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project out of the water. Knowing that now rather than 10 months and $10 million later is a good thing, don't you think? Figure 5.1 IT Project Management Process Overview § DEFINING THE PROJECT Validating the project proposal Defining ...

Author: Susan Snedaker

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080488978

Category: Computers

Page: 416

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This book is written with the IT professional in mind. It provides a clear, concise system for managing IT projects, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. It avoids the jargon and complexity of traditional project management (PM) books. Instead, it provides a unique approach to IT project management, combining strategic business concepts (project ROI, strategic alignment, etc.) with the very practical, step-by-step instructions for developing and managing a successful IT project. It’s short enough to be easily read and used but long enough to be comprehensive in the right places. * Essential information on how to provide a clear, concise system for managing IT projects, regardless of the size or complexity of the project * As IT jobs are outsourced, there is a growing demand for project managers to manage outsourced IT projects * Companion Web site for the book provides dozens of working templates to help readers manage their own IT projects
2005-10-21 By Susan Snedaker

She is author of How to Cheat at IT Project Management (Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1-597490-37-7) The Best Damn Windows Server 2003 Book Period (Syngress, ISBN: 1- 931836-12-4) and How to Cheat at Managing Windows Small Business Server ...

Author: Susan Snedaker

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080489773

Category: Computers

Page: 608

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The definitive work for IT professionals responsible for the management of the design, configuration, deployment, and maintenance of enterprise wide security projects. Provides specialized coverage of key project areas including Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems, and Access Control Systems. The first and last word on managing IT security projects, this book provides the level of detail and content expertise required to competently handle highly complex security deployments. In most enterprises, be they corporate or governmental, these are generally the highest priority projects and the security of the entire business may depend on their success. * The first book devoted exclusively to managing IT security projects * Expert authors combine superb project management skills with in-depth coverage of highly complex security projects * By mastering the content in this book, managers will realise shorter schedules, fewer cost over runs, and successful deployments
2006-07-04 By Susan Snedaker

Author: Snedakar


ISBN: 8184040555


Page: 596

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2005-01-01 By Snedakar

So What Is Project Management Anyway? This chapter forms an introduction to the art and science of project management. ... Project Management Cheat Sheets This book explains numerous concepts, processes, and ideas in detail, ...

Author: Meri Williams

Publisher: EAS.IN

ISBN: 9780980285864

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 204

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Presents information on principles that can be used in planning, managing, and leading business projects.
2008 By Meri Williams

Tips are points to help you along your agile project management journey. Tips can save you time and ... To get to the cheat sheet, go to, and then type Agile Project Management For Dummies Cheat Sheet in the Search box.

Author: Mark C. Layton

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119405696

Category: Computers

Page: 432

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Flex your project management muscle Agile project management is a fast and flexible approach to managing all projects, not just software development. By learning the principles and techniques in this book, you'll be able to create a product roadmap, schedule projects, and prepare for product launches with the ease of Agile software developers. You'll discover how to manage scope, time, and cost, as well as team dynamics, quality, and risk of every project. As mobile and web technologies continue to evolve rapidly, there is added pressure to develop and implement software projects in weeks instead of months—and Agile Project Management For Dummies can help you do just that. Providing a simple, step-by-step guide to Agile project management approaches, tools, and techniques, it shows product and project managers how to complete and implement projects more quickly than ever. Complete projects in weeks instead of months Reduce risk and leverage core benefits for projects Turn Agile theory into practice for all industries Effectively create an Agile environment Get ready to grasp and apply Agile principles for faster, more accurate development.
2017-09-05 By Mark C. Layton

Sebastian Nokes: The Definitive Guide to Project Management Jeffrey K. Pinto: Project Management, ... Leaders and Teams Susan Snedaker and Nels Hoenig: How to Cheat at IT Project Management Peter Taylor: The Lazy Project Manager: How to ...

Author: Paradigm Learning

Publisher: Paradigm Learning, Inc.



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This reference is a portable guide of project management terminology, processes, behaviors and “reminders” for day-to-day use. This book is easy to use and allows for quick navigation through the standard business and project terms found in PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge. This guide can help you and your colleagues use the same project management language, help new team members communicate more efficiently, and provide sponsors and functional managers further insight into your projects.
2014-05-13 By Paradigm Learning

Check out the free Cheat Sheet for info on the phases of a project life cycle, project management processes, and a project manager's basic tasks. To get this Cheat Sheet, simply go to and search for “Project Management ...

Author: Stanley E. Portny

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119700265

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 608

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Your ultimate go-to project management bible Perform Be Agile! Time-crunch! Right now, the business world has never moved so fast and project managers have never been so much in demand—the Project Management Institute has estimated that industries will need at least 87 million employees with the full spectrum of PM skills by 2027. To help you meet those needs and expectations in time, Project Management All-in-One For Dummies provides with all the hands-on information and advice you need to take your organizational, planning, and execution skills to new heights. Packed with on-point PM wisdom, these 7 mini-books—including the bestselling Project Management and Agile Project Management For Dummies—help you and your team hit maximum productivity by razor-honing your skills in sizing, organizing, and scheduling projects for ultimate effectiveness. You’ll also find everything you need to overdeliver in a good way when choosing the right tech and software, assessing risk, and dodging the pitfalls that can snarl up even the best-laid plans. Apply formats and formulas and checklists Manage Continuous Process Improvement Resolve conflict in teams and hierarchies Rescue distressed projects
2020-10-13 By Stanley E. Portny

Pixels, People, and Process Nancy Lyons, Meghan Wilker. Development Approach Cheat Sheet, 104 Development Plan Cheat Sheet, 127 Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, 31 ...

Author: Nancy Lyons

Publisher: New Riders

ISBN: 9780132931328

Category: Computers

Page: 192

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As an industry, interactive is different. The work entails elements of software development, marketing, and advertising, yet it’s neither purely technical nor traditional “agency” work. Delivery methods are different, and because the industry is relatively new, the gap in understanding between the clients buying the work and the teams building it is often wide. Enter the geek girls guide. Nancy Lyons and Meghan Wilker don’t just tell you how to deliver digital work, they demonstrate how to think about it. Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People, and Process helps clients, agencies, and industry professionals better understand the critical role of interactive project management, and presents a collaborative, people-focused approach to delivering high-quality digital work. In this book, the authors: Define the unique characteristics of interactive projects Explain the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace Discuss communication techniques that help teams work together more efficiently Outline a process and specific deliverables that clarify how to think about critical aspects of a project Provide questions, tasks, tips, and advice that effectively move teams from initiation to launch
2012-04-12 By Nancy Lyons

4 FREE BOONUTS YOUX SOCCION ORSR HOW TO CHEAT AT MANAGING Windows Server Update Services How to Cheat at Managing AVAILABLE NOW ... FREE HOW TO CHEAT AT IT Project Management AVAILABLE NOW How to Cheat at IT Project Management order ...

Author: Chris Hurley

Publisher: Syngress

ISBN: 159749111X

Category: Computers

Page: 400

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Provides information on analyzing wireless networks through wardriving and penetration testing.
2007 By Chris Hurley

Rapoza, Jim, “The Game of IT Management: How to Avoid Hearing 'You Sank My Project,'” eWeek, October 3, 2005, p. 43. Snedaker, Susan, and Hoenig, Nels, How to Cheat at IT Project Management, Syngress Publishing, 2005.

Author: Bill Holtsnider

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080465749

Category: Computers

Page: 632

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IT Manager's Handbook, Second Edition, provides essential information to help students understand the responsibilities of today’s IT Management professionals: not only planning network security and implementing disaster recovery plans, but also such vital tasks as creating budgets, administering compliance, and managing staff. In particular, the book discusses business practices that are most critical to effective IT operations: recruiting, budgeting, resource planning, managing personnel, and working with vendor. This updated version includes expanded coverage on such critical IT management topics as security, disaster recovery, storage, government/regulatory compliance, and project management. Information is organized modularly so that instructors and students can delve directly into only the topics needed. Each chapter contains additional resources sections for books, articles, and websites relevant to that topic. It contains new material on key technology topics such as open source, outsourcing, offshoring, and handhelds, plus updated coverage of e-commerce, remote access, intranets, and LAN/WAN management. A completely updated and expanded second edition that provides practical, easily accessible management advice written specifically for new IT managers: · Brings you up to speed on those business practices most critical to effective IT operations: recruiting, budgeting, resource planning, managing personnel, and working with vendors. · Includes expanded coverage on such critical IT management topics as security, disaster recovery, storage, government/regulatory compliance, and project management. · Organizes information modularly so you can delve directly into only the topics that you need. · Provides a unique management perspective on those specific technical issues with the most significant business ramifications. · Includes new material on key technology topics such as open source, wireless, handhelds, outsourcing, offshoring, and operations, as well as updated coverage of e-commerce, remote access, intranets, and LAN/WAN management.
2010-07-26 By Bill Holtsnider