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“No. No. No. That is your plan, not mine. I told you mine, but I thought I would do President Maureen first and now that I ... Maybe it's you who wants to screw us,” suggested Carolina distract him. He stopped and thought. “Me? Huh.

Author: David Gomadza

Publisher: David Gomadza


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This is book 2 of the Evelina series. Things get even hot. Raised stakes and a matter of life or death. Mankind’s existence rest on the shoulders of one woman. The Omega. The first woman has become the last woman. The only true seal. What if it was all planned before this world was created? To save all humanity, mankind must find the only true key; the Omega. On the other hand, to restore the lost kingdom of darkness, the devil must find the most wanted catalyst; The Omega. When everyone’s fate is in your hands what are the risks to yourself? It is a dash against time as total obliteration of the losing team is imminent and inevitable. It is a story of courage, steadfast and honor in the face of death. When loyalty is tested to breaking points. When the person you are to protect is the same person you must kill to save humanity from extinction? Some choices are meant for gods as humans are too weak and unequipped to handle such traumatic experiences. One man’s quest to solve God’s Dilemma, but at what cost? One lady’s quest to clear her name and enjoy life like every woman out there, but with what is at stake will the evil regime turn a blind eye?And at what expense?On the edge of the seat from the word go. A MUST READ.

Your heart and your confidence are wounded, but allowing yourself to play the role of a victim will only bring on sympathetic gestures from those around you. Pity is not what you need. You need support from your friends and family to ...

Author: Matt Borer

Publisher: 5th Corner Publishing

ISBN: 9781938178481

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2012-08-10 By Matt Borer

But most importantly, I hoped these interviews would reveal something about me. This would be an epic project, a history on a grand scale, and I would call it. . . “It's Not Me, It's You: An Oral History of Boys.

Author: Stephanie Kate Strohm

Publisher: Scholastic UK

ISBN: 9781407172507

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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Avery Dennis is a high school senior and one of the most popular girls in her class. But a major breakup with her boyfriend threatens to ruin her plans for prom. Avery tracks down her exes and interviews them, compiling a total account of her dating history. She discovers some truths about herself along the way... just in time for prom night!
2016-11-03 By Stephanie Kate Strohm

Published by Sourcebooks, Inc. P.O. Box 4410, Naperville, Illinois 60567-4410 (630) 961-3900 FAX: (630) 961-2168 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Frankel, Laurie It's not me, it's you: the modern ...

Author: Laurie Frankel

Publisher: Sourcebooks, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402251177

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There are those moments in life between "male opportunities" (also known as being single), when a woman really only has two choices-she can cry or she can laugh. Here's an edgy, funny book for the contemporary single woman who's seen it all, done most of it and finds that laughter is almost better than Ibuprofen. Includes: -- Advice on what to do if you've been dumped -- Incredible but true over-the-top dates -- Facing the horrible truth that once the supposed love of your life dumps you, he may eventually move on to ruin someone else's life-forever -- You are woman-hear yourself roar -- Real questions submitted by real people (these couldn't be made up) to LoveLogic online (and answers, too) This book belongs in your "get over him and get on with my life" kit, right alongside the chocolates, ice cream, cookies, tissues and mascara.
2004-09-01 By Laurie Frankel

Christina Hamlett. It's Not Me, It's You & Other Tales of Romance Christina Hamlett It's Not Me, It's You All Rights Reserved Copyright © Title.

Author: Christina Hamlett

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 9781468908749

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2012-06-29 By Christina Hamlett

Charlotte Ward is a print journalist and fulltime freelance writer. It's Not Me, It's You is her second book. She lives with her beau in London. By Charlotte Ward Why Am I Always the One Before.

Author: Charlotte Ward

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755319930

Category: Family & Relationships

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Most break-up bibles are full of the same old stories of woe, wrack and ruin...Crying into glasses of Chardonnay. A huge amount of retail therapy and some unwise ‘break-up’ haircuts. Dividing up meaningful CDs and shoving photo frames face down in drawers. But what if ending your relationship was actually the best thing that ever happened to you? What if 1. You only got together because he was your ‘Transitional man’ 2. You dumped him because you just don’t fancy him anymore and ‘The Repulsion’ had set in 3 . His mother hates you and never stops reminding him about ‘all the other lovely single girls’ he went to playgroup with. It’s Not Me, It’s You is the perfect post-break-up companion on the road to recovery as Charlotte Ward takes us on an exhilarating journey, packed full of must-read real life stories (including the worst of her own). Funny, touching and always honest, this book shows that the Freemale Revolution is most definitely upon us...
2009-09-17 By Charlotte Ward

He was seeing all of it. All of them. He was finally witnessing the Ghost Riders. “I do...” He looked at the charm of Fate, the Aetron, hanging around Jacobi's neck. “Thanks to you, I finally do.” “It's not me.

Author: L.T. Phoenix

Publisher: Phoenix Forge

ISBN: 9780994642622

Category: Fiction

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Erica’s father wasn’t aware of the terrifying monster that lurked below their ranch in the abandoned gold mine. If he had known, he may not have announced that he was going to build a Flying Machine by the Fourth of July. He may not have worked on the contraption with such a manic fever, oblivious of his dying wife. And, he may have been able to avoid the monster feeding on what was left of his fragile mind. For Erica’s father, the Flying Machine and his quest for the sky had to succeed - nothing else mattered!
2021-07-21 By L.T. Phoenix

It's different!” I yelled as I ducked his fist. “Different? It's not fucking different.” He swung again and I ducked again. “You knew the rules. I thought she was safe with you!” “She is safe with me!” I winced as Hawk's fist whistled ...

Author: Elizabeth Stevens

Publisher: Kinky Siren

ISBN: 9781925928754

Category: Fiction


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Leah I didn’t belong in their world, but I made a good show of pretending I did. Mother and Father expected it. All I wanted to do was get a cosy cottage in the suburbs and live with my million cats. What I got instead was suitor after suitor paraded in front of me and the threat of a looming engagement. So, what else was a girl to do? After bumping into Mrs Fortescue’s ‘companion’ one too many times, I decided he’d do. Mother and Father wanted an engagement? They’d get one. Except I’d be the one having the last laugh because Patrick is the total opposite of what my parents want in a son-in-law – his nickname is Hawk for goodness’ sake – and I have no obligations to him in any department. But of course, the best laid plans make fools of us all and it’s not long before I want him to hold me accountable only to him in EVERY department. There’s just the small problem of him being completely unsuitable and without any inclination to settle down. If there’s one thing I know about men, it’s that it takes a remarkable woman to tame them. I know I’m a remarkable woman. I only hope it’s not too late for this lady to tame her hawk. Patrick If there’s one thing that makes a guy reconsider his womanising ways, it’s seeing his best mate and his little sister settle down. If there’s another, it’s a gorgeous woman in a stunning red dress. But she’s a part of a world I can only pretend to fit into and she’s a damned lady – elegant and sophisticated – and she’s totally off-limits to a grunt like me. Every time we meet, there’s a look in her eyes that suggests she’s far less sophisticated than she’d have me believe. And it’s not long before this hawk is close to begging to relinquish his freedom, even just for one night. So, how could I say no when she needed my help? I was expertly qualified to serve, and if I got to be myself for once that was just icing. But the more time I spend with her, the more I want to be around her. The more it feels less like a job and more like something real. There’s just the small problem of her being an heiress with obligations that don’t include me and the job will only last so long. I don’t know a lot about ladies, despite my remarkable ability to play a part. All I know is there’s always more underneath the mask, and there’s only one lady who can tame this hawk.
2020-07-31 By Elizabeth Stevens

Cook, J. (2008), 'Dear ESRI, it's not me, it's you', Open Source Computing and GIS in the UK. URL: Cooper, J. (2010), 'Modelling mobility and exchange in ...

Author: Andrew T. Wilson

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9783110470635

Category: Social Science

Page: 160

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Open Source Archaeology: Ethics and Practice' brings together authors and researchers in the field of open-source archaeology, defined as encompassing the ethical imperative for open public access to the results of publicly-funded research; practical solutions to open-data projects; open-source software applications in archaeology; public information sharing projects in archaeology; open-GIS; and the open-context system of data management and sharing. This edited volume is designed to discuss important issues around open access to data and software in academic and commercial archaeology, as well as to summarise both the current state of theoretical engagement, and technological development in the field of open-archaeology. Ben Edwards Ben Edwards was trained in archaeology at the University of Durham, achieving his BA, MA and PhD. His first commercial work was for Archaeological Services, Durham University, before moving on to become a Lecturer in Archaeological Practice at the University of Liverpool, where he taught for three years. During this time Ben began his project management work, undertaking both commercial and research excavations, and survey projects. His teaching (archaeological practice and heritage management) proved to be an excellent basis from which to develop his professional expertise. Ben now lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University in Archaeology and Heritage. He currently researches open source software and hardware for use in the field, and advanced 3D surveying techniques. Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson was trained in archaeology at the University of Liverpool. Upon achieving his BA at the University, Andrew moved south to study Computer Applied Archaeology at the University of Southampton, where he was awarded an MSc. Andrew returned to the University of Liverpool where he has recently completed a PhD. During this time Andrew coordinated a number of projects both in the UK and Middle East, specialising in advanced surveying techniques of archaeological remains. Working in the the School of Computer Science, Bangor University Andrew has developed his keen interest in Open data policies and ethics. This interest was the starting point for this volume.
2015-01-01 By Andrew T. Wilson

"trou are slightly its you and that your onor you my be “shooting Blanks“ as horrible pme goesis the doel-_ns ide to for ... to discuss it vai yotn' partner, that your you have to also look _t possibility itis your vi'ife and not you.

Author: David Simpson

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781414056982

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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This book was written to help you understand that there is hope after a marriage or relationship breaks down. You feel at the end of your world. You cant function properly and day to day living seems pointless. These are some of the emotions that we go through when a loved one leaves us without much warning. It really hurts. I looked everywhere for help or advice but couldn’t find anything to help me. So I decided to put down in writing what happened to me so that you can see that your not on your own and that eventually you will be ok. It takes a long time for some and not so long for others, but don’t worry you will be ok. I have tried to start where all of our emotions for the fairer sex began in the playground!! This look at relationships helps your understand that love is a precious thing but also difficult to hold on to. It has a funny side and a sad side. Hopefully my tale will help you understand that slowly you can get back to normality where ever that is.
2004-01-14 By David Simpson