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James Van Praagh is one of the most famous psychics in the world, whose extraordinary gift enables him to bridge heaven and earth.

Author: James Van Praagh

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781446490952

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 224

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James Van Praagh is one of the most famous psychics in the world, whose extraordinary gift enables him to bridge heaven and earth. Drawing on nearly three decades of spirit communication, in Growing Up in Heaven he takes us on a powerful, emotional and ultimately inspiring journey to the other side. With compassion and insight, he offers a detailed portrayal of a child's soul on its journey from this world to the next. Through true stories and messages from those who have passed over, he explains the unbreakable bond between parent and child while offering us an amazing vision of heaven. Van Praagh proves that love transcends the physical and material planes of this world, and offers compelling evidence that our departed ones, however young and tragically taken, will always be a part of our lives.
2012-05-31 By James Van Praagh

Now we're up in heaven, in heaven, in heaven, Now we're up in heaven far from the sea. ... Perhaps they are just beginning to reflect on the concepts that these songs involve, such as birth, death, childhood and adulthood.

Author: Andy Sluckin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781351809757

Category: Education

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First published in 1981, this work is based on the author’s research in the playgrounds of two Oxford schools. It describes the order amongst the apparent chaos by relating the playtime activities – the games, rhymes and taunts of five-to-ten-year-olds in first and middle schools – to children’s goals, problems and solutions. It shows how children learn and display in the playground a remarkably complex set of social skills and the study clearly demonstrates the importance of playtime for preparing a child to cope in the adult world.
2017-04-28 By Andy Sluckin

“If somebody comes—if our Father in Heaven sends somebody as good and gentle and wise as your own father, I shall be glad of it up in Heaven, I think. You do not remember your father; in his picture he is like Don—Don is your father's ...

Author: Nathaniel Mrs. Conklin

Publisher: DigiCat

ISBN: EAN:8596547049791

Category: Fiction

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"Growing Up" by Nathaniel Mrs. Conklin is a novel about the girlhood of Judith Mackenzie. Excerpt: "Judith's mother sat in her invalid chair before the grate; she looked very pretty to Judith with her hair curling back from her face, and the color of her eyes and cheeks brought out by the becoming wrapper; the firelight shone upon the mother; the fading light in the west shone upon the girl in the bay-window, the yellow head, the blue shoulders bent over the letter she was writing. "Judith, come and tell me pictures." About five o'clock in the afternoon, her mother's weariest-time, Judith often told her mother pictures."
2022-06-03 By Nathaniel Mrs. Conklin

“If somebody comes—if our Father in Heaven sends somebody as good and gentle and wise as your own father, I shall be glad of it up in Heaven, I think. You do not remember your father; in his picture he is like Don—Don is your father's ...

Author: Jennie M. Drinkwater

Publisher: A. L. BURT COMPANY



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Growing Up : A Story of the Girlhood of Judith Mackenzie “I was not sure whether it were to write a book, or to teach, or to go as a foreign missionary; I think I hoped it would be the foreign missionary, because that was the most self-sacrificing. The book was all one great joy. The teaching was absorbing, but I must go away to study. I was afraid to go away, I did not like to go away from Bensalem, I would miss my mother away from Bensalem, and you, and all the parsonage, and the whole village. But I thought I was called; as called as Roger was to preach, or any woman, saint, or heroine, who had done a great thing. You cannot think what it was to me. It made me old. I wanted God to speak out of Heaven and tell me what to do. It began to lose its selfishness, after that. The first thing that began to shake my confidence was something Mrs. Lane said that afternoon she talked to Jean and me about what women were doing and could do. She did not make woman’s work attractive; she took the heart out of me. I did not know why she should do that. I knew better all the time. I knew what women had done and were doing. I knew she was doing a noble work, literary work, work in prisons, temperance work; the instances she gave me seemed trivial, as if she were laughing at me. But something opened my eyes; I felt that I might be disobedient to my heavenly vision, that I was looking up into the heavens for my call, and the voice might be all the time in my ear. That was the night I came back here and found you so cozy and satisfied under your own roof-tree, with the voice in your ear, and the work in your hand. The world went away from me. I stayed. I am glad I stayed. My only trouble is, and it is a real trouble, that God did not care for my purpose, or my prayers; that he has let them go as if they never entered into his mind; I thought they were in his heart as well as mine.”
2015-08-21 By Jennie M. Drinkwater

There is no heaven without a perfection in holiness . If , therefore , you let fall your desires of this , it seems you let fall your desires of salvation . Up then and be doing ; and grow as men that are growing up to glory : and if ...

Author: Richard BAXTER


ISBN: BL:A0020243056


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1835 By Richard BAXTER

That INFANTS , ALTHOUGH THEY GROW UP IN HEAVEN , ARE STILL SINFUL AND IMPURE , AND IN THEMSELVES NOTHING BUT EVIL . 3547. It was the perverse opinion of certain spirits , that infants who grew up in heaven were pure , because there was ...

Author: Emanuel Swedenborg


ISBN: STANFORD:36105013893875

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From the fact that the infants are in infants who grow up in Heaven , if they remove corporcal the province of the ... which and educate them when they are growing up . by degrees becomes more distinct , as the ideas of thought 416.

Author: John Faulkner Potts


ISBN: NYPL:33433082244207



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The Leaven . number are pupils and Initiates of the The seed growing secretly is the result , Master of Wisdom . in ... Nor life's highway ; it will grow up to heaven could the three lower divisions under- and take root deep down in the ...



ISBN: STANFORD:36105026507769

Category: Theosophy


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1912 By

“Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”1 independent. However, growing up spiritually is just the opposite. As. fruit you will recognize them. Doing God's will is a sign that we are ...

Author: Kevin Myers

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 9781400208463

Category: Religion

Page: 240

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Why isn't life everything we expected it to be? And why doesn't our faith resolve our frustrations and problems? Kevin Myers, the founding pastor of 12Stone Church, a congregation of more than 30,000 active attenders near Atlanta, believes the reason we don't experience a transformed life is that we fail to grow up spiritually. We focus on developing physically, intellectually, emotionally, and financially, yet our faith remains immature and anemic. In this powerful new book, Myers offers a deep yet simple roadmap to a grown-up faith through understanding the whole context of the Bible, developing spiritual intimacy with God, and gratefully embracing holy obedience. As you understand the Bible and the big picture of God's story with humanity, you begin to find answers to life's most compelling questions. As you begin to understand God more, your longing and ability to experience spiritual intimacy with him increases, as does your desire to obey what God asks of you and your ability to follow through. This is the way to the bigger life, a life even better than you expected--or even dreamed possible.
2019-01-29 By Kevin Myers

“If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people; If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, ...

Author: Peter Tschetter

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 9781466964082

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Reflections Reading Peter Tschetter's book Growing Up in a Hutterite Colony is a personal reminiscent collection of stories of a generation living during transition times to a more convenient way of living on the prairie of South Dakota. One can get a gimpse of the living conditions of that generation whether one was in communal living or in community living. Peter has expressed believing that a Christ-centered life is lived by allowing the Holy Spirit of God to move one to live in a way that show's God's grace. That a Christ-centered life mst reflect a heart filled with the testimony of Jesus of those who claim His name---thereby giving real meaning to their own being. "Pete", as affectionately known, has expressed a desire to write down more stories of his childhood. His rich eperiences and also those involved should be read and not fall forgotten to the ages. I encourage him and the Hutterite people to share their life of communal living in this unique American sub-culture. - - Dawn (Hofer) Stahl
2012-11 By Peter Tschetter