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Now in paperback, this New York Times best-selling collection of humorous anecdotes and heartfelt observations from Henry Winkler shares the joy and wisdom he’s accumulated while honing his skills as a fly-fisherman.

Author: Henry Winkler

Publisher: Insight Editions

ISBN: 1608870960

Category: Humor

Page: 144

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Now in paperback, this New York Times best-selling collection of humorous anecdotes and heartfelt observations from Henry Winkler shares the joy and wisdom he’s accumulated while honing his skills as a fly-fisherman. An accomplished sportsman who meticulously records the measurements of every fish he hooks, Winkler has learned that his yearly trips to the river are not just about catching trout. More importantly, they’re about adopting the proper perspective on life. Or, as Winkler puts it, when he’s fly-fishing, the river acts like a “washing machine for my brain,” recharging him and reminding him that anything is possible. Winkler makes a habit of sharing his angling adventures with his wife, Stacey, and their three children, Jed, Zoe, and Max. The Winklers’ annual trip, where they can escape the busy-ness of everyday life, has brought them together as a family. On the river, Henry has grown to appreciate the support his wife and children give him, learned to listen, and developed the confidence to publish his outdoor photography in his first non-fiction book. An expression of the inherent optimism that stems from the simplicity of the outdoors, I’ve Never Met an Idiot on the River is an invitation to share in the realizations and achievements Winkler has found while fishing. Hopefully it will help you catch a few of your own.
2013-04-23 By Henry Winkler

—Henry Winkler, author of I've Never Met an Idiot on the River “Two chapters in and you know you are in for an interesting read . . . Each scene is set up with a fisherman's patience, with the wind, water, and wildlife of Montana ...

Author: Keith McCafferty

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101606070

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Montana’s favorite fly fisherman detective is back on the case in the second installment of the Sean Stranahan Mystery Series When the graves of two men are discovered on Sphinx Mountain, Sheriff Martha Ettinger suspects murder. But with the only evidence a hole in a skull that might or might not have been caused by a bullet, she once more finds herself turning to private investigator Sean Stranahan for help. Stranahan already has a case, having been hired by a group of eccentric fly fishermen called The Madison River Liars and Fly Tiers Club to find a valuable fly that they suspect has been stolen. Could the disappearance of a vintage Gray Ghost from a riverside cabin in the Madison Valley be connected to the gray ghosts who haunt Sphinx Mountain? Stranahan will cross paths, and arms, with some of the most powerful people in the valley to find out, in a novel that is sure to capture new fans for one of the mystery genre’s rising stars.
2013-02-21 By Keith McCafferty

... Angle and Iron Lake “What fun it is to visit my favorite fishing spots, not in a guideboat but in a wonderful murder mystery.” —Henry Winkler, author of I've Never Met an Idiot on the River “Two chapters in and you know you are in for.

Author: Keith McCafferty

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101614525

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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The third novel starring Montana's fly fisherman-cum-detective Sean Stranahan, for fans of C. J. Box and Craig Johnson Wolves howl as a riderless horse returns at sunset to the Culpepper Dude Ranch in the Madison Valley. The missing woman, Nanika Martinelli, is better known as the Fly Fishing Venus, a red-haired river guide who lures clients the way dry flies draw trout. As Sheriff Martha Ettinger follows hoof tracks in the snow, she finds one of the men who has fallen under the temptress’s spell impaled on the antler tine of a giant bull elk, a kill that’s been claimed by a wolf pack. An accident? If not, is the killer human or animal? With painter, fly fisherman, and sometimes private detective Sean Stranahan’s help, Ettinger will follow clues that point to an animal rights group called the Clan of the Three-Clawed Wolf and to their svengali master, whose eyes blaze with pagan fire. In their most dangerous adventure yet, Stranahan and Ettinger find themselves in the crossfire of wolf lovers, wolf haters, and a sister bent on revenge, and on the trail of an alpha male gone terribly wrong.
2014-01-02 By Keith McCafferty

In 2011, he published I 've Never Met an Idiot on the River: Reflections on Family, Photography and F ly-F ishing. Henry lives in Los Angeles with his wife Stacey, two dogs, and five fly-fishing rods. They fish primarily in Idaho and ...

Author: Chris Santella

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 9781613124604

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 160

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Chris Santella, bestselling author of the Fifty Places series, is back in action with the inspirational gift book Why I Fly Fish. Based on 25 interviews with fly-fishing professionals and celebrity hobbyists alike, Why I Fly Fish encapsulates the life lessons fly-fishing aficionados have learned from their favorite pursuit. Featured contributors include Donald Trump Jr., Bill Ford (CEO of Ford Motor Company), Conway Bowman (host of several flyfishing TV programs), actor Henry Winkler, Lefty Kreh (the world’s best-known fly-fisherman) and many more. With personal photographs by the contributors themselves, Why I Fly Fish is an inspirational and intimate reflection on the beloved sport and pastime.
2013-04-02 By Chris Santella

—Henry Winkler, author of I've Never Met an Idiot on the River “Two chapters in and you know you are in for an interesting read . . . Each scene is set up with a fisherman's patience, with the wind, water, and wildlife of Montana ...

Author: Keith McCafferty

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101614532

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

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Winner of the Spur Award for Best Western Contemporary Novel In the fourth novel in the acclaimed Sean Stranahan mystery series, PI Stranahan and Sheriff Ettinger reunite to investigate a teenage girl’s death. Cold Hearted River, the sixth in the series, is now available. Spring snow still clings to the teeth of Montana’s Crazy Mountains when an unsuspecting member of the Madison River Liars and Fly Tiers Club discovers a Santa hat in the fireplace ashes of his rented cabin. Climbing to the roof to see what’s clogging the flue, he’s shocked to find the body of a teenage girl wedged into the chimney. A rodeo belt buckle identifies the recently deceased victim as Cinderella “Cindy” Huntington, a rising rodeo star. Hyalite County sheriff Martha Ettinger has been hunting for the girl since she went missing the previous November. Was Cindy murdered? Or was she running for her life—and if so, from whom? Suspicion falls on a buckskin-clad mountain man who calls himself Bear Paw Bill. But Etta Huntington, Cindy’s high-strung mother, herself a famous horsewoman, thinks the evil might lie closer to home. She hires fly-fishing guide and private detective Sean Stranahan to find the answers. Setting aside their after-hours relationship, Sean and Martha find themselves deep in an investigation that grows to involve a high-altitude sex club, a lost diary, cave pictographs, and the legends of the Crazy Mountains. With his signature wit and wry humor, McCafferty writes a pitch-perfect mystery that is as haunting as the Crazies.
2015-06-09 By Keith McCafferty

“Hear him! Hear him! He will follow each and every river on this continent until he finds the one which flows towards Cairo! Sorry to tell you Mr. Scotsman or Englishman or whatever, I have never met a greater idiot than yourself!

Author: N. Kahende

Publisher: African Books Collective

ISBN: 9789966566034

Category: Fiction

Page: 300

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David Livingstone: The Wayward Vagabond in Africa is an expression of doubt about the raîson d’etre concerning the 19th Century explorers and missionaries in Africa. Led by David Livingstone, the Scottish explorer and missionary, they are said to have come to civilise “backward” Africans, which the author creatively re-imagines, arguing that it is far from the truth. Instead, their actions gave impetus to colonialism proper. In this book the omniscient narrator, Everywhere, is God’s special envoy mandated to witness history with far-reaching consequences for humanity. His investigation is to help nail David Livingstone on Judgment Day, much the same way St Peter chronicles events in the Book of Life. Read about how, Everywhere, the spirit rides on wind, walks on water, enters into his characters’ stream of consciousness and even discerns how they interpret the world around them. The novel retraces Livingstone’s early life, from his deprived childhood in Blantyre, Scotland; his ideological evolution and training in London and his dramatic sojourn in Monomotapa kingdom, which he half-believes is his destiny. The satirical tone in the novel aptly captures that delusional aspect of Livingstone’s “God-ordained” mission to the world.
2019-06-25 By N. Kahende

I am the King of the Idiot Salutation. ... I know nothing but in which I am nevertheless asked to participate, I will say hello even to persons at work whom I have greeted already and to persons on the street whom I have never met.

Author: Paul Vincent

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781450282437

Category: Self-Help

Page: 188

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From an early age, author Paul Vincent has looked forward with joyful anticipation to sunsets and oncoming darkness, an attitude that appears to be counter to the scriptural counsels of his own faith community. In The Star at the End of the River, Vincent shares his important life experiences in order to describe a transformative spirituality of the night. Bringing to bear his forty years experience as an amateur astronomer, the author shows how sustained night-sky observation enhances the human receptivity to transcendent departure. Of the many treasures of the heavens, Vincent finds particular solace in a star he has never seenwhich, for that very reason, he regards as the most apt symbol of the human hope for eternal joy. The Star at the End of the River proposes a new kind of spiritual journeyan ascent, not of a mountain, as in the traditional imagery, but of an inclined plane. Vincent invites his readers to become contemplatives of the ordinary and to discover the mystical power of such commonplace objects and occurrences as road signs, supermarket aisles, interior stairways, gooseflesh, and penmanship.
2011-04-20 By Paul Vincent

... end of the subcontinent to the other, I've never met a Hindu past the age of seven who actually believes the image in the temple is God. In fact, if the “idol” should chip or crack, Hindus will take it out and dump it in the river!

Author: Linda Johnsen

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101052570

Category: Religion

Page: 432

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A new look at an ancient religion. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Hinduism, Second Edition, contains updated and expanded information on how the religion developed from its very fragmented origins, the basic Hindu beliefs, and the multiple Hindu deities, as well as the sociological aspects of the religion including ethics, sacraments, dietary habits, the caste system, and much more. ? Hinduism is the third-largest religion in the world, with over 765 million followers worldwide ? Updated information on the state of Hinduism today ? An exploration of the Hindu paths to enlightenment including karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, tantra and laya yoga ? Expanded information on the Hindu Reformation
2009-05-05 By Linda Johnsen

“Speak English, idiot. If you don't speak English, how are you going ... I've never met your daughter, sir.” “Oh, for Christ's sake, shut up, ... He looked out across the mouth of the Niagara River to Canada, to Fort Erie, CHAPTER SIXTEEN.

Author: John Worsley Simpson

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468967203

Category: Fiction

Page: 189

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This book is about the cutthroat world of the pharmaceutical industry, where being first on the market can mean billions in profit, and staying alone in the lead billions more. With corrupt officials and the Russian mob as partners, stakes get higher and methods more deadly. Former U.S. Navy SEAL Liam gets caught in a morass of drug industry intrigue after a whirlwind marriage to Rebecca, who vanishes from sight. Was she the victim of kidnapping, or is Liam the victim of a cruel and evil hoax?
2015-12-21 By John Worsley Simpson

He thinking so loud it's almost spoken: You're such an idiot! ... I've never met the guy or talked with him, but I've seen him around, constantly. ... His hand shoots out across the counter and baked goods case where the river is.

Author: Cly Boehs

Publisher: Oghma Creative Media

ISBN: 9781633735323

Category: Fiction

Page: 276

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We are the stories we tell, and our relationships tell all. In these nine compelling stories, Cly Boehs captures people caught in the crosshairs of a dilemma—a twist of fate, an opportunity missed, a chance meeting with a stranger, a lover’s betrayal—a turn of events that leaves no choice for emotional retreat. They must decide for or against a change in their lives. Their world of past perceptions, of predictability, security and permanence can no longer save them. They are imperfect, ordinary, and completely human, but they must rise to the challenge or be lost forever to themselves and others. A writer who seeks an answer to the question of how she can balance her life as an author and still remain true to herself, a quest that leads her to some very turbulent, surreal experiences. A group of book club readers who search for the underlying truths, not only in the stories they read, but in the stories they tell about happenings in their own lives. A man who is known in town by everybody and nobody. The narrator of his story attempts to discover from his past what he intends for her to know about him in the present. A veteran of war who confronts a fundamentalist tent revival evangelist in order to restore equanimity in his life. But the over-the-top intensity of his self-protection shows him a humorous view of himself and religion that he didn’t truly realize until that confrontation. A young woman who can’t accept the indicators of an ill-suited relationship until she reaches the end of what life will allow and gives herself permission to deal a death blow to her attachment, thereby gaining a second chance on love and life. A Siamese cat—like Dorothy’s Toto—accompanies her on that journey. A closeted woman who, on a bus trip back to the home of her childhood, meets a woman who seems to be an angel sent to rescue her from herself. What this stranger has to offer changes the narrator of this story forever.
2019-09-12 By Cly Boehs