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It is SO valuable that you'll wonder how you survived without it. Every forex trader is getting their copy. Don't be the one without it. This is the solution that will fill the holes in your forex knowledge.

Author: Salman Shariff


ISBN: 1517630703


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A must-have for any forex trader, new or seasoned. Learning to trade forex doesn't have to be boring; and this fun forex guide solves that. It is a handy reference for ALL traders and investors of the foreign exchange market. It is SO valuable that you'll wonder how you survived without it. Every forex trader is getting their copy. Don't be the one without it.This is the solution that will fill the holes in your forex knowledge. If you are a seasoned trader, then use it as motivation and to stay focused. The pages are designed so you can tear them out (if you so desire) and paste them on the wall around your trading desk.
2015-10-09 By Salman Shariff

With the first shape layer selected, click the FX (fx) icon at the bottom of your Layers palette and choose Drop Shadow. This is just one of several ways that Photoshop lets you select layer effects. They are also available from ...

Author: Justin Beegel, MBA

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781118792278

Category: Computers

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Create stunning infographics with this hands-on guide Infographics For Dummies is a comprehensive guide to creating data visualization with viral appeal. Written by the founder of Infographic World, a New York City based infographic agency, and his top designers, the book focuses on the how-to of data, design, and distribution to create stunning, shareable infographics. Step-by-step instruction allows you to handle data like a pro, while creating eye-catching graphics with programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The book walks you through the different types of infographics, explaining why they're so effective, and when they're appropriate. Ninety percent of the information transmitted to your brain is visual, so it's important to tickle the optic nerves to get people excited about your data. Infographics do just that. Much more exciting than a spreadsheet, infographics can add humor, interest, and flash while imparting real information. Putting your data in graphic form makes it more likely to be shared via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites, and the visual interest makes it less likely to be ignored. Infographics For Dummies provides a tried-and-true method for creating infographics that tell a story and get people excited. Topics include: Talking to clients about the data Discovering trends, outliers, and patterns Designing with mood boards and wireframes Launching and promoting your infographic The book, written by Justin Beegel, MBA, founder of Infographic World, Inc., describes the elements of a successful infographic, and stresses the must-have ingredients that get your data noticed. Humans are visual creatures, telling stories in a visual way. In today's world filled with data and messaging, an infographic is one of the best ways to get your point across.
2014-06-10 By Justin Beegel, MBA

Forex Market Turnover Infographics #1.” Global finance has exploded for a few reasons. First, many countries removed legal limits to the buying and selling of currency ...

Author: Scott Straus

Publisher: CQ Press

ISBN: 9781071814376

Category: Political Science

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The challenge of teaching international studies is to help students think coherently about the multiple causes and effects of global problems. In International Studies: Global Forces, Interactions, and Tensions, award-winning scholars Scott Straus and Barry Driscoll introduce students to the foundations of the course; the major actors, institutions and theories; as well as the contemporary problems that will matter most to students. In the fully updated Second Edition, the authors give students a clear framework that pinpoints how key factors—forces, interactions, and tensions—contribute to current world events and global problems like human rights abuses, economic inequality, pandemic and global health responses, and food security. The book raises the bar for the Introduction to International Studies course and is relevant to students from a wide variety of backgrounds with diverse interests in geography, sociology, political science, and anthropology. Included with this text The online resources for your text are available via the password-protected Instructor Resource Site. Learn more.
2021-01-18 By Scott Straus

How to update 'Chart Title': • Click a 'Chart Title' box in the chart Go to function bar (= fx) and put '='. • Next to '=', Click the cell which you want to use it for the chart title (in the function bar). i.e. ='3D Metal Bar'!

Author: Youngyun Jang

Publisher: Youngyun Jang


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Purpose of book: Let's do not sit on the desk due to making a nice graphs for their reports, presentation, meeting materials, etc. Let’s get rid of any stress from making nice Excel charts! Benefits: - You are able to create your own unique Excel charts. - You can make yourself like a superstar with beautiful & amazing charts in your presentations. - You can walk away from the same Excel charts which everybody can create. - Without knowing these techniques, it is quite difficult to create these charts. How to use: - Are you crazy? No need to read whole book. Just jump into the chart you like to make. - No need to buy the newest Microsoft office package. • Excel 2013, Excel 2016, 2019, Excel 365 are suitable for this book (Do NOT fit with Excel 2010 or older versions). Contents: This book contains 14 different methods to create unique Excel charts with Example Charts Excel file (25 worksheets).
2021-10-01 By Youngyun Jang

... iacton,r project manager, foreign exchange dealer journalist KGB officer, International Affairs officer, Leningrad State University, Mayor of Leningrad Civil servant CONVERSION TABLE lcycle per second (CPS) = 1 Hertz (Hz).

Author: Thomas Eaton

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781844038183

Category: Science

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100 stunning, ingenious and absorbing infographics reveal the secrets of life, the universe and everything! Discover unique, witty and surprising facts about all sorts of natural phenomena, from the secrets of the universe to the wonders of natural science and the impenetrable dimensions of quantum physics. Scientific facts are presented in a memorable, surprising and illuminating way. More than just a book of words, with graphs, Venn diagrams and charts, this book provides a unique overview of surprising and fantastic aspects of life, the universe and everything in 100 unique infographics. Discover: Driving You Crazy - The theory of a major city's traffic flow system explained Is the Earth in danger? The Torino Scale - Assesses the impact hazard associated with near-Earth objects, such as asteroids and comets Mass Extinction Events - Comparisons according to: When they happened, what caused them, which organisms were affected and what percentage of total species were killed off What is a Greenhouse gas? - What makes up the 'greenhouse house' and who's emitting the most - comparison by country and cause of emission Future Population Pyramid - How we are ageing via pyramids for each continent
2014-10-13 By Thomas Eaton

MITHILESH from India Mithilesh, the value of Rupee is calculated in world foreign exchange market like any other product. If I ask from you, how the value of onion is calculated ... See above my infographics. In this, there is total supply.

Author: Vinod Kumar (Educator)

Publisher: Accounting Education


Category: Business & Economics

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Forex MADE Easy eBook helps you to become expert in understanding everything regarding forex. You will learn forex market, forex management, forex trading, forex risk management, forex rate forcasting, hedging of forex exchange and forex accounting treatment.

... Infographic: The $5.3 trillion Forest Market Explained,” Cision PR Newswire, Oct. 24, 2013, accessed August 17, 2017, -releases/mahifx-infographic-the-53-trillion-forex-market-explained-229134291.html.

Author: Ronnie D. Lipschutz

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9781538105115

Category: Political Science

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Environmental problems are, first and foremost, political and, therefore, about power. Using a framework of political economy and political ecology, the authors deconstruct current environmental problems to identify root causes and the possibilities to address problems through mobilization of collective action and social power.
2018-07-12 By Ronnie D. Lipschutz

LIGHTNING BOLTS AND WEATHERMEN: MOTION GFX AND VISUAL FX. ANIMATED. INFOGRAPHIC. Animated information graphics convey complex, interconnected material through clear, visual sequences. Some of these explain complex information to educate ...

Author: Heather D. Freeman

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781472571991

Category: Computers

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If you need a fun, hands-on introduction to core animation techniques - then look no further! Heather Freeman guides you through a wide range of practical projects, helping you establish and build skills in narrative animation, motion graphics and visual effects. Each chapter begins by summarizing historical and theoretical concerns and connecting them with current practice and applications - all beautifully illustrated with stills from classic commercial and independent films, as well as contemporary examples from student work. Having established this context, the remainder of the chapter focuses on walking readers through their own creative projects. Topics covered include early animation technologies and techniques, scenes and staging, character animation, animated type, visual effects and motion graphics, pre- through post-production and experimental approaches to motion graphics. Dozens of sample files are available online, for experimentation and to get readers started on each exercise. The companion website also includes example animations as well as links to recommended software tutorials, recommended artist websites, blogs and animation channels.
2015-11-19 By Heather D. Freeman

Bloomberg Visual Data, Forex Investigation a Global Affair, December 19, 2014, Bloomberg Visual Data, Forex Investigation a Global Affair, May 20, ...

Author: Richard H. Girgenti

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 9781259584602

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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Mitigate risk and achieve high-level business performance in today’s regulatory and enforcement environment The outset of the 21st century has seen a relentless flow of events from the 9/11 terrorist attack to the 2008 financial recession that have given birth to a new regulatory and enforcement landscape. In today’s global and digital world, this increasingly complex landscape has created unprecedented challenges and risks for businesses in all industries. The New Era of Regulatory Enforcement provides an overview of the challenges companies face in conducting business in this new environment. It discusses the government policies, strategies and tactics driving enforcement activity and outlines the most effective approaches for preventing, detecting, and responding to the risks presented. Authors Rich Girgenti and Tim Hedley--two highly experienced professionals at KPMG who daily work with organizations around the globe to help them understand and manage these challenges--draw upon their years of experience in both the private and public sector to provide an overview of the new regulatory and enforcement landscape and a framework for compliance. Assisted by a team of subject matter professionals, the book covers a broad range of topics including: · bribery and corruption · money laundering and trade sanctions · market manipulation · financial reporting fraud · off-shore tax evasion · unfair and abusive consumer finance practices, and · fraud and misconduct in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries Prudent and diligent organizations must take the necessary steps to preserve the hard-earned value of their companies. In doing so, they will not only help improve their chances for sustainable business success, but also create benefit for their employees, shareholders, customers, and the public at large. Rich Girgenti, J.D., has more than 40 years of experience investigating fraud and misconduct and helping clients manage their risk of these occurrences. Rich leads KPMG LLP's Forensic Services and is a former KPMG board member, a veteran state prosecutor, and a previous Director of Criminal Justice for New York State. Tim Hedley, Ph.D., has extensive experience in helping companies prevent, detect, and respond to allegations of fraud and misconduct. He leads KPMG LLP’s Fraud Risk Management Services and is a frequent speaker on fraud risk topics, as well as a member of the NY State Society of CPAs and the AICPA.
2016-05-20 By Richard H. Girgenti

... news; ico; volatility; mining, trade, shopping; price, graph, logo, symbol, icon, market; brochure, usage, investing, rating, education, template; business card, banner; bitcoin price; infographic, quote, cartoon; forex; cheatsheet; ...

Author: Hai-Jew, Shalin

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522593713

Category: Computers

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Researchers have harnessed the flood of personal information and opinions shared on social media platforms in a variety of ways. People communicate not only what they imagine they are purposely sharing but also unintentionally leak information, which allows others to glimpse a sense of the subconscious and unconscious at a macro level. Electronic Hive Minds on Social Media: Emerging Research and Opportunities explores various research techniques to profile the electronic hive mind around social topics as expressed on various modalities of social media, from human, bot, and cyborg social media accounts, and proposes new research methods for harnessing public data from social media platforms. Highlighting topics such as knowledge sharing, swarm intelligence, and social psychology, this publication is designed for researchers, social psychologists, practitioners, and students in marketing, communications, mass media, and similar fields.
2019-05-31 By Hai-Jew, Shalin

An infographic such as the one shown in Figure 1 displays a set of car manufacturers on the independent axis (Toyota, ... of the graphic's focused entity G fx (if any) to the focused entity Qfx (if any) extracted from the user's query.

Author: Elisabeth Métais

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319079837

Category: Computers

Page: 268

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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, NLDB 2014, held in Montpellier, France, in June 2014. The 13 long papers, 8 short papers, 14 poster papers, and 7 demo papers presented together with 2 invited talks in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 73 submissions. The papers cover the following topics: syntactic, lexical and semantic analysis; information extraction; information retrieval and sentiment analysis and social networks.
2014-06-16 By Elisabeth Métais

“The Federal Budget in 2019: An Infographic.” April 15, 2020. https://www.cbo. gov/publication/56324) Fig. 2 Federal Outlays of the U.S. ... 3 Candlestick Series Patterns (Source “Forex Candlestick Patterns Course + Cheat Sheet.

Author: Jeff Camarda

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030772710



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ISSN: 0309-586X Awojulugbe O (2018) INFOGRAPHICS: Thailand's rice export to Nigeria drops dramatically— but increases in Benin Rep ... Accessed Aug 4 2018 Banjo T (2018) Full list of 40 imported items banned from Nigeria's Forex market.

Author: Walter Leal Filho

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030267599

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1090

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This book addresses the gap between innovative technologies and their adoption. It showcases research, feasibility studies and projects that demonstrate a variety of ways to implement environmental sustainability in globally operating firms, as well as best practices in areas such as international management, adoption of cleaner technologies, global supply chains, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and transportation. The book provides state-of-the-art information on issues including: Global sustainable management practices Global sustainable food and agricultural markets Global responsible mining and energy Global sustainable sourcing Global sustainable transportation Global conservation innovations and investments Presenting expert contributions from industry, government and academia, discussing a variety of themes and perspectives on the topic "international business as a positive force of environmental sustainability” it is a vital resource for stakeholders in the international business community.
2019-10-25 By Walter Leal Filho

My first encounter with heat maps was an infographic published by the New York Times ... finance (to study clustering in foreign exchange markets, stocks, different sectors/industries in an index, and so on), and economics (to study ...

Author: Viswa Viswanathan

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781787288799

Category: Computers

Page: 959

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Get savvy with R language and actualize projects aimed at analysis, visualization and machine learning About This Book Proficiently analyze data and apply machine learning techniques Generate visualizations, develop interactive visualizations and applications to understand various data exploratory functions in R Construct a predictive model by using a variety of machine learning packages Who This Book Is For This Learning Path is ideal for those who have been exposed to R, but have not used it extensively yet. It covers the basics of using R and is written for new and intermediate R users interested in learning. This Learning Path also provides in-depth insights into professional techniques for analysis, visualization, and machine learning with R – it will help you increase your R expertise, regardless of your level of experience. What You Will Learn Get data into your R environment and prepare it for analysis Perform exploratory data analyses and generate meaningful visualizations of the data Generate various plots in R using the basic R plotting techniques Create presentations and learn the basics of creating apps in R for your audience Create and inspect the transaction dataset, performing association analysis with the Apriori algorithm Visualize associations in various graph formats and find frequent itemset using the ECLAT algorithm Build, tune, and evaluate predictive models with different machine learning packages Incorporate R and Hadoop to solve machine learning problems on big data In Detail The R language is a powerful, open source, functional programming language. At its core, R is a statistical programming language that provides impressive tools to analyze data and create high-level graphics. This Learning Path is chock-full of recipes. Literally! It aims to excite you with awesome projects focused on analysis, visualization, and machine learning. We'll start off with data analysis – this will show you ways to use R to generate professional analysis reports. We'll then move on to visualizing our data – this provides you with all the guidance needed to get comfortable with data visualization with R. Finally, we'll move into the world of machine learning – this introduces you to data classification, regression, clustering, association rule mining, and dimension reduction. This Learning Path combines some of the best that Packt has to offer in one complete, curated package. It includes content from the following Packt products: R Data Analysis Cookbook by Viswa Viswanathan and Shanthi Viswanathan R Data Visualization Cookbook by Atmajitsinh Gohil Machine Learning with R Cookbook by Yu-Wei, Chiu (David Chiu) Style and approach This course creates a smooth learning path that will teach you how to analyze data and create stunning visualizations. The step-by-step instructions provided for each recipe in this comprehensive Learning Path will show you how to create machine learning projects with R.
2016-11-24 By Viswa Viswanathan

My first encounter with heat maps was an infographic published by the New York Times ... finance (to study clustering in foreign exchange markets, stocks, different sectors/industries in an index, and so on), and economics (to study ...

Author: Atmajitsinh Gohil

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9781783989515

Category: Computers

Page: 236

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If you are a data journalist, academician, student or freelance designer who wants to learn about data visualization, this book is for you. Basic knowledge of R programming is expected.
2015-01-29 By Atmajitsinh Gohil ... State Administration of Foreign Exchange, “Issuing the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Regulations on Foreign Exchange Management in the ...

Author: Eswar S. Prasad

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780190631079

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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In Gaining Currency, leading China scholar Eswar S. Prasad describes how the renminbi (RMB) is taking the world by storm and explains its role in reshaping global finance. This book sets the recent rise of the RMB, China's currency since 1949, against a sweeping historical backdrop. China issued the world's first paper currency in the 7th century. In the 13th century, Kublai Khan issued the first-ever currency to circulate widely despite not being backed by commodities or precious metals. China also experienced some of the earliest episodes of hyperinflation currency wars. Gaining Currency reveals the interconnections linking China's growing economic might, its expanding international influence, and the rise of its currency. If China plays its cards right by adopting reforms that put its economy and financial markets on the right track, the RMB could rival even the euro and the Japanese yen. Prasad shows, however, that while China has successfully adopted a unique playbook for promoting the RMB, many pitfalls lie ahead for its economy and currency that could limit the RMB's ascendance. The Chinese leadership is pursuing financial liberalization and limited market-oriented reforms, but it has unequivocally repudiated political, legal, and institutional reforms. Therefore, Prasad argues, while the RMB is likely to become a significant reserve currency, it will not attain "safe haven" status as a currency to which investors turn during crises. In short, the hype predicting the RMB's inevitable rise to global dominance is overblown. Gaining Currency makes a compelling case that, for all its promise, the RMB does not pose a serious challenge to the U.S. dollar's dominance in international finance.
2016-09-13 By Eswar S. Prasad

... 200051 61 71 '81 '91 01 Foreign Trade US $ million Forex Assets US $ billion 100000 149166 145.1 80000 100 103091 ... 87 91 01 06 KBK Infographics KBK Infographics Printed and published by S Viswanathan for ECONOMIST COMMUNICATIONS ...



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Figure 4.14: GDP Contribution of Travel & Tourism Industry116 a With regards to the foreign exchange earners (FEE), travel and tourism industry is considered as ... 116 ...

Author: Dr.Shuchi

Publisher: Sankalp Publication

ISBN: 9789390720156

Category: Education

Page: 266

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FDI in India has a significant role in development of India. FDI in India to various sectors can attain sustained economic growth and development through creation of jobs, expansion of existing manufacturing industries. The inflow of FDI in service sectors and construction and development sector attained substantial sustained economic growth and development through creation of jobs in India.

Infographic 20: Balancing of Domestic and Export Market Needs: Supports Economic Independence Michael Porter proposed ... monthly) would lead to foreign exchange reserve level of over USD 300 billion even without any FDI inflow at all.

Author: C B Rao

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781644294451

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 524

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Economics is a social science concerned mainly with description and analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. Beyond the various theories and models, however, economics has close relationship with day to day life. This book reviews the economic journey of India over the last seventy years, and seeks to stimulate the readers’ thinking on some major issues and potentialities facing the Indian economy. Five main themes flow through the book – India’s potential to be the World’s third largest economic power by 2030, the challenges of socio-economic equity that India faces, the several opportunities that India has in that journey, the critical role of governance, leadership, management and administration, and the importance of mindset changes to power India’s futureeconomic growth. A special focus is laid on the role of government policies and projects in socio-economic development. The book sensitises the readers, including college students in general, and students of economics in particular, to the happenings around us which have significant economic import. The book makes all through its seventy chapters several suggestions to power India’s growth as a global economic superpower, on a plank of socioeconomic equity. This book serves as an expansive thought primer and focussed execution guide for an economically independent and resurgent India.
2018-10-26 By C B Rao

Funny cat photos may be a big hit in your personal Facebook News Feed, but they may not do so well on your investors' advice portal. On the other hand, a nice infographic showing trends in swap volume and spreads on different ...

Author: Ric Shreves

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119016090

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 360

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Optimize, optimize, optimize to get the most out of your company's social media presence As it turns out, social media is good for a lot more than funny cat videos, memes, and sharing what you're eating for lunch with the world. As the social media sphere continues to grow and be redefined, it's more important than ever to arm yourself with the latest information on how you can use it to drive traffic to your website, raise awareness of your brand, and promote your products or services. If you're a marketer who has asked yourself how you can possibly stay afloat in these newly chartered and oft overcrowded waters, Social Media Optimization For Dummies serves as your roadmap to smart marketing in the digital age. So, what is Social Media Optimization (SMO), exactly? Well, it's comprised of two closely related practices. First, SMO refers to a set of techniques in which social media is used to drive traffic to a website and create an interest in a product or service. Second, SMO concerns the optimization of the social media presence itself with the goal of building followers, increasing engagement, and, again, generating interest in a product or service. Each of these parts supports the other and, when the channels are managed efficiently, enhances the other's effectiveness. In this plain English, easy-to-follow guide, you'll quickly discover how to apply SMO practices to your marketing plan to accomplish those goals. Integrate social media into your website Drive traffic to your website Build followers and generate a buzz Increase engagement with customers From integrating social media into your website to building your social media presence to everything in between, Social Media Optimization For Dummies points your business toward success.
2015-04-20 By Ric Shreves