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But as the narrator of Salley Vickers's second novel explains, "this is not an account of feminine jealousy, or even revenge, and not all human beings (not even women) conform to the attitudes generally expected.

Author: Salley Vickers

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 0374706123

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When a man dies and leaves behind a wife and a mistress, we expect certain responses to follow. But as the narrator of Salley Vickers's second novel explains, "this is not an account of feminine jealousy, or even revenge, and not all human beings (not even women) conform to the attitudes generally expected." Indeed, in this ironic and witty novel nothing is quite as we expect to find it. Telling the story of Bridget Hansome and Frances Slater, Vickers brings to life a loving marriage and a love affair that exist side by side for years - and continue to reverberate after secretive, generous, sexually prodigal Peter Hansome dies suddenly in a car accident, on his way home from an assignation with yet another lover, about whom neither woman knows. While Frances, a London art dealer and sometime artists' model, gradually makes friends with the older, Shakespeare-loving Bridget, these two unconventional women start to learn the whole truth (or almost the whole truth) about the man whose death brought them together and whose ghost watches over them still. Wise, wry, and intellectually playful, Instances of the Number 3 explores the mysterious power of triangles in love, art, and theology. It confirms Salley Vickers as one of the most intelligent new voices in British fiction.
2007-04-01 By Salley Vickers

TABLE 6 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF LANGUAGES Grammar or Vocabulary or Total Language number of number of Instances Size number of formulas different words per loop of set words A. Random 0 3 1 16 118 (0,3,13) te (I,3,13) 3 3 2 13 90 C (I,3 ...



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The smallest errors, average errors, largest errors for the tested series of the instances are presented in the last rows of ... In Table 3, column 2 represents the number |B| of blocks in the solved instance and column 3 the number of ...

Author: FrankWerner

Publisher: MDPI

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This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue " Algorithms for Scheduling Problems" that was published in Algorithms
2018-08-24 By FrankWerner

In the other extreme case of schema reuse, the value of H is maximal when instances are evenly distributed among all ... if there had been 4 rather than 3 un-annotated instances in Figure 5, then the number of instances associated with ...

Author: Yong-jiang Yu

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783642108716

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The Annual Asian Semantic Web Conference is one of the largest regional events in Asia with focused topics related to the Semantic Web. With the decade-round endeavor of Semantic Web believers, researchers and practitioners, the Semantic Web has made remarkable progress recently. It has raised significant attention from US and UK governments, as well as the European Commission who are willing to deploy Semantic Web technologies to enhance the transparency of eGovernment. The Linked Open Data initiative is on its way to convert the current document Web into a data Web and to further enabling various data and service mashups. The fast adoption of Semantic Web technologies in medical and life sciences has created impressive showcases to the world. All these efforts are a crucial step toward enabling the take-off and the success of the Semantic Web. The First Asian Semantic Web Conference was successfully held in China in 2006. With the following editions in Korea in 2007 and Thailand in 2008, it fostered a regional forum for connecting researchers and triggering innovations. This year, the 4th Asian Semantic Web Conference was held in Shanghai, China. We received 63 submissions from Asia, Europe, and North America, and 25 papers were accepted (the acceptance rate is around 40%). Each submission was reviewed by at least three members of the Program Committee. The Chairs moderated the discussion of conflict reviews or invited external reviewers to reach the final decisions.
2009-12-15 By Yong-jiang Yu

Twelve Hours by Number of Instances of Duty having been so resumed after Total Total Number of such instances , Number of Servants so resuming Duty . Number Five Hours . Six Hours and upwards . of One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight ...

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Notice that the number of cycles is finite, then so is the number of constraints (3) in P0. ... Connected disk graphs, for each instance, are generated randomly for radial transmission distances of 100, 125 and 150 ms, respectively.

Author: Muhammad Younas

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319655154

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Mobile Web and Intelligent Information Systems, MobiWIS 2017, held in Prague, Czech Republic, in August 2017. The 23 full papers together with 4 short papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 77 submissions. The call for papers of the MobiWis 2017 included new and emerging areas such as: mobile web systems, recommender systems, security and authentication, context-awareness, mobile web and advanced applications, cloud and IoT, mobility management, mobile and wireless networks, and mobile web practice and experience.
2017-08-04 By Muhammad Younas

... number of clauses and in which the number of occurrences of each variable is at most 3 is solvable in time 2o(n), where n is the number of variables in the formula (note that the size of an instance of k-CNF-Sat is polynomial in n).

Author: Zhao Zhang

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319126913

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications, COCOA 2014, held on the island of Maui, Hawaii, USA, in December 2014. The 56 full papers included in the book were carefully reviewed and selected from 133 submissions. Topics covered include classic combinatorial optimization; geometric optimization; network optimization; optimization in graphs; applied optimization; CSoNet; and complexity, cryptography, and games.
2014-11-13 By Zhao Zhang

Every instance of SM admits at least one stable matching [3], but this is not the case for SR [7], where some instances admit no stable matching (the same is true of SRI). As the number of agents increase the proportion of SR instances ...

Author: Michel Rueher

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319449531

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This book constitutes the refereed conference proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, CP 2016, held in Toulouse, France, in September 2016. The 63 revised regular papers presented together with 4 short papers and the abstracts of 4 invited talks were carefully reviewed and selected from 157 submissions. The scope of CP 2016 includes all aspects of computing with constraints, including theory, algorithms, environments, languages, models, systems, and applications such as decision making, resource allocation, scheduling, configuration, and planning. The papers are grouped into the following tracks: technical track; application track; computational sustainability track; CP and biology track; music track; preference, social choice, and optimization track; testing and verification track; and journal-first and sister conferences track.
2016-08-22 By Michel Rueher

An instance of 3-SAT consists of a conjunction of clauses, each one a disjunction of three literals. The goal is to find a truth assignment that satisfies all clauses. The density of a 3-SAT instance is the ratio of the number of ...

Author: Toby Walsh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783540455783

Category: Computers

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, CP 2001, held in Paphos, Cyprus, in November/December 2001. The 37 revised full papers, 9 innovative applications presentations, and 14 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 135 submissions. All current issues in constraint processing are addressed, ranging from theoretical and foundational issues to advanced and innovative applications in a variety of fields.
2003-06-30 By Toby Walsh

Table 3. Storage cost summary table Storage cost Uniform Zipfian SLb 3 ∗ (Ts + Td) 3 ∗ (Ts +Td) SL f 3 ∗ [Ts + Td ... For a Zipfian distribution, the number of instances of the class would be I r = Td/(h ∗ r), where the rank of the ...

Author: Amit P. Sheth

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783540885641

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The Web is a globalinformationspace consistingoflinked documents andlinked data. As the Web continues to grow and new technologies, modes of interaction, and applications are being developed, the task of the Semantic Web is to unlock the power of information available on the Web into a common semantic inf- mation space and to make it available for sharing and processing by automated tools as well as by people. Right now, the publication of large datasets on the Web, the opening of data access interfaces, and the encoding of the semantics of the data extend the current human-centric Web. Now, the Semantic Web c- munity is tackling the challenges of how to create and manage Semantic Web content, how to make Semantic Web applications robust and scalable, and how to organize and integrate information from di?erent sources for novel uses. To foster the exchange of ideas and collaboration, the International Semantic Web Conference brings together researchers and practitioners in relevant disciplines such as arti?cial intelligence, databases, social networks, distributed computing, Web engineering, information systems, natural language processing, soft c- puting, and human–computer interaction. This volume contains the main proceedings of ISWC 2008, which we are - cited to o?er to the growing community of researchers and practitioners of the Semantic Web. We got a tremendous response to our call for research papers from a truly international community of researchers and practitioners from 41 countries submitting 261 papers. Each paper receivedan averageof 3.
2008-10-21 By Amit P. Sheth