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A hilarious picture-book caper about a scruffy dog who saves the Crown Jewels from a dastardly thief.A hilarious picture-book caper, this is the adventure of Rex, a scruffy little dog who saves the Crown Jewels from a dastardly thief.



ISBN: 1406360694

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Rex lives on Tower Green, and likes nothing better than sniffing around in juicy litter bins. But one day, the stinky bin he's rummaging in turns out to be a time machine It takes him back to the Tower of London of King Charles II, where Rex meets spoiled lapdog Cavalier, explores the old Tower and even gets to see the crown jewels. But while he's admiring the crown, orb and sceptre, thieves burst in and steal them away. Can Rex save the day?
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Completely authentic in its settings and details, the author writes from inside knowledge of the places and people mentioned. The book rings excitingly true because it all happened, in How to Steal the Crown Jewels.

Author: Nicholas Green


ISBN: 1587217090

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They said it couldn t be done, but it was. The Crown Jewels of Britain were guarded by the best defenses in the world, they were impregnable. Until Captain Rod Jackson, Royal Marine Commandos, saw the way to do it. The vault builders had thought of every possible defense, except one. And it was the British government which unwittingly provided the way in. In exciting action scenes in Britain and abroad see how the Crown Jewels were stolen, and how the raiding team got away with it. See too the controversial results, and how the course of history was altered. The unexpected twist in the ending will keep you enjoying this book right up to the last page. Completely authentic in its settings and details, the author writes from inside knowledge of the places and people mentioned. The book rings excitingly true because it all happened, in How to Steal the Crown Jewels.
2000-09-01 By Nicholas Green

Once there, the Jewel Master takes off the jewel, cleans it and then places it back on the pillow. He then returns it up to the case. ... “Well, if someone were going to steal the Crown Jewels, how would they do it?” asked Jack.

Author: Elizabeth Singer Hunt

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781602862067

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In The Caper of the Crown Jewels, Jack is summoned to solve a matter of grave national importance: the theft of the Crown Jewels of the British Empire from the Tower of London. Arriving on the scene, he is greeted by a traditional Tower guard- a Yeoman Warder (or Beefeater)- who explains what's missing: The Imperial State Crown, the Sovereign's Orb, and the Sovereign's Scepter with the cross containing the finest-cut diamond in the world, the Star of Africa. Jack identifies Ivan the Incredible and his assistant, Jazz, as the thieves immediately--but puzzling out how they did it is stickier. The famous Tower has the most advanced security in the world, and even using his impressive gadgets (the Encryption notebook, Heli-Spacer, Rock Corer, and Rope Tornado) Jack is flummoxed by how the jewels were spirited out. However, Jack can conjure up more than gadgets--he foils the evil magicians with some powerful mojo of his own, dispels an invisibility enchantment, and narrowly avoids the executioner's block before restoring the jewels to the crown and earning the gratitude of the Queen herself!
2012-07-31 By Elizabeth Singer Hunt

Come rubare la corona d'Inghilterra [ How to Steal the Crown of England d : Terence Hathaway ( = Sergio Grieco ) . sc : Verde , Flamini . st : Verde , Flamini . ph ( Technicolor ... Comedy about a plan to rob the English Crown Jewels .

Author: Peter Cowie

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 0498015653

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1977 By Peter Cowie

torture, English law on see here Tout, Professor see here Tower of London see here, see here, see here, see here, see here-see here, see here, see here, see here, see here attempt to steal Crown Jewels (1671) see here Chapel of St Peter ...

Author: Paul Doherty

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780755395828

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An insight into one of history's most cunning, yet overlooked, events... Medieval London comes to life in Paul Doherty's gripping retelling of this early attempt to steal the Crown Jewels, the first great bank raid in history. 'Doherty tells the tale with verve incorporating much fascinating historical detail' - Historical Novels Review In the reign of King Charles II (1660 - 1685), there was a famous attempt to steal the crown jewels by the memorably named Colonel Blood. However, Blood's conspiracy was not the first such plot, and it was certainly not the most successful... Three centuries earlier, in 1303, Edward I of England (of Braveheart fame) was north of the Scottish border attempting to crush William Wallace, secure in the knowledge that he had stashed his royal treasures safely behind iron-bound doors in Westminster Abbey - a place of sanctity reputed to house Christ's body, and inhabited by pious Benedictine monks. Enter Richard Puddlicott: a former merchant and a charming, dissolute, rogue with a grudge against the king. He infiltrated the Abbey's inner circle (entertaining them on the proceeds of their own silver) and, before long, had managed to help himself to a good part of the treasure. The King's fury knew no bounds, but Puddlicott ran the King's men a merry dance before eventually being captured and sent - along with forty monks - to his death in Westminster. This exhilarating tale of cunning, deceit, lechery, monks, pimps and prostitutes is also the story of the first great bank raid in history. Until now - with most of the evidence still in manuscripts, in Latin or Norman French - very little has been written about it. With his usual verve, blending vivid narrative and historical analysis, Paul Doherty takes the lid off both the medieval underworld and the 'holy' monastic community. The result is historically enlightening and a gripping read. What readers are saying about Paul Doherty: 'I was totally gripped. I have read a lot of history books and this is amongst the best I have read' 'An interesting book, historically accurate and very well researched' 'Doherty proves that he is a scholar as well as a writer of novels'
2013-06-11 By Paul Doherty

Author: Whittenbury Kaye


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In 1671, an Irish soldier, Colonel Blood, described by the diarist John Evelyn as having 'a false countenance, but very well spoken, and dangerously insinuating', made the one and only serious attempt to steal the crown jewels.

Author: Lucinda Gosling

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9780747813781

Category: History

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The monarchy has made many concessions to the modern age, but the affirming rituals of the coronation – the pageantry, the theatre and the symbolism – are centuries old. Looking at the British coronation from its beginnings, Lucinda Gosling takes the reader on a thematic journey through the history and meaning of these elaborate ceremonies. She reveals the finely tuned planning involved, explains the symbolism of the regalia, and reminds us that past coronations did not always go according to plan. She also looks at the increasing public involvement in the coronations of the twentieth century, from street parties to the advent of television, showing how the event evolved into the glorious global celebration of 1953 and became an internationally recognised expression of Britain's heritage and national identity.
2013-06-10 By Lucinda Gosling

After retiring from the circus, Fred and Fiona Flea hop on their dog friend Amos to go see the crown jewels in London. But they overhear a plot to steal the jewels and have to figure out how to get them first.

Author: Joan Bunte

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781617772153

Category: Juvenile Fiction

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After retiring from the circus, Fred and Fiona Flea hop on their dog friend Amos to go see the crown jewels in London. But they overhear a plot to steal the jewels and have to figure out how to get them first.
2011-08 By Joan Bunte

When the teacher begins the game, the first child must run to the Tower and steal a jewel for their team. ... The crown jewels You, criminalmastermind Turner Power, are about to pull off the crime of the century: stealing the crown ...

Author: Gavin Middlewood

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 9780857473455

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43 Team Building Activities for Key Stage 2 provides clearly written lesson plans aimed at improving a range of social and physical skills, as well as stimulating children’s imaginations through a series of exciting problems and scenarios. Each lesson plan begins with a story. From the mountains of the Himalayas to the stormy seas of the Pacific, the children are placed in problematic situations in which they will need to work together to find a solution. Not only will the activities develop your pupils PSHE skills – building their self-esteem and helping them to work together as a team – they will also enable you to address the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities strand of the PE curriculum.
2010-12-17 By Gavin Middlewood

If I am prescribed *to wash the dishes* or if I intend *to steal the crown jewels*, then the noemata or thought contents of this prescription and this intention are not propositions, because they are neither true nor false.

Author: Adriano Palma

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 9781614516637

Category: Philosophy

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This volume responds to and reassesses the work of Hector-Neri Castañeda (1924-1991). The essays collected here, written by his students, followers, and opponents, examine Castañeda’s seminal views on deontic logic, metaethics, indedicality, praticitions, fictions, and metaphysics, utilizing the critical viewpoint afforded by time, as well as new data, to offer insights on his theories and methodology.
2014-08-25 By Adriano Palma