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Co-Contributors and team: Allie Bolton, Sara Hatfield, and Kristin Martindale also lend their unique perspectives and expertise on key experiences and cases in the collection.

Author: Allie Bolton

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 1976966973


Page: 242

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Sometimes the things that go bump in the night are real... Through detailed first-person accounts, collected evidence, extensive historical research, and in-depth scientific analysis, After Dark Paranormal Investigations takes you on a first hand guided tour through the world of paranormal investigation with the NTPI research team. Co-Contributors and team: Allie Bolton, Sara Hatfield, and Kristin Martindale also lend their unique perspectives and expertise on key experiences and cases in the collection. Discover the scientific principles, evidence, and theories behind each investigation in seven of the most popular cases from the NTPI portfolio. And, find for yourself why, not only could paranormal activity be plausible, but quite probable. Who is NTPI? NTParanormal Investigations is a group of researchers based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Their goal is to study paranormal activity through the use of the scientific method, experiments, and documentation to prove or disprove the reports of unexplained events and activity in the locations they are called to investigate. NTPI has been doing research and investigations at both residential and public locations since 2013 and has participated in over 100 cases.
2018-02-05 By Allie Bolton

Eight years after her young husband's death, Leigh MacLeod was finally able to realize her dream of starting her own paranormal investigative team.

Author: Carolyn Bennett

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466986749

Category: Fiction

Page: 302

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Eight years after her young husband's death, Leigh MacLeod was finally able to realize her dream of starting her own paranormal investigative team. They set out to investigate some of the most haunted locations in Canada and the United States. Coast to Coast was the only team given permission to investigate the notorious Greenhurst Hospital, closed for over twenty years. No team had been allowed in because of reports of violent entities attacking those brave enough to sneak in after dark. As the team began their biggest investigation yet, they were not prepared for what was waiting for them in the dark halls of Greenhurst. Uncovering the mysteries of Greenhurst could be dangerous, even fatal for the Coast to Coast paranormal investigators.
2013-04 By Carolyn Bennett

When a man named Tracy starts blackmailing Alice, Frank allows Tracy to become the prime suspect in the murder investigation. Frank's personal feelings influence his professional judgement to the point that he knowingly allows an ...

Author: Mara Arts

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030949389



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It Allows You To Log Your Experiences With The Otherwordly With Such Information As Who You Went With, Your Rating, Equipment You Used On The Ghost Hunt, Your Psychic Thoughts and Feelings, Even The Story Behind The Haunting!

Author: White Lady Press


ISBN: 1687747377


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Write Down Your Supernatural Impressions On The Next Ghost Tour Or Investigation! 6 x 9 inches - 106 pages - Made in the USA Would You Rather Spend Your Weekend Exploring An Abandoned Haunted House Instead Of Going Out? Do You Plan Vacations To Ghostly Locations Just So You Can Take The Paranormal Tours? This Blank Journal Is Perfect For You! It Allows You To Log Your Experiences With The Otherwordly With Such Information As Who You Went With, Your Rating, Equipment You Used On The Ghost Hunt, Your Psychic Thoughts and Feelings, Even The Story Behind The Haunting! Click Through White Lady Press Brand To Find More Cool Journals and Planners. Makes For An Unique Halloween, Co Worker, White Elephant, Retirement, Birthday, Christmas Or Hard To Shop For Gift!!! Paranormal Investigator Journal Features: Convenient Size To Take on Investigations and Tours 106 Quality No-Bleed Pages Elegant Matte Finish Cover Perfect For Recording Your Paranormal Encounters
2019-08-21 By White Lady Press

Another advantage to the video camera is the ease with which you can document the location of the investigation. ... In the past, there were serious problems with video cameras during investigations that took place after dark.

Author: Zak Bagans

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119757535

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 448

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Dive into the ghostly world of the supernatural with America’s leading paranormal investigator Inside, paranormal investigator, star, and executive producer of The Travel Channel's hit series, Ghost Adventures and founder of the award-winning Haunted Museum (Las Vegas’ most popular attraction), Zak Bagans takes readers on an exciting journey into the supernatural world. With insider information on the history of ghost-hunting to learning about ghosts with all kinds of temperaments, Ghost-Hunting For Dummies is peppered with true accounts and stories from Bagans' famous cases and investigations. Featuring expert advice on picking a haunted location, setting up cameras, and dealing with unwieldy ghosts, this book shows how today's investigators use the tools of modern science to study a wide range of paranormal activity. Take an exciting adventure into the supernatural world Explore haunted sites Get messages from beyond the grave Read true accounts from famous cases and investigations If you're one of the countless fans of Ghost Adventures itching to get off the couch and track some spirits on your own, this book provides everything you need to know to conduct a successful paranormal investigation.
2020-05-21 By Zak Bagans

It is better to wait till we see the Professor and the others after their investigations. The day is running by more quickly than I ever thought a day could run for me again. It is now three o'clock.

Author: Bram Stoker

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781448130634

Category: Fiction

Page: 50

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To mark the publication of Stop What You're Doing and Read This!, a collection of essays celebrating reading, Vintage Classics are releasing 12 limited edition themed ebook 'bundles', to tempt readers to discover and rediscover great books. M.R. JAMES' GHOST STORIES SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY RUTH RENDELL M. R. James wrote his ghost stories to entertain friends on Christmas Eve, and they went on to both transform and modernise a genre. James harnesses the power of suggestion to move from a recognisable world to one that is indefinably strange, and then unforgettably terrifying. Sheets, pictures, carvings, a dolls house, a lonely beach, a branch tapping on a window - ordinary things take on more than a tinge of dread in the hands of the original master of suspense. DRACULA 'The door is shut, and the chains rattle; there is a grinding of the key in the lock; I hear the creaking of lock and bolt...I shall not remain alone with them. I may find a way from this dreadful place, away from this cursed spot, from this cursed land, where the devil and his children still walk with earthly feet!' Young lawyer Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania on business for a mysterious Count. Months later in England, beautiful Lucy Westenra falls ill and dies, inexplicably, as if from a severe loss of blood. Lucy's friends, including Jonathan's fiancée Mina and the intrepid doctor Van Helsing, must begin a desperate battle against a powerful, ancient evil, in Bram Stoker's definitive gothic tale.
2012-02-29 By Bram Stoker

The mere thought of ghost children sends a chill running up my spine, and the reports of childlike giggling frequently being heard in the cemetery after dark had already set the scene for a scary investigation.

Author: Marcus F. Griffin

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738729411

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 264

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Foreword by founder and author Jeff Belanger Okie Pinokie and the Demon Pillar Pigs. The Ghost Children of Munchkinland Cemetery. The Legend of Primrose Road. Join Marcus F. Griffin, founder of Witches in Search of the Paranormal (WISP), as he and his team explore the Midwest's most haunted properties. These true case files of extreme paranormal investigations include the creepiest-of-the-creepy cases WISP has tackled over the years, many of them in locations that have never before been investigated. Readers will get an inside glimpse of these previously inaccessible places-such as the former Jeffrey Dahmer property, as WISP searches for the notorious serial killer's spirit-and the farm that belonged to Belle Gunness, America's first female serial killer and the perpetrator of the Blood Farm Horror. Praise: "A hell of a trip. Highly recommended."—Michael McCarty, Bram Stoker Finalist and author of Monster Behind the Wheel
2011-09-08 By Marcus F. Griffin

Have you ever wondered why ghost investigations are conducted at night? Although there are a small minority of investigators who believe that ghost activity only occurs after dark, most agree that ghost activity can occur at any time.

Author: Mark Rosney

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 9781445608884

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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A how-to book for the ghost hunter explaining methods and equipment
2013-01-15 By Mark Rosney

The prisoners are always under guard on the athletic field which is never open after dark . A committee investigator visited some of the buildings inside the stockade , namely , the chapel , the day room , the canteen , a mess hall ...

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Military Affairs


ISBN: UCAL:$B654264

Category: Alaska

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In fact, not only were you of absolutely no help, but it was your lot who actively hindered investigations and facilitated the crimes those men perpetrated. At this point, I can't even be sure they didn't participate.

Author: Dominic Nolan

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472254689

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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PEOPLE ARE BORN. MONSTERS ARE MADE. 'A dark tale that suggests Nolan is set to become Britain's Michael Connelly' Daily Mail 'Full of good twists' Independent - Books of the month. A girl held captive her entire life After a shocking discovery, the police must unravel a mystery that horrifies the nation. A detective condemned as a criminal Violently abducted while searching for a missing woman, D.S. Abigail Boone suffered retrograde amnesia - remembering nothing of her previous life. Defying the law to hunt those responsible, she now languishes behind bars. A monster hiding in the shadows In desperation, police turn to Boone - who fears a connection to the disappearance of a child three decades earlier...and a mysterious underworld figure whose name is spoken only in whispers. Freed from prison, what will Boone sacrifice - and who must she become - to uncover the terrifying truth? Epic, thrilling and beautifully written, AFTER DARK is a twisting masterpiece of crime fiction that fans of Ian Rankin, Tim Weaver, Belinda Bauer and Tana French will love. 'Tense and thrilling' Heat 'Thrilling, menacing and beautifully crafted. A must-read for crime fiction fans.' OLIVIA KIERNAN 'Gripping' Woman and Home 'So dark and gripping...really intelligent crime writing.' JO SPAIN 'I absolutely devoured it.' TREVOR WOOD 'Dark, thrilling and restlessly poetic...grips you by the throat and refuses to let go.' VICTORIA SELMAN Praise for Dominic Nolan's debut PAST LIFE: 'A great story told with real poise' Simon Kernick, Sunday Times bestseller 'A book that grabs you and refuses to let go till the very end' Alex Gray 'Crime as it should be written...gripping, addictive, a thrill of a ride.' Jo Spain, international bestseller 'A beautifully written debut... this is a moving story, poignantly told.' Daily Mail 'This powerhouse novel is not for the hell of a debut' Heat 'A smart, distinctive debut' Sunday Mirror
2020-03-05 By Dominic Nolan