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The doctrine of guardian angels , although not explicitly defined as a matter of faith , is rooted in longstanding tradition . No authoritative declaration has ever been issued regarding choirs or various categories of angelo ...

Author: David Connolly

Publisher: Perigee Trade

ISBN: 0399518517

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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A collection of carefully selected historical and contemporary writings and quotes about angels provides a foundation for answering questions about the true nature of angels, their function in the universe, and their influence on humans. Original.
1993 By David Connolly

The stories in this part of In Search of Better Angels are accounts of discoveries that came to me as blessings. Each is a story I discovered while searching for something else. The serendipity of coming across an unexpected and ...

Author: J. David Smith

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 9781483362649

Category: Education

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This resource is a testament to the value of people with disabilities and the enrichment that we can find with them.
2003-04-30 By J. David Smith

Author: M. K. Pierce


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2017-11-27 By M. K. Pierce

The post-game ritual was to roam “The Strip” (Cumberland Avenue between Neyland Drive and 17th Street) in search of food, (more) libation, and other revelers. (We, enlivened by a surge of testosterone and booze, were also in search of ...

Author: Charles Wilson Hatfield

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781491830512

Category: Religion

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“The First Peace; My Search for the Better Angels” is a spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and perhaps educational memoir that spans fifty-plus years, eleven states, three countries, military and seminary, birth and death, marriage and divorce, three Christian denominations, and a monastery. This memoir is a journey through faith and knowledge, hope and reality, love and experience. The author attempts to reconcile what he has been taught, what he believes, what he experiences, what he knows, what he wants, and what he perceives. His unacknowledged question: What do we do when we evolve beyond the “faith of our fathers” (and/or mothers)? After a life of seeking to understand through the lens of Christianity (and other religions), the author comes to understand that religious beliefs and dogma may become a barrier to faith and understanding. The author learns that liberty entails responsibility, faith requires self-reliance, and enlightenment is found within. Liberty and freedom entail responsibility, responsibly that no other person or institution can assume for use. We remain responsible for our actions and inactions. No person, government, or religious institution can assume or remove our responsibility for our actions, for our lives. “The First Peace; My Search for the Better Angels” is an attempt to weave a tapestry of stories, ideas and ideals, ethics, experiences, and expressions – with the goal (and hope) to entertain, inform, educate, persuade, stimulate, and even challenge. Perhaps “The First Peace; My Search for the Better Angels” will remind you of your own experiences, thoughts, and feelings that provide some measure of contentment, but also some measure of challenge, even conflict. The silence beyond those reminders is where we find “the first peace” and where we are “at liberty to be real” and where “the better angels of our nature” touch us.
2013-10-30 By Charles Wilson Hatfield

As Mediator, Christ also administers a vast, unnumbered host of Holy Angels: “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” (Hebrews 1:14). Active Director of the Warfare As King ...

Author: Vernon Sparks

Publisher: Digital Inspiration


Category: Religion

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There are important Biblical truths overlooked by much of Christianity. The Devil would have it so, and, unfortunately, our naturally sinful hearts find it attractively so. We prefer to be saved in our sins rather than from our sins. The term Gospel is in reference to the salvation of fallen mankind in Christ’s future, eternal kingdom of peace. Tragically, great differences in understanding of the Gospel is a major reason for the multitude of differing Christian faiths. The Bible speaks of “One Lord, one faith, one baptism.” (Ephesians 4:5). Jesus Christ made the claim: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6). Thus, the Scriptures teach that there is only One True Way to the heavenly Father, only One True Gospel—the Man Christ Jesus. When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden—embedding the trait of selfishness in humanity’s heart—Christ promised them that He would come to earth to take their punishment, and to crush their deceiver Satan’s head. As a perpetual reminder, Christ gave them the sacrificial system. They were to confess their sins over the head of an innocent lamb and then to slay it; symbolizing Christ’s future death on the cross for the sins of man. When the children of Israel were delivered from slavery in Egypt, Christ gave them a much more complete explanation of the various steps in the salvation process. In the earthly sanctuary and its services—a pattern of the true sanctuary in heaven—He gave a much clearer explanation of the salvation process as to how, when, and where the various steps occur in reality. For some 1500 years Christ worked with the children of Israel in an attempt to lead them, in their tabernacle/temple services to depict to the world the gospel of salvation through the coming Messiah. Unfortunately, Satan succeeded in blinding their eyes to the truths of their own religious services, to the degree, that they rejected and nailed to a Roman cross the long-looked-for perfect Lamb of God. Unfortunately still today, many of Christ’s followers are failing to appreciate the important truths of the gospel as depicted for so many centuries in the priestly services of the earthly tabernacle and temples of Israel. We are tending to ignore the New Testament teachings regarding Christ’s High Priestly ministry in the true tabernacle of heaven (see Hebrews chapters 3-10). We tend to not appreciate the important prophecy of Daniel 8:14: “And he said unto me, Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” (Daniel 8:14). The dominant Christian faith of the Dark Ages has side-tracked our attention to a still earthly priesthood with the claim to forgive sin. For these and other reasons, Satan is again succeeding to a great degree in blinding Christ’s followers to the great truths of the sanctuary services, now going on in heaven. Through failure to understand as to the how, when, and where Christ is working to save repentant men and women from sin, rather than in sin, many will fail to be benefitted by His death on the cross so many years ago. It is the purpose of this publication to search for clarity as to what is the One True Gospel. It has found that a comprehension of Christ’s role as Surety, as the Lamb of God, and as the Mediator-High Priest of the human race goes far in achieving that goal. “We need . . . much more knowledge in regard to the plan of salvation. There is not one in one hundred who understands for himself the Bible truth on this subject that is so necessary to our present and eternal welfare. When light begins to shine forth to make clear the plan of redemption to the people, the enemy works with all diligence that the light may be shut away from the hearts of men. If we come to the Word of God with a teachable, humble spirit, the rubbish of error will be swept away, and gems of truth, long hidden from our eyes, will be discovered.” Ellen G. White, Selected Messages, book 1, 359, 360.
2017-12-29 By Vernon Sparks

2727 me : 1 21 In Search :: of Angels 11 dc Friday , December 9 , 9 p.m. In Sunday , December 11 , 5 p.m. insbe Print In Search of Angels , a documentary about the extraordinary , wondrous subject TË of angels , reflects and responds to ...



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1994 By

The story appears again in the Book of Enoch and is associated with Satan's rebellion and the idea of the fallen angels. Were women the cause of the angel's fall because they awakened male lust, or were earthly women merely the ...

Author: Barbara Fass Leavy

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814751008

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 388

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In such seminal works as Madness and Civilization, Discipline and Punish, and The History of Sexuality, the late philosopher Michel Foucault explored what our politics, our sexuality, our societal conventions, and our changing notions of truth told us about ourselves. In the process, Foucault garnered a reputation as one of the pre-eminent philosophers of the latter half of the twentieth century and has served as a primary influence on successive generations of philosophers and cultural critics. With A Foucault Primer, Alec McHoul and Wendy Grace bring Foucault's work into focus for the uninitiated. Written in crisp and concise prose, A Foucault Primer explicates three central concepts of Foucauldian theory—discourse, power, and the subject—and suggests that Foucault’s work has much yet to contribute to contemporary debate.
1995-07-01 By Barbara Fass Leavy

Epiloque: Future screenplays Following the HBO Angels mini-series, Kushner worked on a screenplay about Eugene O'Neill ... in the 20th Century (2000), The Troupe (2004), and the symbolic import of angels in In Search of Angels (1994).

Author: James Fisher

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9780429675980

Category: Literary Criticism

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The Theater of Tony Kushner is a comprehensive portrait of the forty-year long career of dramatist Tony Kushner as playwright, screenwriter, essayist, and public intellectual and political activist. Following an introduction examining the influences of Kushner’s development as an artist, this updated second edition features individual chapters on his major plays, including A Bright Room Called Day, Hydriotaphia, or The Death of Dr. Browne, Angels in America, Slavs! Thinking About the Longstanding Problems of Virtue and Happiness, Homebody/Kabul, Caroline, or Change, and The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to the Scriptures, along with chapters on Kushner’s adaptations, one-act plays, and screenplays, including his two Academy Award-nominated screenplays, Munich and Lincoln. A book for anyone interested in theater, film, literature, and the ways in which the past informs the present, this second edition of The Theater of Tony Kushner explores how his writings reflect key elements of American society, from politics and economics to race, gender, and spirituality, all with the hope of inspiring America to live up to its ideals.
2021-09-30 By James Fisher

C. Fred Dickason, Angels: Elect and Evil (Chicago: Moody, 1978), Kindle edition. 12. ... John Wesley cited in David Connolly, In Search of Angels: A Celestial Sourcebook for Beginning Your Journey (New York: Perigee, 1993), 48. 2.

Author: Ron Rhodes

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736980357

Category: Religion

Page: 224

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Understand the Battle Before You Enter It When you think about the end times, you’ve probably already considered the rapture, the tribulation, and the Antichrist. But are you prepared for the spiritual warfare that is already escalating around us as we draw closer to the final days? Now more than ever, it is essential to equip yourself with God’s truth so you can stand against the encroaching darkness. In Spiritual Warfare in the End Times, bestselling prophecy author Ron Rhodes powerfully exposes Satan’s most destructive and effective tools of spiritual injury—and the means of rendering them ineffective. Ron will help you understand... the identity, tactics, and dominion of Satan—and the spiritual armor God has given you for protection the pivotal roles the Holy Spirit and the Word of God play in your spiritual victory the sheep (Christians) who keep close to the Shepherd (Jesus) are safest from the predatory wolf (Satan) Though Satan will always want to diminish your capacity to serve in God’s kingdom, God promises you’ll never fight him alone. Spiritual Warfare in the End Times will provide you with all you need for victory both now and in the future.
2020-11-24 By Ron Rhodes

In this book, Alistair Moffat journeys from the island of Eileach an Naoimh at the mouth of the Firth of Lorne to Lismore, Iona and then north to Applecross, searching for traces of these extraordinary men.

Author: Alistair Moffat

Publisher: Birlinn

ISBN: 1780276729


Page: 288

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Fourteen centuries ago, Irish saints brought the Word of God to the Hebrides and Scotland's Atlantic shore. These 'white martyrs' sought solitude, remoteness, even harshness, in places apart from the world where they could fast, pray and move closer to an understanding of God: places where they could see angels. Columba, who founded the famous monastery at Iona, was the most well-known of these courageous men who rowed their curraghs towards danger and uncertainty in a pagan land, but the many others are now largely forgotten by history. In this book, Alistair Moffat journeys from the island of Eileach an Naoimh at the mouth of the Firth of Lorne to Lismore, Iona and then north to Applecross, searching for traces of these extraordinary men. He finds them not often in any tangible remains, but in the spirit of the islands and remote places where they passed their exemplary lives. Brendan, Moluag, Columba, Maelrubha and others brought the Gaelic language and echoes of how the saints saw their world can still be heard in its cadences. And the tradition of great piety endures.
2020-10 By Alistair Moffat