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While reading a biography about General James Wilkinson , Giles discovered the story idea for The Land Beyond the Mountains ( 1959 ) , fourth in the series that included The Kentuckians ( 1953 ) , Hannah Fowler ( 1956 ) , and The ...

Author: Janice Holt Giles

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813108489

Category: Fiction

Page: 308

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In her fourth novel of the Kentucky frontier, Giles combines her fascination for the past with her gift for storytelling. Had it not been for the loyalty of men like Giles's fictional hero, Major Cassius Cartwright, General James Wilkinson's 1783 attempt to create a Spanish empire in the West might have succeeded. Interwoven with the Spanish Conspiracy are tales of struggles with Indians, of the birth of a Green River Valley town, and of the two women Cass loves: Rachel, a gentle Quaker, and Tattie, a fiery waif he rescues from Philadelphia slums. Like Giles's earlier historical novels, The Land Beyond the Mountains is an engaging story of adventure and romance. First published in 1958, this reprint gives Giles fans another lively piece of Kentucky's frontier history. Janice Holt Giles (1905-1979), author of nineteen books, lived and wrote near Knifley, Kentucky, for thirty-four years. Her biography is told in Janice Holt Giles: A Writer's Life.
1995-10-12 By Janice Holt Giles

A Land Beyond the River The play is based on the experiences of the Reverend Dr. Joseph A. DeLaine of Clarendon County , South Carolina . Dr. DeLaine brought a case to court for bus transportation for Negro children in the rural area .

Author: Loften Mitchell

Publisher: Pioneer Drama Service, Inc.


Category: African Americans

Page: 85

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1963 By Loften Mitchell

... procure a thirty-minute release of time so that I could get to the nearest post office. dr. Porsild had a reputation based on this kind of irregular supportive procedure that has stayed in the memories of many young 54 The Land Beyond.

Author: Jack Ives

Publisher: University of Alaska Press

ISBN: 9781602231054

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 200

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Geographer Jack Ives moved to Canada in 1954, and soon after he played an instrumental role in the establishment of the McGill Sub-Arctic Research Laboratory in central Labrador-Ungava. This fascinating account of his fifty-plus years living and working in the arctic is simultaneously a light-hearted, winning memoir and a call to action on the issues of environmental awareness and conservation that are inextricably intertwined with life in the north. Mixing personal impressions of key figures of the postwar scientific boom with the intellectual drama of field research, The Land Beyond is a memorable depiction of a life in science.
2010-04-15 By Jack Ives

We traced the route of the Separation Barrier – this time from the Israeli side – and climbed into a dense thicket of trees that would lead us to the mountains beyond. Surrounded by the thick, musty smell of pine trees, I looked up at ...

Author: Leon McCarron

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781786732842

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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Shortlisted for the Adventure Travel Book of the Year at the Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards. There are many reasons why it might seem unwise to walk, mostly alone, through the Middle East. That, in part, is exactly why Leon McCarron did it. From Jerusalem, McCarron followed a series of wild hiking trails that trace ancient trading and pilgrimage routes and traverse some of the most contested landscapes in the world. In the West Bank, he met families struggling to lead normal lives amidst political turmoil and had a surreal encounter with the world's oldest and smallest religious sect. In Jordan, he visited the ruins of Hellenic citadels and trekked through the legendary Wadi Rum. His journey culminated in the vast deserts of the Sinai, home to Bedouin tribes and haunted by the ghosts of Biblical history. The Land Beyond is a journey through time, from the quagmire of current geopolitics to the original ideals of the faithful, through the layers of history, culture and religion that have shaped the Holy Land. But at its heart, it is the story of people, not politics and of the connections that can bridge seemingly insurmountable barriers.
2020-08-06 By Leon McCarron

... fantastic than on the Hungarian side ; an air of Eastern luxury as well as of Eastern indolence pervaded everything, and it was impossible not to feel that we had entered another country — the land beyond the land beyond the forest.

Author: Emily Gerard

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9781108021616

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 402

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Gerard's informative and highly readable travelogue about the country and people of Transylvania inspired Bram Stoker when writing Dracula.
2011-02-17 By Emily Gerard

refer to the islands in Lake Kivu as “the land beyond the mists.” Indeed, morning mists are common in this area, and when they arrive they affect our vision of the landforms in interesting ways. Through the mists we see those lands only ...

Author: David Newbury

Publisher: Ohio University Press

ISBN: 9780821443408

Category: History

Page: 464

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The horrific tragedies of Central Africa in the 1990s riveted the attention of the world. But these crises did not occur in a historical vacuum. By peering through the mists of the past, the case studies presented in The Land Beyond the Mists illustrate the significant advances to have taken place since decolonization in our understanding of the pre-colonial histories of Rwanda, Burundi, and eastern Congo. Based on both oral and written sources, these essays are important both for their methods—viewing history from the perspective of local actors—and for their conclusions, which seriously challenge colonial myths about the area.
2009-09-15 By David Newbury

The Land beyond the BORDER State Formation and Territorial Expansion in Syria, Morocco, and Israel Johannes Becke Cover image: Michele Benericetti

Author: Johannes Becke

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9781438482248

Category: Political Science

Page: 162

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Uses an innovative theoretical framework to comparatively explore the dynamics of state expansion and contraction in Syria (1976-2005), Morocco (since 1975), and Israel (since 1967). Based on three case studies from the Middle East, The Land beyond the Border advances an innovative theoretical framework for the study of state expansions and state contractions. Johannes Becke argues that state expansion can be theorized according to four basic ideal types—a form of patronage (patronization), the imposition of a satellite regime (satellization), the establishment of territorial exclaves (exclavization), or a full-fledged takeover (incorporation). Becke discusses how both irredentist ideologies and political realities have shaped the dynamics of state expansion and state contraction in the recent history of each state. By studying Israel comparatively with other Middle Eastern regimes, this book forms part of an emerging research agenda seeking to bring the research fields of Israel Studies and Middle East Studies closer together. Instead of treating Israel’s rule over the occupied territories as an isolated case, Becke offers students the chance to understand Israel’s settlement project within the broader framework of postcolonial state formation. Johannes Becke is Professor of Israel and Middle East Studies at the Heidelberg Center for Jewish Studies in Germany.
2021-05-01 By Johannes Becke

He must feel very vulnerable now that he has no kin “But you still have doubts. Are they doubts about Joscelin. on the throne.” much chaos. who have already declared in your favor. And THE LAND BEYond the SEA 493.

Author: Sharon Kay Penman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101621752

Category: Fiction

Page: 688

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From the critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Sharon Kay Penman comes the story of the reign of King Baldwin IV and the Kingdom of Jerusalem's defense against Saladin's famous army. The Kingdom of Jerusalem, also known as Outremer, is the land far beyond the sea. Baptized in blood when the men of the First Crusade captured Jerusalem from the Saracens in the early twelfth century, the kingdom defined an utterly new world, a land of blazing heat and a medley of cultures, a place where enemies were neighbors and neighbors became enemies. At the helm of this growing kingdom sits young Baldwin IV, an intelligent and courageous boy committed to the welfare and protection of his people. But despite Baldwin's dedication to his land, he is afflicted with leprosy at an early age and the threats against his power and his health nearly outweigh the risk of battle. As political deception scours the halls of the royal court, the Muslim army--led by the first sultan of Egypt and Syria, Saladin--is never far from the kingdom's doorstep, and there are only a handful Baldwin can trust, including the archbishop William of Tyre and Lord Balian d'Ibelin, a charismatic leader who has been one of the few able to maintain the peace. Filled with drama and battle, tragedy and romance, Sharon Kay Penman's latest novel brings a definitive period of history vividly alive with a tale of power and glory that will resonate with readers today.
2020-03-03 By Sharon Kay Penman

Bryan Fields. THE LAND BEYOND ALL DREAMS Other Titles Life With a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend BRYAN FIELDS MuseItUp Publishing Credits Portions of “The Lay of Oisin” excerpted from The.

Author: Bryan Fields

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

ISBN: 9781771275675

Category: Fiction

Page: 212

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In this sequel to Life With a Fire-Breathing Girlfriend, David Fraser has a world of trouble on his hands. Well, more like three worlds of trouble... His mother is dying of lung cancer. His employer’s experimental weight-loss drug is turning people into flesh-eating psychopaths. And Ingrim Thain, an undead necromancer, has murdered the program’s research director and taken over his body. If all that weren’t enough, a cat with working thumbs just moved into David’s house. Thain doesn’t even want to be enemies—he offers David wealth and power beyond anything he’s ever known. He even offers to cure David’s mother and spare those he loves from the coming war. All Thain wants is for David to stay quiet about the drug’s side effects. Do the right thing and his mother dies. Do the wrong thing, and his mother lives while billions of others die. For David, the solution is simple. Thain’s appetite for conquest endangers not only Earth, but Rose’s world and every other world Thain learns about. Thain must be stopped. But how do you kill someone whose will has already proven stronger than death itself?
2014-09-08 By Bryan Fields

After the method of Swift, who followed Lucian, and was himself followed by Voltaire and many others Ambrose Bierce. Moulio Hons) BEYONI). THE BLOW Ambrose Bierce The Land Beyond the Blow After the method. Front Cover.

Author: Ambrose Bierce

Publisher: Musaicum Books

ISBN: 9788027223800

Category: Fiction

Page: 136

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"The Land Beyond the Blow" is a collection of terse short stories and personal reminiscences by the great satirist, Ambrose Bierce. Contents: Thither Sons of the Fair Star An Interview with Gnarmag-Zote The Tamtonians Marooned on Ug The Dog in Ganegwag A Conflagration in Ghargaroo An Execution in Batrugia The Jumjum of Gokeetle-Guk The Kingdom of Tortirra Hither Ambrose Bierce (1842-1913) wrote the short story "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" and compiled a satirical lexicon The Devil's Dictionary. His vehemence as a critic, his motto "Nothing matters", and the sardonic view of human nature that informed his work, all earned him the nickname "Bitter Bierce". Despite his reputation as a searing critic, Bierce was known to encourage younger writers, including poet George Sterling and fiction writer W. C. Morrow. Bierce employed a distinctive style of writing, especially in his stories. His style often embraces an abrupt beginning, dark imagery, vague references to time, limited descriptions, impossible events and the theme of war.
2017-10-16 By Ambrose Bierce