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MANAGEMENT Is there a difference between development policy and management ' ( the title of this book ) and development policy management ' ? The latter ( as used , for instance , by a number of organizations , such as the European ...

Author: Colin H. Kirkpatrick

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1781950490

Category: Reference

Page: 452

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'. . . this is a book one would expect to find in all libraries and on all development studies reading lists.' – John Hailey, Journal of International Development '. . . the Handbook is a unique reference tool on international development policy and management. Its format, both comprehensive in coverage and concise in content, will make it essential reading for the growing number of postgraduates studying development policy and management, as well as for public administration, foreign consultants and aid workers in low- and middle-income countries.' – Andrew Nickson, Public Administration 'This Handbook will surely prove to be an essential to the students, practitioners and others concerned with improvement of human condition in developing countries.' – Pundarik Mukhopadhaya, The Singapore Economic Review '. . . this Handbook offers a significant remedy to the scarcity of material in this important area. . . It is certainly very near the top of this reviewer's list of recommended reading for students, researchers and practitioners concerned with development policy.' – Michael Tribe, Development Policy Review '. . . the Handbook offers an excellent one volume survey of modern development policy and practice in poor countries.' – Tony Jackson, The Journal of the Institution of Economic Development 'This comprehensive collection contains an excellent introduction to all the major issues of development policy.' – Frances Stewart, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford, UK This important Handbook on international development policy and management covers a broad spectrum of contemporary topics across all the major areas of interest. With over 40 chapters, the book comprehensively explores the many themes and issues of significance for both policy and implementation, and provides easily accessible reference material on current practice and research. The 42 contributors come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and enjoy international reputations in their chosen fields. The Handbook is organised in two parts, one dealing with policy issues and the other with implementation and management issues. The first part, on policy, covers a wide range of economic, social and environmental topics. The second part explores the political context of implementation and development practice and goes on to cover a range of issues relating to management in the public and non-state sectors and the management of development projects. Each individual chapter provides background information on theory and practice, describes the current 'state of play', examines prospects for the future and includes an annotated guide to further reading. This extensive handbook will become an essential reference on international development policy and management. Although primarily designed for postgraduate students and scholars of development studies, it will also be welcomed by development practitioners, NGOs and aid agencies.
2002-01-01 By Colin H. Kirkpatrick

Panom Gunawong is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Administration, Faculty of Political Science and Public Administration at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. Dr Gunawong holds a PhD in Development Informatics from the ...

Author: Habib, Zafarullah

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 9781839100871

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 592

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This authoritative Handbook provides a thorough exploration of development policy from both scholarly and practical perspectives and offers insights into the policy process dynamics and a range of specific policy issues, including corruption and network governance.
2021-09-07 By Habib, Zafarullah

Maastricht, The Netherlands: Policy Management Report no. 3. ECPDM and AAPAM. Conyers, D., Hill, P. (1984). An Introduction to Development Planning in the Third World. Wiley. Cooke, B., Kothari, U. (2001). Participation: The New Tyranny ...

Author: Gedeon M. Mudacumura

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781482270983

Category: Political Science

Page: 750

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Considering the current challenges to human progress, this reference book examines recent theories, policies, and sectoral priorities, as well as various social, economic, and administrative factors that impact worldwide modernization and development. The book emphasizes the fact that communities must evaluate continuously and adjust their program
2004-04-23 By Gedeon M. Mudacumura

Financial Planning and Management in Public Organizations, Alan Walter Steiss and Emeka O. Cyprian Nwagwu Handbook of International Health Care Systems, edited by Khi V. Thai, Edward T. Wimberley, and Sharon M. McManus Handbook of ...

Author: Gedeon M. Mudacumura

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351547383

Category: Political Science

Page: 716

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Sustainable Development Policy and Administration provides a learning resource describing the major issues that are critical to understanding the multiple dimensions of sustainable development. The overall theme of each contributed chapter in this book is the urgent need to promote global sustainability while adding insights into the challenges facing the current and future generations. This volume brings together diverse contributions that cover the multiple facets of development, resulting in a rich reference for students, development managers, and others interested in this emerging field.
2017-09-25 By Gedeon M. Mudacumura

Economic Organization , Information , and Development . " In H. Chenery and T.N. Srinivasan , eds . . Handbook of Development Economics . Amsterdam : Elsevier Science Publishers . 1988b . Economics of the Public Sector .

Author: Edmond Malinvaud

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0199241341

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

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This volume distils the thinking of an international group of leading economists on the changing roles of governments and markets in economic and social development. It argues that government has a vital role to play in facilitating the effective functioning of markets, even though the recent tendency has been to withdraw from direct involvement in certain sectors of the economy and to reduce intervention and control in others.

Unequal development: An essay on the social formations of peripheral capitalism. New York: Monthly Review ... In C. Kirkpatrick, R. Clarke, & C. Polidano (Eds.), Handbook on development policy and management. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Author: Samuel Agyei-Mensah

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789401787154

Category: Political Science

Page: 347

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This book is the first compilation of its kind that brings together discussions of the evolution of scholarship in different branches of the Social Sciences. It presents a comprehensive multi-disciplinary text exploring the changing dynamics of the Social Sciences in Ghana, offering a broader perspective from which to view the evolution, theory, methods, substance and relevance of each of the Social Science disciplines and their multiple interfaces. The introduction and the conclusion are devoted to the theoretical, comparative and empirical debate over the Social Sciences from historical and analytical perspectives. Written by acknowledged experts, the 15 chapters span the following disciplines: Archaeology and Heritage Studies; History; Geography; Psychology; Sociology and Anthropology; Social Work; Economics; Political Science; International Affairs; Information Studies; Communication Studies; African Studies; Development Studies; Women’s and Gender Studies and Adult and Continuing Education. Changing Perspectives on the Social Sciences in Ghana offers sophisticated perspectives for comparing and appreciating the synergies, differences, trends and nuances among and between the Social Science disciplines in Ghana, in a holistic and scholarly manner.
2014-05-08 By Samuel Agyei-Mensah

Manchester: Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester. Munro, L. T. 2002. Social protection. In Handbook on development policy and management, edited by C. Kirkpatrick, R. Clarke and C. Polidano, 182–192.

Author: Samuel Hickey

Publisher: Kumarian Press

ISBN: 9781565492721

Category: Political Science

Page: 244

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This text reflects on the effect of the development community's major shift in focus from market-based frameworks to a rights-based one. The contributors reflect on their experience with rights-based development activities.
2009 By Samuel Hickey

In addition, support of around $1 million is expected to be provided in 2000-01 through the Policy and Management Reform Fund. ECONOMIC REFORM AND GOVERNANCE A priority for the Government of Kiribati is to improve the public sector's ...

Author: IBP, Inc.


ISBN: 9781438726984

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 300

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Kiribati Economic & Development Strategy Handbook
2009-03-20 By IBP, Inc.

In addition, support of around $1 million is expected to be provided in 2000-01 through the Policy and Management Reform Fund. ECONOMIC REFORM AND GOVERNANCE A priority for the Government of Kiribati is to improve the public sector's ...

Author: IBP USA


ISBN: 9781433027666



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Development Policy and Management from the Global Development Institute, University of Manchester, UK, in 2013. He also holds an MPhil in Public Administration, BSc Administration, and Diploma in Public Administration degrees from the ...

Author: Gedion Onyango

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000513943

Category: Political Science

Page: 718

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This Handbook provides an authoritative and foundational disciplinary overview of African Public Policy and a comprehensive examination of the practicalities of policy analysis, policymaking processes, implementation, and administration in Africa today. The book assembles a multidisciplinary team of distinguished and upcoming Africanist scholars, practitioners, researchers and policy experts working inside and outside Africa to analyse the historical and emerging policy issues in 21st-century Africa. While mostly attentive to comparative public policy in Africa, this book attempts to address some of the following pertinent questions: • How can public policy be understood and taught in Africa? • How does policymaking occur in unstable political contexts, or in states under pressure? • Has the democratisation of governing systems improved policy processes in Africa? • How have recent transformations, such as technological proliferation in Africa, impacted public policy processes? • What are the underlying challenges and potential policy paths for Africa going forward? The contributions examine an interplay of prevailing institutional, political, structural challenges and opportunities for policy effectiveness to discern striking commonalities and trajectories across different African states. This is a valuable resource for practitioners, politicians, researchers, university students, and academics interested in studying and understanding how African countries are governed.
2021-12-31 By Gedion Onyango