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Milan: Franco Angeli, 1998. Boccia Artieri, Giovanni. I media-mondo. Forme e linguaggi dell'esperienza contemporanea, Rome, Meltemi, 2004. —.Stati di connessione. Pubblici, cittadini e consumatori nella (Social) Network Society.

Author: Maria Angela Polesana

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 9781527538085

Category: Social Science

Page: 117

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This book provides a snapshot of the major social, cultural and economic changes that have taken place in the contemporary consumer society following the global financial crisis of 2008. It discusses brands, consumption patterns and advertising, and highlights their symbolic component. Markets are conversations, as the Cluetrain Manifesto pointed out as early as 2000, and this is all the more so today in our increasingly digitalized society. Advertising, therefore, needs to attune products to the most interesting conversations, those that are consistent with the new sensibility of the individual, identifying the languages which reflect most closely the new values and which are most useful for effective storytelling. The analysis here focuses on Italian advertising, but the language categories described are in tune with the new Zeitgeist, which, faced with the challenge of climate change and the crisis of unlimited economic growth, demands a more informed and responsible approach to consumption globally. The book is, therefore, useful for those working in corporate communication, advertising agencies, universities and Italian cultural organizations.
2019-08-06 By Maria Angela Polesana

In: Faccioli, P. (ed.) In Altre Parole. Idee per una Sociologia della Comunicazione Visuale. FrancoAngeli, Milano, pp. 75–98. Boccia Artieri, G. (2004) I Media Mondo. Forme e Linguaggi dell'Esperienza Contemporanea. Meltemi, Rome.

Author: Peter M. Burns

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9781845936129

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 214

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The study of tourism as a complex social phenomenon, beyond simply business, is increasing in importance. Providing an examination of perceptions of culture and society in tourism destinations through the tourist's eyes, this book discusses how destinations were, and are, created and perceived through the 'lens' of the tourist's gaze.
2010 By Peter M. Burns

Abruzzese, A. (2001): L'Intelligenza del Mondo, Fondamenti di Storia e Teoria dell'Immaginario, Roma: Meltemi. ... Boccia Artieri, G. (2004): I Media-Mondo: Forme e Linguaggi dell'Esperienza Contemporanea, Milano: Meltemi.

Author: Caterina Benincasa

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 9783839442142

Category: Social Science

Page: 246

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Emerging forms of alternative economic frameworks are changing the structure of society, redefining the relationship between centre and periphery, and the social dynamics in the urban fabric. In this context, the arts can play a crucial role in formulating a concept of complex and plural citizenship: This economic, social and cultural paradigm has the potential to overcome the conventional isolation of the arts and culture in ivory towers, and thereby to gradually make the urban fabric more fertile. This volume faces such sensitive issues by collating contributions from various disciplines: Economists, sociologists, urbanists, architects and creative artists offer a broad and deep assessment of urban dynamics and their visions for the years to come.
2019-06-30 By Caterina Benincasa

Benni, E., Hjartar, K. and Laartz, J. 2003, 'The IT Factor in Mobile Services', The McKinsey Quarterly, 3. ... Bocca-Altieri, G. 2004, I media-mondo: Forme e linguaggi dell'esperienza contemporanea, Rome: Meltempi.

Author: Adam Arvidsson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781134277872

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 176

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Drawing on rich empirical material, this revealing book builds up a critical theory, arguing that brands have become an important tool for transforming everyday life into economic value. When branding lifestyles or value complexes onto their products, companies assume that consumers desire products for their ability to give meaning to their lives. Yet, brands also have a key function within managerial strategy. Examining the history of audience and market research, marketing thought and advertising strategy; the first part of this book traces the historical development of branding, whilst the second part evaluates new media, contemporary management and overall media economics to present the first systematic theory of brands: the brand as a key institution in information capitalism. It includes chapters on: consumption marketing brand management online branding the brand as informational capital. Richly illustrated with case studies from market research, advertising, shop displays, mobile phones, the internet and virtual companies, this outstanding book is essential reading for students and researchers of the sociology of media, cultural studies, advertising and consumer studies and marketing.
2006-04-19 By Adam Arvidsson

G. Boccia Artieri , I media - mondo . Forme e linguaggi dell'esperienza contemporanea , Meltemi , Roma 2004 . G. Boccia Artieri and L. Mazzoli ( eds . ) , Tracce nella rete . Le trame del moderno fra sistema sociale e organizzazione ...

Author: Massimo Negrotti

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 3039106902

Category: Cybernetics

Page: 249

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The concept of the user is not a well-established sociological concept even though the user is omnipresent in our culture as someone who uses a device, a machine, the internet or a public service. Due to the close relationship between man and technology user studies have become very important. The papers assembled in this volume were presented at the Vth International Conference on «The Culture of the Artificial» - The User of the Artificial (Ascona Switzerland, Monte Verità, 23-25 April 2004). They deal with various aspects of the figure of the user.

Consumption in Asia : Lifestyles and Identities ( London , 2000 ) ; D. Davies ( ed . ) ... the Information Age ( London , 2004 ) ; G. Boccia - Altieri , I media - mondo : Forme e linguaggi dell'esperienza contemporanea ( Rome , 2004 ) .

Author: John Brewer

Publisher: Berg Pub Limited

ISBN: STANFORD:36105114437549

Category: History

Page: 336

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A transnational perspective allows the authors to investigate the diversity of consumer cultures and the interaction between them. They look at the genealogy of the modern consumer and the development of consumer cultures.
2006-06 By John Brewer

e dollari ) ; le due liste , sicuramente incomplete – soprattutto per quanto riguarda il fumetto - mostrano inoltre la ... in M. Boccia Artieri , MediaMondo : forme e linguaggi dell'esperienza contemporanea ( Roma : Meltemi , 2004 ) .

Author: Leonardo Quaresima

Publisher: Forum Edizioni

ISBN: STANFORD:36105115333911

Category: Art

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Ma totale non nel senso che possa eludere le istanze di linguaggi particolari e di settori specifici della formatività ... di individuale e di universale con l'esclusione di quel mondo delle mediazioni dell'esperienza che è il mondo piú ...



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è diventata in questo inizio secolo la forma più avanzata . Controllare e convincere è il nuovo e più efficace obbiettivo della sorveglianza nel mondo contemporaneo . TORINO M - Multimedia : 2-3-4-5 , Galleria Amantes M - for Murder è ...



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Scheler si è soffermato a considerare il tema della religione particolarmente nell'opera L'eterno nell'uomo ( 1921 ) ... di Marx , di Kierkegaard e dall'attenzione “ politica ” alle situazioni storiche del mondo contemporaneo .



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