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Even if women reached a subcamp alive they would starve as food supplies were cut off. The Polish woman Janina Habich, and 150 others, arrived back from the Youth Camp to spend three days digging a trench around Ravensbrück before being ...

Author: Sarah Helm

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780748112432

Category: History

Page: 848

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Winner of the Longman-History Today Book Prize: A 'profoundly moving chronicle' (Observer) that tells the story of Ravensbrück, the only concentration camp designed specifically for women, using new testimony from survivors On a sunny morning in May 1939 a phalanx of 800 women - housewives, doctors, opera singers, politicians, prostitutes - were marched through the woods fifty miles north of Berlin, driven on past a shining lake, then herded through giant gates. Whipping and kicking them were scores of German women guards. Their destination was Ravensbrück, a concentration camp designed specifically for women by Heinrich Himmler, prime architect of the Nazi genocide. For decades the story of Ravensbrück was hidden behind the Iron Curtain and today is still little known. Using testimony unearthed since the end of the Cold War, and interviews with survivors who have never spoken before, Helm has ventured into the heart of the camp, demonstrating for the reader in riveting detail how easily and quickly the unthinkable horror evolved. 'It not only fills a gap in Holocaust history but it is an utterly compelling read' Taylor Downing, History Today 'A sense of urgency infuses this history, which comes just in time to gather the testimony of the camp's survivors . . . meticulous, unblinking . . . [Helm's] book comes not a moment too soon' The Economist
2015-01-15 By Sarah Helm

60 Contact between male and female prisoners was rather scarce. Occasionally, it was possible during the common Sunday mass. Men and women were escorted to the chapel in separate groups, but passed each other.

Author: Denisa Nešťáková

Publisher: Academic Studies PRess

ISBN: 9781644697122

Category: History

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The present volume contains thirteen articles based on work presented at the “XX. Century Conference: If This Is A Woman” at Comenius University Bratislava in January 2019. The conference was organized against anti-gender narratives and related attacks on academic freedom and women’s rights currently all too prevalent in East-Central Europe. The papers presented at the conference and in this volume focus, to a significant extent, on this region. They touch upon numerous points concerning gendered experiences of World War II and the Holocaust. By purposely emphasizing the female experience in the title, we encourage to fill the lacunae that still, four decades after the enrichment of Holocaust studies with a gendered lens, exist when it comes to female experiences.
2021-12-14 By Denisa Nešťáková

INFECT To Have Internal Issues That Reflect Outwardly When a woman is dealing with her internal emotions, she has a way of either concealing them so that nobody knows or she can be very obvious and allow others to see by her actions ...

Author: B. Nathaniel Smith


ISBN: 9781365763892

Category: Self-Help

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This book will be unlike any book you have ever read. It's direct, blatant, honest, unapologetic, and will definitely force you to identify with one, if not all of the Female Types mentioned. This book can be called a ""man's quick reference guide to Female Types,"" because it introduces you to three major categories of females that are dominant in our society: Tulip, Lily, and Daffodil. Each of these types is completely different in character, persona, and behavioral responses that influence how they interact with men.
2017-04-12 By B. Nathaniel Smith

Next day, when my ex wife went to police station, police called me and told that, they are ready to pay only INR 20000 as bribe since I have proofs, if I can pay INR 50000 they will dismiss the case and make the other side agree for ...

Author: Rani Mukherjee

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 9781329689626

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Sonal is 30 years old hot divorcee girl working in IT industry. She is dating guys to get married. Guys try all types of tricks to get her on bed before marriage, but she is too hard to conquer. Will any one conquer her? Follow her dating journey to know the answer.
2015-11-14 By Rani Mukherjee

Now if women were not supposed to take a position as pastor or bishop, a logical corollary would suggest that God would be consistent with His Word by executing justice on churches shepherded by women. If you check the Internet and ...

Author: Lamont McLaurin

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 9781606479971

Category: Religion

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Revelatory and persuasive, a must read Minister Lamont McLaurin unveils what he coins as the 8th SEAL about a hotly debated controversial topic in Christendom whether a woman can or cannot preach. What sets the book apart from most apologetic pro-women pastoring theology is that he doesn't use Garden Variety biblical characters such as Deborah, Mary Magadalene, The woman at the well, Esther and the like. A fresh hot button 2008 revelation that will promote intense dialogue at home, church, college campuses, airports, workplace, lunchroom settings, Theological Seminars, etc. Finally a book that contains irrefutable Biblical evidence that a woman can and should preach if called by GOD to do so.. Minister Lamont McLaurin is a multi gifted national motivational speaker, an ex police officer who currently works full time as a High School Theology teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a part time Social Worker. Additionally he is a mid level consultant for several Oil companies. Lamont's upcoming books are entitled: You will never know God is all you need until you realize that God is all you have. And... The revelatory... If the Jews are GOD's chosen people, Is GOD the first Racist? A revelatory defense of GOD's position concerning the Jews. To contact Minister Lamont: [email protected]
2008-11-01 By Lamont McLaurin

For example, when a woman's phone call goes unanswered and unreturned for a while, she might think he's playing a mind game, when in actuality he just doesn't feel like talking. Some AS men have said women “led them on for a couple of ...

Author: Rudy Simone

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 9781849058032

Category: Psychology

Page: 112

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This book looks at 22 common traits that women may discover when they are dating, living with or married to a man with Asperger's Syndrome. Simone explores Asperger's relationships with honesty and understanding, drawing on research and personal experience to inform and advise women with AS partners.
2009 By Rudy Simone

“My woman's instinct. I already told you that. If it is a woman, another woman than the one I mentioned, she is probably married or turned him away. Foolish woman. Foolish man for letting her! I thought he might have had a . . . an ...

Author: John K. Sutherland

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781493115983

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

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An attempted murder one dark night on the river disrupted the lives of two families and deeply affected the lives of two individuals from those same two families for the next five years. They had been forced to make choices that took them far apart before being serendipitously brought together once more. The would-be murderers, three of them, lost one of their own soon after that night from wounds he had received at the hands of their intended victim. Three years later, a second of them fortuitously became the victim of that same man they would have killed. The third and last one, attempting to recover the failing fortunes of the family in a poker game on the river, saw the means to cheat his opponent and at the same time to be rid of his sister who had unexpectedly shown up again. His first attempt on her life as they had travelled upriver had failed, and a second attempt would be difficult now that she expected it and now that she had a protector. He saw another way to be rid of her: in a poker game where he would wager her away. If only it could be that simple. He had no idea the trouble he would cause by that act. The unexpected outcome of that game brought two individuals closer together and eventually healed the initial disruption that had seen them torn apart five years earlier.
2013-10-29 By John K. Sutherland

As Wollstonecraft presents the argument in Rights of Woman, if women are fully human and equal to men, then their minds must be innately equal, as wellior, as she summarizes the argument for her largely Christian audience, “if woman be ...

Author: Mary Wollstonecraft

Publisher: Broadview Press

ISBN: 9781460401316

Category: Fiction

Page: 298

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Mary Wollstonecraft wrote these two novellas at the beginning and end of her years of writing and political activism. Though written at different times, they explore some of the same issues: ideals of femininity as celebrated by the cult of sensibility, the unequal education of women, and domestic subjugation. Mary counters the contemporary trend of weak, emotional heroines with the story of an intelligent and creative young woman who educates herself through her close friendships with men and women. Darker and more overtly feminist, The Wrongs of Woman is set in an insane asylum, where a young woman has been wrongly imprisoned by her husband. By presenting the novellas in light of such texts as Wollstonecraft’s letters, her polemical and educational prose, similar works by other feminists and political reformists, the literature of sentiment, and contemporary medical texts, this edition encourages an appreciation of the complexity and sophistication of Wollstonecraft’s writing goals as a radical feminist in the 1790s.
2012-04-05 By Mary Wollstonecraft

If you're out there in singles land for the pure self-serving debauchery of personal pleasure—bed every woman you can handle. Catch a case of incurable herpes or slow death HIV. Maybe you're looking for a set of warts the size of a ...

Author: Frosty Wooldridge

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781481743365

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 258

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How to Deal with 21st Century American Women teaches men from all walks of life how to understand and adapt to the evolving male-female paradigm shift occurring at every level of American society. Today, women run companies, become school principles, military generals, police chiefs, corporation CEOs and dozens of other power positions where they make more money and give orders to male employees. It’s no longer exclusively “a man’s world.” Women compete for the highest job slots at colleges, governorships of states, Ph.D. programs and athletic money in professional sports. Where men once drove the car for dates, women demand equality in the work, family and social realm. Men need to slide over and share the driving with women. This enormous emotional, social and sexual shift in the Western world creates a new male-female relationship dynamic. This shift proves the first of its kind in human history. The new dynamic also creates incredible confusion, frustration and exasperation. Along the way, women want men to be men. They want a good man to marry and raise a family. But early in the 21st century, half of all marriages end in divorce. Male domestic violence continues at distressing levels. Weekend fathers explode on the emotional landscape. Children suffer the loss of structure, a balanced family unit and a sense of belonging. This book enlightens, educates and encourages men to maintain their masculinity while adapting and thriving in the new male-female paradigm of the 21st century. The book presents straight-forward ideas to men on how to deal with a 21st century American woman. This book shows men how to successfully marry the right woman for long-term success. It shows which women to avoid. The book creates new understandings to move men forward in relationships in the 21st century.
2013-10-20 By Frosty Wooldridge

It is this constant reiteration of woman's unfitness for politics which is the most effective of the many specious devices by which man persuades woman of her inferiority . -THE SOCIAL AND POLITICAL DEPENDENCE OF WOMEN . 1031 . If woman ...

Author: A. H.


ISBN: BL:A0024961906

Category: Women

Page: 297

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This is a collection of quotations from Aristotle to Elizabeth Cady Stanton on every issue relevant to the enfranchisement of women.
1871 By A. H.