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One girl kisses Hitler's hands with tears streaming down her face. Hitler cups the girl's face with his hands and smiles broadly at her. Other girls seem to fall under the same spell and burst into tears. Hitler's SS guards, following ...

Author: Tim Heath

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers

ISBN: 9781526705341

Category: History

Page: 256

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The “frank, tragic, bittersweet, brutal, emotional” true story of the Third Reich’s so-called she-devils of the League of German Girls (Gerry Van Tonder, author of Berlin Blockade). They were ten to eighteen years old: German girls who volunteered for the war effort, and were indoctrinated into the Nazi youth organizations, Jungmädelbund and Bund Deutcscher Mädel. At first they were schooled in a very narrow education: how to cook, clean, excel at sports, birth babies, and raise them. But when Hitler called, they were trained, militarized, and exploited for the ultimate goal of the Third Reich. From the prosperous beginnings of the League of German Girls in 1933 to the cataclysmic defeat of 1945, Hitler’s Girls is an insightful, disturbing, and revealing exploration of their specific roles: what was expected of them, and how they delivered, as defined by the Nazi state. Were they unwitting pawns or willing accessories to genocide? Historian Tim Heath searches for the answers and provides a definitive voice for this unique, and until now, unheard generation of German females. “An essential account of the women who served Hitler during his years of power. Stunning photographs but a chilling narrative, in view of what they were required to do.” —Books Monthly
2017-07-30 By Tim Heath

The girls pass a blond young man, who is staring up at a “For Sale” board outside a red, gabled house on the corner. I do indeed seeMel amongst them.She looks much asshe did in the school photosMonica used to send me.

Author: Emma Tennant

Publisher: OR Books

ISBN: 9781939293329

Category: Fiction

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Adolf Hitler’s secret mistress, an upstanding member of the British aristocracy, gives birth to a daughter. The child is whisked away at infancy and raised as an orphan. She is protected from the truth concerning her origins, but that doesn’t prevent the remnants of Hitler’s scattered empire from seeking her out as part of a plot to reignite their dream of conquering Europe. Enter into our drama the starchy, conservative Jean Hastie, an art historian and official for the Scottish National Trust. When her best friend Monica is murdered she is determined to avenge her death and to rescue Monica’s granddaughter, Mel, who is missing and the prime suspect in the crime. She soon finds herself embroiled in the neo-Nazi’s conspiracy. Jean sets off to find Mel, traversing crime-ridden London housing projects, the Paris apartment of a former Nazi lawyer, and a chateau in the South of France where a quaint village camouflages a sinister political conclave. In Hitler’s Girls, Emma Tennant and Hilary Bailey’s wry, atmospheric prose conjures a whirlwind adventure full of international intrigue, subtle humor, and terrifying, timely, political speculation.
2013-11-01 By Emma Tennant

Herr Hitler did not show much interest in her . Only occasionally did he address her . Very seldom did he laugh or even smile . The girl's eyes did not leave his face for a moment . Dr. Baschwitz explained to his friend that this girl ...

Author: Felix Gross


ISBN: IND:32000005545340

Category: Germany

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1941 By Felix Gross

Mother's best friend, Alma, a society photographer, once said to me, “Trudi, you are a very discreet girl. You never ask where my husband is. ... I haven't been here since Hitler's invasion three months ago. The flat feels different, ...

Author: Trudi Kanter

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781476700281

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 258

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A true story of a Jewish Austrian hat designer who rescued herself and the businessman she loved during the 1938 Nazi invasion, seeking safety amid the horrors of World War II Europe.
2014-01-14 By Trudi Kanter

Post-War Germany & the Girls of the BDM Tim Heath ... Weiner Katte, 15-year-old BDM girl, Aachen, 1944. Introduction. The idea for this book as a companion volume to Hitler's Girl's – Doves Amongst Eagles was not an idea wrought purely ...

Author: Tim Heath

Publisher: Grub Street Publishers

ISBN: 9781526720030

Category: History

Page: 224

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From the author of Hitler’s Girls comes the revealing true story of the aftermath of WWII—told by the Third Reich’s fallen “Angels of Death” themselves. In the wake of Germany’s unconditional surrender in May 1945 and Japan’s subsequent surrender later that July, the Allied press proclaimed across the world “Victory! War is Over!” The truth for many Germans, particularly the teenage girls of the former Bund Deutscher Mädel, was that a new war was just beginning. They were members of the League of German Girls—ten to eighteen-years old—who had been indoctrinated and trained as armed “she-devils” of the Third Reich. Drawing on eyewitness accounts, diary entries, and rare interviews with nearly forty members of the BDM, historian Tim Heath reveals the post-war hopes, horrors, and confusion through the eyes of the female wing of Hitler Youth. He recounts their struggle to rebuild their lives destroyed by years of war, and how a country, and these young women, came to terms with the terrible war crimes they were party to. Through these “interesting and sometimes horrifying accounts of how these women fared in the dying days of the Reich and in post-war Germany,” In Hitler’s Shadow sheds light on on one of the darkest times of the twentieth century (Historical Novel Society).
2018-04-30 By Tim Heath

This book concentrates on the role of German girls in Hitler's Third Reich.

Author: Tim Heath

Publisher: Pen & Sword History

ISBN: 152670532X

Category: HISTORY

Page: 239

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This book concentrates on the role of German girls in Hitler's Third Reich. We learn of their home lives, schooling, exploitation and eventual militarization from firsthand accounts of women who were indoctrinated into the Jungmädelbund and Bund Deutscher Mädel as young girls. From the beginnings of 1933 to the defeat of 1945, this book examines their specific roles as defined by the Nazi state.
2017 By Tim Heath

On girls'education Hitler had been uncharacteristically succinct: “The goal of female education must invariably be the future mother” (Hitler 1992, p. 377). Most girls accordingly learned little but domestic science and left schools ...

Author: David Nicholls

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 9780874369656

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 357

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An encyclopedia of topics relationg to the German leader such as his most important collaborators and opponents, his domestic and foreign policies, the use of propaganda, racial persecuation and the Holocaust, and Hitler as a war leader.
2000-01-01 By David Nicholls

The girls' sections of the Hitler Youth were organized along different lines. Al- though the ranks and units of the JM and BdM girls were similar to those of the boys, the physical requirements were scaled down. A ten-year-old girl had ...

Author: Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786452811

Category: History

Page: 183

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During the Nazi regime’s swift rise to power, no single target of nazification took higher priority than Germany’s young people. Well aware that the Nazi party could thrive only through the support of future generations, Hitler instituted a youth movement, the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth), which indoctrinated the easily malleable students of Germany’s schools and universities. Along with its female counterpart, the Bund deutscher Mädel (League of German Girls), the Hitler Youth produced many thousands of young Germans who were deeply and fanatically imbued with the Nazi racist ideology. This heavily illustrated book outlines the history and development of the Hitler Youth from its origins in 1922 until it was disbanded by the allied powers in 1945.
2008-12-09 By Jean-Denis G.G. Lepage

The idea started with women and girls forming groups to knit and make clothing which would then be sent to the beleaguered German forces. Gertrud Koerg recalled how her Jungmadelbund troop was encouraged to help the German soldiers in ...

Author: Tim Heath

Publisher: Pen and Sword History

ISBN: 9781526748102

Category: History

Page: 224

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The meteoric rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party cowed the masses into a sense of false utopia. During Hitler’s 1932 election campaign over half those who voted for Hitler were women. Germany’s women had witnessed the anarchy of the post-First World War years, and the chaos brought about by the rival political gangs brawling on their streets. When Hitler came to power there was at last a ray of hope that this man of the people would restore not only political stability to Germany but prosperity to its people. As reforms were set in place, Hitler encouraged women to step aside from their jobs and allow men to take their place. As the guardian of the home, the women of Hitler’s Germany were pinned as the very foundation for a future thousand-year Reich. Not every female in Nazi Germany readily embraced the principle of living in a society where two distinct worlds existed, however with the outbreak of the Second World War, Germany’s women would soon find themselves on the frontline. Ultimately Hitler’s housewives experienced mixed fortunes throughout the years of the Second World War. Those whose loved ones went off to war never to return; those who lost children not only to the influences of the Hitler Youth but the Allied bombing; those who sought comfort in the arms of other young men and those who would serve above and beyond of exemplary on the German home front. Their stories form intimate and intricately woven tales of life, love, joy, fear and death. Hitler’s Housewives: German Women on the Home Front is not only an essential document towards better understanding one of the twentieth century’s greatest tragedies where the women became an inextricable link, but also the role played by Germany’s women on the home front which ultimately became blurred within the horrors of total war. This is their story, in their own words, told for the first time.
2020-03-30 By Tim Heath

Adolf Hitler, American Council on Public Affairs Gordon William Prange. ment . The Movement has formed you ... In you , my boys and girls , I see the most beautiful fulfillment of this age - old dream . Just as you today are standing ...

Author: Adolf Hitler


ISBN: UCAL:$B117387

Category: Germany

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1944 By Adolf Hitler