Take the High Road ) , and Goathland ( Heartbeat ) in the United Kingdom .

Author: Sue Beeton

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 1845410149

Category: Business & Economics

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Film-induced tourism has the potential to revitalise flagging regional/rural communities and increase tourism to urban centres, however, it carries with it unique problems. This book explores the downside of the phenomenon.
2005-01-01 By Sue Beeton

Author: Roy CLARKE


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1996 By Roy CLARKE

Last. of. the. Summer. Wine. BBC. 1973–2010. 30. Series,. 295. Episodes. Are You Being Served? BBC-1 1973–1983 69 Episodes. Produced by Alan J.W. Bell Written by Roy Clarke Available on DVD in the U.S. ...

Author: Garry Berman

Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications

ISBN: 9781589795662

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And now the revised edition contains seven new chapters on programs that have aired in the United States since the original edition was published, as well as the later developments of older series' storylines and information on specials and cast reunions that have occurred in the intervening years.
2011-01 By Garry Berman