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Ruth has researched and written about the need for medical careers support services and run career guidance skills training around the UK . She ran a support scheme for doctors and dentists in Staffordshire for nearly ten years ...

Author: Ruth Chambers

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1857756118

Category: Medical

Page: 148

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A practical toolkit for doctors, tutors and managers in hospitals, medical schools and primary care who give formal or informal advice to students, juniors and colleagues. This title incorporates, in a practical way, several key concepts in Modernising Medical Careers, the NHS Priorities, the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework, and more.
2006 By Ruth Chambers

THE APPRAISER'S HANDBOOK A GUIDE FOR DOCTORS This is an invaluable , detailed guide offering practical resources for ... e - Appraisal a guide for primary care Paul Robinson and Louise Simpson Guiding Doctors in Managing Their Careers a ...

Author: Nick Lyons

Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing

ISBN: 1846190835

Category: Physicians

Page: 208

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A detailed guide offering practical resources for medical professionals in the challenging role of appraiser. It contains a comprehensive summary of the 'state of play' for appraising doctors. It also includes sample forms, contracts for guidance and links to web resources.
2006-12-20 By Nick Lyons

Chambers, R., Mohanna, K., Thornett, A. and Field, S. (2006) Guiding Doctors in Managing Their Careers: A toolkit for tutors, trainers, mentors and appraisers, Abingdon, Radcliffe Publishing Ltd, pp. 53–57. Doran, G.T. (1981) 'There's a ...

Author: Sara MacKian

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135122812

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 608

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Effective leadership and management in health and social care are built on good practice, strong relationships and a critical understanding of the wider context in which care takes place. Leading, Managing, Caring illustrates how leadership and management work in everyday settings, providing invaluable support to those practising or studying in the area. The book introduces the four core building blocks of the caring manager or leader: personal awareness, team awareness, goal awareness and contextual awareness. Together these form a firm foundation for understanding and practice. Drawing on up-to-date case studies, the authors explore how critical theoretical understanding can support practical attempts to work through complex situations with a diverse range of people. Also included is a toolkit containing carefully selected and practical tools for leading and managing change. This comprehensive textbook is suitable for existing and aspiring managers and leaders in a range of health and social care professions, or anyone interested in understanding more about the complex landscape in which care services are managed and delivered in the UK.
2021-02-28 By Sara MacKian

GUIDE. YOUR INTERESTS Computing • Administration • Foreign languages • Reading • Writing • Business studies • Law ... MEDICAL PA Works with senior doctors to manage their patient lists, arrange appointments, and ensure patients receive ...

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241575338

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 320

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From creating life-saving vaccines to developing the most incredible computer games, this job e-guide features hundreds of careers, including trending opportunities. Do you have a passion but can't work out how to make a career out of it? Do you want to change your career but don't know where to start? Are you worried about career development? Or are you overwhelmed by so much advice you are lost in a sea of information? You're not the only one - and The Careers Handbook is here to steer you in the right direction. This indispensable e-guide is ideal for teenagers and newly qualified graduates. Career counsellors will also find this a trustworthy companion for helping students with their future career planning. So, whether you want to become a nurse or home decorator, a chef or cyber-security analyst (or you simply have no idea!) this book is your ultimate source. Concise and combining a user-friendly approach with a bold, graphic design, The Careers Handbook is like having your very own career coach.
2022-02-03 By DK

Many physicians will have their first military management experience , with responsibility for planning and managing budgets , ensuring availability of necessary supplies , managing personnel problems , and handling other department ...



ISBN: UIUC:30112101043997

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Many professionals — for example , doctors — lack the business expertise to manage their practice effectively . Consultants advise these clients regarding the same management issues as they do other businesses , such as staff ...



ISBN: MSU:31293024883294

Category: Occupations

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2006 By

Doctors are in a strong position to have a good understanding of the patient's journey, having worked on the frontline in healthcare throughout their careers. However, they need to broaden their ...

Author: Hameen Markar

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781444145403

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

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This essential guide provides a lifeline to authoritative, reliable information on medical management, giving you all the skills you need whether managing a junior colleague as a lead doctor, or running multidisciplinary consortia in the NHS or private sectors. Learn key skills from leadership, managing change, quality control, and project management through to doctors in difficulty, appraisals and revalidation, managing exceptional performance, and poor performance Comprehensive coverage of NHS and private healthcare, primary care, acute and emergency care, mental health, and many other sectors Gain insight into important topics such as healthcare innovations and technologies, implementing evidence-based medicine, medical education, patient safety, and primary care consortia Refine your management skills with advice, wisdom, and practical help from key opinion leaders, medical professionals, and management experts In this world of change, reforms and new government initiatives, can you afford not to build on your existing skills? Whether you are new to medical management or an experienced director wishing to stay up to date and refine your expertise, this book will be an invaluable source of advice to help you manage the delivery of high-quality care.
2012-08-31 By Hameen Markar

Doctors need sophisticated tests to help diagnose and treat these problems . ... With experience , they may supervise others and assist in managing clinics . . Further training occurs on the job and through advanced courses .



ISBN: MINN:31951P00908321S

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You can always work up to dental hygienist as your career progresses. ... Their job is to coordinate, direct, and manage the delivery of health care in hospitals, doctor's offices, nursing homes, and other health-care facilities.

Author: Jeff Cohen

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101195246

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

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Keeping your job is job one. In these uncertain economic times, secure employment is more important than ever. 'The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Recession-Proof Careers', presents all of the information needed to make an informed decision about choosing a career that ensures your continued employability. - Wide range of career fields presents a plethora of ideas for career paths - Each career is described in detail so that the reader has a clear picture of the job requirements, salary, and experience and schooling needed - Handy appendices outline the best careers by growth, salary, and geography as well as resources for job sites, fairs and organizations
2010-02-02 By Jeff Cohen

This adaptive approach is exemplified in the Windmills careers guidance approach described below. Careers management should also be put into the context of life managementa career cannot be managed in isolation from the rest of your ...

Author: Mark Welfare

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 9780443103346

Category: Medical

Page: 288

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It is a practical, illustrated guide to the Foundation Programme, introduced throughout the UK to regulate and standardise the two-year training of newly qualified doctors. It provides specific information on how to apply for a Foundation post, the curriculum, assessment methods, and maintaining a portfolio, as well as reviewing the pros and cons of the various medical specialities which doctors can pursue after the Foundation years. The authors address issues of concern to all groups involved in the Foundation programme - trainees, trainers and senior doctors - and gives concrete examples of completed documentation and assessment. Helps UK and overseas doctors in choosing and applying for their Foundation Programme. Helps trainees and trainers understand the curriculum, the teaching and learning methods, and the use of the portfolio. Explains the various assessment procedures including the 'RITA' (Record of In-Training Assessment) and gives examples. Helps trainees manage their learning and pass their assessments. Informs trainers - including consultants ad GPs - about the purpose of the Foundation Programme and how to use the less-familiar assessment tools.
2007 By Mark Welfare