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Alice McLeod Coltrane, a highly skilled pianist, organist, and harpist, was Trane's wife as well as his last pianist. ... Even as the horns swirled around her like a hurricane, Alice Coltrane was the eye at the center of the storm and ...

Author: Michael Stephans

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810882904

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In Experiencing Jazz: A Listener’s Companion, writer, teacher, and renowned jazz drummer Michael Stephans offers a much-needed survey in the art of listening to and enjoying this dynamic, ever-changing art form. More than mere entertainment, jazz provides a pleasurable and sometimes dizzying listening experience with an extensive range in structure and form, from the syncopated swing of big bands to the musical experimentalism of small combos. As Stephans illustrates, listeners and jazz artists often experience the essence of the music together—an experience unique in the world of music. Experiencing Jazz demonstrates how the act of listening to jazz takes place on a deeply personal level and takes readers on a whirlwind tour of the genre, instrument by instrument—offering not only brief portraits of key musicians like Joe Lovano and John Scofield, but also their own commentaries on how best to experience the music they create. Throughout, jazz takes center stage as a personal transaction that enriches the lives of both musician and listener. Written for anyone curious about the genre, this book encourages further reading, listening, and viewing, helping potential listeners cultivate an understanding and appreciation of the jazz art and how it can help—in drummer Art Blakey’s words—“wash away the dust of everyday life.”
2013-10-17 By Michael Stephans

The day before the scheduled Coltrane concert, Hurricane Carla had begun to menace the Gulf Coast. Hurricanes often threatened the region but seldom reached Houston with more than heavy rains and strong winds.

Author: Helen Moore Barthelme

Publisher: Texas A&M University Press

ISBN: 9781603446709

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Chronicling a literary life that ended not so long ago, "Donald Barthelme: ""The"" Genesis of a Cool Sound" gives the reader a glimpse at the years when Barthelme began to find his literary voice. A revealing look at Donald Barthelme's influences and development, this account begins with a detailed biographical sketch of his life and spans his growth into a true avant-garde literary figure. Donald Barthleme was born in Philadelphia but raised in Houston, the son of a forward-thinking architect father and a literary mother. Educated at the University of Houston, he became a fine arts critic for the "Houston"" Post;" then, following duty in the Korean conflict, he returned to the "Post" for a short time before becoming editor for "Forum" literary magazine. After that, he was also director of the Contemporary Arts Museum while writing and publishing his first stories. In the 1960s he moved to New York, where he became editor of "Location" and was able to practice the art of short fiction in such vehicles as the "New Yorker" and "Harper's Bazaar." In a witty, playful, ironic, and bizarrely imaginative style, he wrote more than one hundred short stories and several novels over the years. In this literary memoir, Donald Barthelme's former wife, Helen Moore Barthelme, offers insights into his career as well as his private life, focusing especially on the decade they were married, from the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties, a period when he was developing the forms and genres that made him famous. During that time Barthelme was finding his voice as a writer and his short stories were beginning to receive notice. In her memoir, Helen Moore Barthelme writes about Donald's early years and her life with him in Houston and New York. In open, straightforward language she tells about their love for each other and about the events that finally divided them. She also describes, from the point of view of the person closest to Donald during that time, the making of one of the most original and imaginative American writers of the twentieth century. Scholars of avant-garde American literature will gain insider perspective to one man's life and the years which, for all their myriad joys and downturns, produced some of the best-remembered works in the literary canon.

Leading up to the creation of this work , Coltrane's story was like too many we have heard . Fame , travel , money , and the pursuit of pleasure had all led to a life of addiction and desperation . As the winds blew over the years ...


Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 145561209X

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2006 By

Jazz influences Cruz has cited in interviews include Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis. Read Paul Volponi's youngadult novel Hurricane Song (2008). The novel is about an African American boy, Miles, who moves to New Orleans ...

Author: Gale, Cengage Learning

Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781410355942

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This all changed one morning in early June, when Victor Coltrane arrived at the Mackenzie mill, bringing news of a death in the ... the way he recognized miniature tornadoes of dust in the millyard as signs of an approaching storm.

Author: Paul Watkins

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9780307799807

Category: Fiction

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“An outstandingly intelligent and significant novel” about greed and environmental devastation from the author of the Booker Prize-nominated Night Over Day Over Night *Booklist Logger Noah Mackenzie has a bitter history with the Algonquin wilderness, and now he’s determined to clear-cut the part he considers his own. The only person in the remote Maine town of Abenaki Junction putting up any fight for the forest is Madeleine Cody, publisher of a small newspaper, the Forest Sentinel. Using the paper to draw attention to the plight of the Algonquin forest, Madeleine has endeavored to put an end to excessive deforestation, through nonviolent means. But when Adam Gabriel—an ex-fighter pilot, Abenaki Junction born-and-raised—returns to the town from spiking trees out West, the protest takes a dangerous new direction. Praise for Archangel “Paul Watkins is without question one of the most gifted writers of his generation.”—Tobias Wolff “Crisp, satisfying . . . . The forest over which the characters are struggling takes on a memorable vibrancy and life.”—Elle “Rich characterizations and a seamless narrative bring to roaring life this tale of environmental conflict. . . . Watkins evokes the grandeur of the woods as well as the wild unpredictability of both natural and social violence.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review) “A wonderful literary adventure novel, squarely in the tradition of Deliverance and Legends of the Fall.”—Howard Frank Mosher
2011-11-23 By Paul Watkins

Print Run New music books : devoured , dissected , dissed LON John Coltrane in London , 1961 Coltrane : The Story Of A ... were illuminating if you are left bobbing helplessly in the hurricane motocross " ; Coltrane's way of alternating ...

Author: Marc Masters

Publisher: Black Dog Pub Limited

ISBN: 190615502X

Category: Music

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Flashing through New York in the late 1970s, No Wave was the ultimate anti-movement. Its bands consisted of untrained artists looking to explode rock and disappear before the smoke cleared. The primary perpetrators all drew on primitivism, performance art, and the avant-garde. But they were best known for short songs and even shorter life spans. No Wave traces the history of this unique movement, from early pioneers like Suicide to Richard Hell, to hidden treasures like Red Transistor and 8-Eyed Spy, to descendents like ESG and Sonic Youth. No Wave is a comprehensive guide to a movement whose influence still resonates today.
2007 By Marc Masters

... cats in the band and a lot of followers and other artists came out of the period of Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane, Archie Shepp. ... the Storm”; Coltrane's “Cousin Mary,” “Equinox,” “Giant Steps,” “Impressions,” and “Straight Street”; ...

Author: Steve Isoardi

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520245914

Category: Music

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"Isoardi has done a wonderful job collecting oral histories and integrating them into an engaging, sophisticated, and highly readable book. He provides great insight into the artistic goals, political aspirations, internal conflicts, and social terrain that shaped the experiences of the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. He shows us quite clearly that jazz musicians continued to work within and gain sustenance from working class black communities long after the moment when some observers deemed the music irrelevant to them."—Eric Porter, author of What Is This Thing Called Jazz? "In these pages, Horace Tapscott says to the audience, 'This is one more you wrote through us.' And this is what Steve Isoardi has done here: given voice to the nearly lost history of a revolutionary community movement through its key players. Epic in scope, dazzling in detail and sensual as any Coltrane solo, this rare book—informative, intimate, lyrical, scholarly, nuanced, and essential—reads like no history book you've read before."—Chris Abani, author of GraceLand and Becoming Abigail "The Dark Tree is just wonderful. One cannot understand the history of black arts on the West Coast without a thorough assessment of this movement; Isoardi knows this history so well, and tells a much bigger story. The book does a fantastic job of capturing the nitty gritty nature of the music scene, and of resurrecting local figures in the Arkestra who have never gotten any press for their astounding musicianship. This is a remarkable book."—Robin Kelley, author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination "This is a revelatory document, virtuosically combining scholarship and oral history to connect the dots of African American music on the west coast. Far more than a mere historical 'overdub' of an underdocumented scene, this book disrupts the mythic notions of jazz history, showing instead how music and community unfold as one. Both a celebratory and a cautionary tale, it also delivers some of the most frank and eye-opening musicians' accounts since Arthur Taylor's Notes and Tones."—Vijay Iyer, musician/composer, New York City
2006-04-10 By Steve Isoardi

For about twenty minutes, as he headed north along the slippery, glistening 405 back to Los Angeles, the storm ... Mulling over these issues, Coltrane made the obvious application to Randolph Packard: Maybe it's not a good idea to meet ...

Author: David R. Morrell

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780759524187

Category: Fiction

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After a harrowing experience in Bosnia, war photographer Mitch Coltrane makes a vow. From now on, he will only take those pictures that celebrate life; that document hope instead of despair. Still, wartorn images continue to haunt him. He learns to shield himself by fixating on a beautiful woman in an old photograph. But slowly he grows obsessed. Who is she? He must know. And as Coltrane searches for answers, he falls hopelessly in love, forgetting that the past can sometimes intrude on the present, with terrifying consequences.
2001-05-01 By David R. Morrell

experience of Coltrane himself, who had kicked a heroin habit and then told of his own religious awakening in 1957 ... This Forecast Is Never Wrong The Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar has the most predictable weather pattern of any place ...

Author: Saul Rubin

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780762765775

Category: History

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The definitive collection of San Francisco's odd, wacky, and most offbeat people, places, and things, for San Francisco residents and anyone else who enjoys local humor and trivia with a twist.
2010-06-15 By Saul Rubin

Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and all the John Coltrane vinyls. My mama was more into soul music and R&B. The Isley Brothers, Isaac Hayes, Bobby Womack, Curtis Mayfield, Tyrone Davis and of course her fellow Clarksdale ...

Author: Rick Ross

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 9781488053634

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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*NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER* “A gripping journey.”—People The highly anticipated memoir from hip-hop icon Rick Ross chronicles his coming of age amid Miami’s crack epidemic, his star-studded controversies and his unstoppable rise to fame. Rick Ross is an indomitable presence in the music industry, but few people know his full story. Now, for the first time, Ross offers a vivid, dramatic and unexpectedly candid account of his early childhood, his tumultuous adolescence and his dramatic ascendancy in the world of hip-hop. Born William Leonard Roberts II, Ross grew up “across the bridge,” in a Miami at odds with the glitzy beaches, nightclubs and yachts of South Beach. In the aftermath of the 1980 race riots and the Mariel boatlift, Ross came of age at the height of the city’s crack epidemic, when home invasions and execution-style killings were commonplace. Still, in the midst of the chaos and danger that surrounded him, Ross flourished, first as a standout high school football player and then as a dope boy in Carol City’s notorious Matchbox housing projects. All the while he honed his musical talent, overcoming setback after setback until a song called “Hustlin’” changed his life forever. From the making of “Hustlin’” to his first major label deal with Def Jam, to the controversy surrounding his past as a correctional officer and the numerous health scares, arrests and feuds he had to transcend along the way, Hurricanes is a revealing portrait of one of the biggest stars in the rap game, and an intimate look at the birth of an artist.
2019-09-03 By Rick Ross