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This book has been written to be an agile but accurate introduction to the
dynamics over network usually known as averaging or consensus dynamics.
Mathematically, the simplest averaging dynamics is a linear dynamical system
driven by a ...

Author: Fabio Fagnani

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319680224

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 135

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This book deals with averaging dynamics, a paradigmatic example of network based dynamics in multi-agent systems. The book presents all the fundamental results on linear averaging dynamics, proposing a unified and updated viewpoint of many models and convergence results scattered in the literature. Starting from the classical evolution of the powers of a fixed stochastic matrix, the text then considers more general evolutions of products of a sequence of stochastic matrices, either deterministic or randomized. The theory needed for a full understanding of the models is constructed without assuming any knowledge of Markov chains or Perron–Frobenius theory. Jointly with their analysis of the convergence of averaging dynamics, the authors derive the properties of stochastic matrices. These properties are related to the topological structure of the associated graph, which, in the book’s perspective, represents the communication between agents. Special attention is paid to how these properties scale as the network grows in size. Finally, the understanding of stochastic matrices is applied to the study of other problems in multi-agent coordination: averaging with stubborn agents and estimation from relative measurements. The dynamics described in the book find application in the study of opinion dynamics in social networks, of information fusion in sensor networks, and of the collective motion of animal groups and teams of unmanned vehicles. Introduction to Averaging Dynamics over Networks will be of material interest to researchers in systems and control studying coordinated or distributed control, networked systems or multiagent systems and to graduate students pursuing courses in these areas.
2017-11-09 By Fabio Fagnani

(1) Network X, available at, is a Python library for network
analysis. ... [1] F. Fagnani, P. Frasca, Introduction to Averaging Dynamics over
Networks, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, vol. 472, Springer

Author: Magdi S. Mahmoud

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780128236994

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 484

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Discrete Networked Dynamic Systems: Analysis and Performance provides a high-level treatment of a general class of linear discrete-time dynamic systems interconnected over an information network, exchanging relative state measurements or output measurements. It presents a systematic analysis of the material and provides an account to the math development in a unified way. The topics in this book are structured along four dimensions: Agent, Environment, Interaction, and Organization, while keeping global (system-centered) and local (agent-centered) viewpoints. The focus is on the wide-sense consensus problem in discrete networked dynamic systems. The authors rely heavily on algebraic graph theory and topology to derive their results. It is known that graphs play an important role in the analysis of interactions between multiagent/distributed systems. Graph-theoretic analysis provides insight into how topological interactions play a role in achieving coordination among agents. Numerous types of graphs exist in the literature, depending on the edge set of G. A simple graph has no self-loop or edges. Complete graphs are simple graphs with an edge connecting any pair of vertices. The vertex set in a bipartite graph can be partitioned into disjoint non-empty vertex sets, whereby there is an edge connecting every vertex in one set to every vertex in the other set. Random graphs have fixed vertex sets, but the edge set exhibits stochastic behavior modeled by probability functions. Much of the studies in coordination control are based on deterministic/fixed graphs, switching graphs, and random graphs. This book addresses advanced analytical tools for characterization control, estimation and design of networked dynamic systems over fixed, probabilistic and time-varying graphs Provides coherent results on adopting a set-theoretic framework for critically examining problems of the analysis, performance and design of discrete distributed systems over graphs Deals with both homogeneous and heterogeneous systems to guarantee the generality of design results
2020-11-09 By Magdi S. Mahmoud

3 Another famous example of a continuous phase transition is the
superconductivity transition. network parameter, at which the size of the giant
component ... As the average degree crosses 〈k〉 = 1, the size grows linearly
above threshold.

Author: David D. Nolte

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199657032

Category: Science

Page: 432

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This book translates important topics of advanced classical physics, usually the rarefied domain of physics graduate classes, into simple language accessible to undergraduate students majoring in the physical sciences and engineering. It presents a unifying approach to the physics of chaos, nonlinear systems, dynamic networks, evolutionary dynamics, econophysics and the theory of relativity. All of these topics share a common foundation in which complex dynamicsare represented as simple trajectories. This approach is called geometric mechanics, and advanced concepts in general relativity or network theory become straightforward explorations of geometriccurves. Each chapter has many worked examples and simple computer simulations that allow the student to explore the rich phenomena of nonlinear physics.
2014-11-06 By David D. Nolte

Introduction. In this thesis, we study infinite product of deterministic and random
stochastic matrices. This mathematical object is one of the main analytical tools
that is ... A weighted averaging dynamics is a dynamics of the form: ... function f,-(
x) which is defined on R” for some n 3 l. ... The goal is to solve the problem (1.2)
distributively over the network by limited local coordination of agents' actions.

Author: Behrouz Touri

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783642280023

Category: Computers

Page: 142

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The thesis deals with averaging dynamics in a multiagent networked system, which is a main mechanism for diffusing the information over such networks. It arises in a wide range of applications in engineered physical networks (such as mobile communication and sensor networks), as well as social and economic networks. The thesis provides in depth study of stability and other phenomena characterizing the limiting behavior of both deterministic and random averaging dynamics. By developing new concepts, and using the tools from dynamic system theory and non-negative matrix theory, several novel fundamental results are rigorously developed. These contribute significantly to our understanding of averaging dynamics as well as to non-negative random matrix theory. The exposition, although highly rigorous and technical, is elegant and insightful, and accompanied with numerous illustrative examples, which makes this thesis work easily accessible to those just entering this field and will also be much appreciated by experts in the field.
2012-03-02 By Behrouz Touri

From Large Scale Neural Networks to Motor Control and Vision Manuel
Samuelides. Eur . ... The connection weights are varying according to a
probability law and it is possible to predict the network dynamics at a
macroscopic scale using an averaging principle . After a first ... Asymmetric
connexion weights were introduced later on , enabling the observation of
complex dynamics and chaotic attractors .

Author: Manuel Samuelides


ISBN: UCSD:31822034347104

Category: Computational neuroscience

Page: 223

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System Analysis of Power Transients in Advanced WDM Networks Dimitry
Gorinevskya and Gennady Farberb * Dept . of Electrical and Computer
Engineering , University of ... INTRODUCTION This paper considers dynamical
transient effects in the physical layer of ... This paper is focused on the dynamics
of the average transmission power related to the gain dynamics in Optical Line
Amplifiers ( OLA ) .



ISBN: UOM:39015048303286

Category: Asynchronous transfer mode


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This book is a beginning graduate-level introduction to neural networks which is divided into four parts.

Author: Pierre Peretto

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521424879

Category: Computers

Page: 473

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This book is a beginning graduate-level introduction to neural networks which is divided into four parts.
1992-10-29 By Pierre Peretto

1 Introduction In recent years, feedforward neural networks have been
extensively used to learn input-output static maps. That is, given an ... Recurrent
neural networks on the contrary, present complicated internal dynamics and it is
... The proof of these results uses ideas of bifurcation analysis and the averaging

Author: IEEE Industrial Electronics Society


ISBN: UCSD:31822023719347

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1075

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THERMAL NOISE John L. Wyatt , Jr. and Han - Ngee Tan Department of ... ( 1 ) R
-B ' ic INTRODUCTION where A and C are antisymmetric and of appropriate This
paper addresses the thermal noise behavior dimension . ... The main conclusions
are : 1 ) ТРК the ensemble average dynamics of the network as described in Fig .



ISBN: UIUC:30112008035302

Category: Electric circuits


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Figure B . 3 Figure B . 1 Nonlinear Network Effects Function Effect of the
Proportion of Power Users on Aggregate Capital : Average over 100 Trails ...
Note that the dynamics of the system are nonlinear regardless of whether we use
the linear or the nonlinear effect ... Figure B . 2 Effect of the Timing of New
Technology Introduction on Aggregate Capital : Average over 100 Trials with the
Nonlinear Network ...



ISBN: UOM:39015058305510

Category: Industrial management


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Includes special issues: The Professional series in the management sciences.
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The network consists of two - state neurons ( ON - OFF neurons ) . ...
INTRODUCTION Recent years have seen a renewed interest in neural networks
for several reasons : a better understanding of the functions ... The dynamics of
the network are expressed by the stochastic difference equations and the
equations can lead to a convergence to global minima ... The charge averaging
operation can be implemented with only passive elements , which are analog
switches and capacitors .


Publisher: Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers(IEEE)

ISBN: 0780307348

Category: Concurrent engineering

Page: 643

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Chapter 7 Averaging Analysis of Periodically Forced Fluid Flow Networks 7 . 1
Introduction We consider a fluid flow network driven by an ideal current ( flow )
source ( generator ) . Combining Kirchhoff ' s laws for flows and pressure laws
with the equations for pipe flow dynamics , we get a fluid flow network model in
the form ...

Author: Olga Igorevna Koroleva


ISBN: UCSD:31822009436577


Page: 206

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Invited Paper Extreme Fluctuations in Small - World - Coupled Autonomous
Systems with Relaxational Dynamics H. Guclu ... de - synchronized state ) and
the average and the extreme height fluctuations diverge in the same power - law
fashion with ... INTRODUCTION Many of our important technological , information
, and infrastructure systems form a complex ... processors on parallel
architectures increases to hundreds of thousands , 9 grid - computing networks
proliferate over the ...

Author: Zoltán Gingl

Publisher: Society of Photo Optical

ISBN: STANFORD:36105113992957

Category: Science

Page: 626

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Proceedings of SPIE present the original research papers presented at SPIE conferences and other high-quality conferences in the broad-ranging fields of optics and photonics. These books provide prompt access to the latest innovations in research and technology in their respective fields. Proceedings of SPIE are among the most cited references in patent literature.
2004 By Zoltán Gingl

INTRODUCTION Experimental results from our laboratory have led us to three
premisses . ... The former is extracted by time ensemble averaging over trials ,
and the latter is gotten by spatial ensemble averaging from multichannel ...

Author: Heinz Georg Schuster


ISBN: 3527283420

Category: Dynamics

Page: 338

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These are the proceedings of the 63rd W.E. Heraeus Seminar on 2Nonlinear Dynamics and Neuronal Networks2 held at Friedrichsdorf, Germany, in May 1990. Its aim was to stimulate an exchange of ideas between neurobiologists who measure brain data and physicists who analyze and model brain functions. Most of the talks presented are collected in this volume, which gives an up-to-date picture of many exciting topics in the field. They include: neuronal oscillations (physiological evidence, models and simulations) state variables, assemblies and data analysis self-organization and high-level representations. Both experts and newcomers will appreciate the clarity and depth of presentation and will benefit from the unusually comprehensive coverage of the book

5 , Bogor , Indonesia SUMMARY A study on the forest stand exposure caused by
forest road construction was carried out at a logging ... Forest road length of each
compartment varied from 800 m to 3240 m with an average of 1928.57 m . 3 . ...
INTRODUCTION The objective of planning forest road constructions is to provide
facilities for forest harvesting activities . ... In forest harvesting , a road network
system is a base for economically forest harvesting production . , A good plan of
road ...

Author: Gloria L. Enriquez


ISBN: MINN:31951D01780902I

Category: Forest dynamics

Page: 261

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1 Learning Chaotic Dynamics in Recurrent RBF Network T. Miyoshi. 1.
Introduction 2. Data - Dpendent Filtering In this section ... 2.1 Adaptive Center
Weighted Average ( ACWA ) Filters 2 One of the most important tasks of signal
processing is ...

Author: International Conference on Neural Networks 1995, Perth, Western Australia


ISBN: 0780327691



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... relatively general claims about the dynamics of populations of cortical neurons
requires the introduction and definition of ... The advantage of using a state
variable that is defined as an average over space is that it restricts the spatial
scale of ...



ISBN: UOM:39015047949121

Category: Electronic journals


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A key issue is determining the dependence of the upscaled functions on the
variables of flow processes ... Furthermore , upscaling usually necessitates the
introduction of volume - average quantities , independent of the size of the
averaging volume ( the representative ... In upscaling from the pore scale to a
square pore network of size N N , in the absence of gravity , Lenormand ( 1989 ,
1990 ] identified ...

Author: Boris Faybishenko

Publisher: American Geophysical Union

ISBN: UCSD:31822028690782

Category: Science

Page: 400

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 122. Among the current problems that hydrogeologists face, perhaps there is none as challenging as the characterization of fractured rock. Within hydrogeological systems, general issues concerning groundwater flow and environmental remediation cannot be resolved in any practical manner prior to investigating the nature and vagaries of the fracture networks themselves. Comparable difficulties arise when developing economic programs for the exploitation of oil, gas, and geothermal reservoirs in fractured rock. Equal, if not greater, difficulties have commanded our attention relatively recently in regard to the storing of spent fuel generated by nuclear power plants. For example, if we are to isolate spent nuclear fuel in underground rock systems, we must construct a repository to protect the biosphere from contamination by radioactivity while subjecting the total rock system to a significant thermal field for many thousands of years. Predicting the behavior of a waste repository under such conditions, especially in fractured rock, is a formidable task.
2000-01-10 By Boris Faybishenko

These lecture notes, now at edition 1.4 - July 1, 2020, provide a mathematical introduction to multi-agent dynamical systems, including their analysis via algebraic graph theory and their application to engineering design problems.

Author: Francesco Bullo

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1986425649


Page: 300

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These lecture notes provide a mathematical introduction to multi-agent dynamical systems, including their analysis via algebraic graph theory and their application to engineering design problems. The focus is on fundamental dynamical phenomena over interconnected network systems, including consensus and disagreement in averaging systems, stable equilibria in compartmental flow networks, and synchronization in coupled oscillators and networked control systems. The theoretical results are complemented by numerous examples arising from the analysis of physical and natural systems and from the design of network estimation, control, and optimization systems.
2018-03-10 By Francesco Bullo

When a link / node fails , all routers will independently dynamics on packet
forwarding . ... Our simulations show that the Yet , these service degradations are
camouflaged by the average amount of service disruption experienced by similar
networks ( i . e . , parameters reported in current ... INTRODUCTION sider failures



ISBN: UOM:39015047295699

Category: Computer networks


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