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Whether you want to remain single or your goal is a healthy relationship, this book has all the answers.”—Susan J. Elliott, author of Getting Past Your Breakup "When Singles Studies becomes a recognized discipline, this book will be an ...

Author: Elyakim Kislev

Publisher: University of California Press

ISBN: 9780520299139

Category: Social Science

Page: 280

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Despite enduring whispers, sideway glances, and blatant discrimination, men and women today are choosing to remain single—and are enjoying complete and joyful lives. In this carefully crafted, thoroughly researched book, Elyakim Kislev delivers groundbreaking insights on the fastest growing demographic in the world: singles. Happy Singlehood investigates how unmarried people create satisfying lives in a world where social structures and policies are still designed to favor married couples. The book challenges readers to rethink how single people organize social and familial life in new ways, and illuminates how educators, policymakers, and urban planners ignore their needs. Based on personal interviews, singles’ writings, and widespread quantitative analysis, Happy Singlehood investigates how singles nurture social networks, create innovative communities, and effectively deal with discrimination. Showcasing voices of singles, Kislev charts a way forward to assist singles to live life on their terms, and explains how everyone—single or otherwise—benefits from the freedom to develop new and fulfilling lifestyles.
2019-02-26 By Elyakim Kislev

A guide to surviving and thriving in single life, whether it is something you have chosen or not

Author: Ian Marshall


ISBN: 1863739092

Category: Single people

Page: 233

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This is a text about surviving and being successful in a single life. Concentrating on people living in on their own, the study draws on interviews with men and women who discuss the aspects of being single. It also crosses age and gender divisions in the discussion.
1995 By Ian Marshall

Does high selfesteem cause better performance, interpersonal success,
happiness, or healthier lifestyles? Psychol Sci Public Interest. ... Kislev E. Happy
singlehood: the rising acceptance and celebration of solo living. Oakland:
University of ...

Author: Cynthia M. Stonnington

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9783030444594

Category: Medical

Page: 618

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This book is the first to dissect the factors contributing to burnout that impact women physicians and seeks to appropriately address these issues. The book begins by establishing the differences in epidemiology between female physicians and their male counterparts, including rates of burnout, depression and suicide, chosen fields, caregiving responsibilities at home, career tradeoffs in dual physician marriages, patient satisfaction and outcomes, academic rank, leadership positions, salary, and turnover. The second part of the book explores the drivers of physician burnout that disproportionately affect women, each chapter beginning with a case vignette. This section covers many issues that often go unrecognized including unconscious bias, sexual harassment, gender role conflicts, domestic responsibilities, depression, addiction, financial stress, and the impact related to reproductive health such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. The book concludes by focusing on strategies to prevent and/or mitigate burnout among individual women physicians across the career lifespan.This section also includes recommendations to change the culture of medicine and the systems that contribute to burnout. Burnout in Women Physicians is an excellent resource for physicians across all specialties who are concerned with physician wellness and burnout, including students, residents, fellows, and attending physicians.
2020-06-15 By Cynthia M. Stonnington

How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily
Ever After Bella DePaulo, Ph.D. ... The students also anticipated a less happy
singlehood—much less happy—than the people in the study who actually did
stay ...

Author: Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 9781466800526

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 336

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People who are single are changing the face of America. Did you know that: * More than 40 percent of the nation's adults---over 87 million people---are divorced, widowed, or have always been single. * There are more households comprised of single people living alone than of married parents and their children. * Americans now spend more of their adult years single than married. Many of today's single people have engaging jobs, homes that they own, and a network of friends. This is not the 1950s---singles can have sex without marrying, and they can raise smart, successful, and happy children. It should be a great time to be single. Yet too often single people are still asked to defend their single status by an onslaught of judgmental peers and fretful relatives. Prominent people in politics, the popular press, and the intelligentsia have all taken turns peddling myths about marriage and singlehood. Marry, they promise, and you will live a long, happy, and healthy life, and you will never be lonely again. Drawing from decades of scientific research and stacks of stories from the front lines of singlehood, Bella DePaulo debunks the myths of singledom---and shows that just about everything you've heard about the benefits of getting married and the perils of staying single are grossly exaggerated or just plain wrong. Although singles are singled out for unfair treatment by the workplace, the marketplace, and the federal tax structure, they are not simply victims of this singlism. Single people really are living happily ever after. Filled with bracing bursts of truth and dazzling dashes of humor, Singled Out is a spirited and provocative read for the single, the married, and everyone in between. You will never think about singlehood or marriage the same way again. Singled Out debunks the Ten Myths of Singlehood, including: Myth #1: The Wonder of Couples: Marrieds know best. Myth #3: The Dark Aura of Singlehood: You are miserable and lonely and your life is tragic. Myth #5: Attention, Single Women: Your work won't love you back and your eggs will dry up. Also, you don't get any and you're promiscuous. Myth #6: Attention, Single Men: You are horny, slovenly, and irresponsible, and you are the scary criminals. Or you are sexy, fastidious, frivolous, and gay. Myth #7: Attention, Single Parents: Your kids are doomed. Myth #9: Poor Soul: You will grow old alone and you will die in a room by yourself where no one will find you for weeks. Myth #10: Family Values: Let's give all of the perks, benefits, gifts, and cash to couples and call it family values. "With elegant analysis, wonderfully detailed examples, and clear and witty prose, DePaulo lays out the many, often subtle denigrations and discriminations faced by single adults in the U.S. She addresses, too, the resilience of single women and men in the face of such singlism. A must-read for all single adults, their friends and families, as well as social scientists and policy advocates." ---E. Kay Trimberger, author of The New Single Woman
2007-10-30 By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.

Happy Singlehood Enjoying living alone is also an important trend, and there are
many, many ways besides marriage to learn to love someone or to learn to
connect meaningfully with others. We can learn to be very discriminating in our ...

Author: Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

ISBN: 9780757316678

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 278

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The role divorce plays on emotional stability can be devastating for many men and women—anger, resentment, and a sense of loss often linger well beyond the life and death of the marriage. Since much of the stigma of the past has been lifted, many are discovering that it is easier to work through these negative emotions, turning this life-altering event into a positive one by creating a better, more fulfilling life after divorce. Whether a marriage was short-term or long-term, the pain felt by the individuals involved in either type is often quite similar after it dissolves. There are also key behaviors and emotions unique to both the individual leaving the relationship as well as the one being left. What both partners have in common, however, is a deep sense of loss. Life After Divorce, Revised & Updated guides readers through this confusion, offering tips on how to heal, secrets to dealing with both new and old relationships outside the marriage, how to communicate with children caught in the crossfire, and how to deal with the effects of financial instability in the home. In this updated and revised edition of the classic book Life After Divorce, bestselling author and therapist Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse outlines the most common issues associated with the dissolution of marriages—abuse, addiction, lack of communication, money, career goals, social interests, and cheating are just a few. Readers learn how to navigate the divorce process without the added cost of unwanted attorney fees, the difference between a collaborative and mediation divorce, and how to choose which path is right for them. Also provided are two new chapters, one focusing on adult children whose parents have chosen to divorce later in life and how they can effectively deal with the guilt associated with feeling the pressure to take sides, and the other explains how technology plays a role in the dissolution of marriages. Wegscheider-Cruse believes that each and every person has the ability to grow from the trauma of divorce, coming out a better, well-rounded individual. Peace, fulfillment, and greater self-esteem are possible after divorce, as is achieving a loving and lasting relationship with a new partner.
2012-12-11 By Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

Was it for this , I let you win my heartO'ercome my hatred of your tyrant sexAnd ,
from my state of happy singlehood , Transform me to a miserable wife ? -- O
Esther ! Esther ! -woman never knows When she's well off , until she is undone !

Author: James Sheridan Knowles


ISBN: MINN:319510020527562

Category: Drama, English

Page: 905

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Was it for this , I let you win my heartO'ercome my hatred of your tyrant sexAnd ,
from my state of happy singlehood , Transform me to a miserable wife ?O Esther !
Esther ! -woman never knows When she's well off , until she is undone ! Hans .

Author: James Sheridan Knowles


ISBN: OSU:32435026574863



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Was it for this , I let you win my heartO ' ercome my hatred of your tyrant sexAnd ,
from my state of happy singlehood , Transform me to a miserable wife ?O Esther !
Esther ! - woman never knows When she ' s well off , until she is undone !

Author: James Sheridan Knowles


ISBN: UOM:39015063524394



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Was it for this , I let you win my heartO ' ercome my hatred of your tyrant sexAnd ,
from my state of happy singlehood , Transform me to a miserable wife ? - O
Esther ! Esther ! - woman never knows When she ' s well off , until she is undone !

Author: James Sheridan Knowles


ISBN: UOM:39015066196083



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Was it for this , I let you win my heartO'ercome my hatred of your tyrant sexAnd ,
from my state of happy singlehood , Transform me to a miserable wife ? - O
Esther ! Esther ! -woman never knows When she's well off , until she is undone !
Hans .

Author: James Sheridan Knowles


ISBN: BSB:BSB11162364


Page: 457

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Two factors are crucial for happy singlehood : money and youth . The single can
travel to Europe every year and buy a variety of durable consumer goods that
elude the hardpressed family head . There is the freedom to go to parties ,
partaking ...

Author: Thomas M. Kando

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: UVA:X000005653

Category: Social Science

Page: 459

View: 315

1978 By Thomas M. Kando

Use that knowledge to your advantage and ( re ) discover all the ways it's better
to be single and happy than stuck in a rut with a dud . Being single is ... Anna
Harris , “ Secrets to Happy Singlehood , ” Happen Magazine , September 26 ,
2005 .

Author: Stephanie Helen Blake


ISBN: MINN:31951P010482576


Page: 1090

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Among conversations about relationship, Tim's daughter, and Mike's singlehood,
the guys were able to entertain me for some time, preventing my mind to go back
to Kirsten, and I felt like a teenager again, as I always did when the four of us ...

Author: Letícia Kartalian

Publisher: Babelcube Inc.

ISBN: 9781633394537

Category: Fiction

Page: 51

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Both are actors in love, famous people with a very busy schedule, but there are some dates on which they do everything possible to be together...Their birthdays are two of them.Following the male and female points of view, Happy Birthday is about the intense relationship of two people, friendship, work, and, especially, love.
2014-10-27 By Letícia Kartalian

... ambivalence about their singlehood. They feel a sense of grief and loss for
what could have been, while also feeling overall contentment with their lives.
They know that people look down on them for not marrying, yet they feel happy
most of ...

Author: Tasha R. Howe

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781405195010

Category: Psychology

Page: 576

View: 281

Marriages and Families in the 21st Century provides an in–depth exploration of a traditional field of study using a new and engaging approach. The text covers all the important issues including parenting, divorce, aging families, balancing work and family, family violence, and gender issues using a bioecological framework that takes into account our status as both biological and social beings. Using this lens, which emphasizes the individual′s interactions with a series of larger systemic influences from family, peers, neighbors and teachers, to schools, media, institutions and culture the book creates a cohesive overview of modern family life and helps students visualize the complex influences affecting all people in families. It also examines the state of modern families using a strengths–based approach, which allows students to evaluate the health and functioning of a family considering the biological and cultural milieu in which it exists, rather than on its observable structure or appearance alone. Individual chapters cover historical and cultural trends and also explore the biological, personal, and social forces that shape individuals and families. Each chapter investigates the wide diversity of human relationships and integrates discussions of ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, and gender seamlessly into the main narrative. In addition, the book explores recent research in neuroscience, medicine, and biopsychology to examine how family relationships are shaped by and also influence individuals′ biological functioning. An accessible writing style coupled with numerous student–friendly pedagogical features help readers come to a multi–layered understanding of "what makes families tick," while also challenging them to reevaluate their own assumptions and experiences. Key features: Uses a bioecological model that takes into account our status as both biological and social beings Employs a strengths–based approach that focuses on family processes rather than structure in evaluating families′ optimal health and happiness Incorporates discussion of neuroscience, medicine, and biopsychological research throughout Explores a wide diversity of family relationships, integrating issues of ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, and gender Focus on my Family boxes profile real families who wrote essays in their own words about their diverse experiences How Would You Measure That? sections emphasize students′ critical thinking and analysis of research design and conclusions Helps students analyze their own families′ strengths and attempt to build on those through psychometrically sound self–assessments and Building Your Strengths exercises Engaging and accessible writing style incorporates contemporary, real–world examples with important theory and research Instructor s manual, test bank, PowerPoint lecture slides, and useful web links, as well as Student flash cards and self–test questions, available upon publication at
2011-08-29 By Tasha R. Howe

However , they were not the right fit for me . Feelin ' Groovy The important thing to
note here is that I am happy and really loving my life as it is . Because I am
enjoying being single and feel content with that status , I feel no push to try to
force a ...

Author: Felicia Rose Adler

Publisher: Mjf Books

ISBN: 1567314929

Category: Dating (Social customs)

Page: 192

View: 101

Asking a woman out is one of the hardest things a man has to do. That's why you have to help the man of your dreams work up the nerve to do it, and let him know that when he does, you'll say yes! In Master Dating, Felcia Rose Adler will show you how. The secret is to be open, outgoing, confident and approachable. But there's only one "rule" to follow: be yourself and don't play games. Consider this. Women often worry about how long to wait before calling a man because they don't want to "seem desperate." Adler says that's silly. The "waiting game" probably started as a face-saving device and ended up as a strategy to manipulate others. But it's still a game and it never works. If a guy likes you because you didn't call him, he likes you for a game you were playing, not for the way you really are. You'll seem desperate and needy only if you truly are. Being desperate and needy has nothing to do with liking an individual person; it has to do with a neurotic desire to be liked by everyone. When you're truly confident, you can like someone and if he doesn't like you, that's perfectly all right. If a man doesn't like you -- the real you -- why would you want him for a partner? His lack of taste instantly disqualifies him as a candidate for a successful relationship with you. Once you accept this basic concept, your whole attitude and approach to dating will change. Now you're no longer trying to be liked by every man you meet. Now you're interviewing to see who qualifies for you, based on his likes -- and yours. There's no risk and no desperation. Master Dating is full of wisdom like this. Yet its author is neither a psychologist nor a therapist. In her own words, she's a "real person out there on the front lines," a hairdresser who owns her own funky little shop, The Jungle, in Los Angeles. After more than a decade of listening to clients and giving them advice that worked, she finally listened to their advice -- to write this book. She explains that the "happy-enough-being-single-to-wait-for-a-great-relationship state of mind is...the healthiest possible place from which to start a relationship." Reading Master Dating will help you reach that place. Book jacket.
2002-03 By Felicia Rose Adler

Clearly , then , not all single gay men are unhappy about being single or about
their lives in general . ... their disproportionate numbers , I chose to focus on
single gay men because I surmised that the secret to happy singlehood might lie
in gay ...

Author: Gilbert Herdt, PhD


ISBN: UOM:39015057615935

Category: Psychology

Page: 294

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If you never feel happy , you would respond “ never ” ; if you always feel happy ,
you would respond “ always . " NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS 1 2 3 4 1
. How often do you feel that you are “ in tune ” with the people around you ? 2.

Author: Dory Ann Schachner




Page: 114

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Increasing numbers of young adults are also happy being single. Compared with
the 1970s, general happiness is now more common among single men and
women and less common among the married. Specifically, when cohorts of ...

Author: Melvin J. Lerner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0306446995

Category: Psychology

Page: 358

View: 666

If the truth were told, this volume and its direct antecedents must rank among the most ambitious, if not simply pretentious, endeavors imag inable, at least in the social sciences. The titles of the volume and the chapters, promising to integrate the experiences of the sense of justice and the affectional bonding of people in close relations, seem straightforward and reasonable enough. What they fail to convey, however, is the simple bald fact that we in the human social sciences have no firm grasp on either of these two fundamental experiences-what we sometimes call "love" and "justice. " To begin with, even as "scientists" committed to under standing based upon systematic propositions linking publicly observable concepts, we have no clear consensus concerning the nature of the affec tional bonds linking people in close relationships-love, intimacy, caring, mutual responsiveness, or the sense of justice, fairness, deserving, and in our efforts to under entitlement. And we are continually handicapped stand these complex, moving experiences by the persistent tendency to reduce them to manifestations of, "nothing but," familiar psychological or even biological processes-"secondary rewards," "selfish genes. " So, why then this volume? Although there are many answers to the question, probably the most germane is that the basic issues are so im portant and intriguing that the recent past has seen rather dramatic paral lel growth in social scientists' interest in these two areas-justice and close relationships.
1994-10-31 By Melvin J. Lerner

While Marian had a poor view of marriage , she did have a role model for happy
singlehood . So , although friends encouraged her to marry , Marian decided to
find happiness as a single person , like her aunt . Determined that she could be ...

Author: Dick Purnell

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

ISBN: 0785279571

Category: Dating (Social customs)

Page: 263

View: 249

The author of the popular book Building a Relationship That Lasts now directs the single person toward establishing a successful, lifelong relationship as a married person. Topics include self-confidence, friendship, intimacy, and learning how to find attractive qualities in oneself and in others.
1995 By Dick Purnell

In my twenties I once heard musician Rich Mullins say, “If you're happy being
single you'll probably be happy being ... that message and so have been acutely
aware that marriage was never going to solve any surface issues of happiness.

Author: Linda Beail

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781621897064

Category: Religion

Page: 264

View: 710

Results May Vary addresses the unspoken assumptions and unquestioned expectations about what it means to be a Christian woman in a complex world. Far from offering a simple checklist or selling advice, this collection of essays weaves together a rich variety of voices--from women of different ages, backgrounds, professions, disciplines, and life choices--speaking honestly about the unexpected yet grace-infused twists and turns of life that exude the faithfulness of God in every unanticipated detail. For young women in their twenties and thirties tackling post-college life, Results May Vary offers the wry and diverse stories of real women grappling with real-world issues like friendship, health, money, ambition, vocation, marriage, motherhood, sexuality, and spiritual life.
2013-04-16 By Linda Beail

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