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in. Learning. and. Course. Materials. I. I. Maria Elizabeth Sucupira Furtado University of Fortaleza and Estadual of ... and build better interactive artifacts (as widgets) and to understand the effects that systems will have on humans ...

Author: Khosrow-Pour, Mehdi

Publisher: IGI Global

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"This set of books represents a detailed compendium of authoritative, research-based entries that define the contemporary state of knowledge on technology"--Provided by publisher.
2008-10-31 By Khosrow-Pour, Mehdi

Current and Future Impacts Will W.K. Ma, Kar-wai Tong, Wing Bo Anna Tso. In the ... This application enabled us to create an interactive web page on which students could navigate learning materials and click to check out the full ...

Author: Will W.K. Ma

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811581670

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This special edition of the Educational Communications and Technology Yearbook Series bears a title of “Learning Environment and Design: Current and Future Impact”. It provides a timely forum to share theoretical and practical insights in both the local and international contexts in response to the fact that new media and technologies have infiltrated and shaped the learning environments from mere physical spaces into multifaceted possibilities, impacting the ways individuals teach and learn. Designs of learning environments to harness technologies appropriately to engage learners better, as well as the roles of learners and educators play in this changing learning environment, are examples of important global issues in the discourse of the contemporary educational developments. Having gathered a diverse collection of research papers written by scholars and practitioners in the fields of education, communication and humanities across Asia, Australasia, Europe and the United States, this book gives readers a cross-cultural background on the developments of technological designs and educational practices, investigating areas in redefining of quality education; online learning and blended learning; new media in education; gamification, AI, and innovative learning technologies. Aimed to catalyze knowledge exchanges and provide fresh views on interdisciplinary research, the book sheds light on how emerging technologies can be adapted in the fields of education and communication, so as to facilitate the current and future designs of learning environments to improve learners’ performances.
2020-11-07 By Will W.K. Ma

Believe that the computer's interactive capabilities set it apart from all other instructional devices in ... The detrimental impacts of passive nonparticipatory learning are significantly exacerbated by this format (Wang et ...

Author: Vidhu V.B. Dr Sameer babu M

Publisher: Archers & Elevators Publishing House

ISBN: 9789390996124

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Finally, each module closes with instructions for “Learning Online” (see p. 54), showing students how to access supplemental online materials, including flashcards, practice quizzes, videos, and more.

Author: Norman Myers

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781285528434

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Focused on and organized around environmental issues, this innovative new book helps you critically evaluate possible solutions to the environmental problems we now face. The authors outline specific environmental issues and provide the scientific background to enable you to understand each issue. In order to find and apply solutions to these problems, they help you see that the problems are not insurmountable and that something can be done to achieve a sustainable future. The modular chapters provide full descriptions of each of the major environmental problems with real stories about what people are doing to tackle the resulting challenges. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
2013-06-25 By Norman Myers

We also analyze the challenges that the school faces in this process to enhance the quality of education and ... For the case study on the implementation and impact of interactive learning environments, we focused on the Primary ...

Author: Rocio Garcia-Carrion

Publisher: Frontiers Media SA

ISBN: 9782889636068



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Educational inequalities have strongly impacted disadvantaged and underservedpopulations such us indigenous, Roma, migrant children, students with disabilities,and those affected by poverty. A wide array of research has contributed toexplaining the mechanisms and effects of inequalities in the achievement patterns,dropout rates, disengagement in the school experiences of children and youthtraditionally excluded. Research also suggests the negative consequences for childdevelopment – including cognitive, language, and social–emotional functioning – ofpoverty and lack of quality education in the early years. Consequently, the currentunequal access to optimal learning environments for every single child to succeedin education and to have a better life perpetuates the exclusion and neglects theright to education for those minorities. This Research Topic aims at moving beyondcauses and shed light upon effective solutions by providing successful pathways forintegration and inclusion of the learners most heavily affected. Scholars worldwide are looking for successful actions with children, youth, andcommunities of learners historically underserved to overcome educational andsocial exclusion. These transformative approaches go beyond the deficit thinkingand are grounded in theories, empirical evidence, and multidisciplinary interventionsoriented towards achieving social impact, which refers to the extent to which thoseactions have contributed to improve a societal challenge. The international networkof “Schools as Learning Communities” is advancing knowledge on deepening andexpanding the impact of what has been defined as Successful Educational Actions(SEAs); that is, those interventions that improve students’ achievement and socialcohesion and inclusion in many diverse contexts, regardless the socioeconomic,national, and cultural environment of schools. Drawing on the evidence generated by this network of researchers to address the globalchallenge of inequality by studying educational actions oriented towards achievingsocial impact and potentially transferrable to other contexts, this Research Topic aimsat deepening on this approach. In short, our purpose is that the contributions includedin this Research Topic contribute to reduce educational and social inequalities andespecially benefit those populations most in need.
2020-03-24 By Rocio Garcia-Carrion

The study examined the effects of six theoretical constructs , three exogenous latent variables ( students ' background ... distance education ; authoring ; media in education ; interactive learning environments ; pedagogical issues ...



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adaptive OILE and increased knowledge about the positive impact of the use of the OILE in the students' learning in and ... personalized and adaptive online interactive learning environment can be designed and tested in four steps.

Author: Aklilu Tilahun Tadesse

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030882891



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The interactive learning materials offered students essential feedback and the computer could display ... and problem solving, a greater impact was obtained when the 2-D static rod and collar was modeled and shown in a 3-D environment.

Author: Sidhu, Manjit Singh

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781605667652

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Explores best practices in assisting students in understanding engineering concepts through interactive and virtual environments.
2009-09-30 By Sidhu, Manjit Singh

Instead, subject matter experts typically provide content to computer programmers and pedagogical experts who end up being responsible for transforming the various materials into interactive learning environments. Improvements in ...

Author: Roscoe, Rod D.

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 9781522526407

Category: Education

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Emerging technologies have enhanced the learning capabilities and opportunities in modern school systems. To continue the effective development of such innovations, the intended users must be taken into account. End-User Considerations in Educational Technology Design is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly material on usability testing techniques and user-centered design methodologies in the development of technological tools for learning environments. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics such as multimedia learning, human-computer interaction, and online learning, this book is ideally designed for academics, researchers, school administrators, professionals, and practitioners interested in the design of optimized educational technologies.
2017-06-16 By Roscoe, Rod D.

Academics and other key stakeholders in HE should make changes to optimise the educational impact on Generation ... multimodal teaching and learning environment can include numerous “elements such as simulations, interactive diagrams, ...

Author: Tennyson Mgutshini

Publisher: African Sun Media

ISBN: 9781991201195

Category: Education

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Premised on the disruption and lessons learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic, and in meticulous response to the impact of the pandemic on higher education – especially in South Africa – this collection of chapters spotlights the effects, consequences, and ramifications of an unprecedented pandemic in the areas of knowledge production, knowledge transfer and innovation. With the pandemic, the traditional way of teaching and learning was completely upended. It is within this context that this book presents interdisciplinary perspectives that focus on what the impact of Covid-19 implies for higher education institutions. Contributors have critically reflected from within their specific academic disciplines in their attempt to proffer solutions to the disruptions brought to the South African higher education space. Academics and education leaders have particularly responded to the objective of this book by focusing on how the academia could tackle the Covid-19 motivated disruption and resuscitate teaching, research, and innovation activities in South African higher education, and the whole of Africa by extension.
2021-06-01 By Tennyson Mgutshini